Fantastic Gift Ideas For Interns

Interns receive stipends that cater for small expenses. Consequently, they may not have enough money to buy items that will better their lives during the internship. You can thus gift them with planners, an alarm clock, notebook, wristwatch, backpack, and official outfits to give them a professional look that comes in handy during that duration

In case you have friends or siblings who are on an internship, it is a perfect time to get them thoughtful or creative gifts that will improve their internship experience as well as their career life. If you are ready to grow the career life of your loved one, then keep reading this piece to know the exact gifts that every intern would appreciate. 

Fantastic Gift Ideas For Interns

Top 10 Intern Gift Ideas 

  1. Planner 
  2. Notebook
  3. Backpack
  4. Fabric steamer
  5. Alarm clock
  6. Inspirational book 
  7. Wristwatch
  8. Professional pen
  9. Black blazer
  10. Coffee mug   

What Do Interns Want From An Internship?

All interns choose to go for internships because they wish to gain hands in the tasks that are being carried out in various companies. In the same way, interns seek to get good references that will help them earn jobs elsewhere or in the same firm they are taking their internships from. Similarly, internships help interns to socialize and build networks that are beneficial to their career life. 

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What Qualities Make A Good Intern?

A good intern possesses several traits that are vital for professionalism.  Below is a list of qualities that make an excellent intern;

  1. Adaptability- Basic for the company’s success when there are changes in strategies and responsibilities. 
  2. Initiative- Ability to take charge of tough situations and initiate new ways to overcome them. 
  3. Etiquette in the way of communication
  4. Favorable energy for learning new ideas and skills.

What Makes An Intern Stand Out?

Proactivity makes an intern stand out during an internship. Every intern should prioritize handling tasks without being requested by a supervisor. Supervisors have their whole lot of work to handle. Therefore, if an intern embraces proactiveness, he or she will get along well with the internship supervisor. The following are examples of instances that make an intern stand out;

  1. Arriving early at work.
  2. Treating the internship as a lifetime job. For instance, doing all the assignments diligently. 
  3. Asking questions and clarifications throughout the training.
  4. Staying away from spending much time on the phone.
  5. Socializing with all the company’s staff.

How Do You End An Internship?

An intern needs to end an internship on a positive note. How one chooses to end an internship will influence the reference note by the internship supervisor. As a result, the reference will paint a negative or positive image on the future career plan. Below are some positive ways to conclude an internship;

  1. Continue with the excellent work of arriving early.
  2. Keep asking for clarification and feedback.
  3. Be polite in your language. 
  4. Remember to say “Thank you” to all staff when leaving. 

Can Interns Leave Early?

Some situations can make interns leave before they finish their internship program. However, every intern should ensure they leave a positive impression on the companies from which they are taking their internships. The following are instances that can make interns leave internships early;

  1. When their decency is disrespected 
  2. When they fell, they are overworked.
  3. When they don’t receive remuneration as agreed 

Below Is A Detailed List Of Intern Gift Ideas That You Can Choose From:


A planner is an efficient tool to utilize for proper time management. Interns may find it challenging to accomplish all the tasks that they are required during their internships if they fail to manage their time well. Getting an intern a planner is a very thoughtful idea since it will help them to plan all their daily tasks effectively. Therefore, they will not run out behind schedule because they’ll know what to do and expect during the day. 

At the same time, planners assist interns to improve their rate of productivity specifically by allowing them to be on the right track of handling tasks that matter to their career. Similarly, interns get encouraged to move on to the next tasks effectively. 

 Consider Buying Blue Sky Planner Because Of The Following Justifications: 

Brand Blue Sky (Presents affordable planners)
Weight1.05 pounds (Portable)
Dimension(11.02 x 8.66 x 0.12) ( Small-sized so it fits in a backpack)
Other benefitsAllows weekly and monthly planning.Provide clean writing space since it is an in-print of high-quality white paper. Durable covers that ensure use throughout the year. Coated tabs that resist page tearing; hence the planner remains in excellent condition throughout its use.  


Given that internships offer training, interns need to note down different skills that they learn. Relying on one’s mind to remember everything is inefficient because man is prone to forget easily. As a result, a notebook becomes a necessity for every intern.  With notebooks, interns can write down what they learn and later on refer to it when they require clarifications. Writing by hand is crucial in sharpening one’s spelling. For that reason, an intern will improve his or her writing skills and, in turn, become more professional. 

If you are ready to gift an intern with a notebook, then opt for Twilight Garden.

Why Should You Buy The Twilight Garden Notebook?

Brand Twilight Garden (Offer beautiful and colored notebooks)
DimensionHeight – 7’’Width –  5’’ ( Fits well in most purses and backpacks)
Number of pages 160 (Enough spaces to note down important points)
Other benefitsThe flat binding ensures ease of use. It has an elastic band attached to its back, which secures the notebook when closed. Write beautifully with either a pen or pencil. The pocket at the back cover can be utilized to hold reminders and important notes. 


Help your loved ones travel light to and from internship programs by getting them a backpack. A backpack helps to stabilize the weight between one’s shoulders and back. As a result, people who utilize backpacks feel flexible when walking. Furthermore, a backpack improves mobility, especially when hurrying to board a bus in the morning because it is always at the back. 

Before buying a backpack, ensure you check the size and number of compartments because the two influence the carrying capacity. Also, be sure to select the one that is made up of durable material for the bag to last longer. 

You Might Wish To Buy YoTwo Travel Bag Because Of Its Amazing Features As Tabulated Below:

Brand YoTwo ( Presents Durable Backpacks)
Dimension(18 x 12 x 7.8) ( Spacious space that can hold several accessories)
Weight 1.56 pounds (Lightweight enough to be carried on the back)
Material Polyester ( Strong so it makes the backpack durable)
Other benefitsSeveral compartments for keeping personal effects.The padded back which gives maximum comfort when carrying on the back.Adjustable shoulder straps assist in lessening shoulder stress. Accompanied by an anti-theft hidden pocket at the back for preserving valuable items such as phones and credit cards. 

Fabric steamer 

Are you thinking of a way to assist your loved one stand out during his or her internship? Well, think of buying him or her fabric steamer to save them the risk of burning clothes when ironing.  With a fabric steamer, your daughter or son will be able to wear a well-straightened outfit, which is very important for professionalism. A fabric steamer is excellent in removing fabric wrinkles. It utilizes steam to straighten clothes at a distance, so there is no risk of fabric burning. 

Think of buying BOVOLO fabric steamer because it utilizes advanced technology to make clothes neat and presentable. 

Below Are Further Advantages Of Buying BOVOLO Fabric Steamer For An Intern:

Brand BOVOLO( Offers Portable Fabric Steamers)
Dimension(10.2 x 7.6 x 5.8) ( Small-sized hence occupies less space when traveling)
Weight 2.84 pounds (Portable)
Other benefitsSaves time because it takes only 27 seconds to heat up.It is free of leakages; thus, it is safe to hold when steaming fabrics.Affordable.

Alarm Clock

The arrival time for work in the morning is very critical since it depicts how one values his or her job. It is always important to keep time when reporting to work. For that reason, an alarm should be part and parcel of every intern’s life. An alarm clock is convenient in waking up people from a deep sleep, especially very early in the morning. Therefore, it ensures one gets ready early and arrives at work on time. 

If you are ready to help your friends get to work early, then consider buying them PICTEK Projection alarm clock.

Here Is What Makes PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock Ideal For Interns:

Brand PICTEK (Presents Easy To Use Alarm Clocks)
Dimension(7.1 x 1.1 x 3.1) (Possesses a large screen that is easy to see and read)
Weight 8.8 ounces 
Other benefitsAdjustable dimmer ensures a proper view of time during the night.180° rotatable projector screen allows one to read the time without straining the neck. It has a phone charging outlet so one can utilize to charge their phone.Give sound alerts and snoozing time of nine minutes.

Inspiration book 

If you are wondering about a way to inspire your loved one in his or her career life, then think of gifting them with an inspirational book. Reading inspirational books is essential for developing a positive mindset. Equally important, an inspirational book helps in boosting confidence, which is paramount for one to realize their potential in their field of career. 

Consider Gifting An Intern With An ‘A Year Of Positive Thinking’ Because Of The Following Benefits:

Publisher Althea Press 
Number of pages 266 ( It can be read over a while to develop positive thinking)
Other benefitsEmpowers positive thinking by giving positive psychology evidence. A flexible format allows one to read easily.Features positive thinking through simple and practical exercises.


Transform the life of an intern by presenting them with a wristwatch. A wristwatch keeps people punctual for all activities as opposed to using a phone to keep time. If one utilizes a phone to check the time, he or she is likely to be lured to check notifications and spend more time on the phone rather than work. To help your loved one resist phone addiction, get them a watch. 

Wristwatches are very convenient in keeping time since they have long-lasting batteries. Phones are known to run out of charge, and hence they are not dependable for useful timekeeping. 

Think Of Gifting An Intern With Timex Leather Strap Watch Because Of Its Features As Described Below: 

Brand Timex (Offers A Wide Range Of Watches To Choose From)
Dimension (3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97) ( Small-sized hence it is comfortable to wear throughout the day) 
Material Leather (Durable)
Other benefitsAdjustable straps ensure a proper fit on the wrist.The white dial makes the watch readable.Waterproof.

Professional pen 

Without a doubt, a professional pen will be appreciated by an intern. Interns utilize pens daily in their workplaces to write down essential procedures and tips. Getting a pen for an intern is a very thoughtful idea because it will help them maintain cleanliness. Typically borrowing a pen in public places is a source of picking germs. Therefore, if you gift an intern with a pen, it is a clear indication that you value their health.

Parker Jotter Pen Makes An excellent gift For An Intern, Check The Reasons Below: 

Brand Parker (Offer High-Quality Pens)
Dimension (6.97 x 2.05 x 1.06)’’ ( Comfortable writing)
Weight 2.26 ounces (Lightweight so one doesn’t get fatigued when writing)
Other benefitsWrapped in a gift box, making it ideal as a gift.A quick flow ballpoint refill ensures proper ink flow for smooth writing. Stainless steel barrel, which consists of high shine trims, makes the pen professional. 

Black blazer

A well designed black blazer never gets out of fashion. It matches well with any color of blouse or skirt. Therefore, it allows flexibility for achieving personal style. Wearing a black blazer tells that one is ready to work regardless of the type of task at hand. Moreover, it makes one appear professional in the workplace. 

In case you have a daughter who is going for an internship, then consider getting her a Hybrid Ponte black blazer. 

Check Its Outstanding Features Below: 

Brand Hybrid (Notable For Elegant Blazers)
Dimension (1 x 1 x 1)’’ ( Fitting)
Material Nylon (Durable because it is weather resistant)
Other benefitsEasy to maintain since it is machine washable.Perfect for formal wear as well as casual. It comes in many sizes so that one can choose a fitting size.Designed in two forms; fitting and stretchy so one can pick any according to their preference. 

Coffee mug 

Let your friend enjoy drinking hot coffee while going for work in the morning by getting a coffee mug for him or her. Coffee mugs are usually portable, so your loved one will enjoy carrying coffee from home to the workplace. This will help him or her to save money, which would otherwise be spent on buying coffee from the cafeteria. 

Typically, coffee mugs are insulated bottles that retain the temperature of beverages for the better part of the day. They usually come with leak-proof lids that secure the beverage and prevent spillages.  

Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug Is A Perfect Gift For An Intern; Check The Benefits It Delivers In The Table Below: 

Brand Contigo (Offers 100% spill-proof containers)
Dimension (2.87 x 3.54 x 7.8)’’ (Easy to hold by hand)
Weight 11.5 ounces (Portable)
Material Stainless steel (Rust resistant hence it is durable)
Other benefitsAuto sealed lids secure the beverages from spillage. Maintains the heat in hot drinks for at most five hours.It has a push-button for easy sipping while traveling. 


Hardworking interns are usually very tired as they travel back home in the evening. Buying them good earbuds is an excellent way to help them stay relaxed while in commuter buses.  Listening to music is a quick way to relieve work stress and elevate mood. Therefore, you should consider investing in a good model of earbuds to please your loved one. 

Consider Buying TOZO T10 Bluetooth Earbuds Because Of Its Amazing Features As Outlined Below:

Brand TOZO (Offers Earbuds With Authentic Sound )
Dimension (0.59 x 0.79 x 0.59)’’ ( Comfortable wearing on the ears)
Weight 6.2 ounces (Portable)
Other benefitsProvides fast and stable transmission.Waterproof hence can be washed.Lasts for four hours after a single charge.When in a charging case, it can last for 14 hours. 


You wouldn’t wish to see your loved one suffer during rainy seasons as they go for internships. Gifting them with a portable umbrella is a perfect idea to protect them from raindrops and UV rays. In the same way, an umbrella safeguards one from cold, which is generally associated with rain. For that reason, your loved one will stay healthy all through the internship session. 

As there are many brands of umbrellas in the market, we wish to feature the SY COMPACT umbrella because it is lightweight and thus can be carried easily to and from work.

Other Benefits Of SY COMPACT Umbrella:

Brand SY COMPACT (Renown For Elegant Umbrellas) 
Weight 9.6 ounces (Lightweight hence portable)
Material Aluminum alloy ( Durable)
Additional benefitsIt has a mini design, which makes it fit easily in a bag.Mini-sized, so it is a perfect gift for friends. Resistant to wind and water.It consists of a strap that secures it nicely when not in use. 

Lunch box

Buying lunch could be expensive for interns. Therefore, don’t let your loved one struggle with lunch expenses, when you can get them a lunch box. Lunch boxes facilitate easy carrying of food from home. Most of them come with multiple sections for packing different recipes, for instance, salad, stew, and starchy food. The good thing about lunch boxes is that they are rigid, so the food kept in them cannot get squeezed up.

When buying a lunch box, consider purchasing insulated ones because they maintain the temperature of food for long.

Bento Lunch Box Makes A Perfect Intern Gift Because Of The Following Reasons:

Brand Bento ( Offer Leak-Proof Containers)
Dimension(8.86 x 6.1 x 2.17)’’ (Compact to fit comfortably in a bag)
Weight11.7 ounces ( Lightweight so it is easy to carry to work)
Material Wheat fiber ( Safe for use by a human)
Other benefitsMicrowave safe.Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.It comes with a tight buckle that secures food and prevents leakages.

The Right Shoes 

Going for internships can never be exciting without a pair of right shoes. There is a wide range of shoes that we can wear to work, for instance, flat shoes, heels, and boots. But what matters is feet comfort. Of course, you wouldn’t want your loved one to deal with blisters after a hectic day at work. Therefore, it is prudent to go for comfortable shoes.

If you have an intern who is struggling with feet comfort, then it is pleasant to get them a pair of Crocs work shoes. 

Why Go Crocs Work Shoe? 

Brand Crocs  ( Provides Shoes That Offer Maximum Feet Protection)
Other benefitsEasy to clean and dries quickly.Both men and women can wear it.It encloses feet and heel; thus, it secures feet from spills. Resistant to slipping.

Reusable Water Bottle 

While in the office, it is fundamental to stay hydrated to handle tasks appropriately. Utilizing plastic bottles is detrimental to one’s health because one ends up consuming microplastics. For that reason, it is prudent to get a reusable water bottle for an intern. Water bottles come in various stylish designs, so they make excellent gifts for friends and siblings. 

A Pogo Water Bottle Makes A Fantastic Gift For Interns Due To The Features That Are Discussed Below: 

Brand Pogo ( Notable For Compact And Portable Water Bottles)
Dimension(4.5 x 4.5 x 10.5)’’ (Small-sized thus it fits well in a bag)
Other benefitsHolds 32 oz of water, so it is suitable for people who like drinking a lot of water.Easy to maintain since all parts are dishwasher safe.It has a soft-touch loop that permits easy sipping of water when moving. BPA free, so it is safe for human consumption. 

Final Word

When you are selecting the items to gift interns, it is wise to go for thoughtful and practical gifts that enhance career life. We have highlighted a number of them that you can choose from, and we assure you that any intern will appreciate them.  

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