Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near – Sympathy Gift Idea

Cardinals are considered as the beauty in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of sorrow, and renewal in the midst of winter. Regardless of the symbolic meanings, many people have reminded of the presence of their departed loved ones when they see a cardinal bird land nearby. This is one of the main reasons Cardinal Cremation Urn with Wood Inlay Art has been one of the most popular memorial urns that people give each other to show their sympathy. So, if you are looking for “Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near” gift ideas then you are in the right place. Below you will find a list of cardinals appear gift ideas that the gift recipient will definitely appreciate them.

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near - Sympathy Gift Idea

Cardinals Appear When Angels are Near Gift Idea

1. Cardinal Cremation Urn

2. Cardinal Bird Feeder

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3. Cardinal Appears Memorial Art

4. Cardinal Wood Urn with Inlay Art

5. Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Memorial Bracelet  

6. Memorial Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Ornament

7. Cardinals appear when angels are near Birds T-Shirt

1. Cardinal Cremation Urn

This is an excellent sympathy gift idea and permanent memorial in honor of the loved ones. A cardinal cremation urn is made from stained rosewood with a small oak wood accent for the beak. The cardinal bird rests on a leafy tree branch and it is made from premium walnut wood, light maple, stunning mahogany, or honey-yellow oak, with a variety of woods used for the wildlife inlay. It has the famous box shape, which boasts the signature base with lovely bevels and accents.

Here are other features of Cardinal Cremation Urn:

Dimensions11″L x 7-1/2″W x 9″H
MaterialHoney-yellow oak
Capacity230 cubic inch interior capacity
Other FeaturesMade in the USA from premium solid woodYour choice of Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, or Maple for urn boxBottom opening access panel attaches with 4 screwsCardinal bird inlay art scene uses wood in natural colorsStained rosewood and oak for the cardinal; cherry for backgroundSlightly larger than standard adult urn capacity

2. Cardinal Bird Feeder

Cardinal bird feeder is the perfect sympathy gift for people who love the “Cardinals Appear When Angels are near” quote. This feeder has an excellent build quality and it features a cardinal art image along with the famous cardinal quote on the front panel. Moreover, you can also include your loved one’s name and dates personalized below an “In Loving Memory” inscription. This is the perfect gift to express your love and sympathy for a grieving friend or family member. It will be a very thoughtful gift for people who are nature lovers, bird enthusiasts, outdoorsy types, etc.

Check other key features of Cardinal Bird Feeder below:

Dimensions7″ L x 4 3/4″ W x 10 1/2″ H
MaterialSolid cedarwood
Other FeaturesPersonalized with name and datesCardinal engraved artworkOptional backside inscriptionChoice of the cardinal quote:When God sends a cardinal, it’s a visitor from heavenCardinals appear when loved ones are nearCardinals appear when angels are near

3. Cardinal Appears Memorial Art

You can also give Cardinal appears memorial art as a sympathy gift. There are different types of cardinal quote memorial plaques and art pieces available in the market. You will find various arts where the cardinal rests in a thicket of birch trees. Moreover, you can include a name or initials carved into the tree. These arts come with an elegant font and minimalist bird and trees which make them a perfect gift for people who want to decorate their house as well as remember their beloved ones.    

Why LOUISF When A Cardinal Appears in Your Yard is the best option for you:

Other FeaturesMade of plywood and the pattern is printed directlyThis Sign comes with a strap for HangingLovely wall or door hangings for any decorPerfect gifts for family, friends, coworkers, teachers, and as wedding signage and decorReady to Hang – No Installation or Hardware Needed

4. Cardinal Wood Urn With Inlay Art

If you are looking for a simple urn then it will be a great option for you. This Urn is made from simple maple wood and it features a flat inlay of a cardinal. It is made from premium solid wood and it will be a beautiful memorial tribute to your loved one. Each element of this urn is artfully laser engraved and inset flush into the front surface of the solid maple wood cremation urn. You can enter custom text in this urn. 

Here are other features of Cardinal Wood Urn with Inlay Art:

Dimensions10-1/2″ wide x 7″ deep x 7-1/2″ high
MaterialSolid Maple Wood
Other FeaturesElegant beveled edges and sturdy base panelInside of urn accessed by removing base panel screws200 cubic inch interior capacityWood inlay art Cardinal bird sceneCustom engraved inscription availableStandard adult cremation urn size

5. Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Memorial Bracelet  

You can give this memorial bracelet to your mother, sister, cousin, or co-worker to express your sympathy for their grieving. It features a stainless steel adjustable bangle bracelet, stainless steel “Cardinals Appear When Angels are near” charm, and an angel wing charm. It also features a cardinal.    

Check the other features of this bracelet:

BrandRemember Me Gifts and Jewelry
MaterialStainless steel
Other FeaturesElegant design and sturdy base panelCustom engraved inscription availableStandard adult sizeIt has a Rolo chain for better durabilityAn elegant bracelet to express your love for the nearest and dearest

6. Memorial Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Ornament

This is a unique glass ornament that you can give as a sympathy gift to your loved ones. It is a beautiful memorial keepsake that will be treasured by the gift recipient for years to come The quote “Cardinals Appear with Angels Appear” is printed on beautiful creamy vellum and placed inside the ornament. It is made from top quality material so you don’t have to worry about the build quality.

Here is why you should buy this ornament:

BrandThe Creative Canvas
MaterialClear White Glass
Other FeaturesApprox. 3.5 inches (10cm) in diam. and 1 inch thickIt has beautiful white feathers and they are placed behind the vellumIt is topped with a hand-tied Red Satin Bow and a sweet feathery red birdThis ornament comes in a beautiful Satin gift bag so it is ready to gift 

7. Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near Birds T-Shirt

If you are running out of sympathy gift ideas then you can consider giving a “Cardinals appear when angels are near Birds” print t-shirt to a person and express your love and sympathy for their beloved ones. You can give Classic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt that has the quote printed on it. It will be a thoughtful gift option for the gift recipient. 

Here are other amazing features of this t-shirt:

BrandRed Cardinal bird
Material100% Cotton
Other FeaturesThis t-shirt is made of cotton so it will be very comfortable to wear.It has a classic fit and the Crew Neck makes this t-shirt very stylish.Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heatDouble-needle sleeve and bottom hem
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