15 Functional Welcome Home Gift Ideas

As your loved one comes home after being away for a long time or if your friend is moving into a new home, it is appropriate to get them practical items as presents. Doormats, shelving units, throw blankets, candles, and case and fridge organizers are some of the gifts that one will appreciate. 

Being away from home for a while is quite common for people. On most occasions, people travel to work or study. In any case, it is always exciting to go back home just as the saying goes, east or west home is best. The items you choose to present to them shows how much you have missed their company. Furthermore, the gifts detail how caring you are to their wellbeing. 

Shopping for welcome home gifts is simple with expert advice. You can either go for personal or practical items. This write-up gives you a wide range of ideas that make the most significant welcome home gifts. 

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Functional Welcome Home Gift Ideas

Top 10 Welcome Home Gift Ideas 

1. Doormat

2. Shelving unit

3. Hand wash

4. Throw blanket

5. Picture frame

6. Cutting board

7. Laundry basket

8. Tissue holder 

9. Fridge organizer

10. Essential oil diffuser 

Do You Give A Gift For A Welcome Home Party?

Welcome home parties typically take place either when welcoming an individual home or when recognizing a friend’s new house. Whichever the case, it is wise to get a gift that will contribute to improving their lives. You can go for items such as kitchen towels, utensils, and shelving units. 

What Is A Good Welcome Home Gift?

An excellent welcome home gift is any item that makes one feel great to be back home after being away for a long time. If you have a loved one who is coming home after being away for work assignments, you can get them a gift basket. 

Consider filling the gift basket with some goodies such as candy bars, cookies, soda, and popcorn. Your loved one will be pleased with the present since they will enjoy the goodies then afterward utilize the basket to store their accessories. 

What Is The Best Gift For House Blessing?

In case you have difficulty in deciding on a gift to carry to a housewarming party, then you can consider the following items because they are practical in any home. Check them below:

1. Flower vase

2. Chopping board

3. Tissue holder

4. Fridge organizer

.5. Shelving unit

6. Cookware 

7. Coffee mugs 

8. Instant tea or coffee 

How Do You Welcome Your Best Friend Home?

Suppose your best friend who studies abroad is coming home? You can plan and throw a surprise party to welcome them in style. The party expresses your love and allows them to interact with their loved ones. 

Consider informing their family members because you need to get permission to welcome them to their home. Moreover, think of inviting some of his or her friends to the party. At that party ensure you serve a special cake for your best friend.

What Should I Write In A Welcome Card?

Welcome cards are a pleasant way to receive people because it allows one to express their thoughts. They can be issued in any setting, for instance, ‘welcome home parties.’ In case you wish to present it to a loved one, you can inscribe any of the statements below:

1. We had missed your company. Welcome home!

2. Home Sweet Home! Welcome!

Below Is A Comprehensive List Of Welcome Home Gift Ideas That You Can Select From:


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A doormat makes a thoughtful gift to a loved one as they move into a new home.  It is a simple item that makes all the difference in a home. Doormats ensure cleanliness in a home by trapping dirt and dust from the shoes’ soles before one enters the house. Furthermore, doormats improve the looks in any home and act as the first point that welcomes visitors. 

To ensure your loved one maintains optimal cleanliness, get them several doormats so that they can mat all entrances. Moreover, go for all-season doormats since they are durable. 

Opt for Delxo doormat that makes an excellent present because of the following features:

BrandDelxo (Notable for durable doormats)
ColourGrey ( Makes a stylish option)
Material Cotton and Microfiber (Good for absorbing water and mud)
Dimension (17.72 x 3.94 x 3.7)’’ (Perfect size for various entrances)
Weight 2.49 pounds (Easy to move from one entrance to another)
Other benefitsIt has a good-quality rubber backing which prevents slipping during rainy seasons. 
The doormat is machine washable, so it is easy to maintain. 

Shelving Unit

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There is no better way to get everything arranged in a house without a shelving unit. A shelving unit gives ample space to store up stuff and hence keeps the house neat. For an extra special gift to your sibling or friend, go for a multipurpose one. With it, your loved one can easily switch stuff when they are running out of storage space. 

If you wish to gift shelving units to your friends, then consider FURINNO multipurpose rack.

Why should you buy FURINNO multipurpose rack?

BrandFURINNO (Offers multipurpose storage racks)
Material High-quality Wood and PVC (Makes the unit durable)
Weight 14.47 pounds (Strong to withstand the stuff stored in it)
Dimension (23.6 x 11.6 x 43.25)″ (Provide a good space for storage)
Number of tiers Four (Allows multipurpose storage)
Other benefitsThe unit is stylish; hence it enhances the looks of the house.
It has a rounded corner, which eliminates the risk of getting hurt when handling it. 
There is no hassle in assembling the tiers. 

Hand Wash

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Transform the cleanliness of your loved one by getting them a hand wash. With a nice one, one will be able to clean their hands regularly. For this reason, they will avoid contaminants that generally cause diarrhea and vomiting. In the same way, you can accompany a hand wash with a hand cream to facilitate your friend in keeping hands moisturized after every wash. 

If you are ready to get a hand wash for your friend, then consider buying Everyone Hand Soap. 

Benefits of utilizing Everyone Hand Soap are as shown below:

BrandEveryone (Offer soaps that are formulated from natural products hence they are gentle on hands)
Ingredients A mix of pure lavender and orange essential oils in the essence  of creamy coconut  (Provides optimum soothing effect on the skin and fresh fragrance)
Other benefitsIt forms foamy bubbles, which are paramount for breaking the structure of germs; thus, it ensures proper handwashing. 
Packaged in a recyclable bottle; hence it is friendly to the environment. 

Throw Blanket

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Nothing demonstrates the comforts of home reasonably like a warm and comfortable throw blanket. You can take a step of acquiring a comfy blanket for your loved one to gift during the welcome home party. Take action further by getting them a lightweight, comfy blanket so that they can utilize it when seating on a sofa with less worry of breaking out with sweats. 

Consider buying Exclusivo Mezcla throw blanket due to its amazing features tabled below:

BrandExclusivo Mezcla (Offer super comfortable and lightweight throw blankets) 
Material Microfiber (Makes the blanket lightweight)
Dimension (50 x 70)’’ (Extra large, therefore, it suits adults and is enough to keep them warm)
Design It has inviting designs and velvet touch smoothness; thus, it enhances the looks of existing beddings. 
Other benefitsMachine washable and dryable, thus easy to maintain. 
The blanket is resistant to fading.   
Given that it is lightweight, it is suitable for utilization in all seasons. 

Picture Frame

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Picture frames make long-lasting gifts that help in keeping memories. You can take this advantage by framing pictures of the good times you spend with your loved one before sealing and presenting it. That way, your friend will have something that reminds them of you. 

When buying picture frames, consider the ones that have darker frames since they are more stylish and suitable for formal portraits. Think of buying Giftgarden picture frames because it meets the criteria and comes in a set of four frames.

The table below highlights the other benefits of Giftgarden picture frames:

BrandGiftgarden (Well-known to offer multiple photo frames for different sized pictures)
Material Wood composite and glass that protects the picture from scratch. 
Color Suitable for any home décor 
Other benefitsThey are designed for hanging on the wall or displaying on the table. 

Cutting Board

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An excellent knife makes cooking more comfortable and pleasant only when it is paired with a good quality cutting board. As your loved one moves into a new house, it will please her to have a high-quality chopping board because it will prevent the knife from blunting. Furthermore, it provides a safe surface to prepare ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, and oranges. 

HOMWE cutting board makes a perfect welcome home gift because of its outstanding features as discussed below:

BrandHOMWE ( Offers durable cutting boards)
Number of pieces Three (Permits multi-course food preparation )
Material Heavy-duty plastic (free from BPA hence safe for handling food)
Size  The three pieces have distinct sizes, so one can easily choose one size that is perfect for his or her daily use. 
Design It comes with juice grooves to hold sticky drippings when cutting fruits and hence protect the counters from dirt. 
Other benefitsThe unit features non-slip handles; thus, the cutting boards rarely fall.
There is no hassle in cleaning it since it is dishwasher safe.
One can use it for dicing, chopping, and scraping. 

Laundry Basket

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After your friend or sibling has been gone traveling, it is understandable that they want to refresh and put away the dirty clothes. You can take care of this by getting them a laundry basket. This will help them to enjoy being home because their needs are taken care of. Consider purchasing a collapsible laundry basket since it is easy to store away when not in use. Furthermore, it is ideal for them to take along as they travel back to work. 

Handy Laundry Collapsible basket is the best welcome home gift for your loved one. 

Check its benefits in the following table:

BrandHandy Laundry (Provide portable laundry baskets)
MaterialMesh material (Makes the basket durable and free from odors since it allows proper air circulation)
Weight 8.2 ounces (Easy to carry around when traveling or doing laundry)
Size  (7.8 x 7.1 x 1.2)″ (Good size for holding several dirty clothes)
Other benefitsThey are designed with two handles that facilitate easy carrying to the laundry machine.
Given that it is collapsible, it saves space. 

Tissue Holder

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There is no better way to get comfy at home than with a hygienic washroom. A welcome home party is the best event for gifting a tissue holder. Tissue holders ensure proper utilization of tissues by protecting them from falling on the toilet floors.

Moreover, tissue holders help in cutting down costs that would otherwise be used to replace the tissues that have fallen on the toilet floors. You can accompany your gift with a pack of tissue rolls to make it a complete welcome present. 

You can opt for a JQK Gold tissue holder because it is made up of durable material. Besides, it comes with the following outstanding features:

BrandJQK Gold ( Notable for long-lasting tissue holders)
MaterialStainless steel (Protects the unit from rusting and a brushed gold touch for elegance)
Additional  benefitsThe unit is non-slip, so it safeguards the tissue roll from falling. 
It has a bar that keeps it in place at all times. 
The anti-rotation design ensures the tissue holder stays horizontal always. 

Fridge Organizer

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Without a doubt, a fridge organizer makes a thoughtful welcome home gift. It creates an avenue for one to maintain a clean fridge. An organized fridge permits easy access to foodstuff. In the same way, one spends less time with an open fridge door. This suggests that a fridge organizer saves energy, which would otherwise be used to cool the fridge due to loss of cooling effect to the surrounding. 

An organized fridge will assist your loved one in easy identification of items that have to be replaced. Moreover, it will help in eliminating cross-contamination that usually leads to food poisoning. If you wish to buy a fridge organizer, then go for Utopia Home pantry organizers. 

Here is why:

BrandUtopia Home ( Offers affordable fridge organizers)
Number of pantry organizers Eight, four big and four small pantry organizers (Provide ample space for allocating commodities)
Material High-quality plastic (Makes the pantry organizers durable)
Additional  benefitsThey come with built-in handles that make it easy to handle the organizers when filling with commodities or washing. 
The pantry organizers are stackable, so when they are not in use, they can easily be stored.

Essential Oil Diffuser

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What is more relaxing than coming home to a lovely smelling house after traveling? You can take advantage of buying an essential oil diffuser and surprise your loved one during a welcome home party. An essential oil diffuser serves to fill the air in a room with breathable essential oils. As a result, it gives the room a pleasant smell, which eases away stress and anxiety. 

You can opt for Breathe Essential oil diffuser since it has a perfect size. Plus, it comes packed with the following amazing features:

BrandBreathe Essential (Offer essential oil diffusers that are easy to operate)
Material BPA free and medical grade material (Safe for human utilization)
Additional  benefitsIt comes with a cleaning kit making it easy to maintain. 
The unit has four timer settings, which allow one to program the diffuser. 
An integrated auto-off function saves electricity. 
The unit is accompanied by a measuring cup that facilitates the proper rationing of essential oils. 

Instant Teapot

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Nothing sounds better than enjoying one’s favorite beverage. For this reason, if your best friend loves making tea and is traveling home after being away for a long time, then you can get him an instant teapot as a welcome home gift. You can go ahead and serve him a cup of tea during the welcome home party. Equally, he will be happy to be home. 

If you are ready to buy an instant teapot, then go for Chefman electric hot water pot due to fantastic features below:

BrandChefman (Notable for high-quality electric hot water pots)
Weight 7.9 pounds (Lightweight thus, it is easy to hold when washing)
Material Stainless steel (Resistant to rust, so it lasts for long) 
Additional  benefitsThe unit comes with three dispense buttons that make it easy to dispense hot water. 
It comes with a water level gauge that facilitates easy viewing of the level of water, so one can quickly tell when it is time to refill the pot.
Locking lid prevents spilling in cases where the pot falls off. 
The unit has an auto-shutoff, which permits the instant pot to go off when it has dispensed all the water. 
It maintains the temperature of hot water all through the day.

Wall Art

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Certainly, wall art will impress your friend as she moves into a new apartment. Wall arts typically create excellent finishing that blends well with the room’s furniture and lighting. With the perfect one that matches home décor, the wall arts add to the room’s elegance, making them look fabulous. 

Consider HOMKO Decorative Mason Jar makes an excellent welcome home gift idea. It is a simple yet elegant piece that comes with outstanding features as outlined below: 

BrandHOMKO (Offers affordable wall art)
Number of sets Two (Most preferred number when selecting wall art)
Material Wood (Long-lasting)
Other benefitsIt comes with six-hour timer LED lights; hence it saves energy.
The classic design makes it appropriate to be placed in the hallway or living room.

Coffee Mug

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The coffee mug is a good welcome home gift. Your loved one will happily use it more often. Therefore, you should ensure you get one that is insulated so that it can keep the coffee hot for a long time. 

If you are willing to purchase a mug for a friend, then consider Civago coffee mug due to its amazing features.

These are highlighted below:

BrandCivago (Offer travel-friendly coffee mugs)
Weight 11 ounces (lightweight so it can be carried around easily)
Capacity 12 oz (Holds a reasonable amount of beverage)
Material Stainless steel (Makes the mug resistant to rust and damages)
Additional  benefitsIt comes with a durable clear lid that allows one to monitor the levels of beverage as he drinks from the mug.
The non-slippery handle protects the mug from falling.
Sweat-proof design permits comfortable handling when drinking from the mug. 


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Lighting a candle brings about a gentle glow that helps in easing stress and thereby soothes the mind. As your loved one comes home after being away, it is common for them to arrive feeling tired. You can make the best out of this situation by preparing dinner then light a candle as you two enjoy the food course. 

Yinuo Candle makes a beautiful gift as justified below:

BrandYinuo Candle (Notable for pleasantly scented candles)
Material Natural soy wax and essential oils from lavender(Gives lavender scents as it burns)
Additional  benefitsIt burns for up to 125 hours. 
Packaging Gift box is included making the item presentable.  
The candle comes in a large jar that can be utilized as a storage pot once the candle is used up.


No products found.

Help your best friend transform the looks of her new home by getting her flower vases. Vases serve well in handling flowers. Therefore, one can arrange them in the house and bring forth fabulous looks. Keeping flowers in the house brings several benefits such as air purification, which in turn eliminates unpleasant odors leaving the house smelling nice and fresh at all times. 

MoonLa Glass Vases makes a beautiful gift. Check its details in the following table:

BrandMoonLa (Offers a variety shaped flower vases)
Number of pieces Six (Vary in size so they can complement any decor)
Material Clear glass (Allows easy monitoring of the water content)
Additional  benefitsIt comes in a breakage proof package. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the ideal welcome home gift for a loved one isn’t that hard after reading this far. Let your loved one feel your presence during homecoming or when moving to a new place by picking any of the above. You will witness their smiles as they receive the present!

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