Awesome Gifts To Take To India From The USA

Are you planning to travel back to India? If you are an Indian native residing in the USA and have taken long to travel back home, it can be challenging to determine the right gift to buy for the home folks. Don’t sweat over the idea. We have made it our duty to advise you on the correct gift items resonating well with the home folks. Things such as Apple MacBook Air 13″, Branded fossil watches, and IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner are acceptable gifts in India. These items are either expensive or unavailable back home.

Take your time and make a list of all people your desire to gift back home. Doing so helps in planning well and identifying a suitable gift befitting each individual. Since it has been a long time since you were back home, you can’t know their preferences. However, if you know their ages, you can predict better items acceptable to them.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Gift

Before selecting an ideal gift to take to India from the USA, ensure that whatever you wish to buy is within your budget. Buying items that strain your budget can’t be a good idea. Another thing worth consideration is the weight limit acceptable by airlines. It makes no sense for you to buy many gifts that can’t be allowed by the airline.

Gift Items on Amazon

This article has identified 7 amazing gifts acceptable in India. Stick to the page to the end and make an informed decision on the right items to purchase.

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What Is the Purpose Of Taking Gifts Back Home?

Buying gifts for family members and friends back home helps in cultivating the connection between you and them. On the other hand, functional gifts such as testing kits for diabetes might be expensive in India; hence gifting the old folks with such a kit improves their health standards. Remember, people back home admire American products; consequently, your gift connects them to the “land of milk and honey.”

The 7 Awesome Gift Items To Take To India From America 

1. Apple MacBook Air 13” (For College Teenagers)

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The young lads in India are technology savvy. They admire products such as Apple MacBook, but back home, they are expensive compared to the USA. If you have a college-going or young folk from the family engaged in business, consider gifting them with this awesome product.

However, ensure you buy a universal pin plug adapter because USA flat pin chargers don’t fit into Indian power plugs. Also, be sure that the product has an international warranty.


1. Brand- Apple.

2. Screen Size- 13 inches.

3. Operating System- Mac OS.

4. Color– Space Gray.

5. Dimensions- 12.76×2.4×9.09 inches

6. Human Interface- TouchPad.

7. Item Weight- 4.49 Pounds



The MacBook boasts a 1.1GHZ dual intel core i3 Turbo Boost to 3.2GHZ, with a 4MB L3 cache.


The MacBook has a 13.3-inch LED-backlit Retina display with IPS technology. It also has 2560 by 1600 Retina resolution at 227 pixels per inch that supports millions of colors. The ratio aspect is 16:10


A fully charged MacBook battery lasts up to 11 hours when used non-stop.

2. Fossil Branded Watch (Suitable For Stylish Youth)

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Consider buying a branded fossil watch for the youthful friend or family member back home. Though the watch is found in India, its price is slightly higher compared to the USA. You can even acquire the personalized watch cheaply during amazon’s Black Friday sales.

 Product Specifications

1. Brand- Fossil.

2. Item Shape- Round.

3. Dial Window Material Type- Mineral.

4. Display Type- Analog.


Stainless Steel Material

The watch features a stainless steel material in most parts of its construction. The regions with stainless steel are; the buckle closure, bracelet, and case.

Quartz Moment

The fossil watch comes with a quartz movement boasting a 3-hand analog display on an imported mineral case.


This stylish watch’s case size has a thickness of 50mm, and the band size is 24mm.


If you desire a customized watch, a Fossil store has to personalize it for you with a custom inscription.

3. IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner (For Home Cleaning)

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Taking IRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner as a gift for your family back in India is a noble idea. The product is unavailable in the Indian market, so the family will appreciate an effective gadget that works through artificial intelligence to clean carpets, floors, and pet hair. The item is a flashy show-off gadget that does its chores without human labor.

Product Specifications

1. Brand– IRobot.

2. Color– Black

3. Surface– Hard Floor and Carpet.

4. Battery- Lithium-Ion.

5. Controller type– Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Product Features

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent sensors guide the robot to evade objects and go under the furniture to clean the floors to your satisfaction.

3-Way Cleaning System

The robot vacuum cleaner boasts a patented 3-way cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes that clean everything, including small and large particles.

Cleaning Head

The cleaning head of this vacuum cleaner auto-adjusts itself to adapt its height to clean hard surfaces and carpets effectively.

4. AUVON DS-W Blood Sugar Testing Kit (For The Elderly & Diabetic Folks)

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There are numerous top-quality blood testing kits available in the American market but not available in India. Acquiring a superior blood sugar testing kit such as the AUVON DS-W kit for the diabetic and elderly family members back home is a gift worth appreciation from the recipient. The gadget will be of great value to the elderly as they will monitor their blood sugar level without any hassle.

Product Specifications

1. Brand– AUVON.

2. Package Dimensions– 6.54×3.66×1.93

3. Item Weight- 6.7 Ounces

4. Batteries– 1 Lithium Metal Battery.

Product Features

Instructional Videos

The product comes with instruction videos that guide you towards successfully testing your glucose level. The videos indicate that if you use insufficient blood, your blood sugar reading will be erroneous.

High-quality Test strips

The testing strips used by the kit are top-notch, and they are produced with exceptional carbon printing technology to ensure the accuracy of the test.

Extended Battery Life

The battery’s lifespan is extended, courtesy of keeping track of your data, and you can access it automatically without using the battery.

5. Sony Wireless Headphones WH-CH 510 (For Younger Friends)

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Suppose you have younger friends or family members, entice them with Sony wireless headphones. The pricing of this product is relatively cheaper in the USA comparing to India. Besides the price difference, items sold in American stores outperform Indian products in terms of quality. Your folk back home hold dear American products meaning this simple headphone will be appreciated highly.


1. Brand– Sony.

2. Color- Black.

3. Connectivity Technology- Wireless.

4. Model name- WHCH510/B

5. Ear Placement– On-Ear


Bluetooth Wireless technology

The headphones use Bluetooth wireless technology to listen to your all-time favorite music by pairing it with your tablet or smartphone. The headphones also have a smart noise cancellation that puts off all noise coming from the outside.

Swivel Design

The headphone comes in a swivel design that ensures it is easy to carry around when traveling. The effective range for the Bluetooth to function is approximately 10 meters or 30 feet.


The voice assistance of the headphones is compatible with the smartphone, thus offering easy hands-free calling services.

6. Polaroid Dual Screen WIFI Camera (For Video Enthusiasts)

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If any family member or friend back home is a video enthusiast, the polaroid WIFI camera will be an enticing gift. The camera is of high quality and captures good-quality videos. Besides using it for sports recording, family members and close friends will have an opportunity of recording a few videos with you to commemorate the occasion.


1. Brand- Sakar.

2. Video Resolution- 4k.

3. Connectivity- Wi-Fi, USB

4. Capture Speed– 30 fps

Product Features

HD 4K 18MP Camera

The camera uses 18MP to deliver high-quality recordings in 30fps. It is suitable for outdoor and home movies.

Easy To Use 

The dual screens make the camera easy to use as both screens allow you to see your recordings and share them on social media in real-time via Wi-Fi.

Inbuilt Battery

The camera has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be recharged by plugging into any power output using a USB cable.

7. GEMYSE Men’s Winter Jackets

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When traveling back home, consider gifting your lads with a GEMYSE men’s winter jacket to shield them from the cold season. The American quality of the jacket is superior to that found in the Indian market.


1. Material- 100% pure cotton.

2. Closure Type– Zipper

3. Color- Black


Detachable Hood

The jacket has a detachable hood and standing collars that protect your ears from cold and adverse temperatures.

Multiple Pockets

This jacket boasts plenty of pockets: 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 zippered security pocket, a roomy mesh pocket for goggles, and a single chest pocket.


Traveling back to India with gifts is a bit challenging. However, if you take your time and analyze gift items in this article, there are plenty of acceptable gifts for you to take back home to your family and friends.

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