6 Months Marriage Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

You just hit the 6 months mark in your marriage, and you are too excited about it. The 6-month milestone stumps most people. It’s a huge deal, and this is why you should celebrate. There are many possible romantic gifts that you can get for the celebration to mark this important milestone in your marriage. Impress your beau with a 6month anniversary gift that will reflect how much you cherish her. Some options may include a plush throw blanket, heart necklace, date night box, scented candles, preserved real rose, engraved natural rock, and picture frame.

What Is The Significance Of The Six-Month Milestone?

What Is The Significance Of The Six Month Milestone

In relationships, the six-month milestone may feel seismically important, but to some, it may feel like a non-issue. It is a beautiful reminder, for most couples, of the time you have both spent together and the halfway point between the start of your marriage and your first anniversary.

If you choose to celebrate your six-month anniversary, it shows that you are looking for a reason to continue celebrating your love beyond the excitement of a new marriage. The six-month mark is a huge deal because it signifies that you have shifted into a new phase. At this time, you have realized that you care for your spouse with all their strengths and flaws. You have also become aware of each other’s character and can see each other with clearer eyes.

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Does The Honeymoon Period End Around Six Months?

In your marriage’s early going, you will feel easy, pleasant, and excited. However, the positive feelings may start subsiding a little bit and become less intense while shifting toward a different-feeling stage of your relationship. By the sixth month, things get real, and you feel much comfortable showing your real self after removing a mask. During this time, you will see if the two of you are still invested in the relationship. Therefore, the six-month mark may represent a shift out of your honeymoon period.

The 7 Awesome 6-Month Anniversary Gifts For Her

7 Awesome 6 Month Anniversary Gifts For Her

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1. Reversible Velvet Ultra Plush Throw blanket

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Love for blankets is pretty much universal, especially when it is a plush blanket. So, when it comes to celebrating your 6-month anniversary with your wife, you can never go wrong with a plush blanket. After all, who does not want to cuddle up under a blanket with their spouse? Moreover, a plush blanket, artfully arranged in the living room couch, will up her cozy factor in the room. Therefore, she will love it.


Brand-1i4 Group

Fabric Type– Velvet, plush

Pattern– Print

Product Care Instructions– Machine wash


Extremely soft

This ultra-plush throw will give her warmth and comfort beautifully. You can express your warmest sentiments on your anniversary by showing her that you care about her with this soft blanket.


The blanket is made of thick, rich, luxurious plush polyester material that will keep her warm while staying fluffy and beautiful for years to come.


The throw blanket is machine washable and has a reinforced border to prevent fraying. Moreover, the blanket does not shed; therefore, it will not leave lint on the chairs.

Décor Accent

Women love decorating their space. Getting her this blanket will add warmth and texture to any room, making it inviting for her to relax.

Large In Size

This 50 x 60-inch throw won’t leave her in the cold. You can cuddle with her while covering yourselves with this generously sized blanket.

2. Preserved Real Rose With Silver-Tone Heart Necklace

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A necklace is a perfect gift for her because she will never forget you, where you were when gifting her, and even what you said. Giving a necklace during a 6-month anniversary is an excellent idea as it’s meaningful and practical. With this gift set, she will also get a preserved real rose which symbolizes your eternal love.


Brand– Ocosy

Product Type– Rose

Color– Red Rose

Material– Silver


Includes A Jewelry Drawer

The ‘I love you’ necklace comes in a small drawer where she can always store it when she is not wearing it. The necklace is embodied in 100 languages, telling her you will love her in a hundred ways.

Preserved Flower

The gift box has a preserved flower inside made of a rose that never withers. The eternal flower stands for your endless love for her. The rose is easily cared for and can last 3-5 years without watering or daily conservation. Whenever she looks at it, she will have a good mood.

3. Romantic Date Night Box

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In marriage, you have to keep everything exciting so that you can all continue enjoying in years to come. A date night box is a beautiful 6-month gift for her as you can both use it as an idea to bring excitement and happiness in the marriage with numerous fun and exciting date nights ideas. The opinions and challenges in the box will keep you falling for each other all over again.

Brand– All-Natural Shop

Age Range– Adult

Number Of Players– 2


Fun And Exciting Date Challenges

The box contains 35 fun and exciting date challenges with two scratchers. After scratching a card, both of you must complete the challenge.

Includes One Rule

The challenge box has one rule: a couple must complete the adventure on the challenge card after scratching it without any take-backs.

Symbols To Help Couples

The box contains symbols to help you understand if you will have to complete your challenge at home, indoors, or outdoors and whether you will need someone to take care of your kids if you have them.

4. Scented Candle Gifts For Women

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Women love scented candles because they love dreaming and creating a plan for the future in their minds. Candle flames create a subtle light that brings a magical and relaxed atmosphere allowing them to move into a place and travel through time. The scented candles will bring her fleeting memories, and that’s why they are a perfect gift for the anniversary.



Color– Lake Blue 

Scent– Scented

Specific Uses-Aromatherapy

Material-Soy Wax

Item Weight– 4.4 Ounces

Operating Time-30 Hours


Multiple Candles

The gift set includes four cans of scented candles with different scents to make her choice simple.

Quality Product 

The candles are made of quality soy wax and premium cotton wicks with essential oils of your choice to give her the best fragrance experience.

Perfect For Ultimate Relaxation

The fragrances used in the candles will help her settle her nerves, please her senses, and reduce anxiety. The scented candles are the perfect solution for mind refreshment.

5. Eternal Rose Flowers With Led Mood Light

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This home decoration piece is an excellent gift for her as she will never forget your love for her whenever she sees it in the house. When she sees the red rose, she’ll know that your love for her is eternal.


Product Type– Rose

Specific Uses for Product -Home decoration

Color– Red

Item Dimensions LxWxH– 4.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 inches



100% Real Rose Inside

The gift pack is packed in an octagonal gift box with two ropes for holding. Inside, there is a jar with an LED light cap that converts different light colors, and the light shines on the glass. This makes the jar more gorgeous. Inside the pot is a natural rose to remind her of your eternal love.

Bamboo Cover

The lid is made of bamboo to match the appearance of the atmosphere and reflect the different effects of the glass bottle.

6. Engraved Natural Rock Gift With Words

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Although six months may feel like a short time when you have all eternity to spend together, it is a perfect time to remind her that you still love her the way you did and that she is your rock with this incredible natural rock gift.


Brand– Sundrence

Material– Stone

Theme– Love



This stone is a timeless, authentic art piece that will celebrate your anniversary and prove a special moment with her. The symbolic gift reflects more than what you would like to express and makes her know that she is always on your mind when she sees this beautiful gift.

Personalized Décor 

You can express your love for her with this personalized engraved rock where you will have your own words engraved, and as the year’s pass, the gift will gain more meaning.

7. Vilight Romantic Picture Frame

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A picture frame is a meaningful gift that she can put a photo of shared experiences and precious moments with you. The frame allows her to look back on a memory you made together. During your 6month anniversary, you should opt to get a photo frame for her to hang a wonderful photo.




Mounting Type- Wall Mount

Finish Type– Woodgrain

Shape– Rectangle

Item Weight– 0.7 Pounds

Frame Material– Engineered Wood


Wonderful Message

This cute couple’s picture frame comes with a funny quote written: “Love You Most The End I Win.” The message will remind her how much you love her. Moreover, the frame is a good décor piece for a room or wall.

Fine Quality

The picture frame is made of top-quality engineered wood and will last long. This is why it’s a fantastic decoration art for her.


Ultimately, whether you celebrate a 6-month dating or wedding anniversary, it’s essential to get your partner an anniversary present to show her that she means the world to you. She may not be expecting it, but she will appreciate how much effort you put into your marriage or dating life and realize that she made the perfect decision to choose you as her partner.

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