15 Creative BMW Gift Ideas For Real Enthusiast!

BMW lovers are some of the most passionate automotive lovers worldwide. They deserve a gift such as tumblers, caps, wallets, keychain, gloves, car remote, watch, car cup holder, Seatbelt cover pad, and car air freshener to make them feel appreciated. Surprise them with such presents and make them feel loved! 

Getting the right gift for them can be an uphill task, primarily if you are not used to car models. We have come to the rescue by highlighting 15 gifts ideas that will leave the BMW lover’s tongues wagging. Read the piece and select the one that goes hand in hand with your budget. 

Top 10 BMW gift ideas 

  1. BMW Tumbler 
  2. BMW Cap 
  3. BMW Wallet 
  4. BMW keychain 
  5. BMW Watch 
  6. BMW Driving Gloves 
  7. BMW Remote Control Car 
  8. BMW Car Air Freshener 
  9. Key Cover
  10. Cup Holder Lights 

What is the best gift for car lovers?

The following are the best gifts for car lovers:

Gift Items on Amazon
  1. A dash camera
  2. A key finder
  3. Leather driving gloves 
  4. A smartphone dash mount 
  5. A personalized leather keychain 
  6. A jump starter
  7. A crate filled with quality auto care products 

What should I put in a car gift basket?

The following are the best items to put in a car gift basket:

  1. Multi-Purpose Wipes 
  2. Car Air Freshener 
  3. Wash sponge 
  4. Super soft microfiber cloth 
  5. Microfiber Wash mitt 
  6. Armor All Wheel & Tire Cleaner 
  7. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine
  8. Black bucket 

Funny Gifts for BMW owners 

Here is a funny gift for BMW owners worth any occasion:

  1. BMW bracelet 
  2. BMW t-shirt 
  3. BMW inspired Baby Bodysuit 
  4. BMW Concorde Poster Vintage
  5. BMW Engraved Stemless Wine Glass
  6. BMW face masks 
  7. BMW 3 SERIES Mug 
  8. BMW hoodie 
  9. BMW keychain 

Here are 15 BMW gift ideas that you may think of:

BMW tumbler 

There is no doubt each household is packed with substantial water bottles. But the problem with those large water bottles is that they don’t usually fit inside the car cup holder. That’s why a nice tumbler is needed. So, gifting BMW lovers with a tumbler is a good idea. Ensure you are gifting them with a BMW themed tumbler to make it more unique and presentable. The BMW lover can opt to use it to store a refreshing cold drink for the afternoon or freshly brewed hot coffee in the morning. Isn’t that fantastic thing to do with a tumbler? Of course, it is.  

You can decide to go for BMW Fusion Tumbler due to its amazing features shown in the table below:

Brand BMW (Known for genuine products)
Capacity 14oz (enough to quench your thirst for a cold drink or brewed coffee)
Color Black or white (these colors complement perfectly the iconic BMW logo)
Material Stainless steel (Durable)
Other benefits Insulated and features a press-on lid with a sliding mechanism to open/close for effortless drinking 
Fits almost all BMW vehicle’s cup holders
It’s a genuine BMW accessory

BMW cap 

There are many reasons why somebody would wear a hat, but the major is to show support for a specific brand. So, gifting such a gift to BMW lovers is the way to go. This is because they will have shown their support for the BMW. The wonderful thing with such a gift is that you can present it to them any day. You don’t have to wait for a specific event to gift. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Are you willing to settle for this particular gift? If yes, consider BMW Genuine Roundel Cap. This cap is designed to be unisex, making it an excellent gift for ant BMW lovers. Plus, it’s a genuine product from BMW. 

Why BMW Genuine Roundel Cap?

Brand BMW (Known for high-quality products)
Size One size (fit almost all people)
Other benefits Both women and men can wear it.
The cap features the iconic BMW logo that will make every enthusiast proud  
Can be adjusted due to its Velcro enclosure on the back
It’s a genuine BMW product; thus, there is assured quality 

BMW wallet 

Gifting someone with a wallet is a good idea as it is useful for storing credit cards, identification cards, cash, driving license, etc. The fact that it’s an inexpensive gift yet essential items makes the giftee appreciative. So, don’t let this festive season end without surprising any BMW enthusiast with such a gift. Ensure it’s a BMW wallet to make it’s more impressive. They will be very glad, and you will be remembered for this thoughtful gift

If your wish to settle for this specific item, consider BMW M Wallet. The nice thing with this wallet is that it has many slots for storing credit cards and removable sleeves for a driver’s license. Isn’t that incredible thing for a wallet? 

Why BMW M Wallet?

Brand BMW (known for high-quality items)
Dimension 5.5 X 1.25 X 4.5 inches (you can effortlessly slide in your pocket or backpack)
Weight 3.2 ounces (lightweight, hence cannot burden the user) 
Material Black leather (durable)
Other benefits Features a BMW iconic logo on the outside front that wins the heart of the real enthusiast 
Has six slots, a billfold center divider, and a removable driver’s license
The attractive and sleek design makes everyone proud of using the wallet
It’s a genuine BMW item; hence will impress any BMW lover.

BMW keychain 

Sometimes the great gift is a simple one; you don’t always have to purchase something expensive to prove that you are responsible and loving. Gifting a BMW keychain to your BMW enthusiast will make them grateful, and your generosity will always be treasured! A BMW keychain makes a great stocking stuffer. So, don’t allow this month pass by without surprising your BMW lover with such a gift.

If you settle for the gift, consider BMW Motorsport Logo Keychain Lanyard. This keychain features a detachable plastic clip with a lobster claw keyring; hence make a great stocking stuffer. The lanyard features the BMW iconic logo, hence an excellent gift for any BMW lover. 

What makes BMW Motorsport Logo Keychain Lanyard the best choice? 

Brand SportSBoY (Known for considerate and high-quality products)
Material Nylon (durable)
Weight 0.88 ounces (Cannot burden the user)
Other benefits Affordable 
Ideal for holding keys, IDs, badges, among others 
With its vibrant color, there is no doubt any BMW enthusiast will love it.

BMW watch 

Gifting someone with a watch, without a doubt, is a fantastic idea. Surprise BMW enthusiasts with such a gift, and they will be happy. Ensure the watch you are gifting has a BMW iconic logo in it to make it more presentable. The watch is beneficial when it comes to timekeeping. Some of the watches even have compass direction to help your loved one navigate places. So, its an essential item that someone can never have enough in their collection. 

If you are ready to buy one, consider BMW Men’s Three-Hand Stainless Steel Quartz Watch. This watch is sporty, stylish, and classy. Unlike other watches, this one is water-resistant up to 165 feet. The watch is also available in a variety of finishes. So, there is no doubt any BMW enthusiast will love the watch. 

Check below the features of BMW Men’s Three-Hand Stainless Steel Quartz Watch that makes it worth:

Brand BMW (known for high-quality products)
Band material typeStainless steel (durable)
Other benefits Water-resistant to 50m, hence appropriate for short periods of recreational swimming. 
Features a 20mm bandwidth, mineral crystal, a 42 mm by 50mm case, Quartz movement with chronograph display

BMW driving gloves 

There are no doubt BMW owners enjoy driving their cars. So, gifting them with driving gloves should be your top priority. The gloves provide a better grasp on the steering wheel for more control. Plus, it comes handy for hot and cold weather conditions when your BMW enthusiasts do not plan to take their car to the track. With such a gift, you will make BMW lovers treasure you forever!

If you desire to buy such a gift, consider BMW M Driving Gloves. These gloves are made of 95% Cabretta leather and 55 neoprene.; hence can offer long-lasting services. Plus, it features a side zip enclosure for a snug fit.  

Why BMW m Driving Gloves?

Brand BMW (known for thoughtful and high-quality products)
Material 95% cabretta leather & 5% neoprene (durable)
Size Various (pick your size)
Other benefits Genuine BMW products that guarantee a premium quality 
Feature side zip enclosure for easy putting on and off
Feature the BMW M logo that will leave every enthusiast proud of having it 

BMW remote control car 

There are no doubt remote control cars always makes an excellent gift for any car enthusiast. So, brighten the face of any BMW lover in your life with such a gift. The fact that it’s a small thing means a lot to them. Unlike other gifts, this one can be presented on any day. You don’t have to wait for a special event to come over to the present. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Are you willing to settle for this gift? If yes, consider Liberty Imports BMW i8 Concept Radio Remote Control car. This remote-control car is capable of driving forward and reverse. Plus, it can stop and has left and right steering. 

BMW i8 Concept Radio Remote Control Car has other amazing features below: 

Brand Liberty Imports (known for considerate products and unmatched customer care)
Material Rubber (durable)
Weight 0.45 kilograms (not bulky)
Other benefits Officially licensed that guarantees quality 
Features custom BMW wheels with rubber grip tires that win the heart of BMW lovers 
Has authentic body styling and an all-independent suspension system 
With its ABS plastic construction, there is no doubt its safe for kids and won’t leave scratches everywhere when it accidentally smacks the wall of your house. 
Its a fast and fully functional remote-control car

BMW car air freshener 

Gifting BMW enthusiasts with Car Air Freshener is an excellent idea. There is no doubt they appreciate you for being a kind-hearted person. The freshener releases scent and relieves their stress; hence they will keep them focus and alert during late-night road trips. It features the BMW Logo to give them a sense of pride. So, surprise them with such a gift this festive season and count yourself blessed! 

You can go for VILLSION Car Logo Air Freshener Vent Clip Fragrance Scent Perfume Freshener following the features portrayed in the table below:

Brand VILLSION (known for unbeaten customer care)
Weight 3.2 ounces (lightweight)
Other benefits Has a sturdy body constructed from stainless steel
Features a BMW logo, hence give the user a sense of pride
Has a top dropping hole that allows you to drop your preferred perfume in it
Looks stylish, thus suits BMW lovers
The scent released from the freshener will keep one focused that in turn, decrease chances of avoidable accidents 

Key cover 

Most people remember to protect every part of their car, including seats and mirrors but forget the little important item; the key. You should thus take the opportunity and get the BMW owner with a key cover. The key cover is used for almost any key for BMW cars from every series. Isn’t that great? So, let them feel loved this coming holiday by surprising them with such a great gift. 

If you are impressed by such a gift, consider Jazzshion for BMW Car Key Fob Cover. This cover is constructed from leather, hence provides your loved one with long-lasting services. Plus, its stylish design makes the cover a commendable gift for every enthusiast.  

What makes Jazzshion for BMW Car Key Fob Cover a perfect pick?

Brand Jazzshion (known for premium quality products)
Color Various (pick your preferred color)
Weight 1.58 ounces (not bulky)
Other benefits The key fob features a genuine leather case and easy installation.  
With its stylish design, there is no doubt it will impress any BMW lover. 
The key fob is scratch-resistant; hence it maintains the original look for a long.
Easy to press 

Multi-color cup holder

There is no doubt a multi-color cup holder will make a great addition to a BMW car owner. Their car will look like a great place to spend most of the time in, especially during a long journey. So, let BMW lovers feel appreciated by gifting them such a gift. They will be happy, and you will live to be their hero forever! 

If you desire to get them such a present, consider choosing License plate frames, CUP holder. This cup holder comes with seven different colors. Plus, it has a smart sensor that enables it to light whenever dark r or vibration. So without a doubt, it will impress any BMW enthusiast. 

Here are the fascinating features of License plate frameX CUP holder lights:

Brand License Plate frameX 9 (known for being friendly to their customers in terms of services)
Color BMW (BMW favorite)
Other benefits With its smart sensor, it will turn ON in the dark and when it senses vibration.
It’s seven color modes make it a great addition 
The cup holder is made from sturdy waterproof material; hence will offer long-lasting services. 
The cup holder charges for only 2 hours with a USB cable, and upon charging, you can turn on for 15 consecutive days. 

Multimedia knob button 

Undoubtedly, the multimedia knob button makes an excellent gift for any BMW Lover. So, get them such a present and see how you will add a beam of joy in their faces. It will help decorate their car and make it look stylish and unique. The wonderful thing with such a gift is that you can present to both men and women. It doesn’t specify gender. Plus, you are free to present such a gift on any day. 

Are you willing to settle for such a gift? If yes, consider Thor- Ind Console Multimedia Knob Button. This knob button is easy to install and comes with simple instructions. It is constructed of crystal diamond that is shiny, hence perfect for making a car stylish and unique. 

Why consider Thor- Ind Console Multimedia Knob Button?

Brand Thor – Ind (known for unsurpassed customer care)
Weight 0.01 pounds (lightweight)
Other benefitsThe knob button provides a perfect fit for your car. 
Easy to install. 
Constructed of crystal diamond shiny, hence ideal for making BMW car look unique and stylish. 

Car coasters 

A car coaster is a useful item that every BMW lover will appreciate. It ensures that the car looks clean by absorbing any condensation from the drinks in bottles or mugs. The great thing with such a gift is that it doesn’t require any special maintenance. One only need to clean it with water and cloth. Isn’t that amazing? So, let any BMW owner feel your love by gifting them such a present.  

You can go for a pair of Car Coasters for BMW following the features shown in the table below:

Brand Unique Giftworks (known for premium quality products)
Weight 2.08 ounces (not bulky)
Other benefits These car coasters keep the cup holders dry and clean 
It’s a perfect accessory to add to a vehicle. 
The car coasters don’t require special maintenance

Car seat belt covers 

Gifting a BMW lover with a car seat belt cover is a fantastic idea. The belt covers provide better cushioning when an accident or emergency brakes occur. It also protects the shoulders and clothes from irritation and friction from the seat belt. Plus, it keeps one’s neck comfortable while driving. So, it’s an essential accessory that anyone will fall in love with it.

If you settle for this particular item, consider LLSW Universal Car Seat Belt Covers.

Here is why: 

Brand LLSW (Have a perfect after-sales service guarantee to their customers)
Material Type Carbon Fiber (Soft and healthier)
Other benefitsThe belt cover is suitable for cars, Jeeps, SUV, Train, Airplane, and Wagon.
The belt shoulder pad is made of soft and comfortable carbon fiber materials.
Effortless to install
Provides users with a safer driving experience
It can be used as child car seat restraints 

Valve stem caps 

Do you want to make your BMW lover happy? If yes, gift them Valve Stem Caps. They will be obliged for such a gift.  The valve stem caps are beneficial when it comes to protecting the valve core from harmful elements. Plus, it guarantees safe driving by preventing the tire from flattening and ensuring the pressure is adequate. So, its an essential product that will, for sure, win the heart of any BMW enthusiast. 

You can opt for Goshion 4 Pcs Metal Car Wheel Tire Valve Stem Cap following the features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Goshion (provides service after sales)
Color Caps-BMW (BMW lovers favorite)
Material Rubber, Copper (durable & corrosion resistant)
Other benefitsThe valve cap protects the valve core, corrosion resulting from direct contact with water, snow, and clay. 
Easy to install
With the technology used in it, your loved one won’t experience metal oxidation.
With its anti-scratch feature, there is no doubt the user will get the best out of it.

BMW sneakers 

How about letting your BMW lover show their pride by walking on their brand? Do this by gifting them with BMW sneakers. Its numerous features make these shoes great for BMW lovers who love outdoor activities and adventure. Ensure the option chosen is durable and fits well for comfortable and long-lasting wear.

You can go for Puma Men’s BMW M Motorsport Roma following the features shown in the table below:

Brand PUMA (known for its high-quality products worldwide)
Size Various (pick your size)
Color Black or white (Choose your preferred color)
Other benefits The upper part is constructed of leather; hence it offers long-lasting service
Has a BMW logo, hence makes a perfect selection for BMW lovers
With its mesh tongue, these sneakers are breathable for comfortable wear.
Its black outsole gives these sneakers look trendy and unique. 

Final Thought

Thoughtful and considerate gifts like the ones mentioned above are all that BMW lovers need. Choose one for any BMW enthusiast in your life and let them feel loved! 

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