16 Cute Penguin Gift Ideas for Real Fans!

When you think of a gift idea for a Penguin lover, you think of something unique, special, and impressive. Penguin-themed items such as Opoly board games, necklaces, dice games, construction kit, bath towels, and jigsaw puzzle, among others, will prove your loving and thoughtful deeds without having to say a word. 

Of course, you need to think of something that will leave them jovial, revealing their sparkling and a beautiful smile. As you already know, your loved one likes penguins settling on the theme of the gift is not hard at all. The real task is choosing the perfect gift.

But wait. We got you covered. We researched what penguin lovers like and brought together 16 items that will blow one’s mind at the sight of it.

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Keep reading for breathtaking yet straightforward ideas!

Penguin Gift Idea

Top 10 Penguin Gift Ideas

  1. Penguin opoly board game
  2. Penguin necklace set
  3. Penguin dice game
  4. Penguin construction kit
  5. Penguin figurine
  6. March of the penguin’s book
  7. Penguin jigsaw puzzle
  8. Penguin phone case
  9. Penguin couple wall art
  10. Penguin bath towel

Why is Penguin’s walk awkward?

Their clumsy and curious walk makes them famous because they have short legs and bulky bodies. The short steps is an adaptation for survival.

A few more unisex gifts for Penguins lover’s birthday are listed below:

  1. A pair of penguin socks
  2. A penguin t-shirt
  3. A penguin cap
  4. Penguins of the world book by Wyne Lynch
  5. Penguin coloring book

Here are perfect Penguin gifts ideas that you can pick from: 

1. Penguin-opoly board game

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When it comes to opoly board games, a penguin one is not just a game but more of an adventure with Penguin buddies. Consider the gift for penguin lovers as it will help them to get positively engaged with their favorite pets. Each opoly is specifically designed to be a child’s best friend and bring the best out of them. 

Depending on the child’s age, you may pick accordingly as the pieces come in different levels ranging from birth-24 months being the lowest followed by 2-4 years, 5-7 years, 8- 13 years, and finally 14 years and above. This means that the child will spend their entire childhood with the Penguins as long as you get them all the levels.  

Just like any other mind game, the penguin opoly board game sharpens the child’s brain, therefore, improving their mental health. Besides, it is an excellent source of entertainment that reduces the chances of boredom. 

If you opt for this gift, consider Late for the sky Penguin-opoly board game due to the following outstanding features:

BrandLate for the sky (Known for classy game boards)
Weight 2.05 pounds (practical for use by kids)
Recommended age8+ years (teenagers and adults can also play)
Other benefitsThe penguin opoly board game helps in cultivating a child’s creativity while having a great time with friends as 2-6 persons can play the game.
Your loved one would get to learn more about penguins through play that has been proven the most effective way of knowledge acquisition.

2. Penguin necklace set

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A mental picture of your female relative or a lady friend who loves Penguins wearing a silver necklace with the black and white Penguin close to their heart and a pair of earrings that sparkle when light shines on them with the Penguins hanging freely on each side, is just wow! It is almost like she is a model on the red carpet, but in this case, she is close to you, and you can see the sparkle. 

The imagination gives you a thrilling sensation, and the desire to bring it to reality burns even more. You can bring the entire southern hemisphere to a penguin lover by just including a penguin necklace set to her jewelry. This unknowingly builds up a new level of respect and integrity as a sign of gratitude to you. 

Consider Angel caller Penguin necklace set that comes with even more unique features listed below:

BrandAngel caller (Trusted brand)
Material Silver (Durable)
Weight3.60 grams (Lightweight making it practical for any occasion)
Other benefitsThe Penguin necklace set goes great with any outfit due to its sparkling nature and black and white primary colors.A whole generation of penguin lovers can wear it through the inheritance concept as it can last for ages. 

3. Penguin dice game

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Does a bell ring in your mind after reading the words“penguin dice game,” or are you a fan of dice games and a penguin lover yourself? Here’s something that will psych you up; the Penguin dice game that consists of five dice. The play proceeds by rolling five penguin dice cubes and earns points for each five, ten, or three you roll. The game is Penguin themed which makes it even more fun! 

Dice games are always accompanied by laughter and entertainment, and penguin one is more than that. It is having fun with something you love and are passionate about while learning and trying out new ideas and concepts. You can always try bringing in new suggestions and see where that goes. You or your loved one can never have too much fun with a perfect penguin dice game such as one from Koplow!

Here are some more features that make Koplow Penguin dice game great:

BrandKoplow (Top manufacturer in dice games)
ColorBlack and White (Preferred by many)
Other benefitsHelp students learn basic math concepts as they apply in the game. Help in improving mental health as your loved one stay engaged healthily.People have a good time together when playing the Penguin dice game.

4. Penguin game kit

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Besides the number one fun, the fact that adults get to make the penguin model themselves, the penguin construction kit is mainly meant for kids who have poured their love to Penguins. If you are seeking to gift kids aged four to eight years, then you should consider buying the penguin game to help boost their creativity. Kids also get to learn and recognize colors with ease. 

Here are features of the Blue Orange penguin fun kit worth buying:

BrandBlue Orange (known for award-winning games for pre-school children)
Material Wooden (safe for kids)
Other benefitsStrengthen color recognition memory, social skills, and visualization.  

5. Penguin figurine

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For a penguin lover, a penguin figurine gift is not just a decoration or a piece of art. It’s their source of comfort, happiness, and in some cases, love. Walking into a room and your first sight is a little, innocent, adorable penguin figurine sitting there is the joy of every penguin lover and for some, and it’s a dream come true. 

If you desire this overwhelming gift, consider Steal street penguin figurine due to the following:

BrandSteal street (produce high-quality products)
Weight 1.75 pounds (lightweight making it suitable to be placed on tabletops)
MaterialResin (last longer)
ColorWhite and black (matches with most home décor)
Other benefitsThe penguin figurine, being made of resin, does not break easily hence durable. Superior craftsmanship makes the gift irresistible. 

6. March of the Penguins

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This is a nature documentary book written by Juc Jacquet and Michel Fessler in the French version and translated by Jordan Roberts in the English version. The documentary depicts the yearly penguin journey in autumn of all breeding Emperor Penguins (5 years and above). Every penguin lover would appreciate reading the book as it narrates the story about penguins in a captivating manner. If they or you are not a reader, the book is also available as a narrated movie. 

Here are some features that make it a perfect gift for penguin lovers:

AuthorJordan Roberts (Great author in documentaries) 
Other benefitsReading or watching matching of the penguins will help penguin lovers acquire more knowledge regarding the birds. Reading will also sharpen your wits as you learn new words and their meaning. Watching will help Penguin lovers explore the penguin world in style. 

7. Penguin jigsaw puzzle

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When you are picking a gift, you always tend to search for an entertaining and durable one that will always bring happy memories. Good news to all fun-loving Penguin lovers. Your quest is finally over. A penguin jigsaw puzzle is what you have been searching for all along. 

You can opt for EuroGraphic that is available in 1000 pieces and is made of 100% recyclable materials. As your loved one plays with the Jigsaw puzzle, they get to bond with their favorite birds in a unique way.  

That’s not all; check out these fun features that come with the EuroGraphic Penguin jigsaw puzzle:

BrandEuroGraphic (Trusted quality)
ColorMulti-colored (looks attractive)
MaterialPaper on cardboard (non-toxic and recyclable)
Other benefitsQuality material that does not fray over a long period.Promote independent and cooperative play while sharpening motor skills. 

8. Penguin phone case

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Emojis, art, selfies, names, letters of the alphabet, flowers, and educational themes are just but a few items you will find in many phone cases today. But what of Penguin phone cases that help you appreciate your loved ones in style while appreciating their love penguins? It is a sure bet that will leave your friend in awe. It’s not every day, or month, you will see a person walk past you with a penguin phone case or an iPhone one for that matter. 

This is a simple present you can buy and make that Penguin lover or yourself forever grateful. It’s through such pure deeds as these that we acquire best friends, or we become closer to our relatives.  It is not just a simple phone case, it is something they love and treasure, and you will have enhanced it more than you know. 

You can opt for munsingwear Penguin phone case due to exceptional features tabled below: 

BrandPenguin by munsingwear (Reputable brand)
MaterialSilicone (Durable)
ColorBlack and silver (preferred by many)
Other benefitsThe penguin phone case protects the phone from scratches and bumps.Comes with a 2,500 mAh power bank that ensures your loved one stays on wherever and whenever. 

9. Penguin couple wall art

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Art is meant to be appreciated because, on the background of that breathtaking piece of art is a hard-working individual who brought it into existence and just standing there, watching his/her handmade gift to the world gives them a feeling of pride and superiority. You can, too, appreciate your loved one with a perfect penguin couple wall art that leaves them staring at the piece like it’s the only thing they know how to do. 

Picture your friend just smiling, seeing that Penguin lover lost in a penguin couple wall art. If you are the Penguin lover with the Penguin couple wall art, you know you can’t leave the room unless you admire it first.  

Here are features of ArtTeamCanvas couple wall arts that makes a perfect gift:

BrandArtTeamCanvas (Superior art pieces)
ColorMulti-colored (looks impressive on the wall)
Other benefitsThe Penguin couple wall art gives your room an outstanding view and a lively feeling.It also acts as a home decor

10. Penguin bath towel

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Towels are not just clothes we use to dry ourselves with. A towel from the right person with the right message or the right piece of art can be the reason you wish so badly your shift is over so you can go home and take that comforting and relaxing shower. If you think you are bad at choosing a gift for your Penguin lover friend or relative, try surprising them with a penguin bath towel. This sounds simple and ordinary, but it’s not. 

If you have never managed to surprise someone special, specifically a penguin lover, successfully, you just earned yourself a chance. Good luck! 

Check out these special penguin bath towel features from PaintedPooches that is worth considering:

BrandPaintedPooches (known for superior quality towels)
Material100% cotton (soft and highly absorbent)
ColorComes in different colors (choose based on your friend’s favorite)
Other benefitsAvailable in all sizes, the penguin bath towel efficiently serves the purpose of an ordinary bath towel.

11. Penguin lamp

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A penguin lamp next to your bed, if you are a penguin lover, is like a bedtime story being read silently every night. You can feel the serenity of the air and the love from the Penguins. Gift a penguin lamp to a friend or relative who stays up late because they have to work or because they just want to have some time to relax. 

The Penguin lamp sets the mood for that precise moment hence acting as a companion, stress reliever, or even an antidepressant. It is the simple things that turn a life around for the better. 

Check the outstanding features of OK lighting penguin lamp that you can consider:

Brand OK lighting (Trusted)
MaterialBack chrome base and a glass shade (quality)
ColorMulti-colored (You get to choose one based on your preference)
Other benefitsIt has three power settings sensor-controlled for easy use. Stress-free assembling. 

12. Penguin mug

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Whether it is a full-body or face Penguin mug, a penguin lover will like it. Consider one that comes with fantastic writings such as “calm down and love Penguins.” That to your friend is a reminder of their treasured birds as they sip tea or coffee. 

Even if your friend is not a fan of taking drinks often, with the unique mug, they cannot get enough of the beverages. The penguin mug is simple yet magnificent and, most importantly, exceptional. 

If you settle for a mug then consider one from Ravensden due amazing features tabled below:

BrandRavensden (Trusted brand)
MaterialCeramic (Microwave and dishwasher safe)
Weight240g (Lightweight making it practical)
Other benefitsIt is a unique way of appreciating nature as the penguins are featured in their natural habitat. 

13. Penguin wall clock

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Everything works around a schedule, and losing track of time can be devastating. If you are having trouble choosing a gift for your friend or relative who is so much into penguins, whether male or female, here’s one, a penguin wall clock. The person you are giving this fantastic gift can choose to place it where it is most utilized. With this gift, losing track of time for the Penguin lover will be a thing of the past. 

They will be constantly drawn to the cute little penguin in the clock. It’s more of small wall art, but with actual time which is hard to stare at because as the clock ticks, it will create a distraction and bring them back to the real world. This will make time management so much easier for your loved one.

You may opt for WatchBuddy penguin wall clock due to its exceptional features tabled below: 

BrandWatchBuddy (World’s most lovable)
MaterialHigh gloss plastic frame (durable)
ColorSlate blue, hunter green, black and white (variety so you can pick one based on your preference)
Other benefitsHas bold hour and minute hands making it easier to read.Iconic designs and symbols make it a must-have to complement home décor. 

14. Penguin origami necklace

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A penguin origami necklace comes in gold and silver colors. The flowing geometric lines construction gives the Penguin origami a fancy and classical yet unique structure. Considering this as a gift to a penguin lover is worth the effort as you can almost feel the pride of seeing them in this gorgeous and stunning present. 

The penguin origami comes in different sizes, and thus you have a chance to bring the penguin close to their heart of penguin lovers. Consider buying a Lertvizutte penguin origami necklace that has a stunning appearance and is durable.  Unless the origami is lost (which is merely impossible with a penguin lover), it’s color, shine, and structure will always be intact. 

Here are more features of the Lertvizutte penguin origami that makes it ideal as a gift:

MaterialMetal silver (durable with amazing appearance)
Other benefitsIts Penguin structure gives it a unique style

15. Penguin snuggie and a giant stuffed penguin

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Worldwide, it is almost rare to find a penguin as a pet because they are inseparable. Penguins need each other for survival in the southern hemisphere, just like your Penguin lover Friend needs a penguin snuggie for warmth and comfort and the giant stuffed Penguin they can treat as a pet. 

These are gifts that a penguin lover can hold and hug, giving them a slight feeling of satisfaction. The penguin snuggie comes in all sizes, and so does the giant stuffed Penguin. So if it is for a child or an adult, you are already sorted. 

Below are detailed features of the penguin snuggie and the giant stuffed Penguin:

BrandMelissa and Doug- stuffed Penguin (Trusted brands)
MaterialPolar fleece (warm)
ColorMulti-colored- snuggieBlack and White- stuffed Penguin (look elegant)
Other benefitsThe snuggie does not slide from the sides and is machine washable. The stuffed Penguin gives a warm, comfortable feel. 

16. Penguin bedding set

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Bedding set with Penguin imprints is something the every penguin lover would not resist. Your loved ones get to cover their body and warm it the whole night while cuddling their favorite bird in style. As your friend sleeps well, you will be forever in their minds. 

If you settle for this kind of gift, then consider Home Fashions Designs Penguins flannel sheets. The package comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. 

Here are amazing features that make Home Fashions Designs Penguins flannel sheets a good gift:

BrandHome Fashions Designs (known for premium quality sheets)
SizeFull (Fits most mattresses of up to 17 inches)
Material Turkish cotton (Soft, lightweight and warm)
Other benefitsEasy to care as it is machine washable. The quality material used makes it to last for ages. 

Wrap up!

These fantastic gifts have been specifically picked to help you find that exceptional item for that special someone with ease. These astounding gifts are 100% worthy, and as they say, love is just a word until someone comes and gives it meaning. A penguin gift to a penguin lover carries all the love. You can never have a gift too great or too small. Its purpose is still the same to appreciate and show your love, compassion, and concern.

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