Baby’s Dedication Gift Ideas that are Worth the Occasion!

First Bible, every bunny prays, a photo frame, bible promises, and swaddle blankets are among exquisite gifts you can feel proud bringing to a baby’s dedication. Most are keepsake presents which will always remind the little ones of your love as they grow. You will leave a mark in their heart as they grow to be God-fearing children!

Any gift is wonderful, but its significance on occasion is what makes all the difference. We often attend so many different occasions, but the thrill of attending a baby’s dedication is electrifying. It is unique as it’s a special way of bringing emotional healing, comfort, and a reassuring feeling of being together for a very long time. 

Although the ceremony itself is incredible, a perfect gift lightens the mood, and that’s just what you need. However, choosing one is not straightforward; you need a perfect approach so that your result will impress you and mostly, others. This list will be your greatest help in choosing one, and you can live a peaceful life, knowing you just made a huge impact on a child’s life!

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Baby's Dedication Gift Ideas

Top 10 baby dedication gift ideas

  1. Every bunny prays
  2. Handprint frame
  3. A book: God Gave Us You
  4. Photo frame
  5. First Bible
  6. Angels embrace sculpture
  7. A cross bracelet
  8. Swaddle blanket
  9. A book: Bible promises
  10. Medallion ornament

Do you bring a gift to a baby dedication?

If you had given a gift to the child during a baby shower, then it is not necessary; unless you want to give the child a keepsake and make the day special then consider choosing a present that fits your budget.  You should always check with their parents to avoid buying what the child already has, especially when you want to buy books or a bible. 

What is the best message to write in a baby dedication?

The message you write in a baby dedication should be encouraging to both the child and the parent. You can consider the following: 

  • I pray that this day brings to all of your memories that will last a lifetime.
  • I am so happy for you today. As you present (child’s name), my prayer is that God’s arms will always be wrapped around him/her. I pray that he/she will always feel God’s eternal love and that he/she may always bring joy.

How much money do you give for a baby dedication? 

There is no set amount that one is expected to give during baby dedication as it all depends on your relationship with parents and the child. Of course, if you are a godmother or godfather, you will be expected to give a reasonable amount of no less than $100. For close relatives such as uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparent and others at least $50 will sound good. 

What happens at a baby dedication?

Most churches dedicate babies before, during or after the normal Sunday service. The parents or guardian are supposed to go forward to the church altar with their child.  The young ones are then presented before the congregation. A child is then prayed for, and the parents are asked to say a commitment to raise the child in God’s ways in line with Christian faith. 

Here are baby dedication gift ideas you can think of:

Every bunny prays

Prayers make us optimistic, sometimes we might lack the words to express ourselves, but that does not make us hopeless. We have outward voices like inspirational spoken words or songs. Gift your little angel every bunny prays gift set and give them this amazing experience. The littles one might not be able to understand it now, but one day when they will need words, the bunny will be there. 

It has an illustrated board book and a “pray with me” bunny that anytime one is feeling restless, disturbed, overwhelmed, or can’t sleep the young ones will reach out to it. Every time the bunny’s belly is pressed, a little girl’s voice will recite a prayer “now lay me down to sleep”, and all will be well. The bunny’s hands are placed in a praying position so that your amazing God-fearing child will have a prayer partner. So don’t hesitate to bring this gift to a baby dedication and everything else will fall in place!

Here are features of every bunny prays gift set from tickle and main that you can opt for:

BrandTickle and main (trusted brand)
Weight1.5 pounds (lightweight therefore can be carried around by a child effortlessly)
Dimensions 7.2×6.8×4.5 inches (can be held comfortably by kids)
Other benefitsThe bunny is made of comfortable, luxurious, and soft plush that is ideal for kids.No batteries are required to keep the bunny functional. This also makes it safe for children to use.

Handprint frame

A handprint on one side and a sentiment that reads “I know His touch in my hands and His love in my heart” on the other side is the perfect gift.  A baby dedication is made so that you can see what’s possible rather than your limitations. This gift carries the unsurpassed message of hope that makes it perfect for this occasion. 

The handprint is meant to console the gifts own as it can be easily interpreted and understood, that is when the baby is old enough. You can opt for the Grandmother Gift co handprint that is perfectly designed to ensure satisfaction and safety to the young one.

Here are more features that make The Grandmother Gift Handprint Frame one of the best choices:

BrandThe Grandparents Gift Co (Top quality products)
MaterialWood frame coated with silver (non-toxic)
Weight9.6 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for hanging)
Other benefitsPerfect for display, whether table or shelf.The ink used (charcoal grey) is safe for childrenThe handprint frame can be easily washed with soap and water without fading. The stunning silver is perfect for home and nursery decors.

A book: God Gave Us You

Time will come, and your humble and curious baby will want to know where they came from. When that happens, you will have something to say with pride and confidence with the gift you gave them; God Gave Us You. While tucking in the young ones for sleep, you will say “you are and always have been our greatest blessing. You have given our lives meaning and made us whole therefore thank you for that. We love you our little angel, and we don’t regret having you in our lives. So to answer your question, my darling, God gave us you.” 

You can also opt to read directly from the book like a bedtime story, but either way, the message is the same. With these, a question will have been answered, and they will know how special they are. By gifting this book during a baby dedication ceremony, you will be preparing him/her for a life that God’s presence will always be evident.

Here are more features of God Gave us You:

AuthorLisa Tawn Bergen (#1 best seller)
Weight9.6 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for use by kids)
Pages40 (for a new experience and lesson every day)
Other benefits
The book is made to last longer due to its hardcover. Written in simple English language that is easily understood by kids. 

A photo frame

We always want to capture the best moments of our lives by taking pictures. That way, even when time passes, and we want to remember them, looking at the picture will make the memories fresh. Bring a Dexsa photo frame as a gift in a baby dedication so that the wonderful moment can be captured. When the baby is grown up, every time he/she looks at the photo frame, it will remind them who they are concerning the dedication. 

Below the photo, there is a sentiment “let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” Mathew 19:14. The words from this unique photo frame will also touch the hearts of all present in the ceremony, reminding them to be humble.

Here are more fascinating features of the Dexsa photo frame:

BrandDexsa (top manufacturers)
MaterialGlass (attractive)
Weight8.8 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for hanging)
Other benefitsHolds a 4″ ×4″ photo,  making it convenient for standard size images. The glass used can be easily wiped as it does not fade.The engraved sentiment is easy to read. Dexsa photo frame makes a perfect room décor due to its superior quality. 

First Bible

If you desire to see the baby being dedicated, growing up with fear and love of the Lord, gift them their first Bible. Even though the present congregation will love this amazing gift, it will be a sign of your goodwill. Bibles are meant to build our faith and to strengthen it; this will not be an exception to that charming child. It will also make them hopeful and will be a great reference book when they need it.

You can consider Roger Priddy’s first Bible due to exceptional features tabled below: 

AuthorRoger Priddy (#1 best seller)
Weight1.44 pounds (lightweight making it ideal for use by kids)
Other benefitsHardcover material used on the Bible is meant to make it durable. Written in simple language to enhance understanding of the young ones. The bright and clear pictures used are meant to attract and hold the child’s attention. 

Angel’s embrace sculpture

Even to those who cannot understand, the perfect message behind an embrace, especially of an Angel is impossible to miss. If this is what you want to take as a gift, think Willow tree Angel’s Embrace sculpture. The sight of it is just fascinating; it is snow white with the angel with wings. The child has his little legs wrapped around Angel’s waist and his little head empathetically buried in the Angels’ shoulder. 

The angel is standing with His magnificent wings widespread. His hands are holding the child close to His chest and head leaning close to the child. It has a sentiment on it, and this is one gift you cannot let your blessing of a child lack, it will serve its purpose. Everyone would love to be in Angel’s embrace, right?

Here are the additional features of Angel’s embrace sculpture:

BrandWillow tree (known for top quality products)
Weight6.3ounces (lightweight making it practical for a child’s sculpture)
Sentiment“Hold close that which we hold dear.”(encouraging to the little souls) 
Other benefitsGreat source of comfort, hope, and healing. Easy to dust and clean with a soft brush or cloth.Perfect for display on a table or shelf in any room.The angel’s embrace sculpture is a perfect decor.

A cross bracelet

Whether it is your child, sibling, grandchild, little friend, niece, or nephew, a cross bracelet is the most exquisite gift on this occasion. The Crystal dreams cross bracelet is the best option since it is made of glittering pearls and sparkling white crystals. It has a one-inch shining silver extender chain that will look mesmerizing on the child’s beautiful wrist. 

Putting it on the wrist in this delightful occasion will liven it as gratitude and the words “it’s adorable” will fill the air. The little cross symbolizing the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on will be a great source of inspiration and hope to the child. It is available in all sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the perfect fit for a newborn.

Why Crystal dream cross bracelet?

BrandCrystal Dream (known for quality jewelry)
MaterialPearls, silver, and crystals (attractive)
Other benefitsThe piece is cautiously designed to make it safe for use by children. One can easily clean or sterilize it using a damp cloth or wipes.A matching necklace is also available. Bracelet is durable hence a perfect keepsake. 

Swaddle blanket

There is nothing you would love getting lost into that a child wrapped in God’s love. The Ocean drop swaddle’s blanket will do just that. It is white with black prints all over, making it easy to read. Besides, the blanket is thick and large enough to wrap around a baby perfectly. 

The baby inside the blanket with the words “child of God; Psalms 139” is an impeccable sight. If especially given in a baby dedication ceremony, the swaddle blanket will hold a unique significance forever and can be passed down similarly, making it extra special.

Check the amazing features of Ocean drop swaddle blanket below: 

BrandOcean Drop (trusted brand)
MaterialCotton (soft and comfortable)
Weight9.1ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry a baby in)
Other benefitsMakes a great play mat for babies. Very gentle on a baby’s skin. Breathable due to its cotton nature, preventing extra sweats when used to cover the young ones. One can easily care for it as it can be machine washed. 

Bible promises book 

Enlighten your smart child at an early age by gifting them with Sophie Piper’s Bible promises. That moment when you are all gathered in a baby dedication welcoming the new baby in the family and church could be made memorable by the book filled with promises. 

The Bible promises is a book full of encouraging scriptures from the Bible that are easy to read. When your little angel can read and understand, this book will offer them prayers, they need, and they will grow to treasure.

Look at exceptional features of Sophie Piper’s Bible promises that make it perfect present on dedication day:

AuthorSophie Piper (#1 Bestseller)
Weight6.4 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for use by children)
Pages32( convenient for children)
Other benefitsThe Bible promises the book is lightweight; therefore, it can be carried around by children. Made using hardcover hence long-lasting. Safe and easy for kids to use. 

Medallion ornament

After the dedication ceremony, a stunning metal Angel on engraved cardboard could be displayed in the room of the child. It is not a frame; hence can be displayed on a holiday tree making it remarkable. But that will only happen if you gift them with The Grandparent Gift Co medallion ornament. 

The ornament is perfect for the occasion as it has a sentiment that reads “on your dedication”. If you wish for the child’s beautiful name to be engraved on the ornament, it is very much possible. That will make it the most outstanding gift, as the engraving doesn’t have to be just the name; you can think of a perfect message that would be captivating. 

That’s not all the spectacular medallion ornament comes with; check the extra features below:

BrandThe Grandparent Gift Co (known for quality tailor-made baby dedication gifts) 
Weight0.32 ounces (lightweight making it easy to use as a display)
Dimensions5.8×5.7×1.4 inches (takes less space)
Other benefitsMakes a perfect room décor due to its elegant design. Children can use the ornament safely as it is made of non-toxic materials. 

A gift for baby’s dedication book

If you are wondering which perfect long-lasting gift will remind the child of their dedication, this is it. A gift for the baby’s dedication book by Lois Rock will remind the child of the promises made to them by the parents and congregation. These promises will prove the loyal deeds of the congregation and parents to raise the child in the Christian faith.

A gift for baby’s dedication book includes sincere and simple prayers both modern and traditional. This and the fact that a grown-up can say the prayers with the child make it pristine. 

Here are more captivating features that will prove the book’s worth:

AuthorLois Rock (best seller)
Weight6.7 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for use by kids)
Pages48 (convenient)
Other benefitsThe book has clear and bright illustrations to boost the child’s understanding. Perfect for a keepsake due to hardcover that makes the book durable. 

Baby dedication certificate

Certificates are vital documents as they prove that we have accomplished something great and meaningful. With a lot of pride and confidence, the baby, will one day, when they are grown-up present this certificate as a sign of their great achievement. 

However, this will only happen if she/he has the certificate. Gift the gorgeous baby a Warner press baby dedication certificate and be the reason the dedication becomes an achievement. It is effective as it has all the vital spaces to fill in. Plus, the elegance is undeniable and comes in a functional white envelope.

Here are more features of the Warner press baby dedication certificate:

BrandWarner press (officially licensed)
ColorWhite (lovely)
Other benefitsThe Warner press baby dedication certificate is brief and to the point.Presentable hence can be used for formal use. 

Baby dedication puzzle

When the young one is old enough, they will need something to brighten up their childhood. A spring flower puzzle is a perfect gift on this occasion. It is easy themed aimed at entertaining the child always. 

Being a puzzle, this gift will boost the child’s thinking and general mental health. The spring flower puzzle has six different animals that come as a puzzle that is simple and can easily be understood by a child without causing too much strain. It is a thoughtful gift meant to enlighten your smart baby as they grow up in God’s ways.

Why is spring flower baby dedication puzzle worth gifting?

BrandSpring flower (trusted brand)
MaterialWood (non-toxic hence safe for kid’s use)
Weight1.95 pounds (lightweight therefore easy for children to play with)
Other benefitsSafe for children as it is made of wood and is lightweight. The child can easily organize the puzzles once done as it comes with a storage box. 

My first rosary

A rosary with a cross that is detailed intricately and light blue shiny beads is the perfect gift you should bring to a baby’s dedication. Bearing in mind that this elegant rosary is the child’s first, they will treasure it for the rest of their fruitful life. It will make a great keepsake gift because it is made of premium long-lasting material. 

By gifting that child with the Grassland Roads/Ivy stone Rosary, you will have committed them to God’s service and challenged the child to dwell in Christian faith as they grow up. 

Check the features of the Grassland Roads/Ivy stone rosary that makes it ideal present on dedication day:

BrandGrassland Roads/Ivy stone (trusted quality)
Weight3.2 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for kids to wear)
Other benefitsComes with a stunning holder featuring a decorative beads lid, edges beautifully scalloped, and an elegant metal cross on top.Makes a perfect keepsake gift as it can last for ages. Does not fade making it attractive for as long as it is cared for. 

Parenting beyond your capacity book

Make that baby dedication ceremony unique and worth remembering by gifting the child’s parent with a parenting book. One that is written by Rennie Joiner’ parenting beyond capacity book’ is the ideal option as the author has great experience in terms of parenting. 

By giving parents this book, you will help them allow others to be part of their child’s life. Others contribute towards shaping and determining the direction of the child’s life. They will also create a principle of unconditional love while boosting good health in their children, thus giving it purpose. This book is the perfect companion for that new family.

The fascinating features of parenting beyond capacity book are highlighted below: 

AuthorRennie Joiner(#1best seller)
Weight8 ounces (lightweight thus can be easily carried around)
Pages199 (can be covered quite easily)
Other benefitsParenting beyond your capacity will equip parents with all necessary skills for best in taking care of their children.  Child’s parents will learn to be responsible. 

Wrap up! 

These worthy gifts are chosen cautiously to ensure any baby dedication ceremony becomes memorable. The safety of your child was our priority while choosing them so you can rest assured that only the best will come with the gifts. They are all keepsake gifts that might lead to generations of God-fearing people. It is the child’s first occasion, make it worthwhile!

Go ahead and make the first wonderful impression to a child through a gift!

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