How Much to Spend on Bridesmaids Gifts?

Bridesmaids put a lot of time and effort into making your dream wedding that you were planning since your childhood. Giving gifts to the bridesmaids in the bridal party is a long-standing tradition therefore shopping meaningful gifts for bridesmaids is a total wedding planning essential and it’s something you don’t want to forget.

A bridesmaid does a lot of works like wedding planning support, logistics, and organizing an awesome bridal shower and bachelorette. So a beautiful gift is a great way to show your gratitude for their commitment to your perfect day. The budget for the gift should be at least $75.00 per bridesmaids to $150.00 per bridesmaids.  

You can adjust the budget for bridesmaid’s gifts depending on the overall budget of the wedding. Generally, bridesmaids spend a great deal of money to prepare themselves for your wedding so a unique and meaningful gift from you will mean a lot to them and it will help them remind that despite all of the effort and cost of being a bridesmaid, it is all worth it for you!

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Budget for Bridesmaids

Understanding the Cost of a Bridesmaid

If you ever have the chance to be a bridesmaid then you will understand the meaning when people say that bridesmaids make a “financial investment” towards a wedding. In case you have never been a bridesmaid or don’t have any idea about how much a bridesmaid spent on an average for a wedding then the average cost of between $1200 and $1500 may come as a surprise to you. There are many bridesmaids who had to spend only $100-$500 but there are also examples that show bridesmaids spend $3000. So if you are wondering what makes up these costs then take a look at these areas that your bridesmaid is probably spending money:

  • The Dress – a study shows that the average cost is somewhat $250 for a bridesmaids dress
  • Shoes – on average bridesmaids spend $50-$150 on shoes
  • Jewelry – average costs of jewelry for bridesmaids come in around $50-$75
  • Hair – If a bride requested the entire bridal party to get their hair done by a specific stylist then the bride should pay. However, if the hairstyle is optional then the bridesmaids have to do their own hair and the average cost is around $100 
  • Makeup – bridesmaids usually spend $30-$50 on average for makeup
  • Manicures – optional but often done by bridesmaids and it can cost them around $30
  • Bachelorette/Bridal Party – depending on the number of girls and the plans this expense fluctuates greatly
  • Travel Expenses – on average bridesmaids travel expenses are around $200. Although this varies greatly when the wedding is right down the road versus a destination wedding

How Much should you Spend on Gifts

Once you look at the above costs you might feel bad but the truth is your bridesmaids are excited to be a part of your wedding and you will never hear one complaint from them about the expenses. This is because they really want to be there to support you and make your most important day of the life memorable. So put your total focus on the budget you are going to allocate for your bridesmaid gifts.

You may have seen the suggested amount of $75-$150 for bridesmaid’s gifts but many people think it’s better to give a gift that costs at least 10% of the bridesmaid’s average total cost. So it’s better you calculate and take a guess how much your bridesmaids might spend on your wedding and adjust your budget. 

For the maid of honor, you should spend 15-20% of the cost your Maid of Honor is shelling out for your wedding. Generally, made of honor has more responsibilities compared to the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are there to support you and enjoy the wedding where the maid of honor has to plan the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, help shop for wedding dresses, etc. Therefore, she deserves a little more budget for her gift.

When to Start Shopping the Bridesmaids Gifts

There is no set rule available that says when to start shopping the bridesmaid’s gifts but it is wiser to tick mark it from the list as early as possible. The close your wedding day comes the more you become busy and if you leave the bridesmaids gift shopping for later then there are chances you might forget about it due to the added pressure. Moreover, as the wedding day gets closer you are likely to become a little flustered and anxious, so the less you have to worry about the better. Therefore, it is best to start the bridesmaid’s gift shopping at least a month or two before the wedding. This way you will have plenty of time to shop for some fabulous gifts.

When to Give the Bridesmaids Gifts               

Finally, the time comes when the bride gives away the bridesmaid’s gift. Generally, the bride gives the gifts at the rehearsal dinner party. The bride will give a toast to their bridesmaids and present them their gift one by one. If you are looking for something different and want to spend some alone time with your girls then you can schedule a bridal luncheon. There you can give away the bridesmaids gifts.

Final Thought

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your wedding day so it’s your duty to show your appreciation accordingly. You must take some time to find the best and thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids and also make sure you don’t skimp on cost. These are the people who will stand beside you on one of the most significant days of your life so give them a gift that they will love and cherish for years to come.

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