15 Ideal 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Is there a woman who is turning 60 and you wish to appreciate them with presents? Become a perfect gift giver by buying them Angel figurine, birthday crown, photo booth props, a charm bracelet, throw blanket, among others. These are the present that makes every woman happy and remember you for the rest of their life.

A 60-year-old woman has achieved so much in her life, and this is why she needs to be appreciated. By giving her a remarkable gift, you will be acknowledging her six-decade effort and proving your infinite admiration for her. Regardless of what she does, she is a strong-lovely, one of a kind woman who will feel very lucky to have you in her life after you buy them well-though of presents.

All your troubles of figuring out the perfect gift for her will come to an end after you go through this article. All the gifts listed are worthy; so don’t hesitate, whatever item you pick will make them beam with joy.

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Top 10 60TH Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

  1. Birthday cup set
  2. Angel figurine
  3. Birthday crown
  4. A necklace
  5. Light up eternal flower
  6. Book: 60 things to do when you turn 60
  7. A make-up bag
  8. A moon lamp
  9. Scented candle set
  10. Photo booth props

What is the best traditional gift to give a woman on her 60TH birthday?

Often, personalized gold or silver gift makes a great traditional gift. However, you can still go the extra mile if you want to stand out and give her an unusual, rare stone. For best results, color it with her favorite color to make a powerful statement.

What do I do for my wife on her 60th birthday?

You are one of the most important people in her life, so whatever you chose to do for her will matter.  Here are some ideas that will blow her mind:

  • Renewing your vows is a perfect way to make her birthday worth it. If you aren’t officially married yet, use that once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Arrange a weekend getaway or a romantic overnight trip. The night of her birthday would be more than perfect.
  • Go skydiving with your wife. She can never have too much fun, especially if it lasts only a day.
  • You can also bring the family together by hosting a family gathering

What is the most preferred color to use on a woman’s 60th birthday?

The best way to go is by using a simple color. Try black and white, silver or gold. A perfect combination of these colors will make her feel like royalty on her special day. It would be better if you just used two, or one if it complements other colors in the room.

All these colors used together will not blend, and you might mess everything up. Gold, for instance, will work perfectly itself. Black and white, too, will not disappoint. The goal here is to get impressive results for that touch of class and style. These four colors will help you get it.

What is the best theme for a woman’s 60th birthday?

If you know her well, then you must know what she prefers. Most women prefer themes like James Bond, Vegas night, or casino on their 60th birthday. They are filled with glamour, and there is no reason she wouldn’t love them.

Below are the 60th birthday gift ideas for women worth picking:

Birthday cup set

What is the best way of surprising a woman on her 60th birthday? It is by giving her a gift that gives her comfort, satisfaction, and above all, pride. This is what the Meant 2 to be birthday cup set will do. It comes with a soy candle to give her satisfaction through Aromatherapy, a pair of socks for comfort, and a wine tumbler printed 60 years on both sides to give her pride. This brand cup set holds a unique feature in its purple color. The elegance of the double-wall, copper-coated inner wall of the purple wine tumbler is mesmerizing.

On its sides is a large pure white print that complements the purple perfectly. The stunning snow-white prints curve perfectly on each side of the tumbler giving it an overwhelming finish. The purple socks will be glued to her feet.  They are made of strong, comfortable fibers that will give her all the comfort that she needs. With a stretch that is not too much to hurt her foot or too little that they fall off, these socks are just perfect.

Hesitation is not an option with this gift, but if you are hesitant, here are more amazing features of the birthday cup set:

BrandMeant 2 to be (licensed trademark)
Color  Purple (preferred color by most women)
Weight  2.14 pounds (lightweight making it suitable for handling)
Other benefitsThe tumbler does allow condensation on its wall. Therefore, the surface it is placed on does not get messed with water  
 Socks are luxurious and comfortable plus they made with strengthening fibers to guarantee durability  
 The pleasing scent from the candle is not overpowering

An Angel figurine

For the last six decades, that woman in your life celebrating her 60th birthday has lived among many other virtues, a hardworking, independent, and loving life. That is why you should buy her a gift that will acknowledge that all she has done was not in vain. She is an angel, and a Pavilion gift company Angel figurine will enhance this fact.

It is has a soft color and a spectacular wing design that bring out simplicity in a traditional way. The pewter detailing on this one of a kind 60th birthday Angel figurine continues to prove its worth. “Happy 60th birthday, may the blessings of today bring you a joyful tomorrow.” This is the message on the Angel figurine, all the more reason you should get it.

Besides, the Pavilion Company Angel figurine comes packed with the features below:

BrandPavilion gift company (Known for delivering 100% satisfactory gifts)
MaterialPolyresin (premium hence durable)
Weight7.7 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for display on shelves or tables)
Other benefits  The message is motivational, and engraving is easy to read and does not erase
 Makes a perfect room décor
 Easy to dust giving no stress of maintenance  to your loved one

Birthday crown

Crowns are not just given to little princesses; they are given to strong, beautiful women celebrating their 60th birthday too. Let your loved one celebrating her 60th birthday enjoy it in style by buying them a Meant 2 to be birthday crown. Apart from the crown, the item comes with a sash too.

The perfect design of the crown is not enough as it also has a message that reads “60 never looked so good on you.” For sure, it is a perfect way of screaming to the world that your loved one is turning a year older, having lived for six decades and counting.  Besides, the crown has spectacular glittery that lasts long with a large one with “60” on the crown that will reflect her beautiful face.

To sum it up, the meant 2 to be crown has the following exceptional features:

BrandMeant 2 to be (registered trademark)
MaterialSatin sash and crystal tiara (captivating and durable)
Weight3.1 ounces (lightweight making it easy to use)
Other benefitsThe metal used to make the tiara is durable and can be used as a décor
 The glittering on the tiara makes it eye-catching
 Both the metal and glittering lasts long
 The sash is printed in large, bold and clear letters that are easy to read
 The crown also makes a perfect cake topper

A necklace

The love of the necklace never grows old, no matter the age of a woman. As your loved one turns 60, you should get the jewelry that represents sparkly gemstone of each decade. In this case, the Etytal sterling silver necklace will stand out. It has six gemstones that represent her achievements in the six decades she has successfully lived. This will be like giving her a special one of a kind award.

The zirconia stones are attached to a stainless-steel bar to bring out their sparkly nature. They are perfectly fixed so that they don’t fall off because each stone has a major significance. The sterling silver chain and a stainless-steel bar and six sparkly lined zirconia stones bring out a complimentary feature hence perfect for a woman celebrating her 60th birthday.

These following amazing extra features of the Etytal birthday necklace will be captivating to your loved one:

Brand  Etytal (professional in the making of unique quality necklaces)  
Dimensions20 inches long (convenient)  
Material  Sterling silver (attractive and is rust-resistant hence durable)
Other benefits  The chain can be adjusted for a comfortable fit
 Etytal necklace is fit for everyday use hence one can wear it on any occasion
 Made using strong material hence does not break

Light up eternal flower

Assure that woman celebrating her 60th birthday that your love is conditional and will last a lifetime by gifting her with a Stelous light up an eternal flower. Its elegance is breathtaking; it has a rose perfectly fit in a clear glass doom covering up most of the glass dome surface, giving it a glamorous magnificence.

The petals are well spread out, showing off every one of them resting comfortably on each other. The thorns are well spaced out on the green stalk and are large enough hence visible. The Stelous eternal rose is firm and does not get affected by external factors. Petals don’t wither, thorns don’t fall off, and the stalk does not break. Note that the rose is an original, not plastic, silk, or fake. Thus, it will remain a perfect rose for eternity.

Check out these extra features of the Stelous eternal rose that will wow you!

BrandStelous (known for creative artworks)
ColorRed and black (preferred by many)
Weight  1.6 pounds (lightweight therefore suitable for display)
Other benefitsMakes a perfect room decor
 The glass dome used does not break
 Easy to dust as its surfaces are smooth
 The wood used as the base is durable and eco-friendly

Book: 60 things to do when you turn 60

Since it’s her 60th birthday, that woman in your life might be overwhelmed by what she has to do next. Fix this for her by gifting her with ‘60 things to do when you turn 60’ book. This will prove your thoughtful and loving deeds as you seek to keep her occupied healthily.

The ‘60 things to do when you turn 60’ book will help meet her interests, not only when she is sixty but also the rest of her life. It features points of view from celebrities, doctors, financial experts, among others who have already reached that milestone.  Its main theme is enthusiasm and encouragement. Buy her and let her live her sixties like a pro!

Featured below are other captivating aspects of the ‘60 things to do when you turn 60’ book:

AuthorVarious (bestseller)
Pages374 (for long time use hence effective)
Weight1.34 pounds (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Other benefitsProvides educative content
 Contains funny content hence perfect for fixing boredom
 Written in simple English language that is easy to read and understand

Make-up bag

The woman in your life celebrating her 60th birthday is 60 and fabulous, and she deserves to know this and feel proud of it. This is why you should gift her with a Blue leaves make-up bag. This is the perfect gift if you believe that she is indeed nothing less of a queen.

It is a natural beige all round with gold prints of “60 and fabulous” on both sides with a queen crown above it. These prints do not scratch, fade, or erase. What’s more, is that the interior is spacious and has a full cotton lining that is durable to help her organize all her travel items.  It weighs only 2.39 ounces hence makes a perfect travel bag.

Here are more features that will prove the Blue leaves make-up bag ideal:

BrandBlue leaves (officially licensed)
MaterialCotton and linen (soft and durable)
Dimensions(9×7)² (spacious and thus convenient)
Other benefits  The prints on both sides do not erase
 The elegant prints make the bag generally attractive
 Has a functional zipper that secures the content
 The make-up bag grants easy access to items and is a great organizer
 Designed to have a waterproof coating to prevent any accidental liquid leakage

Moon lamp

A moon lamp is a reason that woman celebrating her 60th birthday will have an epic experience for the rest of her life.  Gift her with an Interest print moon lamp, and you will have given her a new glow and radiance for the rest of her life. The best part when it comes to the Interest print moon lamp is that you can personalize it with a special message and a picture.

The picture is in 3D, therefore spectacular. It comes with a v-stand that perfectly holds the lamp, which has the shape of an actual moon. The Interest print moon lamp is also touch-controlled, and its lights are dimmable. For sure, it will not disappoint on the 60th birthday, and it is now entirely up to you to gift her with one that will fit her best.

What makes the Interest print moon lamp worth?

BrandInterest prints (known for innovative and satisfaction guaranteed products)
Weight15.9 ounces (lightweight making it practical for a moon lamp)
Dimension(4×4.7 ×5.9 ×7.1) inches (doesn’t occupy large space)
ColorWarm-yellow and warm-white (preferred by many)
Other benefitsMade with PLA materials that are eco-friendly and durable
 Makes an amazing décor due to its amazing design and attractive color
 Print used in the Interest print’s moon lamp is in 3D that makes it lovely

Scented candles set

Nothing will astound that woman in your life on her 60th birthday like a set of Addbeaut scented candles. It is a set of the best natural fragrances worldwide known for the most productive aromatherapy sessions.

Rosemary, lavender, Apple, Aloe, Sandalwood, jasmine, and vanilla are the fragrances that come with this candle set. Natural soy wax is presented in large size decorated containers that can be re-used by storing earrings, clips, or other small items in them. Each candle can burn for up to 25 hours hence effective, and any lady turning 60 will appreciate.

Apart from that, the Addbeaut scented candles set comes with these exemplary features:

BrandAddbeaut (trusted brand)
Weight2.74 pounds (lightweight thus practical for a candle set)
Other benefitsThe fragrance is natural and does not overpower
 All wicks are made of cotton thus a clean, smokeless burn
 Comes in large practical sizes that will burn longer
 From the comfort of her home, she can have a relaxing Aromatherapy session

60th birthday photo booth props

Do you want your loved one to remember you for being thoughtful and caring? Gift her with Sunrise party supplies 60th birthday photo booth props and watch as they unpack the present with joy.

This gift is a set of 31 photo booth props that can be used by literally anyone. Each card stock has a vibrant color and real durable glitter that will make her birthday worth it. Furthermore, the booth props come in a unique vintage style to give the photos a classic effect. This is the right gift that will give her a memorable birthday for the rest of her life.

Check below other fascinating features of the Sunrise party supplies 60th birthday photo booth props:

BrandSunrise party supplies (#bestseller)
StyleVintage (classic)
Weight5.6 ounces (lightweight making the props easy to use)
Other benefitsEasy to assemble the props as they come with adhesive pads and wooden sticks
 Can be used by everyone presenting no challenge to your loved one
 The full-sized photo booth props are designed with premium material for durability

Throw blanket

Let that woman in your life celebrating her 60th birthday, always wrap herself with your love by gifting her with a Blankiegram throw blanket. This will have a huge impact on her life, and it will prove to her how much you want her to be always happy and warm. It comes in five radiant colors, teal, purple, grey, pink, and blue, so you can choose one that she’ll find more appealing. Further, its durable prints are all about your expression of unconditional lasting love.

Besides, the Blankiegram blanket throw comes with these extra features:

Brand  Blankiegram (known for quality products)
Weight  1..43 pounds (lightweight making it practical for a throw blanket)
Other benefitsCan be easily cleaned
 Large enough hence one can wrap around effortlessly
 The Blankiegram.com throw blanket does not shrink or shed

A charm bracelet

Assure that woman celebrating her 60th birthday that you care about every single detail in her life by gifting her with an Infinity collection charm bracelet. Nothing shows love more than simple, durable jewelry given from the heart. The Infinity collection 60th birthday charm bracelet is plated with silver that makes it look more spectacular.

The stainless steel under which the silver is plated is hypoallergenic hence will not harm her wrist. It measures 6 inches diameter, which is compatible with most wrists and 2 inches extension. It has cute little pendants, which are all symbols of love, with one having an engraving written: “fabulous at 60.”

Why Infinity collections charm bracelet?

BrandInfinity collections (reputable brand)
Weight  0.02 kg (lightweight making it practical for a charm bracelet)
Material  Stainless steel (durable)
Other benefitsGoes perfectly with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion
 Comes in a stunning velvet jewelry pouch for perfect presentation
 Silver plating makes it attractive

Make-up mirror

That woman in your life celebrating her 60th birthday will never cease being beautiful, and this is a fact that she needs to be assured of. By gifting her with a Frenchlin make-up mirror, every morning or any time she walks in her room, she will be greeted by a happy face. The magnificence of this one of a kind make up mirror is evident in all its details and meticulous design.

For the safety of the eyes, this mirror has a beautiful white self-contained soft light. The lights are available in three colors and are all dimmable to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself while tweezing, applying mascara, or anything that might need her to get a closer look. Further, the Frenchlin make-up mirror has an up to 10 times magnification that will not strain her eyes while allowing her to pay attention to details. How about you gift this fascinating mirror and make it her favorite item in her room.

Frenchlin make-up mirror continues to prove its worth through these extra features:

BrandFrenchlin (trusted for quality products)
ColorWhite, rose gold and black (preferred by many)
Other benefitsHas a 360 degrees rotation for stress-free use
 Looks elegant hence makes a perfect room décor
 Its level can be adjusted to the desired height
 Mirror light can be turned on and off
 Frenchlin make-up mirror is touch-controlled that present no challenge when making adjustments

Game: 60th birthday

There are instances that the woman in your life celebrating her 60th birthday managed to make you happy. Why don’t you show her your thoughtful deeds and your desire to see her happy too? On her 60th birthday, surprise her with a Toys and child 60th birthday game.

It is a unique, fun, interactive activity that she will not mind playing all day. With its deck of question cards, she can start playing on her special day with whoever she wants to! The questions cover different aspects of life, funny, everything one needs to know about being sixty, among others. The printed cards are 70, and the questions are over 150. This means she is not limited when it comes to having fun!

Here are more features of the Toys and Child 60th birthday game that makes it worth to consider:

BrandToys and child (officially licensed)
Weight  4 ounces (lightweight making it practical for a game)
Other benefitsFit for all age groups
 The game is a great conversation starter
 Comes with easy to read and understand instructions

Cheeseboard and cutlery set

Six decades of a life well lived needs to be appreciated by an equally durable gift that will make life better. This is what a cheese board and cutlery set will offer.  Consider one from Home euphoria that will make a great and effective partner in any kitchen. It is made of natural bamboo, which, as we all know, is stylish and lasts long.

On the side of the cheese board is a side out drawer which is very functional and waiting for her to use it. Also inclusive of this set is a serving tray best for serving wine, charcuterie, crackers, among others. The serving rim is beveled, making it easy to hold fruits, bread, and crackers, among others, which again make its worth.

Now let’s check out these exemplary extra features that Home euphoria’s cheese board and cutlery set:

BrandHome Euphoria (reputable brand)
MaterialNatural bamboo (food-safe and attractively natural)
Weight  5.4 pounds (lightweight hence practical for a cheese board and cutlery set)
Other benefitsThe cheese board is spacious
 The Home Euphoria cheese board set is not bulky due to its portable weight
 Made of wood which is durable and easy to clean

Final word!

All the fifteen gifts described are worthy and are specifically chosen to suit a woman’s 60th birthday occasion.  You can rest assured that these presents will bring 100% satisfaction, and there will be no regrets. The fact that all are available online and will be delivered on your doorstep; makes them even worthier. So, it’s up to you now to buy her an ideal gift because she deserves it.

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