Creative Geocache Gift Ideas for Special Occasions!

For the lovers of adventure and treasure hunting, geocaching has become the activity to undertake as a recreational activity. You can make the experience better for geocachers by gifting them with presents such as a Geocaching book, GPS navigator, lunch box, geocaching journal, portable charger, geocoin, customized flashlight, key hider, among others

With the growth of modern technology and the availability of the tools needed for geocaching like a GPS navigator and mobile phones, this activity fast gaining popularity. It is also being embraced, almost like other traditional sports and recreational activities.

The requirements needed for this kind of activity are readily available, and someone only needs to be interested in the activity to partake in it. Enthusiasts of this kind of activity will always appreciate gifts that identify with geocaching.

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You can always find the right kind of present for a geocache provided you know what they need and what they will appreciate. However, if you don’t, it becomes a real hassle. But, not anymore as here great gift ideas are suggested that you can consider when thinking of rewarding a geocacher.

Read on!

Top 15 geocache gifts ideas

  1. Geocaching book
  2. GPS navigator
  3. Lunch box
  4. Geocaching journal
  5. Portable charger
  6. Geocoin
  7. Traveler walking stick
  8. Customized flashlight
  9. Key hider
  10. Special keychain

Is geocaching expensive?

Originally, geocaching is not as expensive as it is always free. All you need is to take a keen interest in the activity. However, there are always costs of subscription whenever there is a new game that is added, and one will always be notified.

What should you put in a Geocache?

What you can put in a geocache always vary depending on several factors, the main one being age. For kids, you can always put toys since it is what they love, and they would take a keen interest in it. For adults, you can put a wide array of items like ornaments or ancient pieces of art.

What should you not put in a Geocache?

Anything that can cause harm to individuals undertaking the adventure should not be placed in a geocache. Items such as knives, lighters, and explosives are not allowed. Alcohol and drugs are also not advisable.

Is geocaching dangerous?

The risks that come with geocaching are almost similar to the risks that we face when we are outside. From bad weather to being hit by a motorcycle, the risks are there and can only be a matter of accident. It is meant to be fun and exciting.

What should you do after finding a Geocache?

To make it exciting, after finding a geocache, it is always advisable to take something and leave another. There is always a wide range of items in a geocache; it is advisable to exchange one thing for the other. You can always pick what you like and leave the rest.

Here are the Geocache Gift Ideas that you can think of:

Geocaching book

For the thrill of adventure, Geocachers always make lists of things that they want to find. It makes it even more interesting when you have a wide variety of caches to find. A geocache book can help you add to that list.

Gift any geocacher books that will help them have a wide range of choices to pick from. Geocachers will appreciate this kind of gift as they love to make lists of what they would love to find. Also, they would take note of the things they found and inspired them and that they would love to make similar geocaches for people to find. 

The 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die by Gary Slinkard is a great choice. It is inspiring and insightful at the same time. 

Here is why the 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die by Gary Slinkard is a good option:

Author Gary Slinkard (Geocache author and an avid geocacher)
Language English (widely spoken and understood)
Pages 182 pages (Enough content for a great read)
Benefits Does not only suggest geocaches to find but also gives already found geocaches for future inspiration
Can also be used by those who are starting out

GPS navigator

The most important tool for geocaching is a GPS navigator. For them to find geocaches, they need to trace and find locations. This cannot be done physically, and they always need maps and GPS locators to assist them.

What better gift to give them than a device that is the main tool that they need? There are many kinds of GPS navigators, and they differ depending on the technology used. Find them a navigator that is reliable and sophisticated. One that has the latest technology would be perfect for them to make their experience easy and enjoyable.

The Garmin GPSMAP 78s Marine Navigator is just what you need for this kind of gift. It is sophisticated with unique features like a wireless connection that allows one to share their location easily.

Why the Garmin GPSMAP 78s Marine Navigator?

Manufacturer Garmin (trusted)
Weight 7.7 ounces (portable)
Size 1.2×2.6×6 inches with a 2.6-inch LCD (convenient and easy to carry around)
Benefits Has a wireless feature that allows one to share their favorite locations
Comes with enough space that allows geocachers to download additional maps for maximum adventure

Lunch box

When geocachers go out for adventure, they need to stay hydrated and energized. They need to carry supplies like food, snacks, and drinks for the outing. Carrying such items can be challenging. They need to have somewhere that they can store the supplies in an organized way.

Gifting a geocacher with a lunch box is thus a great idea. Look for a lunch box that is spacious and organized for them to keep as much as they can. This kind of gift will be perfect for geocachers when they step out as they will not have to worry about taking fresh food and drinks.

The Under Armour Lunch Box is the best choice for a lunch box gift. With ample storage on the exterior and interior, it is just what you need.

Besides, Under Armour Lunch Bo come with amazing features below:

Manufacturer Thermos (Food and beverage container manufacturer)
Color Multicolor (Pick depending on your preference)
Dimensions 4×10×8.25 inches ( Easy to carry around)
Benefits Sizeable and can be used to carry a variety of food item
Can be used for different occasions

Geocaching journal

We all love adventure, and we love to keep memories of the places we have been and the things we have done. The most common way of keeping memories is through pictures and videos. However, the other important way is through journals.

Geocaching journals would help one to write down tasks they have completed and the ones that are yet to be completed in the form of journals. A geocacher would thus document their adventure for future reference with ease. 

If you settle for this idea, then the Geocaching Journal by David Snyder is a great option. With spaces beside the entry for you to add a picture if you wish, this will ensure your loved one keep all the memories in one place.

Further, Geocaching Journal by David Snyder has the following fascinating features:

Author David Snyder (outstanding author)
Pages 198 pages (Enough for several adventures)
Language English (Widely spoken and understood)
Benefits Comes with details such as coordinates and notes that may come in handy 

Portable charger

Sometimes, adventure may take us to places that we never expected. Geocaching, in particular, may provide adventure at any location. Staying away at these locations may drain one’s batteries, yet they need their devices out there.

You should thus consider gifting a geocacher with a portable charger for them to continue using their gadgets while out there. Look for a charger that has a high capacity and can serve for a long period. The charger needs to be able to serve a wide array of devices in terms of compatibility.

The Geocaching 5000 mAh Portable charger is a great choice. It has the official geocaching logo and is durable.

What makes Geocaching 5000 mAh Portable charger a good pick?

Brand Pebble ( Premium lifestyle electronic brand)
Capacity 5000 mAh ( guaranteed to last longer)
Size 4.5×2.5×2 inches ( makes it easily portable)
Benefits Able to charge any USB device, therefore, is convenient in terms of compatibility


Coins are a special kind of gift for geocachers. They are memorable as they are always kept close to the person they are given to and are considered personal presents. While some can just be ordinary, geocoins are unique and special.

Geocoins can be given as gifts or can as well be geocached to be found. This kind of gift would be special to the recipient, especially if it were a geocache that someone already located and is now given as a gift. You can customize with a special message to suit the recipient.

If you go for the idea, think of the Armor Geocoini that can be customized with your special message. Besides, the geocoin is elegant and traceable as it has a tracker with exquisite design.

Why the Armor Geocoin?

Seller ( leading geocoin brand seller)
Dimensions 1.75-inch diameter, 3 mm thick ( standard coin size)
Weight 0.09 kg ( light and portable)
BenefitsCan be customized with any kind of message you intend to pass
Traceable, therefore, gives a sense of security

Traveler walking stick

The adventurous nature of geocaching can take you to different locations, which means different kinds of terrain. It is usually interesting to be able to access different kinds of terrain when geocaching.

A traveling stick is a geocachers’ best companion when it comes to adventure. When thinking of a perfect gift, you should thus think of a walking stick. It has to be unique as walking sticks are very common. Look for a design that is eye-catching and appealing. Ensure it has something exceptional that separates it from any other ordinary stick.

The Trackable Traveller Walking Stick is just what you need for this kind of gift. Its natural look and feel stand out from the rest. A geocacher can also assemble and disassemble at their convenience. 

That not all; Trackable Traveller Walking Stick comes with the following amazing features:

Manufacturer Brazos (American walking stick retail company)
Size 55 inches (convenient and reliable for a walking stick)
ColorTan, Brown, and Red ( choose according to your preference)
Benefits Can be disassembled and stored or carried conveniently

Customized flashlight

Geocaching adventures may take geocachers to different places. The thrill of it all is the challenge that comes with the experience. Some geocaches might be in hidden places, dark places, or even underwater. Depending on the location, you can always give a flashlight to a geocacher to aid in the adventure.

For dark places, they will always need flashlights for them to see properly. Yes, flashlights are common, but you can always find one that is unique and effective, like one that has multiple uses.

The Geocaching stashlight with Log Strips is a perfect choice as it is unique and even has a water-resistance feature.

Besides, Geocaching stashlight with Log Strips come packed with fascinating features below:

Manufacturer True Utility (Multi-tools manufacturer)
Dimensions 2.8×0.83×0.83 inches ( Fits well in hand)
Material Aluminum ( Strong and durable)
Benefit Come in packaging that can make it presentable

Key hider

Geocachers are unique people and love distinctive items and are evident by the kind of geocaches that they collect. From a wide range of artistic items to simple things, they are always exceptional. At home, many people always leave their keys under the mat or rock when they step out.

For a geocacher, a unique key hider can be a great gift choice for them as they represent what they love doing. Anytime they leave their keys and come back, they relive what they love doing; geocaching. It will also add to the collection of caches that they have collected in the past.

Consider buying them the Garden Decoration Turtle Cast Iron Key Hider that is built to last and can also act as a great decoration.

Plus, Garden Decoration Turtle Cast Iron Key Hider features the following:

Brand Gifts & Décor (home and fashion gifts outfit)
Material Cast Iron ( Durable and thus serve longer)
Weight 6.3 ounces ( Portable and can be moved from one place to the other with ease)
Benefits Can also be used as home décor
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage

Special keychain

Key chains are a special kind of gift that holds a sentimental value when given on special occasions. They are extraordinary because they are always carried everywhere someone goes. They are, however, common; therefore, you have to be careful when choosing one for a geocacher. 

You should find one that is unique and offers an additional function apart from just being a keychain. Gifting geocachers this kind of gift is a great gesture that will leave a lasting impression.

For a great pick, consider The Shintop High Capacity Aluminum Container Keychain. Here is why:  

Brand Shintop ( Renowned fashion brand)
Weight 149 grams (Light and portable)
Material Black, Silver, camouflage (Great colors to pick from)
Benefits Can be used to store other small items like pills and fishing hooks


Due to the adventurous nature of geocaching, they need to carry a lot of supplies whenever they are out exploring. Due to the number of items that they need to carry, it might take a lot of space. It is not convenient to carry a huge backpack; thus, you should consider gifting them with a compact one. 

Look for a unique bag that will ensure they use the least amount of space while at the same time, carry all the supplies that they need. The bag should be small and convenient.

You might be wondering how you can get such, but the G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack will be a great option. It is sizeable and convenient with multiple internal pockets to help them save lots of space.

Here are other features of G4Free Outdoor Tactical Bag Backpack:

Brand G4Free (sports and outdoors products brand)
Weight 14.08 ounces (portable and easy to move around with)
Color Black (looks classy)
Benefits It is fashionable and can be used on numerous occasions.

Customized lighter

Outdoor activities can be demanding and sometimes require a lot. A lighter often comes in handy when geocachers are exploring the outside. Thus the kind of activities that come with geocaching may require lighters like during the dark.

Look for a unique kind that will make a statement. Geocachers love unique things, and a customized lighter has to be special to count as a proper gift to them. Consider personalizing it with your preferred message to make it even more special. The Lifeboat Match Silver Lighter is one that will not miss your attention. 

Here is why:

Seller (leading geocaching supplies seller)
Size 8.5*5.5*2 inches (pocket size and can be easily carried)
Color Silver (Looks classy)
Benefits Lasts longer and has a tracking device; therefore, safe to have
It is also trackable, giving a sense of security

Geocaching T-shirt

Wearing a branded shirt is common as people love what they do, ranging from work to recreational activities. One will always want to be identified with the things they love and cherish, and a customized t-shirt will help do so effortlessly.  

A T-shirt is always a thoughtful gift to give to someone and should be branded with something that someone identifies with to make a great gesture that will always be appreciated. Find a shirt that identifies your loved one as geocachers to put a smile on their faces.

The ‘I Can’t I’ll Be Geocaching Geocache’ Gift T-shirt is just what you need. With the customized message, it will be a great choice for all.

Why the ‘I Can’t I’ll Be Geocaching Geocache’ Gift T-shirt?

Brand GeoLogical (Fashion outfit)
MaterialCotton (comfortable and easy on the skin)
Color Multicolor (Pick according to your preference)
Benefits Can be worn for different occasions since it is fashionable

Customized art

Art is a special kind of gift to give to anyone, and people will always appreciate it. Art speaks a lot about someone’s’ taste and likings. A message can always be presented in the form of art and can express a lot of emotions. Look for art that represents and stands for what geocachers love and one that they can relate to. It is always amazing when someone has something to remember you with. A good piece of art can as well become a geocache or just a gift that someone keeps or themselves.

You can consider The Geocache Art Board Print that is simple but with a strong message. It also comes with amazing features tabled:

Designed byKrautshirts ( Art and fashion brand)
Size 6×6 inches ( perfect size for home décor)
Message ‘’Just one more geocache- I promise’’ (ideal for geocachers)
Benefits Can be used both as a wall or desk art
Exists in a digital form and can be downloaded for different uses

Customized mug

Mugs are considered as some of the sweetest gifts one can give. Just like people love coffee in the morning, imagine taking coffee from a special mug that signifies your hobby? It is great. Geocachers can also decide to keep it to act as a reminder and not use it at all. Either way, it will always mean a lot.

You can gift a geocacher a customized mug with a special kind of message to appreciate them and show love. Customize your mug with the right kind of message and put a smile on their face.

The Treasure Hunter Geocache Mug is the perfect pick due to its amazing features highlighted below: 

Brand Gift coffee Mug (art and fashion brand)
Material Ceramic (elegant and appealing)
Size 11oz (suitable for taking coffee)
Benefits Can be used both at home and in the office and can add to the home décor

Wrap Up!

Finding the right kind of gift is key to ensuring that the present is special to the one you intend to give. Geocache gifts need to be special as they add to the thrill that comes with the activity that is geocaching. From the gift ideas listed above, you can always find a proper item for your loved one.

Go ahead and gift like a geocaching expert!

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