15 Collegiate Gift Ideas That Every Student will Appreciate!

Better the life of college students by gifting them with practical gifts that make their stay in school comfortable. Students would appreciate folding tables, power banks, projectors, printers, and alarm clock, among others that are applicable in an institution.  Be it wild, crazy, or occasional, there is an item that fits all focused scholars. 

Is your friend or any of your loved ones joining or in college already? We know it can be confusing when it comes to what to buy them as presents. The market is flooded, and you might pick one that is beautiful only for the giftee to keep it and never to remember.

We want to save you the hassle, by featuring collegiate gift ideas for college students that everyone will find useful. 

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Keep reading and pick one or two that impress you!

Top 10 Collegiate Gift Ideas

  1. Folding table
  2. Doormat
  3. Bowl 
  4. Wireless printer
  5. Power bank
  6. Lunch bag
  7. Reusable shopping bags
  8. Projector
  9. Soda stream 
  10. Fabric steamer 
Collegiate Gift Ideas

What’s a good gift for a college student?

A good collegiate gift is any item that advances the studies and well off of a student. Good presents include; laptops, alarm clocks, study tables, wrist watches, printers, and cameras. In choosing one, you should ask yourself if the one is going to use and how important the gift is in a college set-up. 

What are the best collegiate groomsmen gifts?

The best collegiate groomsmen present ideas are the functional tools that will show how much you appreciate your college friend for being there for you during your wedding. These can include; a photo frame containing pictures of the two of you, a mug with the name of the college imprinted, and any other themed items. 

What are collegiate golf gifts?

If you have a friend who loves playing golf, it is high time you consider buying him or her a golf accessory. For instance, headcovers, balls for golfing, markers, and golf bags. 

What are the unique collegiate gifts? 

If you have a sibling or friend in college, it is high time to consider gifting them with unique devices other than buying those books and pens. You can consider buying doormats, fabric steamers, blenders, and projectors. 

Here are the best collegiate gift ideas that you can consider

1. Folding Table

Most students in college live in small rooms. Getting them a foldable table is a brilliant idea. One can easily collapse a foldable table and put it away quickly to create more space in a room. Therefore, a foldable table becomes handy furniture for any college student. 

You should consider buying a rectangular foldable table because it can be placed against the wall to save on space in a small room. A scholar can utilize the table to keep his or her grocery as well as use it for study.

 If you are ready to buy a foldable table, consider purchasing a Lifetime Height craft table because it has user-friendly features that enhance its utility. 

Here is a table that showcases the aspects of Lifetime Height Craft table:

Brand Lifetime ( Offers quality tables at a great value)
Material Steel coated with powder and polyethylene plastic ( Makes the table long-lasting)
Weight19.2 pounds ( Lightweight so it can be carried easily)
Dimension(48 x 24 x 29)’’ ( Occupies less space)
Other benefitsStorage and transport are stress-free because it folds into half. Adjustable height, therefore, it creates a spacious beneath space for storing other things. Carry handle for effortless transport.  Versatile because it is an all-purpose counter. 

2. Door Mat

Doormats are very important pieces that prevent dirt that we always carry in our shoes from getting into our rooms. Moreover, they enhance the look of the rooms by setting a color tone. Well, you can make up your mind to buy a doormat for your niece or friend who studies in college to improve their room cleanliness. 

Usually, doormats come in several sizes and shapes. For that reason, you should acquaint yourself with the door size before purchasing one. Consider buying durable mats because they are known to withstand harsh weather conditions regardless of being kept outdoors. Furthermore, be sure to check out for non-slip mats, which will not turn slippery and cause accidents on rainy seasons.

You might wish to buy Gorilla doormat because of its outstanding features which have been tabulated below:

Brand Gorilla ( Delivers durable and safe doormats)
Material Premium  natural rubber ( Strong, so it is perfect for both indoors and outdoors utilization)
Weight2.29 pounds ( Lightweight hence it is ideal for all-round use0
Dimension(17.6 x 3.3 x 3.1)” (Perfect size for entryways)
Other benefitsSimple to maintain since one can sweep it with a broom or use a dump cloth to wipe.  Sophisticated colors and elegant patterns enhance the looks of any room. Tailored for absorbing dampness and debris as it has a somewhat raised fabric that traps dirt and dries fast to ensure the durability of the mat. 

3. Bowl

Buying a bowl for a college student is an ideal present because most of them regularly prepare food on their own. They are very versatile dishes that hold many types of food. They can be utilized for breakfast, lunch, and supper. For that reason, one can lessen the number of dirty utensils. 

When you compare a bowl to a plate, you will appreciate the bowl’s ability to prevent spillage of food unto tables. Accordingly, bowls reduce food wastage.  Nevertheless, a bowl enables your loved one to control their food portions, particularly when they wish to lose weight. 

Bowls come in several brands; however, you might opt for Runju-Zp bowls because they are amazing as explained below:

Brand Runju-Zp ( Offers unbreakable bowls) 
Material Organic wheat straw fiber (  Free from plastics that endangers life) 
Weight14.4 ounces ( Lightweight so one can hold comfortably)
Dimension(6.2 x 6.2 x 5.6)” ( Deep enough for all kinds of food)
Other benefitsCome in a set of 4 bowls, each with a different color, so they enhance the look of the food served. Maintainance is easy since they are dishwasher safe. Given that they are free from plastics, it is safe to microwave. All-purpose dishes for all kinds of food one might wish to eat. 

4. Wireless Printer 

A wireless printer is a dream device for every college student. Getting a wireless printer for your loved one will simplify their work, especially when they require last-minute printouts. Wireless printers are easy to utilize because they don’t need cable connections. They are quite convenient since students can print from their phones. Moreover, wireless printers are small-sized, making them a perfect fit for small rooms where most students live. 

Below we feature Canon Pixma wireless printer that you can purchase for any college student:

Brand  Canon ( Produce good-quality printouts)
Weight11.9 pounds ( Lightweight so it is portable)
Dimension(12 x 17.7 x 6)” ( Small-sized, so it occupies less space)
Other benefitsAccompanied by great printing options. When a two-sided auto print is on, it prints both sides of a page. Versatile as it can print, scan, and copy. Permits WI-FI connection, enabling your loved one to print from any device. 

5. Power bank 

On many occasions, our phones run out of charge, especially when we are traveling. Laptops likewise run out of battery when students are in college. Acquiring a power bank for any undergrad is worth it because it functions to recharge phones and laptops. A power bank is compact and lightweight, so it can easily be packed in a bag and carried while traveling. When selecting a power bank, always go for the one that has several charging ports. With many charging ports, one can charge many devices at once. 

You might want to consider Halo Bolt portable charger because of the benefits it delivers to its users.

Benefits of Halo Bolt portable charger:

Brand  Halo Bolt (Offers versatile portable chargers)
Weight2.79 pounds ( Very light in weight, so it is portable)
Dimension(7.2 x 3.8 x 1.6)” (Small-sized, so it fits in a small space making it easier to carry)
Other benefitsTwo charging ports which make it easier to charge a phone and laptop at once. Classy designs which satisfy customers’ tastes.

6. Lunch bag 

Students never like to carry lunch in a carrier bag. Getting a lunch bag for your loved one is a thoughtful idea as they are large enough to hold different kinds of food. They are very easy to clean because most of them are machine washable. When lunch bags are emptied, they can be folded hence occupying small space. Moreover, they have slight insulation at the inside, which keeps food safe for long periods. 

If you are ready to buy a lunch bag, go for Srise Lunch Bag because of the following tabulated features:

Brand Srise ( Renown for durable lunch bags)
Weight9.9 ounces (Lightweight making it easier to carry by hand)
Dimension(11.93 x 10.55 x 2.64)” (Perfect size for keeping enough food)
MaterialThe premium quality of oxford cloth and aluminum foil ( Good for keeping hot food)
Other benefitsA wide opening that is facilitated by double zip closure ensures easier packing of lunch boxes.  A strong handle that resists tear and wears hence making the bag last longer. Foldable when empty hence it saves space.  It is waterproof, so it prevents soups from leaking. 

7. Reusable shopping bags 

Reusable shopping bags are very excellent for college students who live on their own. These bags are durable, so they save one the money which would otherwise be used to buy plastic bags when out shopping. On the other hand, the reusable bags help to keep the house neat because one requires a few of them. Moreover, reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly.

Consider Tote bag set as a possible gift to any college student as justified below: 

Brand  Tote(Offers durable shopping bags)
Weight2.84 pounds (Lightweight so it is easy to carry)
Dimension(11.5 x 9.5 x 13)” ( Large enough to allow your loved on  shop more)
Other benefitsPossess a rigid structure that keeps the bags standing and always open, so it is very easy to load in items. They have long handles which facilitate carrying over the shoulders. Cleaning is easy because they can be washed using a damp cloth. They are collapsible, so it is easy to keep when not in use. They are unisex hence perfect for men and ladies. 

8. Projector 

Given that TVs are expensive, you should consider buying a projector for your sibling or kid who is in college.  Projectors are very cheap, particularly due to the large screen size they project images to. Furthermore, projectors have higher resolution power than TVs, thus showing details of all images that are important to students when working on their assignments. 

Before buying a project, familiarize yourself with the model you wish to purchase. If buying online, read through the statements of the people who have used the product to find out about the cost of maintenance and repair. More so, go for a projector that has better quality picture projection, sound, brightness, and possesses several ports for increased connection. 

Miroir Tilt is one of the best projectors you can purchase. Below is a table justifying its worth?

Brand  Miroir (Delivers powerful projectors) 
Weight10.6 ounces ( Lightweight hence easy to travel with it)
Dimension(5.4 x 3.2 x 0.9) ( Small size which occupies less space in a given room)
Other benefitsBetter sound quality since it has in-built speakers. Consists of hinged-case make that allow one to raise and lower projected pictures.  Wireless connectivity makes it easy to utilize. 

9. Soda stream 

Soda streams are great devices for college students who like drinking sodas. They help your loved one save money that they would otherwise use to buy drinks. With a soda stream, one can make carbonated water, which is far much better health-wise than the sugar, which is common in sodas. Carbonated water improves digestion and eliminates constipation. 

You should consider buying a SodaStream Sparkling water maker because of the following aspects:

Brand  SodaStream (Offers Energy saving devices ) 
Weight10.65 pounds ( Lightweight so it is easy to carry when traveling)
Dimension9.25 x 11.25 x 17.38 (Small-sized thus it takes up less storage space)
Other benefitsOne can make freshly carbonated water as much as he or she wants.  Comes with calorie-free fruit flavors for enhancing the taste of carbonated water.

10. Fabric steamer

Some people find it hard to iron clothes more often because of the fear that their garments might get burnt. Luckily, the fabric steamer helps straighten the fabric wrinkles without coming in contact with the clothes. Therefore, you should think of buying a fabric steamer for any college students who dislike ironing. 

A fabric steamer functions by directing hot steam onto the garment you wish to straighten. The steam then loosens the shriveled fibers on the fabric, leaving the garment straightened. The fabric steamer is very efficient in straightening sweaters and tough clothing, which cannot be ironed. 

In case you wish to gift your loved one who is in college with a functional device, go for Sunbeam garment steamer.

Why should you opt for Sunbeam Garment Steamer?

Brand  Sunbeam (Provide convenience for wrinkle-free clothing) 
Weight1 pound ( Lightweight so it is very easy to hold when steaming garments)
Dimension(8.7 x 7.5 x 3.6)” (Compact size which is easy to pack because it takes up less space)
Other benefitsHeats up very quickly to release steam for straightening fabrics. Easy to regulate when steaming clothes because it has an on and off button. Comes with a light indicator which lights once the steam is ready to be utilized.  Consists of a travel purse which makes it easier to pack when traveling.

11. Alarm clock 

Most people find it difficult to wake up in the morning on time, especially when we use phones as our alarms. It is common to snooze alarms on mobiles instead of waking up. Well, for students, failure to wake up on time is a tragedy because they will miss to attend lessons and later on fail in their exams. Of course, you wouldn’t want to see any of your loved ones fail in school, so you should invest in getting her or him an alarm clock. 

Alarm clocks are very efficient for waking up people from their sleep. Besides, a student can utilize an alarm for other remainders such as printing assignments and reading some coursework. Think of buying LBell 7 Wake-up light alarm clock

Benefits of buying LBell 7 Wake-up light Alarm clock:

Brand  Wake-up light ( Offer the best alarm clocks)
Weight1.21 pounds ( Lightweight so it can be carried easily)
Dimension(6.3 x 6.3 x 2.56)’’ (Occupies less space)
Other benefitsComes with 20 levels of light that one can utilize to read or light up the room when there is a blackout.  It possesses seven colors that improve the look of a room where it is situated.  Sends a signal by varying the light in the room then sounds the alarm. Adjustable alarm volume, time, and light brightness make it user-friendly. 

12. Blender 

If you are wondering about a present to gift your daughter or son who is in college, then opt for a blender. Blenders are perfect devices for making healthy breakfast. They facilitate the blending of smoothies from fresh fruits, which are great for starting the day and cutting down the cost of buying juices.

When you get one for your loved one, they can blend juice in their rooms whenever they feel like quenching their thirst.  Homemade drinks are healthier because they have low levels of sugar.

Consider buying Supkitdin blender because of its outstanding features as featured below:

Brand  Supkitdin( Presents portable blenders)
Weight1.1 pounds ( Lightweight hence it is easy to carry when traveling)
Size(3.25 x 3.25 x 9.12)” (Small size so it occupies less space on the travel bag)
MaterialMade of BPA free material ( Safe for handling food)
Other benefitsPossesses a non-slip base that prevents it from wobbling when blending. Easy to set up for blending because it has a red arrow that should be tilted to face the switch for it to operate. Consists of a USB charger for recharging the unit once it runs out of charge. The unit has a beautiful design, which makes it a great gift.

13. Socks

Without a doubt, socks are the smallest items we often overlook when considering presents to give to our loved ones. However, they are practical items, especially to college students. Socks are very affordable, so you will not spend a lot of money acquiring a pair or two. They are a means of keeping our loved ones warm, especially during cold seasons. No matter the number of pairs of socks one owns, nobody ever claims to have enough. Therefore, if you choose to buy socks, be sure students will appreciate it. 

There are many types of socks in the market, which might make it difficult to pick the best pair of socks. Luckily, you can opt for Thorlox socks because it has amazing features.

Below is the explanation as to why you should choose Thorlox Unisex socks:

Brand  Thorlos( Offers the best-padded socks which are lightweight)
Dimension(8 x 4 x 1)” ( Perfect fit) 
MaterialAcrylic and nylon (Proper padding for feet comfort)
Other benefits Durable as it is made of quality fabric.  Absorbs moisture keeping the feet dry all day long. Padded to prevent blisters from forming under the feet when out in the field.  

14. Water bottle 

Water bottles help in keeping the environment clean. They are good for carrying water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Most water bottles are BPA free, so it is safe to drink water from them than use disposable ones. They are amazing gifts to give to your friends because they come in stylish designs. 

In case you have a friend who studies in college and wants to gift them with a water bottle, consider getting a Hydrocell water bottle for them.

Here is what makes Hydrocell water bottle a perfect present:

Brand Hydrocell ( Offers insulated water bottles)
Weight15.8 ounces ( Very light in weight, so it is easy to carry around)
MaterialStainless steel (Rust resistant)
Other benefitsThe unit comes with two lids, which makes it easy to utilize when one is misplaced.  Consists of a non-slip layer which allows better grip when drinking water from it. Maintains the temperature of drinks. Durable as it is made of sturdy stainless steel material. 

15. Sweater

Undoubtedly, a sweater is an ideal present for any college student because it is a means of keeping warm during harsh weather conditions.  Before buying a pullover, be sure to check the material from which it is fabricated. The fabric affects the ability of the sweater to keep one warm all day long. Think of going for cotton and wool sweaters for better warmth. 

Consider Yankee unisex pullover because of its benefits as outlined below:

Brand Yankee (Famous for good-quality sweaters)
SizeExtra large ( Perfect fit for any collegiate)
MaterialAcrylic and polyester ( Provide warmth)
Other benefitsBrushed at the inside for soft feeling.  Cleaning is easy because it is machine washable. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, when you purchase a practical gift for a college student, it enhances his or her life in school. Above, we have highlighted several ideas that you can choose from, depending on your budget. We assure you that the item you opt from our list will impress your loved one!  

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