15 Fun Wrestling Coaches Gift Ideas

How would you have made to be a great wrestler without dedicated wrestling coaches in your life? Chances are they are the ones who inspired you to work better through unending motivation and guidance. Buy them themed-gifts like mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, gym bags, whistle, and clipboard to let them know you appreciate their support.

Yes, wrestling is a combat sport that is very popular and loved by many. Aspiring wrestlers who have a passion for this game have to pass through the hands of wrestling coaches to gain the basics for this sport. Therefore, wrestling coaches contribute a great deal to the performance of wrestlers. They usually teach wrestler enthusiasts the skills they require to excel at the game.

Furthermore, wrestler coaches evaluate the performance of their students regularly. As a result, they utilize the results to check on the critical points their students have to work on more for better performance. Due to the help they give to their students, it is appropriate to appreciate them for their job.

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Gifting is as simple as saying ‘Thank you.’ Gifts impress many people, so you should go for the ones that are practical to your wrestler coach. If you are wondering about the specific items to buy for your coach as his birthday gifts or team party gifts, then we are here to help you.  

Onward, to the wresting coaches gift ideas!

Top 10 wrestling coaches gift ideas

  1. Coach clipboard
  2. Picture frame
  3. Custom made t-shirt
  4. Mug
  5. Coaches’ gym bag
  6. Water bottle
  7. Coach’s keychain
  8. Coach’s whistle
  9. Punching bag
  10. Coach’s phone case

What do coaches want for gifts?

Coaches tend to want gifts that are relevant to their line of work. It is essential to consider that any present given to a coach should be well thought. These gifts will keep them motivated and on track. Some examples would include;

  • Coach’s whistle
  • Coach’s clipboard
  • A coach’s keychain
  • A picture frame

Should you gift your coach a gift?

Coaches should be appreciated for their hard work. They do an excellent job of training amateurs and professional athletes to ensure they excel in their sport. Coaches do a lot of things that should never go unappreciated. They work very hard to see all their students improve their skills. They, at times, spend extra hours than they should to provide training. Therefore, you should appreciate their effort and dedication.

What is the purpose of giving your coach a gift?

Coaches put in a lot of hard work in training their students and should be gifted. Some of the reasons include:

  • Appreciation-To show that you value your coach and you are grateful for what he does in your life
  • Motivation- By gifting your coach, you motivate him since he will feel that his work is recognized. Motivation goes a long way to improve his performance in training.

What to say when giving your coach a gift?

The words you say when presenting a gift to your coach are significant.  Here are some of the words you can say:

  • I got you this. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Here is a gift for you. I hope you like it.
  • Look at what I got for you!
  • Guess what I got for you!

Below is an extensive list of wrestling coaches’ gift ideas worth picking:

Coach clipboard

Wrestling is a sport that needs a lot of training. A wrestling coach will always need to keep the team on toes with enough exercise to help them win championships. Since he is dealing with many students, he will ever aspire to stay organized during training sessions. Getting your coach a clipboard will thus assist him in drafting his strategies for the good of his team. He will also execute these strategies well without having to forget since he has them in writing.

A wrestler coach requires a durable clipboard, and CherryDigitalDesign offers a long-lasting brand that is worth investing in.  

Here are other amazing features of CherryDigitalDesign Clipboard:

BrandCherryDigitalDesign (Does customized products)
Dimensions(9x 12.5)² with a metal clip (ideal)
ColourBlue, black and white (neutral and can be gifted to both men and women)
MaterialPlastic (lightweight)
Other  benefitsMotivating for wrestling coaches as it is  printed with the message ‘long live coach.’
 The ink is dyed into the clipboard so that it won’t peel off.
 The clipboard coating is dyed into with heat transfer process for it to last longer.

Picture frame

Appreciating your coach with something that captures a memory is a very heartfelt gift. Most coaches are busy training their students and searching for potential athletes, so they often lose track of time. Therefore, they may not hold on to memories without a perfect way to do so. Giving them a picture frame will help them keep the beautiful moments they have had with their students.

You can take time and customize your gift before presenting it to your coach; for instance, framing the pictures of the coach and team. This will impress your coach. If you are ready to gift a picture frame to your wrestling coach, then you can opt for the GK Grand LLC picture frame as the best option.

Below are the reasons that make GK Grand LLC picture frame an ideal gift for a wrestling coach:

BrandGK Grand LLC (Offers personalized picture frames)
Dimensions(7x 9x 0.5) inches (portable)
Weight8 ounces(lightweight)
ColourGrey frame (attractive without getting dirty easily)
MaterialLeather (Durable)
Other benefitsHas an engraved frame with the words “COACH – YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!”
 It has a fun and stylish design that catches the eyes of the giftee
 This frame has a folding easel on the back for display and hangers for mounting on the wall.


A wrestling coach chose wrestling for the love and passion he has for the sport. There is no better way to show appreciation for the training he offers to his students than buying him a T-shirt that describes the joy in wrestling. Getting him a wrestling customized T-shirt will help him to showcase his passion. Moreover, he can wear the T-shirt during training and competitions. Getting a T-shirt for your wrestling coach will thus be a smart idea.

In case you wish to get a T-shirt for your coach to consider buying a ChalkTalk sports T-shirt. Here is why:

BrandChalkTalk sports (Offers the best sportswear)
Material60% combed ring-spun cotton and 40% polyester jersey (Lightweight so can be worn throughout the year)
ColourIt is offered in different types of colors so one can choose one of their favorite  
SizeSmall, medium and large( Offer fitting T-shirts)
Other benefitsHas the initials “LOVE, SLEEP AND WRESTLE” to show appreciation for wrestling.
 Extra comfy due to its super soft blend
 Pre-shrunk and machine washable


Without a doubt, a mug makes a perfect gift for a wrestling coach. For a better touch, you can consider purchasing a customized cup for them. He will be happy about your present since he will utilize it to take his favorite beverage.When selecting a mug to gift a wrestler coach, choose the one that has heartfelt words. The wordings on the cup are meant to motivate the coach. So, you cannot afford to buy just any other mug but the one with great words such as one from Andaz Press. You might wish to accompany it with either a box of instant tea or coffee to make it more impressive.

See the amazing Andaz Press Mug for your wrestling coach:

BrandAndaz Press (Notable for funny personalized mugs)
Dimensions(6 x 6 x 6) inches
Weight1.02 pounds (Comfortable to hold when drinking beverage)
MaterialCeramic (Long-lasting)
Other benefitsThe mug is personalized to a coach because of the writings, “YOU ARE TERRIFIC COACH.”
 Dishwasher and microwave-safe for effortless use and cleaning

Coach’s gym bag

A wrestling coach spends most of his time training athletes at the working out center. Therefore, a coach may need to carry training gear, water bottle, and clipboard, among other necessities. Getting him a gym bag is thus a perfect idea since it will facilitate them to carry all the essentials conveniently.  

If you are willing to get a wrestling coach a bag, then think of buying an Under Armour coach’s gym bag because it comes with fantastic features.

 These are tabled below:

BrandUnder Armour (Well known for durable bags)
Weight1.3 pounds (Lightweight so it is portable)
Dimensions“(24.8x 11.8 x12.9)” ( Good size for carrying equipment)
MaterialPolyester (Durable)
Other benefitsMachine washable presenting no challenge when it comes to keeping it clean
 It has a sturdy bottom, which prevents the bag from damage.
 Padded shoulder straps provide total comfort.
 The quality finish is highly resistant to water

Water bottle

Wrestling is a very tedious game, and this suggests that a coach will get exhausted and dehydrated easily. Getting a water bottle for your coach becomes a thoughtful idea. It will help him a great deal to keep hydrated whenever he is taking his students through wrestling training. Moreover, a water bottle is safe for drinking water since it is BPA free.

If you are ready to gift your boss with a reusable water bottle, then opt for one from Zulay Kitchen.

What makes Zulay Kitchen water bottle ideal for coaches?

BrandZulay Kitchen (Offer quality products)
Dimensions (10.4 x 3.7 x 3.6)’’(Fits normal sized cup holder)
Weight0.34 kilograms (Can easily be carried)
Capacity34oz (Perfect to hold a good amount of water)
ColourOnyx Black (Preferred by many)
MaterialTritan (It is shatter resistant thus it makes water bottle durable)
Other benefitsIt permits a fruity infusion
 Designed with water lines and time markings to track water intake
 Allows for comfortable holding due to dual anti-slip grip
 Easy to disassemble for cleaning. 

Coach Keychain

Do you have a wrestling coach who likes to articulate their love for their career? Well, if this is the case with your instructor, you should invest in getting him a coach keychain. Coach keychain is customized specifically for trainers, so your coach will appreciate the wordings and utilize it to showcase his passion.

When selecting a keychain, ensure you go for the one that is made of strong material for durability. One such that is impressive and long-lasting is the Sportybella keychain.

Besides, Sportybella keychain comes with fantastic features below:

BrandSportybella (Renown for top-notch products)
MaterialSilver Plated (Makes the keychain durable)  
Other benefitsIt has the words “A Great Coach is Hard to Find and Impossible to Forget,” written on the key ring.
 Packaged in free jewellery bag for an awesome presentation

Coach’s whistle

Typically, coaches have to communicate with the team whenever they wish to train or pass critical instructions. There is no better way to alert the group than to utilize a whistle. Thus, a whistle becomes part and parcel of a coach’s life. In case your coach has difficulty operating his current whistle, then it is time you get him one that is of good quality and audible enough. Audibility in a whistle will help your coach not to strain their lungs and hence save more energy.

SUYAMI whistle makes an amazing gift to a wrestling coach because of the justifications below:

BrandSUYAMI (Offers audible whistles)
Weight0.08 kilograms (Easy to carry around )
ColourBlack (Preferred by most coaches)
Other benefitsThe thicken high-impact ABS plastic makes it durable.
 It comes with a waterproof box that safeguards it from getting damaged.
 Since it is loud, it protects one’s lungs from straining.

Punching bag

A punching bag is a piece of essential training equipment in wrestling. In case your team has a limited number of punching bags, you can take advantage and purchase it as a gift to your coach. For better utilization, consider buying the punching bag just before the onset of competitions so that your team can utilize it fully. Punch bags provide a good workout for wrestlers by building their muscles as much as possible. Similarly, it builds strength and enhances power in the arms, chest, legs, and back. Therefore, it will help the team to prepare well to counter opponents.

If you wish to buy a punchbag, then go for Ringside Punching Bag since it has outstanding features.

Check the features of Ringside Punching Bag in the following table:

BrandRingside (Offers a wide range of punching bags that one can choose from)
Weight9.73 Kilograms (Heavy enough for proper workout)
ColorBlack (Perfect color for wrestlers)
MaterialSynthetic leather (durable)
Other benefitsAdjustable height ensures every member of the team gets to utilize the punching bag.
 Its plastic base tank can be filled with up to 125 pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand; thus, it is heavy enough to build strength.

Coach’s phone case

Given that a wrestling coach is involved mostly in training and competitions, their phones are susceptible to fall off their pockets. You cannot watch your coach struggle to repair a damaged phone when you can prevent the damage by buying them a customized phone case. A good quality one will serve to protect your coach’s phone from breaking when it accidentally falls on the floor.

Before buying a specific case, think about a coach’s personalized phone case because it will help a coach to showcase their passion for wrestling.  You can go for the Chalk Talk SPORTS phone case since it is wrestle customized.

Here are the other amazing features of Chalk Talk SPORTS phone case:

BrandChalk Talk SPORTS (Notable for customized phone cases)
Weight0.88 ounces (Lightweight hence it is portable)
ColourGrey (Makes stylish option)
Other benefitsIt is made up of strong plastic; hence it is long-lasting.
 This case comes with hard-shell backing and clear plastic sides, which serve to protect the phone from scratches.
 The phone case shows love for wrestling by the words “JUST WRESTLE.”
 It has a raised lip around the camera, which protects the lens without blocking the camera from view.

Wrestling coach’s shoes

Nothing feels better than wearing a comfortable shoe when sporting. As a result, it would help if you thought of getting your wrestling coach a pair of comfortable shoes during his birthday or any other special occasion. There is nothing like having too many shoes, so your coach will appreciate a new pair.

Wrestling shoes are designed specifically to give comfort to wrestlers’ feet by providing a better grip to the ground. The shoes are lightweight to help the coach to have confidence and flexibility when training the team. Moreover, the wrestling shoes safeguard the ankles from injuries when engaging in training.

If you are ready to impress your coach, then get him ASICS wrestling shoe.

Why should you buy ASICS wrestling shoes?

BrandASICS (Offers high-quality sports shoes)
Weight8.25 for a single item (Lightweight so one can run comfortably on them)
MaterialRubber sole (Provides maximum grip to the ground thus it prevents slips)
Other benefitsIt has compression fit; hence the foot comfortably stays intact.
 Feet stay intact due to its lace-up closure
 The outer sole is wrestling-specific traction; thus, it provides durable grip and explosive speed.
 There is no chance of coach slipping since the shoes feature aggressive traction

Weighted jump rope

Since wrestling is a game that requires a lot of strength, you can go for a weighted jump rope when selecting a gift for a coach. Weighted jump rope is a piece of handy equipment for building muscle. Your coach will not only benefit from it but also the team members. It normally comes with extra weights either on the handles or on the rope itself; hence it engages most of the muscles as one jumps. Correspondingly, it leads to rapid muscle strength.

WINYEEE Weighted jump rope is an ideal gift for a wrestling coach because of the aspects discussed below:

BrandWINYEEE (Renown for durable skipping ropes)
ColourBlack and Red (One can choose either)
MaterialSteel wires that are coated with PVC ( Makes the rope strong and durable)
Weight 0.17 kg (Lightweight hence portable)
Other benefitsSince the jumping rope is made from steel wires, it is free of tangles during workouts.
 Anti-slip handles ensure a comfortable grip when utilizing the rope.
 It has lightweight handles hence easy to utilize.

Wrestling mat

Wrestling mat makes a thoughtful gift to a wrestling coach because it is practical. Commonly when wrestling, wrestlers are susceptible to falls. Therefore, it is important to get a wrestler mat for your coach since the team will utilize it and be protected from fall injuries. Wrestler mat is made of flexible foam that serves to absorb impacts from falling, which would otherwise cause fractures and injuries. Equally, a wrestler mat helps in minimizing muscle fatigue; hence the players can save their energy to tackle the opponents.

If you are willing to improve the welfare of your team, then consider buying a BalanceForm Puzzle Mat.

Benefits of buying a BalanceForm Puzzle Mat:

BrandBalanceForm (Offer all-purpose mats)
Dimensions(23.62 x 23.62 x 0.39)’’ (Perfect size for wrestling)
Weight30 pounds (Easy to handle when installing and cleaning)
ColourBlack (Ideal color for wrestlers)
Other benefitsHas exceptional resilience, which allows players to keep balance
 It has an interlocking feature that makes it easy to assemble.
 The double-sided, high-density foam provides sufficient cushioning to the spine, knees, and elbows.

Defensive soap body wash

Training aspiring and professional wrestlers has a lot of physical work that often leads to serious sweating and hence foul smells. Gifting a defensive soap body wash to a coach will assist him so much to clean up properly and smell nice after a long day of training.

There are several soaps in the market; however, we have highlighted one by the nameDefensesoap body wash because of its outstanding features.

Check them below:

BrandDefensesoap (Deals with organic soaps)
IngredientsEucalyptus and tree oil (Effective against bacteria and fungi)
 Other benefitsIt is perfect for sensitive skin since it meets pharmaceutical quality.
 Due to the formulation, it penetrates the skin pores bringing about a smooth and luxurious bath.

Hand grippers

Hand grippers make a beautiful gift for a wrestling coach because it is workout equipment. It is yet another tool for building muscles. It greatly helps in boosting grip strength and in minimizing muscle pain.  

If you are ready to buy one for your coach, then opt for Longest Hand gripper.

Here are the features your coach will enjoy once you buy them the Longest Hand gripper:

BrandLongest (Offers high-quality hand grippers)
Weight1.48 kilograms (Can easily be carried)
MaterialAlloy steel (Makes the hand gripper strong and durable)
 Other benefitsThe handles have a furnished design that ensures comfort when handling the grippers.

Final Word

The best items you can gift a wrestling coach are the ones that prove appreciation for their effort. You can choose personal items but ensure they are practical so that it can improve a coach’s career. You are free to pick from the list we have given above, and we assure you that your trainer will appreciate it!

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