3 Months Anniversary Amazing Gifts For A Married Couple

The first three months of your relationship define your union and are worth celebrating. Buying an appropriate gift at this time strengthens the bond between a couple for the foreseeable future. There are a plethora of gifts to present to your partner to commemorate your three months’ milestone. The first three months of a couple’s union are full of fun; thus, the gifts have to portray the initial joy of your union. Such gifts include an engraved brass compass and a love pendant keychain. These gifts are among the top picks because they all express the level of love and care you have for each other. for instance, a love pendant keychain comes with a lovely romantic message that reminds your spouse that you care for your relationship.

The third month after your wedding does not only signify the end of a honeymoon period, but it also means the end of the first quarter of a year of your union. Getting an inspiring gift at this time might act as a springboard that catapults your love life to the next level.

You might be wondering what is worth celebrating at only three months after your union, but be assured that this is the most important memory that remains engraved in your minds forever. The gift will always remind you of the start of your love life journey.

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We have picked a few fantastic gifts to give to your partner to mark the three-month anniversary in 2021.

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Reasons To Celebrate A 3-Month Anniversary

Reasons To Celebrate A 3-Month Anniversary

1.Marking A Milestone In Your Union

Most people might argue that three months is a short duration for a couple to celebrate an anniversary, but this is far from the truth. We are in the 21st century, where relationships don’t last long. If you have managed to clock three months in your marriage, it is worth commemorating it and set a foundation for better days ahead. Buying a gift for your companion is a way of appreciating the time you have spent together. It also proves to your partner that you care about your union. 

2. Keeping The Fire Burning

The third month is the period preceding the honeymoon, and couples exhibit high spirits around this time. The right way to keep the fire burning is to celebrate with small gifts that fill your union with small moments that create an everlasting impression.

3. Pampering Your Partner

Relationships that stay stronger and last longer need some pampering. Giving each other gifts as earlier as three months into your marriage ensures a strong bond between you and your partner. Gifts are the best tool to woo your companion. A gift offered by a partner at the early period of staying together is remembered for a longer time.

The Best 6 Gifts For A 3-Month Marriage Anniversary

The Best 6 Gifts For A 3-Month Marriage Anniversary

This article discusses the best gifts to offer to your spouse to celebrate and commemorate a 3-month milestone of your staying together:

1. Engraved Brass Compass

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A brass compass is a simple gift. However, when it comes with a charming and romantic message engraved onto its surface, it stirs and ignites the bond between lovers. The message can be as simple as declaring your eternal love to your partner.

It does not necessarily mean that your partner might get lost and consult the compass, but the gift always rekindles good memories whenever things go south.

Give your love a beautiful archaic brass compass with the words “My Dear, Happy anniversary, for many years to come. I’ll always be beside you at all times to any destination.  Love you forever.” Such a gift will deeply touch your partner, and it will be remembered for so many years.

Specifications And Features

1. Brand- Oakiway.

2. Mounting Type– Tabletop.

3. Shape– Round.

4. Item Weight- 0.42 Pounds.

5. Dimensions- 2.8×2.8×1 inches (LxWxH).

6. Color-Brass and copper top


The quality of material used to craft the compass is top-notch hence extended lifespan.

Engraved Personalized Quote

The romantic engraved, personalized quote inspires your spouse’s love life and strengthens your love chemistry.

2. Customized Pillowcases

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A customized pillowcase is a perfect gift to offer to your partner to mark the 3-month anniversary of your marriage. The pillowcase brings a personal touch as it will either be branded with the couple’s photos or a customized romantic text.

Specifications And Features

1. Material- A blend of linen and cotton.

2. Brand- KaMoM.

3. Pattern- Customized.

4. Shape- Rectangular.


The pillowcase is crafted from a thick material comprising of cotton and linen. The material’s quality enhances the lifespan of the case.


The blend of cotton and linen ensures the pillowcase has a comfy feel.


You can add your photos and texts to customize the pillowcase to your liking. Follow amazon prompts to upload photos and texts for customization.

3. Pendant Keychain

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Cherish a 3-month marriage anniversary with a small but affectionate gift such as a pendant keychain with a romantic poem engraved on its surface. Keychains are used daily; thus, the love of your life gets access to the romantic message imprinted on the pendant regularly.

Specifications And Features

1. Brand- Simdes.

2. Dimensions- 3.6×1.2×0.5 inches (LxWxH).

3. Color and material- Steel


The keychain’s material is anti-rust and doesn’t change colors or tarnish quickly. Due to the anti-rust properties of the materials, the keychain is long-lasting.


The pendant measures one inch, and it comes with a velvet jewel bag.

4. Romantic Serving Wooden Plate

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 When planning for a 3-month anniversary with someone special in your heart, choose a functional gift that brings meaning to your love life. A romantic serving wooden plate designed to resemble a heart is an ideal functional gift to your lover.

Surprise your partner by serving breakfast in bed using the plate, and the gesture will ensure your day starts well. Alternatively, you can serve your better half a dinner meal on a heart-shaped wooden platter as a surprise gift for your 3-month marriage anniversary.

Don’t stress yourself if you are not a cooking type. The gift can be offered as a stand-alone item and serve meals for a more extended period. Whenever the plate is used at the dining table, your spouse will recall the sweet memories associated with the first three months of your union.

Specifications And Features

1. Brand- Whitnystore.

2. Bowl material- Wood.

3. Color- Brown

Natural Wood

The plate is 100% hand-crafted from a single piece of wood.


The plate is treated to avoid absorption of water and stain. The platter also can’t absorb odors and is treated with non-toxic mineral oil.

Hand washed

After using the plate, wash it with warm soapy water.

5. Romantic Pocket Watch

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Romantic pocket watches are a reserve for men; thus, this is a perfect gift from a wife to the husband. The watch should be customized with a romantic and inspiring message. The watch works wonders as it always reminds your spouse that you care for him. It also shows the love and affection you have for your husband.

Besides the gift serving the intended purpose of reminding you about your spouse wherever you are, it equally is a functional item.

Specifications And Features

1. Case Material-Alloy.

2. Case diameter- 45mm.

3. Chain Material– Alloy.

4. Chain length- 360mm.

5. Brand- TREEWETO.

6. Shape- Round.

7. Band material- Metal.

8. Display type- Analogue

Engraved Words

The romantic pocket watch comes engraved with lovely words aimed to invigorate your love life with your spouse.


The strength and rust-resistant properties of the alloy make the watch last longer.

6. Romantic Necklace

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A romantic necklace with a customized message engraved on a heart-shaped pendant is a gift that must bring joy and loads of smiles to the face of your spouse. The pendant assures your spouse of your unwavering love with the message engraved on its surface. For instance, the statement “I love you to the moon and back” is reassuring to the loved one.

Specifications And Features

1. Brand-Distance.

2. Shape- Heart-shaped.

3. Metal Stamp– 925 Sterling silver.

Inspiring Design

The intertwined heart symbolizes a strong bond that intertwines the love life of the couple.


The necklace is made from quality materials that extend its longevity.

7. Romantic Mug Sets

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The romantic mug sets are a functional gift that you and your spouse can use to share a hot beverage when it is cold. The mugs are memorable and eye-catching.

Specifications and Features

1. Material- Ceramic.

2. Brand- MIAMIO

3. Item Weight- 0.4kg

4. Capacity- 300ml


These cups are made using high-quality ceramic, and they are sturdy enough to last longer.

Better Packaging

The cups come packaged in a decent gift box that is beautiful and protects the items when transporting them.


Don’t shy away from celebrating your 3-month marriage anniversary with gifts. Some people may dispute that it is too early, but it is ideal for marking small milestones in your marriage life. What you do at the beginning of your marriage brings a lasting impression.

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