Amazing Cigar Gift Ideas That Smokers Would Appreciate!

Do you know of any cigar aficionado? If yes, shower them with gifts such as humidor, cigar lighters, odor eliminator, cigar cutters, cigar ashtrays, among others. They deserve those gifts to make them happy.  An excellent present for cigar enthusiasts is like the final trace to the great smoking experience.

We know trying to figure out the best gift can be a little bit changing, more so if you are not a cigar smoker. But worry less, we have listed 16 amazing gift ideas that will make cigar lovers ever feel appreciated. 

Read the article and choose one for a cigar friend.

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Top 10 cigar gifts ideas:

  1. A Humidor 
  2. Cigar ashtray 
  3. Cigar travel case 
  4. Cigar sampler
  5. Personalized cigar box 
  6. Cigar tasting notebook
  7. Whiskey Glasses 
  8. Cigar lighter 
  9. Drink or cigar atlas 
  10. Cigar magazine subscription 

What to get someone who loves cigars?

If you want to gift someone who loves cigars, consider items that would complement their hobby or addiction. Sometimes you cannot help but sing to their tune. Cigar expert is sure to be grateful for cigar samplers, cigar lighters, humidors, odor eliminators, cigar ashtrays, and cigar cutters. The list may be endless; otherwise, the mentioned are among the best presents that any cigar enthusiast is sure to appreciate. 

What cigar accessories do I require?

Below are cigar accessories every smoker requires:

  • A humidor 
  • A cigar cutter 
  • A cigar travel case 
  • An Ash Trays 
  • A cigar Lighter 

With all those accessories, there is no doubt cigar lovers will be able to enjoy the utmost taste, aromas, and various shades of their smoke.

Are cigars classy? 

Regardless of the danger of tobacco, Cigars are still classy. There is nothing enjoyable than smoking your favorite cigars with your group of friends at a party. Due to that, its clear indication that cigars are classy.

What are the best cigar brands?

Here are the best cigar brands:

  • Arturo Fuente 
  • Cohiba 
  • Padron 
  • Davidoff Signature Series 
  • Macanudo Café 
  • Acid 
  • La Gloria Cubana
  • Perdomo Champagne 

The mentioned above brands are few among the best cigars’ brands. Otherwise, there is an endless list of cigars brands worldwide.

How long Can cigars go without a humidor? 

If you don’t have a humidor, then you need to smoke your cigar faster. A cigar will be kept fresh in a Ziplock bag for only 2 to 3 days. If at all you can’t reach to your cigar within this stipulated time, add a Boveda to the Ziplock bag or other containers used for keeping cigars fresh. Failure to that, you won’t enjoy new cigars.

Is occasional cigar harmful?

The health risk linked with infrequent cigar smoking isn’t identified yet. Cigar smokers, however, experience high rates of coronary heart disease, lung cancer, and other chronic related diseases than non-smokers. 

Should you inhale a cigar?

There is no exact answer, whether it’s good or bad to inhale cigars. The fact remains the same that several cigar smokers do inhale as well as retro-hale.

Does cigar make someone high?

There is no time that cigars will make someone high. However, cigars are known to induce a nicotine buzz, which can be misunderstood as high by many people. 

Here are amazing 16 cigar gift ideas:

A humidor 

This is an awesome gift that should first come in your mind. It is something essential for any cigar enthusiast. With this accessory, your friend is assured of fresh cigars. So, there is no doubt you won’t go wrong with the gift. Though they may already have one built to their desire, it’s worth examining as one will appreciate a new addition. 

The best humidor can range from the size of a cigar box to a whole room with a built-in hygrometer. If you are looking forward to purchasing one, you can opt for Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor.

Why Mantello Royal Glass-Top Cigar Humidor?

Brand Mantello Cigars (known for unsurpassed care for their customers) 
Material weight 3.8 pounds (cigar lovers can carry along effortlessly)
Material Authentic Spanish Cedar Wood interior (durable)
Opening mechanism Lift glass top (quite easy to open)
Color Mahogany (appealing for cigar lovers) 
Other benefits It has ample space to hold your cigars.Monitoring humidity is done effortlessly as the pack comes with a hygrometer. Maintain proper moisture levels because of its gold hinges.The package comprises humidor, removable cedar divider, humidifier, and manual.Easy to open, hence perfect for beginners.

Cigar ashtray 

If you are purchasing a gift for a cigar expert, there are high chances they already possess an ashtray. They possibly have numerous all over their home or their decks and courtyards. Up your game by choosing a stylish and well-designed one that suits their taste and preference. They need new astray as the ones they have can turns old, dirty, and burned after using it for long.  

You can consider buying a modified ashtray that has their initials etched or go for the one with a funky shape that matches their household decorations. As well, there are ones that feature multiple cigars rests that are excellent for gathering where numerous people will be relishing cigars. 

Cigar Ashtray Big Ashtrays for Cigarettes outdoors by OILP is one that you can opt for due to features shown in the table below:

Brand OILP (known for its quality products)
Material Silicone Ashtray (Eco-Friendly and bendable)
Dimension 5.91 x 5.91 x 1.54 inches (large enough for cigars)
Other benefitsIt is very useful and convenient in resting cigar and cigarettes. Effortless to clean because it’s dishwasher safe.The Ashtray is excellent for patio outdoor meeting rooms, home office, KTV, among others. Have the capacity to withstand minus 30 degrees to zero at 280 drees high. 

Cigar travel case

Do you know of any cigar enthusiast who likes to enjoy a smoke while traveling or on vacation? If yes, gift them with cigar travel case. There is no doubt they will be very grateful for the gift as they will get to smoke a cigar while on the go. Most of the cigar travel cases are approximately the size of a small, thick book and hold around four cigars in the enclosed section. There are places to hold a cigar cutter and lighters as well. Some cases have slots for identification cards, places for portable paperwork, and credits card. So, it’s a versatile item that will serve your loved one more than just holding cigars. 

If you need one, you can go for AMANCY Top Quality 3-Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case. This case is effortless to carry along while traveling. 

Here are features for AMANCY Top Quality 3-Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case:

Brand AMANCY (Expert brand when it comes to manufacturing cigar accessories) 
Color Brown (very attractive to cigar lovers)
Cigar hold 2 (it’s enough for all-day)
Other benefits The case features a classic brown leather style that lasts longer. Comprises cutter to make your work quite easier.Easy to carry cigars while traveling. AMANCY offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Cigar sampler 

Nothing is enjoyable than being gifted with what you love the most. So, if you have any cigar enthusiast friend, then you can gift them a variety box that has different types of cigars for him to stab. You can opt to buy a premade box, or you can visit any nearby store and choose out a few and place them together. There is no doubt serious cigar lovers will be excited to try what you have chosen for them.

You may opt to choose the cigars that resemble Cuba Classic for Men Gift Set cologne due to features below:

Brand Cuba (known for quality products)
Set Four pc (can be used for a long time)
Other benefits Have a nice scent.

Personalized cigar box 

A cigar box is a must-have item for any cigar aficionado. It holds the cigars for them, and there is nothing pleasanter than cigar smokers keeping their precious thing safely. Plus, it serves as a décor piece that would complement beauty and class to any living room, bedroom, or office. With many different design options in the market, you can gift a cigar enthusiast with customized cigar box engraved with their initials. The stylish designs are etched into lovely wooden boxes that protect with a brass fastener. 

Consider Vintage personalized box as it is among the best options in the market with the following features:

Engravings Outer lid + insides messages (very visible and neat)
Size 9 x 8.5 x 2 inches (large enough to accommodate many cigars)
Other benefits It’s imprinted with the name of your choice.Birch plywood constructions ensure your loved one enjoys long-lasting service. 

Cigar tasting notebook/diary

There is no doubt any cigar smoker will not only enjoy the action of smoking but also will want to try different kinds and share their thoughts with their close affiliates. The cigar tasting notebook/diary is for beginners as well as experts to document the type of cigar they smoke and their flavor. Gone are the days when cigar enthusiasts would smoke a cigar and fail to remember which type it was. With this notebook, they will forever have a record of all the taste of different kinds of cigars. 

One that will not fail to catch your eyes is Cigar diary by David Braeutigam. Check the justifications below:

Paperback 46 pages (enough to document your favorite cigars)
Weight 0.6 ounces (you can effortlessly carry along while traveling) 
Other benefits Doest cost much, thus affordable to all. You give your loved one a solution to document the taste of all their favorite cigar tastes.  

Whiskey glasses 

Nothing can make a cigar lover happier than having cigars and stiff drinks altogether. Gifting them whiskey glasses will complete their smoking set. When buying them, consider including a couple of nice drinks to their bar. Failure to that, the gift may seem incomplete to them. 

There are a variety of super whiskey glasses on the market. You can go for Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass. This glass is ideal for both cigar and whiskey enthusiasts. Plus, it has a place where cigar can rest. 

Why Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass? 

Brand Godinger (well-known for quality handcrafted products)
Color Clear (your wine will be visible)
Material non-leaded crystal (Durable)
Other benefits Comfortable to use because of its patented round shape.Its capacity of 12 oz is enough to quench your thirst for stiff drinks.They are constructed using quality material to last longer. 

Cigar lighter 

Matches are old fashion and perhaps tough to use.  Modernized lighters work very well and with no doubt every serious smoker will need it. Many cigar enthusiasts enjoy a lot having nice things to showcase. So, along with their beloved cigars, their stiff drinks, and their elegant cigar box, they can take off their classic customized lighter with initials or last names. 

If you desire one, you can go for Zippo Chrome Lighters. This lighter looks great and works much better than other lighters. 

Check features that make Zippo Chrome Lighters great:

Brand Zippo (Well-known to manufacture premium lighters)
Style Armor (the leading among other styles)
Weight 2.4 oz. (can be used for a long time without the need to refill)
Material Metal (durable)
Other benefits One can use virtually anywhere as the case is windproof. Your loved one can use as long as they want since the lighter is refillable and reusable. 

Drink or cigar atlas 

There are no doubt cigars and drinks go hand in hand, so you will at no time go wrong by gifting cigar atlas to your friend. This atlas takes one all over the globe to discuss different types of cigars or beers. Your friends can thus get a chance to scale down beers or cigars they wish to attempt while keeping records of the ones they have already tried. 

Providing information concerning flavors and cultures, your cigar enthusiast will enjoy knowing more while discussing with close associates. They will be awe-struck by their first-hand information, and without a doubt, you will be pleased to get your friend such a breathtaking gift. 

You can prefer Atlas ilustrado de Los Habanos due to its features highlighted below:

Hardcover 236 pages (well-equipped with needed information)
Author Pierluigi Zoccatelli (famous for giving quality and useful content in his work)
Other Benefits Information contained is important for cigar lovers.Your friend gets to carry while traveling due to it’s lightweight.  

Cigar magazine subscription 

Numerous magazines in the market talk about cigar smoking and the lifestyle that normally incorporates it. If your cigar enthusiast enjoys learning more about cigars, share ideas about cigars, and smoking cigars, then gifting them cigar magazine subscription will be the solution. You can gift them a year-long subscription, and without a doubt, they will enjoy getting their new magazine monthly.

Have a look at the features of Cigar Aficionado Magazine November /December 2019 by Arnold that can make you opt for it:

Weight 1.1 pounds (you can comfortably read without feeling the weight)
Package dimensions 12.5 x 9.8 x 0.5 inches (large enough to display information clearly)
Other Benefits It’s well equipped with all information about cigars and lifestyles that encompasses it.

Cigar sign 

You don’t have to always gift your cigar lovers with something that directly interrelates with smoking sensation. Sometimes, gifting them something that compliments to chat or that dangles like a piece of art is ideal! These cigar signs can be mounted in the living room, bedroom, in the hall, among others. So, it’s a perfect way to add decoration to their home.

There are several cigars signs out there to choose from. If you need one, you can decide to go with the Rogue River Tactical Funny Sarcastic Metal Tin Sign Wall.  This sign is ideal wall decor for a man cave bar.

Why Rogue River Tactical Funny Sarcastic Metal Tin Sign Wall? 

Brand Rogue River Tactical (Well-known to manufacture pretty signs with funny sayings)
Weight 6.9 ounces (Easy to transfer from one place to another) 
Dimension 12 x 0.1 x 8 inches (fits your living room wall perfectly)
Other Benefits Easy to use because you only mount on your wall.Versatile because it can be used to decorate many places.It features the great and funny saying, “Money Can’t buy happiness, but it can buy cigars which is pretty much the same thing.”  

Decanter set 

There is no doubt every cigar expert would love to have a good cigar and a matching quality whiskey; each of these products complements one another. So, ensure your cigar lover can enjoy the best taste profile ever by gifting him a decanter set. Gift for cigar enthusiasts ought to boost their smoking experience, and the decanter set is exactly working on that. With this set, the cigar lover can relax in perfect comfort while smoking his cigar. 

If you are eager to buy the set, you can consider Godinger Whiskey Decanter Globe set. This set enhances your friend’s drinking experience while smoking their favorite cigar.

Why Godinger Whiskey Decanter Globe set?

Brand Gondiger (known for unsurpassed customer care)
Material Glass, wood (durable)
Capacity 300 milliliters (enough to quench your whiskey thirst) 
Color Clear (Visible)
Other benefits Versatile because it can be used as well to serve juice, ice tea, water, and other beverages.Beautiful because it features globe design.

Cigar box guitar 

They say music heal the world, and therefore anyone deserves cool songs. Let your cigar lover enjoys cool music while smoking his favorite cigar by gifting him with a box guitar. The cigar box guitar makes a lovely display piece to hang in any living room or cigar lounge. So, it’s a perfect way to add decor to their home while relieving stressful moments by listening to their favorite songs.

If you are looking forward to gifting them one, you can consider Hinkler 3 string Electric Blue Box SLIDE Guitar kit (EBB). 

Here is why:  

Brand Hinkler (well-known for unsurpassed customer care)
Weight 2.48 pounds (not quite heavier)
Other Benefits CD comprises over 20 tracks.There are several YouTube clips dedicated to playing cigar box guitar.

Cigar clip 

If your friend is a cigar enthusiast and enjoys smoking while traveling, or if he loves playing golf, a cigar holder will become the best gift for him. Your cigar friend will simply put the cigar in the holder, and then clip the cigar guard to nearly anything. 

If you are looking forward to gifting one to cigar enthusiasts, you can consider Cigar Minder Clip -All-Purpose Cigar holder. With this clip, your friend’s cigar will be kept securely in place. Plus, it holds most sizes of the cigars. 

Why Cigar Minder Clip?

Brand Cigar Minder (Known to manufacture quality products)
Weight 0.8 ounces (You can carry along very easily)
Other benefitsEnsure cigar is kept well in place.Its light pressure spring prevents damage to the wrapper.Hold almost all the sizes of cigars,With its vertical holding, the cigar is kept lit.

Personalized cigar punch 

Personalized cigar punch is shaped like a pen; it comes in small size, and it’s effortless to carry along when traveling.  With this gift, your cigar enthusiast will enjoy his cigar on the go. It’s cheap; hence almost everyone can afford it. Brighten any cigar lover day by gifting them one. 

If you intend to buy one, you can opt for CIGARLOONG Cigar Punch. This cigar punch satisfies different size opening. 

Why CIGARLOONG Cigar Punch?

Brand C CIGARLOONG ( Well-known for unsurpassed customer care) 
Color Gold 1 (attractive)
Material Zine-Alloy, Stainless steel (Durable)
Other benefits It features a double drill. Effortless to screw open.The luxury black gift package makes it attractive.

Car ashtray 

leaving the cigar ash all over the car can be annoying. Stop this from happening by gifting your loved one with a car ash tray.  All those who like to smoke in his car, golf cart, boat, or any other vehicle will find the present useful. It fits perfectly into nearly all cup holders, making the tray practical to be used in any car model. 

You can go for SOLARXIA Car Ashtray due to features shown in the table below:

Brand SOLARXIA (known to manufacture quality products)
Weight 11.3 ounces (not quite heavy) 
Other BenefitsOne can get to use the ash tray anyway as it is multi-purpose. Easy to clean up.

Final Words 

There is nothing wonderful than gifting someone with something he adores. Surprise your cigar lover with the mentioned above gift and see how they will be grateful as they keep the great memories about you.

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