Amazing Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas That Moms Need!

A baby sprinkle is an excellent way to celebrate a second, third, fourth, or fifth child. Unlike the baby shower, this one is gifting the parents with necessities, such as diapers, wipes, clothing, toiletries, Bibs, sound machine, among others. There is no need for extravagant gifts because the mother-to-be already has much of a baby essential from their first child.

The occasion is thrown when the closest family desires to “sprinkle” the new baby with a few essential gifts. If you haven’t thrown a baby sprinkle before, then it can be challenging to identify the best gift for the occasion. Don’t worry; we have listed the top 15 gifts that suit a baby sprinkle. READ and select the one that suits your budget.

Amazing Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

Top 10 Baby Sprinkle Gifts Ideas

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Books
  4. Wine glass set
  5. Bath gifts
  6. Sound/sleep machines
  7. Pampering items for mom
  8. Utensils, sippy cup and plates
  9. Door latch cover
  10. Bibs

Do You Bring A Gift To A Baby Sprinkle?

Unlike baby shower, sprinkle does not concentrate on showering new parents with everything they require for the baby. In short, gifts aren’t a necessity. It’s all about the celebration of a new life, whether the new bone is the first or the fifth.

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With the emphasis placed across the love and love of your caring friends and family, it’s a gathering that, preferably, is tranquil, elegant, and warm.

How Much Do You Spend On A Baby Sprinkle Gift?

The amount you are going to spends depends much on your budget and personal preference. There is no exact amount of money mentioned for someone to spend during a baby sprinkle occasion. Not unless you had earlier on agreed on how much each one should spend.

If you are a distant friend, spending between $20 to $ 25 would be something good. But you should keep in mind that even gifts below $15 are satisfactory in this case. So, don’t bother much trying to figure out the exact amount you are going to spend on this special occasion.

What Is A Sprinkle Gift?

If you are planning for a minor-key get-together, a “sprinkle” party is a nice way to celebrate a second bone or even the fifth bone baby. The term speaks it all, instead of the profligate event whereby a mother-to-be is showered with gifts, it’s modern get-together whereby a mother gets sprinkled with only the necessities.

Who Do You Invite To A Baby Sprinkle?

You invite a few closest family members and friends. It’s all about celebrating the new life, and having more than 100 people for the party would feel like the overload for sprinkles. So, it’s advisable to have a small party for a baby sprinkles occasion.

What Are You Required To Do At A Sprinkle Baby Shower?

A baby sprinkle is a kind of baby shower where the family is celebrating the second child or even a fifth child. So, instead of so many gifts, you only gift them the necessities, such as wipes, diapers, and outfits. This is because they were already gifted with many presents during the baby shower occasion.

What Is The Difference Between A Baby Shower And A Sprinkle?

A baby shower is all about celebrating mother’s first baby while a baby sprinkle is about celebrating all mother’s next babies. Based on the baby shower protocol, the first bone got a baby shower. The next babies that follow have a baby sprinkle.

Here Are 15 Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas Worth Considering:


You can, at no time, go wrong with diapers! Baby without a doubt requires diapers in all sizes, therefore don’t mind getting them the smaller one or, the larger one. Gifting a parent a box of diapers saves them a lot of money. The undeniable fact about diapers is that you know parents are going to need them. From the period a baby is welcomed until the age of 3, these will continually be a must-have thing. So, don’t hesitate to buy them.

If you are ready to buy, you can opt for Diapers Newborn /Size 0 (< 10 lb.), 80 counts by pampers. These diapers are gentle and hypoallergic to ensure the skin of the baby looks healthy. Plus, it has a wetness indicator to alert you when it’s time to change diapers.

Here are features for Diapers Newborn /Size 0 (< 10 lb.), 80 count:

BrandPampers (Trusted company when it comes to manufacturing diapers)
Weight3.5 pounds (does not hold much weight to deprive the comfort of the baby)
Other benefitsWith its wetness indicator, you are assured whether the diapers ought to be changed. Maintain healthy-looking skin because the diapers are gentle and hypoallergenic. The diapers fit the baby well because it is soft and stretchy. Absence of wetness and mess from the skin of the baby because of the unique absorb away liners.


These items are an absolute requirement! Choose to purchase sensitive wipes, as numerous babies are frequently allergic to the cologne used in the ordinary ones. With the sensitive wipes, the baby won’t experience rashes in their bottoms.

If you are eager to buy one, consider Amazon Element Baby Wipes. These wipes are gentle enough for delicate skin. Plus, it’s free from alcohol, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and dyes.

Why Amazon Element Baby Wipes?

BrandAmazon Elements (Well-known for quality products)
Size720 Counts (Enough to be used for several months)
Other BenefitsNot allergic to babies because it’s free from fragrances. Does not compromise health because it is made with natural ingredient and purified water. Protect delicate skin because it is gentle enough. With it, the baby won’t experience harsh irritants.


Books are the items that cannot miss in any gift lists! You cannot ever have enough reading materials as every other present an opportunity to learn and broaden your perspective. Plus, it’s nearly a combined present for the baby and the older kid. So, it’s kind of a win-win condition for all the kids. Attempt as much as possible not to buy the book that was once bought as a shower gift. This will enable the baby to explore something different from the other older sibling.

There are various books to choose from in the market. You can opt to take the Snail and the Whale book. This book is complete of excellent stories about helping others, being curious, and traveling the world.

Here are features for The Snail and the Whale book:

AuthorJulia Donaldson (famous for writing exciting stories)
Age range3 to 7 years (it can serve kids for many years)
Hardcover32 pages (enough to deliver all exciting messages)
Other benefitsBoth girls and boys can use it. Contain great messages for the baby.

Wine Glass Set

Baby sprinkles don’t need to be for the baby alone! Let dad and mon relax after a particularly tough night or day with some glass of wine. You can also add ironic tags to enhance a little bit of humor to their day. They will be thankful for the gift as they remember your care during their special moment.

You can extend their happiness by including some yummy snacks, chocolates, and perhaps a wine book. Trust me; this will never fade in their memory!  Unless they don’t use wine. If your target is to buy a wine glass set as a sprinkle baby gift, you can go for Dad and Mom wine glass set. 

Why Dad and Mom wine glass set?

BrandRomantic (known for quality items)
Size15Oz (enough capacity to completely satisfy you all day)
MaterialGlass (durable)
Other benefitsEffortless to clean and hold Long-lasting because it’s made from premium quality glass material. Appropriate for all types of liquids, be it wine, juice, milk, coffee, among others. Appealing because of its stylish design.

Bath Gifts

You can at no time have too much baby washcloths and baby shampoo!. This essential comprises soap, lotion, washcloth, a new bath toy, and a new towel.  With these essentials, there is no doubt you will be appreciated.

As you have seen, there are many favorite bath and toiletries in the market to choose from. If you need one, you can consider Earth Mama Calming Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Refill fighting body wash. The soap is safe and effective for washing hands and body for the entire family.

Here are features for Earth Mama Calming Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Refill fighting body wash:

BrandEarth Mama (well-known to manufacture effective organic and natural herbal products)
Liquid Volume34 Fluid Ounces (enough to be used for several days)
ScentCalming lavender (Nice and attractive)
Other BenefitsDon’t contain any chemicals because it’s made from organic oils and herbs. It is very effective for delicate skin. Versatile for all DIY castile soap projects  

Sound/Sleep Machine

There is a likelihood that the parent-to-be might have earlier on an acquired asleep or sound machine with firstborn, but odds are, the first baby is still using theirs, and therefore the little one will require a new one. The little one might thus require one. Sound machines make the kids sleep and can even be used by a six-year-old kid!

You can opt to buy Fisher-price calming seas projection soother because of its features shown in the table below.

BrandFisher-Price (well-known for quality kid’s products)
ColorMulticolor (very attractive)  
Target genderUnisex (whether a girl or a boy can use it)
Other BenefitsEasy to use. Play up to 60 minutes of music for the baby. With all its soother’s calming features, your baby will have a sense of consistency and comfort bedtime routine.

Pampering Items For A Mother

Who lied to you that sprinkle showers ought to be about baby alone? The mother also requires peace of mind. Shower a mother with a relaxing item to enjoy on all those hard times she hasn’t had much rest. Trust me; she will always remember you for the gift.

If you need one, you can go for Voluspa Prosecco Rose 2 Wick Candle in Décor Oval tin. This product is an ideal way to freshen your home.

Why Voluspa Prosecco Rose 2 Wick Candle in Décor Oval tin?

BrandVoluspa (unsurpassed when it comes to customer services)
ColorPink (Girl’s favorite) 
ScentFloral (pleasant)
MaterialCoconut Wax (natural and phthalate-free)
Other BenefitsFreshen you’re your house. Provide quality burn and lasting smell because of its premium-grade paraffin. Versatile because you can present at any special occasion. Easy to use.

Utensils, Sippy Cup And Plates

The family has these items, but without a doubt, they will want more! These items get worn-out quickly, and therefore new ones are still needed. So, you will at no time go wrong with this particular gift whatsoever.

These items are several in the market, but you can prioritize Eric Carle’s gift set. This is because it’s a complete set. Plus, the set looks lovely, and without a doubt, your kids will like it.

Why Eric Carle gift set?

BrandGift Sets for kids (famous for kid’s items)
Weight12 ounces (not quite heavy for the kids)
Other benefitsThe set looks beautiful because it features art from the world of Eric Carle’s storybook. Hassle-free to wash because the entire sets are top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Door Latch Cover

Even if the older sibling was gifted with a door latch cover, still the little new one requires one, too.  The door latch cover ensures the baby is not disrupted from sleep once the door is opened. A door without a door latch makes a lot of noise while opening, hence awakening the baby. That’s why this item might be one of the best sprinkle baby gift ideas. If you have at no time heard of these, trust me, they are exceptionally great!

If you want to buy one, you can prioritize the Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion. This door latch cover permits for quiet entry and exit through nearly any door. Plus, it removes the necessity of turning a doorknob.

Here are features for Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion:

BrandCushy Closer (known for premium quality items)
ColorVarious (you have a chance to choose your favorite)
Other benefitsWith it, you are assured of quiet entry and exit via any door. Helps caretakers avoid disrupting sleeping kids. Prevents kids from locking themselves in a room.


There is no doubt the first baby received many bibs, and you are probably thinking of other gifts. But you should know that the old bibs are already grungy, stained, and are possibly in the thrash. So, gifting a new bib will make the baby’s parents happier and grateful.

If you want to purchase one, you can opt for 10-Pack Baby Bandana Bibs Upsimples Baby Boys Bibs for Drooling and Teething. These bibs protect your little one from drool rash. Plus, add more fun to their daily outfit.

Why 10-Pack Baby Bandana Bibs Upsimples Baby Boys Bibs?

BrandUpsimples (well-known for unsurpassed customer care)
ColorDawn set (look very attractive)
MaterialFront:100% organic cotton (Absorb dribbles, drool, and sit-ups) Back: Polyester fleece (Ensures the drools does not soak into little one clothing)
Other benefitsHassle-free to wash because it’s machine washable. It’s adjustable; hence you can adjust it to fit your baby neckline size. Protect the new little one sensitive skin because the front sides are made from organic cotton. It is comfortable because of its hidden stitching with soft edges.

Gender-Specific Clothing

There are high chances that if the old sibling is a girl, then the second baby is probably going to a boy. So, the parents will desire gender-specific clothing. Gifting them one for a baby sprinkle, therefore, will be a good idea. Buying larger sizes for the baby will be added advantage to the couple, as babies usually outgrow the smaller sizes quicker when compared to the larger size.

You can decide to purchase Simple Joys 3- Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas by Crater’s boys and Toddler Girls as they are available in a different size. You get to choose one based on your preference.  

Here are the features for Simple Joys 3- Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas:

SizeVarious (you can easily choose the size that fits the baby)
ColorElephant /Lamb/Monster (attractive)
Material100% polyester (chemical-free and flame resistant)
Other benefitsHassle-free to wash because it’s machine washable. Flame resistant, hence safe to sleep with. The fleece is cozy. Affordable.

Baby Photo Album

Parents would like to keep track of all thrilling events and milestones that occur in their baby’s life. So, gifting them a baby photo album for baby sprinkle will be a nice idea. The baby photo album is a memory book that will keep all the baby photos safe. The baby, without a doubt, would like to look back on old photos when they are grown-ups. Therefore, you will at no time fail with this gift.

You can prefer Pearhead Baby Photo Album due to its features shown in the table below.

BrandPearhead (trusted for its quality products)
Target genderUnisex (suits both boy and girls)
Other benefitsSave all your new little one special moments. It has enough rooms; hence you won’t run out of memories. It comprises space to write a note next to every picture. It looks modern because of its textured paper.  

Animal Socks

Let’s keep the baby feet warm and protected by gifting them a set of amusing animal socks. The couples will be very thankful for the gift. Plus, their little ones will look gorgeous with these fun socks. So, if you have been thinking of the best sprinkle baby gift idea, then it’s the one.

If you are looking forward to shopping one, you can opt for RC ROYAL CLASS New Born Baby Cotton Towel Multicolored Socks. These socks are super soft, hence comfortable for the baby.

Why RC ROYAL CLASS New Born Baby Cotton Towel Multicolored Socks?

BrandRC. ROYAL CLASS (Well-known for classic products)
ColorMulticolor (make it more appealing)
Other benefitsGives maximum warmth to the feet of the baby because of its soft terry inside. It is comfortable to wear because it’s super soft. It comes in a pack of 5 pairs.

Sleep Mask

Parents might have restless nights after their baby is born; hence sleep mask comes in handy. With a sleep mask, there is no doubt parents will have peaceful and enjoyable nights. The gift is not always about the baby alone. Sometimes it’s good to care about the parents as well.

There are many sleep masks in the market, and choosing the best one can be challenging. You can opt for a pure slip silk sleep mask due to the features listed in the table below.

Here are the features for pure slip silk sleep mask:

ColorVarious (you can easily choose your favorite)
Skin typeCombination (no restriction)
Other benefitsIt helps prevent signs of eye fatigue and friction Promotes a relaxing night’s sleep. Enhance the benefits of a facial product. Has the ideal dimension of 8″ x 3.5.” Eases pressure on the face and subtle eye area.

Newborn Holder

There are no doubt parents adore holding their new baby.  But with time, they will get exhausted, and that is where newborn holder comes in handy. The newborn holder keeps the dram nearer when you want to give your arms a break. Gift them one, and they will be very grateful.

If you need one, you can go for Baby Bjorn Newborn baby carrier. This baby carrier is made from premium material, hence give long-lasting service.

Why for Baby Bjorn Newborn baby carrier?

BrandBaby Bjorn (well-known for functional, safe, and high-quality products)
Material usedPolyester, cotton, elastane (chemical-free) 
Other BenefitsIt can be easily adjusted because of its adjustable buckles. Hassle-free to wash because its machine washable. It features an inward and outward carrying option.

Final Thought

Every mother-to-be deserves a gift for their little ones. The mentioned gifts are ideal for every new bone child. Choose the one that you feel it’s the best for you and let the mother-to-be filled with your love.

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