15 Sewers Gift Ideas That Are Ideal For Their Work

Are you looking for gifts for a sewer? Improve their lives by gifting them with presents that add value to their sewing work. Sewers will be grateful if you buy them fabric, sewing kit, quilting machine, embroidery machine, pins, scissors, magnetic pin organizer, colorful wall art, books, and serger among items.

Yes, it can be confusing to pick one among the many items in the markets. Well, you don’t need to be worried because we have highlighted for you the best present for sewers to ensure that you don’t run out of options whenever you want to gift someone. Keep reading to gain more knowledge and choose at least one gift that you like! 

Sewers Gift Ideas

Top 10 Sewer’s Gifts Ideas

  1. Fabric
  2. Sewing kit
  3. Quilting machine,
  4. Embroidery machine 
  5. Pins
  6. Scissors
  7. Magnetic pin organizer
  8. Colorful wall art
  9. Sewers book 
  10. Serger

What Is The Easiest Thing To Sew For Beginners?

Are you a beginner looking for a sewing project? Well, below are some sewing projects that are simple and can be done faster with little experience in sewing. 

Gift Items on Amazon
  1. Chapstick Keychain Holder
  2. Library Tote Bag
  3. Laptop Case
  4. I pad Sleeve
  5. Jumbo Receiving Blankets
  6. Pencil Case:
  7. Easy Tote

How Long Does It Take To Become Good At Sewing? 

The amount of time one should take to become the best sewer depends on their hard work and dedication. However, if you desire to sew clothes that are simple such as knit tops, shirts, or handkerchiefs, it will be based on the way you do it. If you use the instructions from books and videos as well as patterns, then you can take up to 6 to 9 months to obtain the best outcome.

How Do You Get Good At Sewing?

To ensure that you perform well in sewing, you need to keep the following mind: 

  1. Press as you sew: since when you press well, your sewing will look so much better.
  2. Ensure accurate cutting: you must ensure that you move your markings to the cut fabric correctly.
  3. Precise sewing: With the help of the markings, ensure that you sew with the correct seam allowance.
  4. Make sure to make use of coordinating thread
  5. Use materials that are of good quality to get quality clothes.
  6. Choose suitable finishing expertise for your seam allowance.
  7. Employ exclusive trims and topstitching.
  8. When necessary, hand bastes and seam ripper.
  9. Ensure uniform stitches and pay attention to the fashion industry to sew clothes that are up to date. 

What Are The Five Basic Stitches?

The five basic stitches are:

  1. Cross-stitch; ideal for decorative uses. 
  2. Whipstitch
  3. Running stitch
  4. Ladder stitch
  5. Backstitch

Is Sewing An Expensive Hobby?

Sewing as a hobby is cheap, though setting it up and buying all the necessary equipment is expensive.

Here Are The Sewer Gift Ideas That You Can Consider:


Getting a sewer a material as a gift is very impressive. It enables them to work on a new project and select amazing patterns to work on. For beginners, you need to gift them with cotton fabric because it is particularly simple to cut and sew. Also, the material is versatile, and they won’t encounter any difficulties while sewing.

You can opt for one from Misscrafts that consist of fine texture with different patterns. Besides, the material is multipurpose; thus, it can be used for crafting, making pillow, and puppet for hand.

Here Are More Reasons Why You Should Consider Misscrafts Squares Patchwork Scrapbooking Quilting Fabric:

Brand Misscrafts (Perfect Cutting Shaped Materials )
Material Cotton (with a pattern of Animals, Polka Dots, Plaid, Geometric, Cartoon, Chevron, Halloween, Gingham, Floral, and Solid)
Weight0.44 Pounds (lightweight therefore ideal for making clothes)
Dimension20 x 20 x 1.5 inches (compact to fit well in a limited working environment)
Other benefitsSquared shaped to enable ideal cutting shapes for designing costumes, decorations, and school projects.

Quilting Machine

A quilting machine will make an ideal present for the sewer. It offers working spaces that are generously significant, therefore enabling the easy fitting of quilts that are a bit large. Also, it allows the tailor to employ the extra stitch and function.

Furthermore, the quilting machine enables sewing at a higher speed and can resist motor speed since it is robust. There are many quilting machines to choose from, but the one that would catch your eye is Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine. The good thing about the model is that it saves on time. It produces 1500 stitches per minute to permit one to quilt and sew more within a short time. 

Why Brother PQ1500SL Sewing And Quilting Machine Is A Perfect Gift?

Brand Brother ( Machine are reasonably priced)
Weight29.8 Pounds(easy to carry because it is lightweight)
Dimension7.9 x 12.6 x 19.3 inches(Stitch Length (5mm), Stitch Width (7mm))
Other benefitsComprise of needle threading system that is advanced to push the tread conveniently into the needle.Simple to use in sewing and feeding fabric thicknesses.

Sewing Kit

The sewing kit is an excellent present to an acquaintance who has no idea of the necessary supplies needed in the sewing space. It will help them in making and designing clothes, table mats, and even bags. Also, it will aid them in fixing torn linen and holding a missing button instantaneously.

Choose a Coquimbo Portable Beginner Emergency Accessories sewing kit because it is ideal for sewers who frequently travel since it is compact, therefore facilitating easy transportation. Besides, the package is simple to use since the items like needles are in a separate closed box, and all the other elements are well-positioned.

Check The Features Below That Make Coquimbo Portable Beginner Emergency Accessories Sewing Kit An Ideal Present: 

Brand Coquimbo ( Contains Everything You Need)
StyleUnisex(can be used by men and women)
Weight5.6 ounces(lightweight for easy transportation)
Other benefitsCome with all the required items for doing repairs that are basic like; needles, scissors, tools for sewing, threader, buttons, and others.Versatile therefore can be given as a gift to  little girls, grandmother, and mother

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery machines will come in handy to a tailor because it will help them in creating their designs in studs. With the embroidery device, one can be able to make patterns on garments. Also, the sewer can brand their products, can establish uniforms and embellish clothes in the fashion industry.

Apart from these, the device will help the sewers to make clothes in bulk, therefore, saving on cost. Also, the machine enables the creation of symmetrical design, thus allowing elegant look on garments.

If you settle for an embroidery machine for your sewer, choose a Brother computerized embroidery stitches machine. It consists of 6 needlework letter fonts and 80 built-in designs to enable one personalize their projects. Besides, the device comes with a colored touch screen for a proper view of designs before stitching. 

Look At Additional Features Of Brother Computerized Embroidery Stitches Machine Below:

Brand Brother ( Device Is Reasonably Priced)
Weight11.82 pounds(lightweight to enable easy portability)
Dimension(21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 )inches(compact to fit in a limited work space)
Other benefitsComprise of drop-in top bobbin that is jam defiant and automatic needle threader that is convenient to push the thread through the needle.Enable maximum sewing speed because it features 103 built-in sewing stitches and ten styles of auto-size buttonholes.


Pins are necessary for any sewer. It helps in keeping the fabric together before sewing. They will offer help during cutting and attaching of patterns to the material. Also, removing them is easy and fast when sewing.

You should consider buying a wright flower head pins as a gift to the sewer because they come in numerous colors that are stunning and simple to view when sewing.

Other Justifications For Choosing Wright Flower Headpins:

Brand Wright ( Offers Quality Pins)
Weight0.7 Ounces (lightweight thus can be carried easily)
Dimension(0.7 x 2.6 x 3.6) inches (Small in size and does not take up much storage space)
Other benefitsTheir heads are flat to facilitate simple ironing.Ultimate for working on materials that have layers and bulky.Consist of multicolor; thus, it can be used for decorations and crafting on the garments.


Buying a scissor to a sewer as a present is very crucial. Sewers are always making use of a scissor and so getting one for them is a plus in their performance. The scissor will aid in cutting numerous materials that are thin like paper, metal foil, cloth, and wire.

Several brands of scissors exist; however, you should consider buying Gingher 8 Inch Knife Dressmakers Shears that can cut numerous layers of material effortlessly, to the tip. The tool further remains sharp for an extended period as compared with other models.

Why Go For Gingher 8 Inch Knife Dressmakers Shears?

Brand Gingher (O Quality Scissors At A Great Value)
Weight0.45 Pounds (not hefty to enable secure handling)
Dimension(0.8 x 3.9 x 10) inches (small in size, therefore, will occupy less storage space)
MaterialStainless steel (durable and does not get damaged easily)
Other benefitsComprise of an elongated cut perfect for making patterns and long swaths.Consists of a handle that is bent to keep the material flat on the counter for even, secure, cutting.

Magnetic Pin Organizer

Magnetic pin holders are very vital in keeping sewer’s items within reach. It helps in preventing cluttering of things on the working area and accidents that may be caused by some of the sharp objects on the floor.

Furthermore, the pin holder features a strong magnetic force to facilitate the catching of all pins faster. As a result, the sewer will not need to stop to drive one pin at a time into pick pins. ArtBin sew magnetic box is an ideal option as it comes in a compact and portable case; thus, it can be carried around and used in workshops and schools.

Here Are Other Amazing Features: 

Brand ArtBin (Superior quality Magnetic Box)
Material Anti-acid free plastic(Constructed from durable translucent material for quick and easy identification of contents inside)
Weight0.31 Ounces(lightweight and easy to carry around) 
Dimension(7.38 x 3.63 x 0.69) inches(compact and can be easily slipped into the bag)
Other benefitsComprise of a strong magnetic base, therefore ideal for holding items in place.Long-lasting and does not wear out comfortably. Also, it is transparent for the sewer to view the contents of the box without difficulty.

Colorful Wall Art

Buy a colorful wall art to a sewer as an award to encourage them to work extra hard in their career. They will use that art to decorate their working space and will act as a reminder of their hard work. Further, you should consider buying a Colorful art for the wall as a gift because it brings with it enthusiasm and encouragement. 

Every motivational print of a painting is exceptionally made with crafted plans and features exclusive art of work. Also, it comes with sayings and quotes that are vigilantly selected to let some light in instigate, and help the sewer get through the day feeling good. You can opt for one from Maria Inc. that is constructed using materials that are of high quality, therefore long-lasting and dustproof.

Why Maria Inc. wall art? 

Brand Maria Inc. (Offers Quality Wall Art At A Reasonable Value)
Weight3.2 ounces (lightweight for secure fixing on the wall)
Dimension9.9 x 8.2 x 0.1 inches appropriate size that will fit well on the wall)
Other benefitsAct as a motivation and inspiration for someone to continue with a hard-working spirit.Will fit any room since they come unframed to enable one to frame them in their setting and space.


Gift a sewer, a book that contains topics on fashion, design, and couture methods. This will help the sewer to organize and make drawings on style using the book as a guide on getting new ideas. Further, the book aids them in gaining knowledge and more skills to fulfill their imaginations and desires in sewing. 

If you are gifting to a beginner, consider one from Choly Knight. The book comprises of cutting patterns and edges binding skills. Also, it equips one with knowledge of fabric gathering and zipper installation. 

Reasons Why You Should Gift A Sewer With Sewing Basics Beginner Friendly Easy Follow The Book:

AuthorCholy Knight (Produce Detailed Books For Sewing)
Material Paper (Environmentally friendly)
Paperback144 pages (not heavy therefore can be carried around easily)
Other benefitsThe directions given in the book is simple to follow to enable one to sew, do repairs, and create clothes from the beginning with buoyancy.Ideal for beginners since it helps one to know how to select a machine for sewing and offer them knowledge on the expertise that is basic and shortcuts.


Sergers are very important because it puts off the edges from raveling and facilitate expert look to any project of sewing. Also, sergers permit the tailors to sew and trim allowance of the seam as well as edge overcast. Apart from this, they are ideal for making clothes because it enables secure stitching that is stretchable with the cloth when worn. 

If you are looking for a serger, consider buying a Brother Thread differential serger because it is simple to tread and use. Also, it features a color-coded upper thread as well as a lower looper threading system and training videos and manuals.

Why Choose A Brother Thread Differential Serger?

Brand Brothers (Offers Quality Sergers That Are Durable)
Weight8.02 pounds (lightweight to facilitate easy portability)
Dimension10.98 x 11.73 x 13.19 inches (small occupies less storage space)
Other benefitsDurable and performs well, thus can handle heavy fabrics and those with multiple layers.Comprise of the removable free arm to cylindrical serge items like sleeves. Appropriate for standard needles used by sewing machines. Enables high-quality stitching speed of 1300 per minute, therefore, saving on time. 

Art bins 

Well-arranged working space will make the sewer feel good while working, therefore maximizing their sewing time without any problem. Art bins are a necessity to most sewers since they work with many items like needles, thread, tape, material, buttons, pins, ruler, among other things.  

They will thus need a storage space to avoid things from making the working area untidy.  When you gift them with art bins, you solve all the troubles of having to work in an untidy environment. 

You Can Opt For ArtBin-6990RK-Satchel-Removable-Dividers Due To Features Tables Below: 

Brand ArtBin (Come At Affordable Pricing)
Material polypropylene (Acid-free & long-lasting)
Weight1.55 Pounds( Not heavy to facilitate easy carrying from work to home)
Dimension15.25 x 14 x 6.25 inches(Compact to occupy less space in the bag when carrying it)
Other benefitsComprise of 2 to 8 detachable, double deep sections for storage of numerous items.Consist of dividers to offer more space for storage, therefore, making it versatile and provide multiple storages. It comes with dependable latches to maintain the contents protected inside. Besides, it has a handle made of plastic to enable easy transportation.

Rotary Cutters 

A rotary cutter is a dream device for every sewer. It helps the tailor in fulfilling small projects and quilting in sewing. They function well and faster with mat and ruler for quilting and enable accurate cuts. What’s more, is that a cutter allows for the sewers to cut thick and multilayer fabrics. 

Consider Getting A Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutting As A Gift To A Sewer Due To The Following:

Brand Fiskars (Offers Superior Quality Rotary Cutter)
Weight3.38 Pounds (lightweight to facilitate for transportation whenever required)
Dimension0.63 x 19.63 x 26.5 inches (It is small in size to facilitate easy storage)
Other benefitsComprise of a rolling blade that will help in cutting precise cut as well as straight cut and multilayer fabric. Enable fast, comfortable, and accurate cuts because of its symmetrical make. Come with a blade protector to enable secure storage.

Sewing Gauge Ruler

Every sewer will like to own a sewing gauge ruler because it is very fundamental in sewing. It helps in spotting the corners of the crisp and verifies the depth of hem during sewing. What is more, is that it will enable sewing of buttonholes by ensuring lining up of layer and drawing scallops as well as stitching curved hems.

More so, it can be used for putting together hanging trim to facilitate even hanging off the trim. A sewer can also use the item for drawing specific lines on paper.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Consider Dritz Sewing Gauge Ruler:

Brand Dritz (Presents Quality  Gauge Ruler)
Weight0.32 Ounces (lightweight to facilitate easy carrying)
Dimension8 x 3 x 0.5 inches (portable and easy to carry or put into your bag.)
Other benefitsComprise of a marker that is sliding to permit smooth movement to enable repetitive marking.Ideal for measuring and marking seam allowance and pattern changes on designs. Feature versatility and enables accurate markings on the material. 

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a valuable sewing tool and requisite in any space of sewing. It helps in taking the measurements of the body, measuring as well as creating patterns on the material and length specification of the cloth. Also, it enables curves and corners measurements, thus help in making curtains.

If You Settle For Measuring Tape For Your Sewer, Then Consider A Pack Measuring Knitting Retractable Tape Due To The Following:

Brand IBayam (Produces Good Value Measuring Tape)
Material Plastic Rubber (can serve one for a long time)
Weight1.76 ounces (lightweight for easy carrying to the working space and back home)
Dimension(4 x 3 x 0.6) inches (portable and easy to carry or put into your bag.)
Other benefitsEnables accurate and straightforward to read measurements; therefore, it can be used for measuring clothes and body. Versatile thus ideal for measuring body garments and knitting of clothes. Therefore it is an excellent gift to offer to a friend, family, and people you work together.

Sewer’s Mug

Most people love taking tea or coffee during work to keep them alert. This is not different for sewers. Gift a tailor a personalized mug and give them an opportunity to most sip drinks in style. With a customized mug, your loved one will take drinks whenever they feel like as they remember your care and love. 

In case you have a sewer friend, you should gift them with a Day Spent Sewing Good Ceramic mug.

Here Is The Reason For Selecting A Day Spent Sewing Good Ceramic Mug:

Brand Make Em Laugh (offers superior quality mugs)
Material Ceramic (a high quality that lasts for long without breaking)
Weight15 Ounces (not heavy to facilitate effortless holding)
Dimension4.84 x 4.69 x 4.25 inches (small in size to occupy less space in the sewing table)
Other benefitsContain a message that is printed on the sides of the cup with a bold black print that is durable, thus the act as a delighting conversational starter.It has a weighty bottom, and thick walls; therefore are of high quality. 

Final Word

Indeed, when you buy a practical gift for a sewer, it enhances their career in sewing. Luckily, we have jotted down for you numerous presents that you can select from based on your budget. Select one of these items and make your sewing friend smile with joy while working. 

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