How To Ask For Donations Instead Of Birthday Gifts

Gift-giving is very common on occasions like birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, etc. The host expects different types of gifts from the guests. However, nowadays people prefer to throw no gifting party because we all have too much stuff in our house and the cupboards are full of toys and the drawers are full of clothes that the kids don’t even know. Therefore, people now ask for money or donations instead of birthday gifts.

Asking people for money or donation can be incredibly daunting if you don’t have any idea or previous experiences. While asking for a donation make sure you remain as polite as you can. Share your story or the reason you asking for the donation. You can also include “No Gift Warding” or “Donation” warding into the invitation card.       

Birthday Gift Donation Ideas

There are a few options available when it comes to birthday gift charity donations. So it is a good idea to think outside of the box and come up with something really meaningful that invited guests will appreciate and won’t mind donating. Here are some ideas:

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1. Select a charity for people to make a donation to. You could choose a charity that has helped you or another friend/family member in the past

2. You can also ask the guests to make a donation on your behalf to their favorite charity

3. You can also request the guests to donate a gift to the Kmart Wishing Tree, a local children’s hospital, or other charity toy drive

4. You can also throw a clothing or toy drive party and invite the guests to bring old clothes or toys to donate to charity

The Appropriate Way To Ask For Donations Instead Of Gifts

Ask Courteously

Asking graciously and directly is the best and the most intimidating way to ask for your donations instead of birthday gifts. Directly asking for donations may sound rude but if you ask politely then it won’t sound rude. In fact, you can directly ask for your donation instead of gifts from your family members or close friends. They won’t mind if you tell them the true reason for asking for a donation and be honest with them. You should tell them the true reason why you want a donation to a particular charity. 

If you keep yourself honest and tell them your reason, they’ll understand, and some of them might even feel relieved. Sometimes people find it difficult to buy gifts for a particular person year after year. So giving them an alternative to gift-giving might be stress relieving for them. Lastly, you shouldn’t be ashamed to make a donation instead of a birthday gift request as long as you’re not greedy, have a reasonable cause, and you do it politely.

Donation Wording In The Invitation Card

If you are sending an invitation card for the birthday party then you can include “Donation” wording in the invitation card. An invitation card contains important information like the date of the occasion, the time, the place, etc. So you can give specific instructions on the invitation card like a request for a donation for a particular charity instead of a birthday gift. It’s best to add the request to the bottom of the invitation. You can also add a separate column to include customized messages if you want. Here are some examples of customized messages –

Example 1: 

“Your presence is present enough, and we already have so much stuff. But if you insist, please pick a charity from the list. Some people are really in need, so together we can do a good deed!”

Example 2:

“At the end of the day all that matters, are your company, fun, and lots of chatter. Please don’t bring me presents, your money would better be spent, on my simple birthday plead to help other kids in real need.”

Example 3:

“Dear friend for my birthday I have a little task, instead of gifts I have decided to ask that you pick a cause you hold very dear, and send them some money, or some of your gear.”

Example 4:

“Enough is enough, we’ve got too much stuff, and so for my birthday this year, I’d like to bring some cheer, by giving some of my toys to other girls and boys. The ones who have nothing and need a little something; presents I do not need I’d rather you join me in doing a good deed.”

Side Note

If you are not comfortable with asking for a donation instead of gifts or writing a donation request in the invitation card then you can add a side note. Following the invitation, you can add the side note and use the same wording that you were thinking of using while asking for gifts. You can consider writing something funny to avoid being rude. Here is an example of a side note:

“Wish only for your presence, but if you feel inclined, Donation would be preferred”

Start A New Tradition

If you pursuit then you will find a lot of your friends, family members, co-workers who consider gift buying a hassle and they would also prefer giving money or donation instead of gifts. Many of them are too ashamed to ask or say anything to you so they will follow what other people do. In this type of situation, someone has to be brave and take the first initiative. The person can be you and you can launch an idea and start a new tradition to give a donation instead of a gift. You will get support from the people who also want to donate as a gift. This way you can start a new custom.

In big groups, people find it very difficult to pick the right gift. Moreover, many people don’t know each other very well so they don’t understand what to get, and most of them don’t like games like Secret Santa. So cash instead of gifts is the best solution to avoid all these things, awkward situations and donation is the best option. Therefore, you should talk with your friends, family member, and co-workers and ask for their opinion. If they are ok with your idea then you can all start the new tradition together.

Notify Your Guests In Advance

If you are planning on asking for a donation instead of gifts then make sure you notify your guests in advance. There is no point in asking the guests for donations just a day before the occasion or the ceremony. Most of the time guests buy their presents well in advance. So if the guest has bought the present then there is nothing you can do. Moreover, this will hurt your guest because he/she has already bought the gift. The best solution is, if you are sending an invitation then include the wording to ask for a donation in it.  

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