Special Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Ex-Girlfriend

Everyone wants a perfect relationship that will last forever. But, the truth of the matter is that many relationships don’t last long. Some relationships end on a friendly note, while others end in quite a resentful way. If you broke up with your ex-girlfriend for whatever reason, you might want to gift them to make them feel special. Some of the unique gifts you may want to consider include; a memories photo album, headphones, recipe book, makeup kit, sunglasses, clutch bag, etc.

Remaining friends with your ex-girlfriend might not be such a bad idea. Even though the love might be dead, you can still be friends and hang around. Remaining friends may even ignite a spark if both of you truly loved each other, and you may end up reconciling and putting your differences aside. If you have been searching for that perfect birthday gift for your ex-girlfriend, our list will blow your mind and will help you maintain a cordial relationship with her.

Why Gifting Your Ex-Girlfriend Is A Good Idea

Why Gifting Your Ex Girlfriend Is A Good Idea

Your ex-girlfriend may expect you to do something for them on their special day, especially if you have been friends since the breakup. Gifting your ex-girlfriend will make her feel good, and you may even get a positive reaction from her. When you focus your energy on making her see you in a new light, she may start craving your attention since she will realize that life may be considerably better if you were by her side. Therefore, if you want to remain friends with her or do something to get back together, you can start by gifting her on her special day.

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Below is our list of gifts you may want to consider buying for your ex-girlfriend on her birthday. Read on to find out more and to help you make a good decision.

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7 Special Gifts For Your Ex-Girlfriend On Her Birthday

1. Xerhnan Leather Cover Photo Album

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If you want your ex-girlfriend back and have the confidence that she wants you back, you can never go wrong with some trip down memory lane. Buy her a Cover Photo Album and fill it up with some of the best photos of both of you. If your ex-girlfriend has any feelings towards you, the beautiful moments will rekindle old flames. If the memories album doesn’t change anything, you will have closure and, finally, be better positioned to let go. Remember to choose the right time to gift the memories photo album to avoid getting disappointed.


Package Dimensions– 14.37 x 13.43 x 2.32 inches

Album Weight– 3.83 pounds

Manufacturer– Xerhnan

Color– Gold

Size– length 14.17 x width 13.38 x thick 2.56(inches)

Design: Sewn Leather collage frame cover, elegant leather texture

Quality: Archival, lignin, and PVC free


Awesome Design

The album has a sewn leather collage frame cover and an elegant leather texture that looks extremely beautiful and upscale. The horizontal and vertical pockets make it easy for you to store photos.

Excellent Quality

The archival album has a photo-safe acid, lignin, and is also acid-free. This elegant album feels comfortable when you touch it and is a perfect gift to your ex-girlfriend.

2. Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Pollini Wireless Headset

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Suppose your ex-girlfriend enjoys listening to music. She will be delighted to get a brand-new pair of headphones as a birthday gift from you. Although headphones can be a bit expensive, they send a message that you are willing to let everything go on a positive note. You may even end up seeing your ex-girlfriend after her birthday again. Remember to let her know your intentions earlier in advance, as such gifts may be misinterpreted.


Color: Black

Product Dimensions- 6.7 x 6.7 x 3.3 inches

Headphones Weight- 12 ounces

Batteries– 1 Lithium Polymer battery needed

Department– Unisex-adult

Manufacturer– Pollini

Immersive Crystal Sound And Smart Voice Command

The headphones have a 40mm neodymium driver, and the earmuffs are fully covered to ensure that the wearer gets perfect sound quality. These wireless headphones also work great in Siri or any Voice Assistant-enabled device by delivering a hands-free voice command.

Sleek Design

The ear cushions are comfortable to the ears since they simulate human skin texture. You can adjust the headset to get a perfect fit for you with the help of the slider and headband. The earphones are perfect for people who love traveling, sports, or for daily use.

Stable Connection

To connect the headphones, you only need to long-press the power button, and the headphone will pair with your device in seconds. After powering it on, you can enjoy a quality and stable connection without any interference. You can also use a 3.5mm jack as a connection wire on your cable-enabled device.

Durable Battery Life

The 800mAh rechargeable battery can support nearly 30 hours of nonstop music. The battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge, and your ex-girlfriend will never have to worry about power shortage when traveling since she can easily switch to wired mode using an audio cable if the battery power runs out.

3. Clever Fox Recipe Book

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If your ex-girlfriend loves cooking, a recipe book might be the perfect gift for her birthday. A recipe book will show your affection towards her and her skills, and she will know that you appreciated the time she spent cooking delicious meals for you. Your ex-girlfriend will appreciate this gift, and it will be a great start to make a conversation and ensure you remain friends.


Color- Grey  

Size- A5 (5.8″ x 8.3″)

Package Dimensions- 10.16 x 8.43 x 0.75 inches

Item Weight- 1.21 pounds

Manufacturer- Clever Fox


Organized Recipes

The Clever Fox Journal is a perfect recipe organizer which will help your ex-girlfriend conveniently store about 60 recipes. The recipe book has numbered pages and a table of contents, thus, making it easy for her to look for a recipe.

High quality

The recipe book is of excellent quality and crafted with care to ensure that it stands the test of time. The heavy-duty per white paper is ideal for scribbling and includes a  back pocket to store notes, pictures, and more.

4. SHANY All in One Harmony Makeup Kit

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Every girl wants to look glam and lovely. Makeup is a must for every girl, whether going for a party or outing. Many girls have perfected the art of applying makeup; hence, a makeup kit would be an ideal thing to gift to her on her birthday. Ensure that the makeup kit has a variety of items such as foundation, sunscreen, lotion, mascara, etc. She will love the gift.


Product Dimensions ‏- ‎ 6 x 6 x 2 inches; 1 Pounds

Manufacturer-‎ SHANY


98 Shimmer Eye Shadows

The highly pigmented and mineral oil formulated eye shadows have an extra sheen to ensure that you get a popping color. The set includes six lip glosses, three blushes, seven sponge brushes, two lip brushes, and a mirror.

Minimal Ingredients

The makeup kit is formulated with minimal sulfate-free ingredients to ensure that your skin does not get an allergic reaction. Moreover, the ingredients are also alcohol-free and EU allergen-free, hence, great for sensitive skins.

Gift Style Packaging

The gift set is wrapped in representable gift style packaging and has premium protection both inside and outside. The makeup kit is an excellent gift idea for your ex-girlfriend’s birthday.

5. SOJOS Trendy Round Sunglasses 

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Sunglasses are essential as they protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays and dust in the atmosphere. Gifting your ex-girlfriend a pair of sunglasses is a good idea for making her happy on her birthday. Before buying the gift, ensure that you pick the right size and color that suits her well. Designer sunglasses may cost more but are a perfect idea to make her feel special.


Lens Color- Multicolor

Frame- Plastic 

Lens- Plastic 


Coating- UV Protection Coating 

Lens width- 59 millimeters

Lens height– 52 millimeters

Bridge- 17 millimeters

Arm- 152 millimeters


UV Protection Lenses

The lenses can lessen reflections while enhancing contrast, hence, improving visual clarity and decreasing eye strain. The high-quality scratch-resistant lenses ensure that glare is reduced.

High-Quality Materials

The plastic used to manufacture the eyeglasses is of high quality, making the frame durable.

A Classic Fashion Round Frame

These sunglasses will give your ex-girlfriend an iconic look, shape, feel, and style. They are an excellent choice for her daily fashion accessories.

6. Tanpell Womens Crystal Evening Clutch Bag

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A clutch bag also makes the best gift for your ex-girlfriend on her birthday. There are numerous clutch bags available on the market that will suit her style and personality. Ensure you buy her one that has several compartments to give her space to separate her things.


Dimensions– 8″L x 2.3″W x 4.7″H

Weight – 1 pound 

Chains length– 47″

Feature: Rhinestone, Diamond

 Closure Type– Hasp

Capacity- Great container for smartphones, lipsticks, and pressed powder.


Superior Hardware

The clutch bag is made from superior electroplating hardware that’s highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing. The hardware does not get discolored easily.

Large Capacity For Maximum Safety

The clutch bag has a large capacity inside to hold a cell phone, wallet, car keys, and makeup. It also includes a clasp closure type with embedded rhinestones, making it convenient for her to open and close.

7. Custom Catch Personalized Cutting Board

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The kitchen is the heart of every home and where families gather to enjoy delicious food, hearty laughter, and good times. You can equip your ex-girlfriend with the right tools to create delicious meals with a personalized cutting board.


Material– Wood

Brand– Custom Catch

Shape– Rectangular


Perfect Permanent Personalized Engraving

The board has a permanent engraving of a letter of your choice.

Material Easily Protects Countertops

This handmade cutting board made from wood will protect your countertops from scratches and knife marks.


Birthdays are great days to start new friendships. You can make your ex-girlfriend happy by gifting her any of the items we have mentioned above. Remember to know what your intentions are and act accordingly before giving her any gift.

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