15 Practical Gift Ideas For Rock Climbers

Are you on a cross-road wondering what to gift a rock climber? You are not alone; many people get it rough due to the picky nature of climbers. However, you can never go wrong with a solar charger, water bottle, climber’s book, finger straightener, lantern, expresso maker, massage rings, climbing chalk, and camp chair.

If you know of a rock climber, then you understand the kind of commitment these people have. The unquestionable commitment and excessive zeal are what define them.  You should never buy them any item, as they are choosy and thus, consulting experts before making a purchase is recommended. The gift chosen should be practical and one that suits any occasion.

You might be asking questions: what would impress a climber? Why on earth are they so picky? What should I buy? Worry not! We researched and consulted other climbers and found out what climbers really want.

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Read on for ideal gifts that every climber would appreciate!

Top 10 gift ideas for rock climbers

  1. Climbing shoes
  2. Solar charger
  3. Stainless steel water bottle
  4. Climbing chalk
  5. Climbing pants
  6. Tenacious tape gear patches
  7. A camp chair
  8. Rock climbing brush
  9. Summit pack
  10. A belay device

How much should I weigh to rock climb?

Anyone can do rock climbing, even overweight people, as the exercise does not strain the joint much. However, the Anderson brothers in their training manual recommend rock climbing for men with 10% body fat and women with 20%. In terms of weight, anyone who is 120 kilograms can participate in the activity. 

What does a climber need?

You might be thinking of exploring climbing as a hobby or a career. In this case, you will need the essential gear such as a climbing harness, climbing shoes, and a belay device. Besides, the following comes in handy: 

  1. A nut tool
  2. Climbing helmet 
  3. A guide book
  4. Outdoors clothing such as pants and jackets
  5. Food, water, and beverages 

How do rock climbers poop?

Climbers must take along a poop tube with a removable end to use it for their long calls. They do poop in a grocery bad that is then sealed inside a Ziploc bag and then stuffed into the poop tube for disposal. The sealed content should be dumped on terra firma. 

How do professional rock climbers get paid?

You might be wondering what motivates climbers to explore a hobby that seems to present risk that can cost one’s life. The truth is climbers are minimalist, and they do not draw their motivation from monetary items. But as we know, they still have to make ends meet, and professionals have three main sources of income discussed below:

Sponsorships: sponsors facilitate climbers by meeting their travel expenses, providing free gear, and paying for completion fees, among other ways. 

Competitions: climbing is a sport just like any other where competitions are organized for the best to compete. The winner takes home a huge prize, where the US competition sees the 1st climber takes home around $2000. 

Monetizing themself: there are many ways that athletes can monetize their skills without necessarily engaging in competitions. This can be done through selling videos and photos captured during climbing, advertising once they grow their social media following, and featuring in films.

Here are the gift ideas for rock climbers worth considering:

Climbing shoes

If your loved one is beginning to venture out into rock climbing, then you should think of buying them a pair of climbing shoes. The item is a necessity, though due to its cost, most beginners prefer to start with rented ones.  However, renting will cost much in the long run, which presents a perfect opportunity for you to touch a climber’s heat.

Consider getting one that allows the beginners to master the skills with ease while being versatile to adapt to different types of terrain. You might want to opt for La Sportiva Unisex Genius climbing shoes that come with an award-winning performance.

Besides, La Sportiva Unisex Genius climbing shoes have amazing features tabled below:

Brand La Sportiva (known for highest-performing shoes for rock climbing)
Material Upper- unlined suede leather, sole-Vibram XS Grip2  (good quality)s
Other benefits Hyper-responsive preventing the foot from coming into contact with even the tiniest rocks
Fast lacing system that for stress-free putting on and off
Multi-purpose thus, your loved one can use the shoe even for bouldering and at the gym

Solar charger

Exploring nature means getting out of the comfort zone. This is what climbers do, and more often, their devices run out of power. Climbers thus need a portable solar charger so that they can recharge the devices to continue using them. Note that they need to capture the memories using their phones or camera that needs the power to function. You should consider looking for a sturdy solar charger that can withstand the shock, dust, and rain.

One that meets all the features is the Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger 25000mAh. It doesn’t matter which devices your loved one has, as the charger can be used on smartphones, cameras, and tablets. 

That not all; here are other exceptional features: 

Brand Hiluckey store (preferred by most climbers)
Weight 1.19 pounds (portable)
Dimension 6.1 x 3.35 x 1.37 inches (fits in most backpacks) 
Solar power5W/1A (power most devices)
Capacity  25000mAh (last up to 9 days of usage when fully charged) 
Other benefits Act as emergency light due to inbuilt LED
Four solar panels make it faster for it to charge fully
Perfect for outdoor use as it is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof

Stainless steel water bottle

You should ensure your loved one stay hydrated as they enjoy their hobby by gifting them a water bottle. Stainless steel ones are the best as they maintain the temperature of the drinks and withstand the harshest conditions that climbers face. Besides, the bottle can serve a rock climber at the office, gym, or home. 

You can opt for Hydro Flask 32oz that is the best brand in the market. They are known for unsurpassed durability with color options to choose from. Your loved one will be able to choose how best to take the water as the lids are customizable for flip and sip, wide mouth, or straw.

What makes Hydro Flask 32oz the ideal gift option?

Brand Hydro Flask (Gold standard in the manufacture of stainless steel bottles)
Weight 1 pound (doesn’t add unnecessary weight)
Dimension 9.4 x 3.58 x 9.4 inches (fits in most bottle holders)
Technology usedTempShield ( keeps the water cold and hot longer; cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours)
Other benefits Stays colorful for the longest time due to the quality powder coat used
The curved radius makes the bottle look lightweight 
BPA–free materials to ensure safe use 

Climbing chalk

If you ask any rock climber, they will tell you one of the essential that runs out quickly are the climbing chalks. They need the chalks to keep their hands dry for a comfortable hold while hiking up the rocks. Even if a climber has a bag or two, they will always appreciate more. However, not every type of chalk work best, and you need to look for Friction Lab types that are high in magnesium carbonate for exceptional drying effect.

Check the amazing features of FrictionLab climbing chalks below:

Brand Friction Lab (trusted)
Type Gorilla grip (best for climbers)
Other benefits Apart from rock climbing, the chalk can be used in other sports such as pole grip, weight lifting, and in gymnastics
100% guaranteed satisfaction while ensuring the hand do not crack or over-dry 
Silica-free, thus safe for both adults and kids
Medium-chunky for excellent performance 

Climbing pants

Successful rock climbing requires appropriate cloth wear that includes a good pair of pants. You should buy one meant for rock climbing that is breathable, moisture-wicking, durable, and allow for maximum mobility. There are many options to choose from in the market; however, prAna Zion pants are the best. With it, your loved one will climb the rock with ease as the pants are stretchable for comfort. Besides, the 50+UPF sun protection and water repellent features make the pant suitable for use in all weather conditions. 

Why prAna Zion pants are the best option?

Brand prAna (produces quality outdoor recreational pants) 
Other benefits Adjustable waistband ensure a comfortable fit 
Has cargo pockets for keeping valuables
Ventilated inseam gussets

Tenacious tape gear patches

Every climber would appreciate a tenacious tape as it is one of their essential gears. Note that outdoor wear rips with ease and the short-term solution is to tape them nicely. Most climbers, therefore, carry with then the repair tape that can be peeled and stick in ripped areas. The good thing is that the repairs would be nearly-invisible keeping the jackets, tents, and any other wear still looking great.

You can opt for Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Gear Patches due to its amazing features tabled below:

Brand GEAR AID (known for great gear care products)
Size (3×20) inches (ideal)
Other benefits No sewing skills required to use the tape as one need only to peel and apply on the torn area
Works well with most outwear as it leaves no gooey residue 
Machine washable so there is no need to worry about the cleaning of the repaired wear 

A camp chair

How best can one relax apart from sitting on a comfortable camp chair after a long day of climbing the rocks? A camping chair is one gift that a rock climber would appreciate as they can use it while on the go and at home. You should consider buying one that is lightweight to avoid making it hard for a rock climber to carry along.  The durability of the chair should also be factored in, and thus you should opt for one that comes with a warranty for guaranteed quality.

One that would not disappoint a rock climber is Helinox Collapsible Camping Chair. The manufacturer uses light technology that makes the chair lightweight, thus easy to carry. Weighing only 2lbs, you will be amazed that the camp chair can support up to 320lbs. 

That’s not all; Helinox Collapsible Camping Chair comes packed with the following:

Brand Helinox (known for unmatched technology in the manufacture of camping seats) 
Weight 2.12 pounds (portable) 
Frame material Aluminum alloy (strong and can support up to 32olbs weight) 
Other benefits Machine washable removable seats 
Collapsible design for easy carry 
Come with a quality carry case for stress-free storage and transport 

Rock climbing brush

Let your loved one clean off the chalky holds while they remember your love and care by gifting them a rock climbing brush. This way, a rock climber would be able to soldier on exploring a high level with ease. You can consider sublime types that have been tested and approved by expert climbers. The densely packed bristles make it easy for a climber to remove chalks on the rocks, with the texture being restored for a comfortable grip. 

Here are other exceptional features of sublime rock climbing brush:

Brand Sublime climbing (trusted) 
Weight 0.8 ounces (portable)
Warranty Lifetime (assured quality) 
Other benefits  100% recyclable, ensuring a landfill-free environment 
Beautiful design makes the brush a perfect gift for any special occasion 
Ergonomically designed handles

Summit pack

Rock climbers travel the world to explore more about their hobby. This means taking along all the essential gears in a backpack. You can thus take the opportunity and gift a rock climber with a quality summit pack. One that would serve him better is the REI Co-op flask pack. It is designed perfectly for backpacking, climbing, and day-to-day use. A rock climber would not have difficulty taking his water as the pack features a hydration-compatible design with a horse exit port and internal reservoir sleeve.

Besides, the REI Co-op flask pack comes with features below:

Brand REI Co-op (founded by mountaineers who understand the needs of outdoor enthusiast like rock climbers) 
Material Ripstop nylon (quality and can withstand the harsh environment) 
Weight 10 ounces (lightweight)
Capacity 18 liters (sizeable)
Hydration compatible Yes 
Gender Unisex (can be gifted to anyone)
Other benefits Detachable hip belt and sternum strap for convenience 
Secure the content well due to safe drawcord closure  
Rock climber can use a sternum-strap buckle as a safety whistle 
A zippered exterior pocket allows one to keep valuable safely within reach 

A belay device

When one thinks of a rock climber, the first thing to come across is their safety. If you want to show that you care much about their safety, then a belay device is the best gift idea. The device provides assisted-braking technology that prevents falls as it cams on the rope. Whether the climber is a beginner or experienced, the belay device is the best gift that suits any special occasion. Consider buying one from PETZL as they utilize the latest technology to ensure guaranteed safety for climbers. 

What makes PETZL belay device the best option for rock climbers?

Brand PETZL (utilizes the latest technology)
Weight 200 grams (lightweight)
Material Stainless steel (long-lasting)
Rope compatibility 8.5-11mm diameter (fits most climbing ropes)
Other benefits Rock climber gets to choose their belay mode as the device come with a selection knob
Designed for climbers and can be used both indoors and outdoors 
Anti-panic handle that offers emergency brakes in case it detects hard pull 

Bluetooth speaker

Music offers a relaxing effect and could be the best way for climbers to take a break after a long climb. You can ensure they do so by gifting them with a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Consider buying JBL FLIP 5 Bluetooth speaker that can be used both outdoors and indoors. There is no worry about the speaker running out of power as one full charge runs for 12 hours. Besides, the speaker is compatible with solar charging panels. 

That’s not all; JBL FLIP 5 Bluetooth speaker has exceptional features tabled below:

Brand JBL (known for quality portable Bluetooth speakers)
Weight 1.20lbs (lightweight thus portable)
Playtime 12 hour (reasonable last for long thus serve the rock climbers well who might not access electricity while outdoors)
Sound clarity 20 kHz (produces good music)
Color 11 distinct including rainbow colors (choose one of your preference) 
Other benefits Waterproof, making it suitable for rock climbers 
Bluetooth streaming makes it convenient as the device can be paired with other devices with ease 
Quality housing that makes the device durable 

Muscle massager

Rock climbing is a tough outdoor activity that is prone to muscle pain and injuries. You can help a rock climber handle such with ease by gifting them with a muscle massager. It will help to increase blood circulation, faster recovery, and in regaining mobility. One that is more affordable is the Thera cane messenger that is versatile enough to rich the entire body to alleviate knots and tight muscles.  

What makes Thera cane messenger the best option?

Brand Thera cane (preferred by most rock climbers)
Weight 1 pound (portable)
Dimension (24 X 15 X 1) inches (can reach all parts of the body)
Other benefits Work well with minimum energy and arm movement 
Good for use after a strenuous activity such as rock climbing 
Cane-shapes makes it easy to use
Help a rock climber to relive painful muscle knots on their own 

Crash pad

Accidents are bound to happen when least expected. What one can do is to prepare to minimize the injuries caused. One way that rock climbers can do that is by use of a crash pad that is placed beneath the rocks. This way, in case of a fall, a climber will not suffer severe injuries. Besides, the crash pad doubles up as a sleeping mattress, backpack, and even seats. Gifting such a safety item to a rock climber would be a great idea. 

You can opt for a Mad Rock crush pad that has been designed to suit climbers. It comforts to uneven landing while providing a soft place to land in case of a fall.

Why the Mad Rock crash pad?

Brand Mad rock (trusted)
Weight 10 pounds (easy to carry yet enough to provide soft landing)
Other benefits The suspension system is protected against moisture and dirt by ground shield 
The recyclable foam makes the pad environmental friendly 

Climbing ropes

Rock climbing is impossible without a climbing rope. Whether it is short or long climbs, a climbing rope comes in handy. Even if a rock climber has one, they will always appreciate a newer rope. You should consider buying a 9.8+mm rope that is thin enough but strong to handle the weight. Mammut eternity climbing rope is an ideal pick as it can be used for different purposes, including rock climbing. The various level of dry treatment ensures that a rock climber can prepare the rope to suit the purpose.

Here are other amazing features that make Mammut eternity climbing rope a good pick:

Brand Mammut eternity (preferred by most climbers)
Diameter 9.8mm (perfect for rock climbing)
Weight 2.26 ounces (lightweight)
Other benefits Strong enough to withstand trad climb abuse
Perfect stretch as 46% for 80kg 

Rock & ice magazine subscription

Do you wish for your loved one to stay informed about their hobby? If yes, then consider gifting them with magazine subscriptions on rock climbing. Rock & ice subscription is the best as it provides imaginary and steady content useful to any rock climber regardless of their experience. While the rock & ice magazine subscription might be costly than the ones one climbing, the quality is sure to impress your loved one.

Check its amazing features below:

Publisher Big stone (covers a lot on rock and ice climbing)
Benefits Auto-renewal offer available 
Covers other outdoor adventures such as mountaineering, trekking, and ballooning 

Final word

Even if the rock climbers are so picky, the above gifts will sweep them off their feet. All were chosen following expert advice and in-depth research, and each present will let them improve on their hobby.  Surprise them with one and let them know you care about their passion!

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