15 Gift Ideas for Athletes that Ensures Healthy Workouts!

Although at times, it becomes difficult to shop for athletes, you can never go wrong with items that add value to their sports activities. Athletic presents such as resistance band, foam roller, push up bars, performance insole, gym bag, and Hyper volt are among the items that improve the lives of athletes.

Note that athletic gifts motivate athletes to commemorate their achievements and help them to improve their workout both in the field and home. For that reason, you should check out for items that will help your loved one tackle challenges positively.

Here we highlight a list of gifts that facilitate healthy workouts. Read through and pick one that catches your eye!

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Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Athletes

  1. Resistance band
  2. Travel pillow
  3. Weighted vest
  4. Gym bag
  5. Suspension trainer
  6. Foam roller
  7. Arm warmers
  8. Performance insoles
  9. Pushup bars
  10. Quick ladder  

What every fitness person needs?

Every fitness person requires items that will motivate them to stay fit, for instance, a blender to prepare healthy mixtures of juices, a foam massager to relieve pain after working out, and a water bottle to carry water when traveling to stay hydrated always.

What do you buy an athletic guy?

Most athletic guys appreciate workout apparel. Therefore, you should think of buying training pants and shorts because they impress athletic guys. 

What do you buy an athletic girl?

To impress an athletic girl, consider buying stylish stuff such as a designed water bottle, a new pair of sneakers, and leggings. Girls are always fascinated with smart devices. So be sure to buy them fashionable outfits.

What do college athletes want for Christmas?

When it is Christmas season, it is very common to shop around for gifts to present to family members. If you have a college athlete in your household, you should consider buying them motivational gifts that will help them stick to their workouts. These gifts include; blenders, a fitness watch, and suspension trainer.

Here are the gift ideas for athletes that you may consider:

1.Resistance band

Resistance band

A set of resistance bands is ideal for athletes who love working out at home. Resistance bands guarantee effective workouts regardless of age and level of fitness. Therefore, any sportsperson can utilize them. Most are affordable and come in three resistance levels, which are light, medium, and heavy. As a result, an athlete can choose a band or combine several bands based on resistance levels to increase the challenge during exercise and thereby trigger his or her muscles to develop more power.

Increased levels of muscle power are paramount for athletes to move faster while running. You may want to consider buying the Fitness insanity band set because of its amazing features.

Benefits of buying a set of Fitness insanity Resistance bands:

BrandFitness Insanity ( Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee)
MaterialNatural latex (The bands can sustain their resistance for a long time hence are durable)
Weight1.8 pounds ( Lightweight weight so it is ideal for any age)
Dimension(4.3 x 7.9 x 6.7)” (Compact hence it takes up less space when storing)
Other benefitsConsists of five bands of different resistance levels which are colored differently for easy recognition. The set comes with a waterproof carry bag, so it is easy to store the bands. The unit is accompanied with two cushioned handles and ankle straps that make it possible to perform varied resistance exercises without straining and getting injured. It comes with a multi-clip system; therefore, one can adjust the intensity of resistance in each band to suit their workout goals.

2.Travel pillow

travels pillow

Athletes are known for traveling, particularly when they are going to competitions. Don’t allow your loved one to strain while moving for long-distance; get her or him a travel pillow. A travel pillow provides support to the head and neck. Therefore, any athlete can feel safe to relax his or her neck and comfortably sleep when traveling.

Before buying a travel pillow, check if it is convenient enough for an athlete. For instance, it should be compact for it to fit in a luggage bag easily. If you are considering of buying a travel pillow, then go for MLVOC.

Why should you buy an MLVOC travel pillow?

BrandMLVOC ( Notable for portable pillows)
Material100% memory foam (Provide maximum relaxation for the head and neck)
Weight9.6 ounces ( Lightweight so it is easy to travel with it)
Dimension(10.6 x 8.9 x 5.5)” ( Small-sized therefore, it occupies small space in a luggage bag)
Other benefitsAn adjustable rope lock, making it easy for one to alter the angle and dimension of the pillow and meet the requirements of his or her neck size. The pillowcase is easy to clean since it is machine washable. It comes with a travel bag that compresses the pillow to half its size. Therefore, it occupies less space when attached to a luggage bag. The pillow consists of a sweat-resistant cover which assures freshness whenever one is using it.

3.Weighted vest  

Weighted vest

Weighted vests are important for every athlete. They help to improve running posture as well as speed. When an athlete wears a weighted vest, it brings about an intense workout, which results in muscle fatigue. Correspondingly, the body will grow the muscles, which in turn make one stronger. When buying a weighted vest, be keen to choose the one that is easy to adjust for an athlete to add or reduce weight based on the exercise he or she is engaging in.

Consider Ritfit weighted vest as your number one option as justified below:

BrandRitfit ( Renown for durable weighted vests)
MaterialNeoprene (Good-quality vest)
Other benefits Offer various sized vests, so it meets the demands for multiple weights resistance. It has In-built pockets for storing personal stuff such as keys and phones. It consists of front and side straps that are adjustable, so it fits many athletes regardless of their waist size. Reflective strips make it safe to exercise very early in the morning because it makes athletes visible.

4.Gym bag

Gym bag

A gym bag is essential for any athlete. It helps in carrying workout accessories such as sneakers, cleansing wipes, athletic tape, and water bottles. When buying a gym bag, look for one that is of reasonable size and has compartments.  Size and number of compartments always influence the number of accessories that one can keep in a gym bag. Also, be sure to check the material since it dictates the durability of the pack.

Given that there are many gym bags in the market today, you may find it difficult to pick the best. We wish to feature Under Armour sackpack as a perfect option you should opt for.

Check the features of Under Armour sackpack that makes it the best gym bag for athletes:

BrandUnder Armour (Well-known for affordable bags)
MaterialPolyester (Durable)
SizeHeight; 20.5 inches  Width; 13.5 inches (Perfect size for holding several accessories)
Other benefitsEach has two front compartments for keeping sensitive devices such as keys and phones. Zipper closure for securing the accessories in the bag. It comes with a single adjustable cord for attaining comfortable stability when walking with the bag at the back.

5. Suspension trainer

Suspension trainer

Switching between many workout accessories can be a nuisance to many athletes. Getting athletes a suspension trainer is an ideal solution that allows them to perform full-body exercises at any time they wish. A suspension trainer delivers convenience, which is very useful for any athlete as it saves time and energy.

When choosing a suspension trainer, you should opt for one that has quality straps. Straps should be durable since they hold the weight of an athlete during all workouts. Moreover, go for the portable one.

Consider buying TRX suspension trainer because of the following justifications:

BrandTRX ( Renown for the best training kit)
Weight2.2 pounds (Low weight so it is portable)
Dimension(8 x 8 x 6)” ( Small-sized hence takes small space when traveling)
Other benefitsErgonomic strap handles that are comfortable to hold for prolonged workouts. An eight-week workout manual and eight exercise videos make it a perfect trainer option for any athlete. The kit is affordable. It is a versatile trainer since it permits full-body workouts. 

6. Foam roller

Foam roller

Transform your loved one’s workouts life by buying them a foam roller.  A foam roller serves to relieve muscle tenderness and tightness, which is commonly experienced by athletes after engaging in challenging exercises. By managing sore muscles, an athlete can perform better in subsequent workouts. Furthermore, foam rollers are essential for improving muscle flexibility, which is paramount for your loved one to run faster.

You will find many foam rollers in the market, which will make it tiresome to select one. Think of buying TriggerPoint foam roller because it comes with free online workout videos.

Benefits of buying TriggerPoint foam roller:

BrandTriggerPoint ( Notable for the best foam rollers)
Weight7 ounces ( Portable)
MaterialFoam ( Durable)
Other benefitsThe unit can accommodate weights of up to 500 pounds. Trusted by many massage therapists to provide muscle healing and flexibility; hence it is a perfect solution for an athlete.

7. Arm warmers

Arm warmers

Let your friend or member of the family enjoy running in chilly conditions by acquiring them arm warmers. Cold weather typically makes the muscles cold by decreasing the level of blood flow, so the muscles become less efficient. For that reason, athletes take a long time to warm up than they should. Therefore, presenting them with arm warmers is a thoughtful idea.

Arm warmers help in speeding the flow of blood into the heart. As a result, an athlete takes less time to warm up. Furthermore, the warmers regulate body temperature; thus, one will feel comfortable in cold weather. Think of buying a fitting pair of so that your loved one will not struggle with sagging arm warmers.

Gore wear arm warmers can be a perfect pair for any athlete because of the reasons tabulated below:

BrandGore wear ( Offer waterproof arm warmers)
SizeHeight; 2 inches Width; 6 inches ( Perfect fit for arms)
Other benefitsIt is unisex so it can be worn either by ladies or gentlemen. It has flat seams that prevent friction while running. Elastic hems at the tips of the arm warmers provide better arm grip. Reflective details on the arm warmers help in distinguishing between the right and left warmer.

8. Performance insoles

Help your friends run faster during marathon competitions by obtaining performance insoles for them. Performance insoles serve to eliminate friction on shoes and hence facilitate feet comfort. Correspondingly, the insoles prevent the athlete from slipping around so he or she will run faster.

Performance insoles are normally padded to provide a deeper heel cup, which is essential for increased stability when running. Therefore, you should consider buying a pair of insoles that offer maximum foot support for best results during competitions.

You can go Plantar Arch support insoles because of its outstanding features as discussed below:

BrandPlantar  ( Provide affordable insoles)
Size(4 x 1.4 x 12.2)’’ ( Padded enough to provide maximum foot stability)
Other benefitsReduce arch pain and provide maximum comfort. Perfect for use at any age. It has built-in heel support to help in maintaining the foot bone vertically and balanced for maximum stability. It gives the feet maximum comfort since heat and friction-reducing breathable fabric cover it. The insoles can easily be trimmed to attain a perfect fitting size

9. Pushup bars

Pushup bars

Are you wondering about a gift you should present to an athlete in your family? Well, pushup bars can make a great statement in the life of an athlete.  Think of buying pushup bars that have high weight limits so that they don’t break if one is to utilize them while wearing weighted vests. Furthermore, consider buying pushup bars that have better grip padding since it influences comfort when performing many pushups.

Pushups are the leading workout activities that increase upper body strength and endurance. Subsequently, they help to control the entire body. Therefore, an athlete will run with better stamina.

Perfect Fitness pushup elite can be a good model for an athlete because of the reasons highlighted below:

BrandPerfect Fitness ( Offer pushup bars that are ideal for any fitness level)
Dimension(10.1 x 8.4 x 6.3)” ( Reasonable size for both men and women)
Weight1 pound (Easy to carry when traveling for training)
Other benefitsSupports up to 400 pounds weights, so it is a good solution for training while wearing a weighted vest. Possess ergonomic grip handles that are ideal for prolonged pushup workouts. Consist of treads at the bottom of handles that securely grasp the floor, preventing wobbling when exercising. The pushup stand can rotate; therefore, it engages more muscles during the workout, which is important for increasing body strength.

10. Quick ladder

Quick ladder

Utilizing a quick ladder is very beneficial to athletes. It helps athletes engage in agility exercises, which is essential to make one move faster in everything they do, be it workout challenges or running competitions. Moreover, it results in strengthening the muscles and improves coordination power as well as the center of attention since it involves skipping through runs.

Well, if you are ready to purchase a quick ladder, consider buying Yes4All quick ladder.

Why should you buy the Yes4All agility ladder?

BrandYes4All ( Offer affordable, quick ladders)
MaterialNylon and high-quality plastic rings (Durable)
Other benefits It comes with a carry bag which makes it more portable. Adjustable rungs make it possible to handle various workouts. It improves the strength and speed of the leg; thus, it is ideal for athletes.  

11. Hypervolt


Help your loved ones relieve muscle pain after thorough exercises buy getting them hypervolts. Hypervolts serve to eliminate muscle pain and soreness at specific points at a time. So an athlete can utilize it for relieving pain at the feet, legs, and arms.

Since the hypervolt is utilized when it is handheld, be sure to go for the one that is lightweight and has comfortable handles. Furthermore, think of buying the one that has a long battery life so that you are sorted when there is a blackout.

Consider buying Tysonir deep tissue muscle massager because of the reasons tabulated below:

BrandTysonir ( Offer the best handheld hypervolts)
Other benefits Consists of nine massage heads which differ in intensity so one can choose an appropriate one to relieve pain effectively. It comes with a long-lasting battery that can be utilized for at least eight hours before being charged. Promotes the circulation of blood, thereby improving the health of the body. It works quietly, so it doesn’t disturb your loved one.

12. Fitness watch

Fitness watch

Given that watches serve as perfect gifts for any occasion, you should think of getting your friend a fitness watch. Fitness watch does more than tell time; it helps in tracking the distance covered while running as well as calories burned during every workout. Therefore, it is a good device for keeping fit.

If you are ready to help an athlete watch his or her fitness, you can buy the YAMAY fitness tracker watch because it is compatible with different phone models.

Why should you buy YAMAY fitness tracker watch?

BrandYAMAY ( Offers affordable fitness watch)
Dimension(5.7 x 3.6 x 1.6)” ( Small-sized so it is comfortable to wear)
Other benefitsCompatible with Android phones so one can utilize it to receive calls and read texts. Tracks consumed calories, distance covered, and heartbeat. The watch is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry when running in the rain. Give accurate readings. It has a long-lasting battery that can stay for ten days when fully charged.

13. Water bottle

Water bottle

As the greatest fan of an athlete, you should think of their wellbeing. Buying a water bottle for athletes is a great way to show them that you care about their health.  With a water bottle, one can carry water from home and keep hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, it helps one to save money, which would otherwise be used to buy bottled water.

Water bottles come in various attractive designs, which make them appreciated by most people. For that reason, you should think of buying the HYDRO CELL water bottle because it has a stylish design.

The table below highlights other features that make HYDRO CELL a perfect gift for athletes:

BrandHYDRO CELL ( Offers water bottles that are of high-quality)
Weight15.8 ounces ( Lightweight so it is portable)
MaterialStainless Steel (Resistant to rust hence durable)
Other benefitsIt is accompanied by a sports water straw, which makes it easy for athletes to sip water while running. Non-slip outer layer that assures better hand grip when drinking water. Vacuum insulated, so it keeps cold water cold regardless of high heat from the sun. 

14. Breathable bed sheets

Breathable bed sheets

Breathable bed sheets are perfect for having a nice sleep after a hectic workout. You should consider buying an athlete a pair or two of breathable bed sheets to ensure they rest well every night. Rest is very important for relaxing the athletes’ muscles so that they perform better every day.

Ruvanti breathable bed sheets are a perfect present for athletes as justified below:

BrandRuvanti ( Notable for comfortable bed sheets)
Dimensions(6 x 3 x 2)” (Large enough to fit all bed sizes)
Weight3 pounds (Lightweight so it is easy to wash)
MaterialCotton ( Soft and comfortable)
Other benefitsTwo pillowcases accompany it. Resistant to shrinking, pilling, and fading, so they are durable. It has a fashionable design; hence it is a perfect gift option.

15. Medal holder

Medal holder

Most athletes appreciate having a medal holder in their lives.  Medal holders are important reminders that there are races that must be won. In that way, they motivate athletes to take their workouts seriously because exercises will influence their speed during competitions. Therefore, you should think of gifting them with a medal holder.

If you are ready to motivate your loved one to put more effort into their workouts, then think of gifting him or her with a Runeer medal hanger.

Why should you buy a Runner Medal holder?

BrandRuneer(Offer durable medal hangers)
MaterialStainless steel ( Strong hence durable)
Other benefits It comes with mounting tools making it easy to install. Hold several medals. It makes a great gift for appreciating the achievement of any athlete.

Final Word

When it comes to buying athletic gifts, the list is endless. Therefore, you should go for affordable and versatile items to impress your loved one. You are free to choose one or two items from the ones we have featured above, and we guarantee that every athlete will appreciate your effort.

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