15 Thoughtful and Meaningful Dungeons & Dragons- D&D Gift Ideas

Acquiring a thoughtful and meaningful gift for D&D players can be daunting especially if you have little understanding of the hobby. We researched hundreds of D&D fans in NYC and found that they all love DD themed items such as storage boxes, apparel, books, prints, game screens, posters, and mugs among others. There is always something for D&D fans in the gift shop.

Top 10 D & D Gift Ideas

  1. D & D Shaped Throw Blanket
  2. Novelty socks 
  3. Dungeon master screen
  4. Fun Coffee mug for gamers
  5. Dungeon Master Beer Mug
  6. Official D & D paint set
  7. Board game
  8. Decorative bookend dragon statue
  9. Dice drawstring storage bag
  10. Dice rolling tray holder
D&D Gift Ideas

Why is D&D considered nerdy?

D&D is considered nerdy since it uses different accessibility features than those used by other well-known entertainments. The learning curve is stiff and you ought to commit to master the rules. Reading books such as one by Wizards RPG team is the simplest and recommended way to learn more about the game. 

Is D&D still popular?

Yes, the D&D game is still popular and is even cooler than before. The new online playing options and recent revamp has drawn many fans including a good number of female and adult players. The nerd culture is now mainstream. Children are not left as they too embrace the game.  

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Can you play D&D with 2 players?

Yes, D&D can be played with only two players in the game. Known as two-player, duets, or one-on-one the game allows you to work with others and create stories around your shared interests. What you need to do is to create a character chosen from wide available options that present different strengths and social interactions. 

As you play the duets you get to understand more about your personality providing deeper self-understanding and being innovative in interacting with people around the globe. Teamwork also comes out strongly when playing two-person D&D as the shared experience brings out the best in each one of you. 

How do you make a good D&D character?

All you need to make the game enjoyable for the players is by creating a good character. Here are the essential tips of coming up with a good character for D&D game:

Begin with the concept of cool personality

Conceptualize the kind of personality you wish your character to display. You can base it on your personality to make it easier to play out during the game.

Make your character unique by adding some things

Place your character in moral quandaries to make them unique and bring out their differences in an exemplary manner. For instance, if you want to go for fighter then add something like a fighter who loves sewing or knitting during his free time. That would be amazing and provide a nice tie-in to the story’s background.

Create stats around your original concept

Once you settle on a particular character, use your expertise to better your character based on your original concept. Although you can use google, the idea could backfire or even make the game less interesting.  

Craft an open-ended character background

This may sound weird but open-ended background gives you choices when playing the game. You do not need pages of backstory or two or three sentences; you need to create one where players will be able to display the depth of their character.

Avoid overdoing the background

A separate campaign background is going too far as the game might end prematurely. Avoid being too specific rather create one that provides leeway to provide a way for surprises that is an essential part of D&D storytelling. 

Here are the D&D Gift ideas that you can think of

1. D & D Shaped Throw Blanket

How about ensuring your loved one keep warm with a D&D shaped throw blanket? Every gamer will love the soft throw that bears the shape of their favorite game. Consider one from Bioworld that is 100% authentic and is made of high-quality polyester fabric. What is amazing is that the blanket is machine wash presenting no challenge when it comes to cleaning it.  Featuring heptagon shape there is nothing left to chance in leaving fans feeling appreciated.

Why Bioworld Dungeons & Dragons D20 Shaped Throw Blanket makes a great gift?

Brand Boiworld (Officially licensed for D &D accessories) 
Size 52″x60″ (Large enough for cuddling up in a sofa) 
Material Polyester (Soft and warm)
ShapeHeptagon (Amazing to fans)
Other benefits Bright red bold prints bearing D20 resemblance that helps you appreciate the game in style.
Lightweight yet warms making it more practical.

2. Novelty socks 

Socks are a must-have accessory for all men. You will, therefore, never go wrong by gifting a male D&D fun with uniquely designed dragon mimic novelty crew socks. If you opt to buy only socks get at least to pairs otherwise consider adding it to the gift basket as well. 

Though there are many gamer socks, the Fantasydice 2 pairs of dungeons and dragons funny socks are worth looking at. Made of breathable materials with vivid colors, the socks are a cool option for your loved one.

Here are the features that make Fantasydice 2 pairs of DnD funny socks worth:

Brand  Fantasydice (Known for their epic designed games wear)
Material 70% cotton, 27% polyester and 3& spandex (Non-scratchy, comfortable and breathable)
Size 8-12 (Perfect both boys and dads)
Other benefitsTwo pairs, one navy blue and another orange that make fashionable statements. 100% money guarantee that gives you purchases confidence.  Spandex makes it a little stretchy that ensures a comfortable fit.  

3. Dungeon master screen

Help your loved one play with ease by gifting them with Dungeon master screen. Whether one is playing horror, science fiction, fantasy, or any other genre they will have a better chance of concealing their spoiler. Fellow players will never have a chance to know what is coming next, enabling your loved one to win the game by merely using the master screen.

Stratagem the Master’s 4-Panel screen is one of the gaming accessories that would keep the player’s spirit high.

Consider getting one for D&D enthusiast due to the amazing features highlighted below:

Brand Stratagem (Known for elegantly designed accessories)
Weight 1.36 pounds (portable)
Fold size1/2″ (perfect for home or travel adventures)
ColorsBlack Red, Green, Brown (You have the option to choose from based on your preference)
Other benefitsEight pockets that allow on to conveniently put their notes. Dry eraser screens make it easy to take the notes and erase once done.
Include a reference page with a free insert that comes in handy during plays. Stands 11.5″ and is 3″ wide making it compatible with various role-playing tabletops.  

4. Fun Coffee mug for gamers

This is not just a coffee mug but a perfect shelf or desk accessory that is admirable to many. Gifting a DND fun with the mug makes their friends envious as they take the cup to their upcoming game. Consider picking an RPG mug from Graphic Rhythm that has amazing and motivating wordings. Further, you get to choose either white or black that your loved one will appreciate.

Here are exceptional features that make RPG mug from Graphic Rhythm ideal gift for D & D fans:

Brand Graphic Rhythm (USA based denoting quality)
Material  Ceramic (Dishwasher and microwave safe)
Weight 8.2 ounces (no unnecessary weight added when taking coffee)
Other benefits Do not fade making the cup look new for as long as one takes good care of it.  Amazing and encouraging wordings that uplifts the spirits of the gamer while leaving friends with envy.

5. Dungeon Master Beer Mug

If your friend loves taking beer while enjoying their play then consider buying them dungeon master beer mug. Whether they are celebrating their anniversary, birthday or any other special day consider getting a wooden mug that presents a versatile gift for beer lovers. You can even order a tailor-made mug with personalized engraving to make your loved one know how much you care and the extent you can go just to appreciate them. 

Consider Wildmugs Dungeon Master Beer Mug due to great features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Wildmugs (Reputable) 
Capacity 22 ounces (Hold enough drink)
Material Oak (Ideal gift for any occasion) 
Other benefitsStainless steel insert ensures the mug is not prone to rust. Apart from beer, the mug can be used for taking water and other drinks. Copper labels that are luxurious for an assured killer gift.

6. Official D & D paint set

Does your friend or loved one like creating their game characters? If yes, then consider getting them an official D &D paint set that will help widen their imagination as they enjoy drawing their favorite characters. Ensure you pair the gift with a brush for any beginner to start showing off their personalized figures.

Do not be on a crossroads as the Army Painter Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line Adventurer’s Paint Set can sort you out. The brand produces official DND paint that is non-toxic.

Check why the Army Painter Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line Adventurer’s Paint Set is a perfect gift for D & D funs:

Brand The Army Painter (Produces official paints)
Weight 7 ounces (Lightweight making it portable)
Other benefits Come in a set of 10 water-based and non-toxic war paints that present no harm to the user.  Droplets bottle hold 12 ml that can be used with no spills. Include a handmade starter brusher that works amazingly. Has everything that a role-player starter would appreciate. 

7. Board game

If you have someone who keeps talking about Dungeons and Dragons but does not have much time play, then Board games are the best gift for them. Some take only one hour to play with 1-05 players in action. It allows one to experience their dream hobby and find more on the world of D & D. you will be surprised as your friend or loved one begins to find time to enjoy the game all thanks to you for awakening the desire.

Choices are many but Wizard of the Coast board game is a sure bet. Here is why:

Brand Wizard of the Coast (Innovative in the gaming industry)
No. of players1-5 (perfect for beginners)
Playtime 60 minutes (Good for those who are busy but still want to enjoy D & D plays)
Other benefits Terrifying fun quest and dungeon crawling make the game worth experiencing.  Include scenario book that beginners can reference.  Packaged with treasure cards that can be awarded to the winner making the game fun-filled. 

8. Decorative bookend dragon statue

Any D & D fan would appreciate a statue of their favorite game. Consider getting one that your loved one can place on the bookshelf, kitchen cabinet, or any other place they so wish. You can opt for one from Design Toscano that is designed with unique gargoyle accents that suit the kitchen Gothic style. 

Here are the features that make Design Toscano Castle Dragon Gothic Decorative Bookend Statues a great deal for gamers:

Brand Design Toscano (known for decorative furnishing)
Weight 2.2 pounds (Lightweight making it easy to move around and place it conveniently)
No. of pieces2 (value for money spent) 
Other benefitsMade of high-quality figurines that last for ages. Greystone finishing gives the statue an elegant look. Suitable for office and home décor making it a perfect gift for any dragon fun.

9. Dice drawstring storage bag

Your friend’s dice will never be messed with if you choose to gift them a drawstring bag. With 3D glass cabochon eye and dragon skin like design, the bag will surely impress D&D fan. You might choose to opt for a CZYY drawstring bag made of soft faux leather that would serve your loved one longer. To make it more amazing, you can fill the bag with a set of dice and coins that would leave gaming buddies in awe. 

Check why the CZYY drawstring bag is the perfect present for dragon fans:

Brand CZYY (Trusted)
Color Black (loved by many)
Dimension  7.87 x 6.46 x 1.1 inches (Large enough to store at least two sets of dices) 
Other benefits Made of soft faux leather with a 3D glass cabochon eye that amazes every game buddy. One can use the sack to keep coins and jewel plus sets of dice all in one go. Features dragon skin grain prints that give the bag an elegant finish. 

10. Dice rolling tray holder

Gamers are also keen not to let their dice roll onto the floor, scratch the table or hide them from being by their opponent. The perfect way to take care of this set of needs is by gifting them a dice rolling tray that any player would find useful. Consider getting one from the STYLIFING brand as is made of thick PU leather plus superior quality velvet garment that will serve your friend longer.

Here are features that make the STYLIFING Dice tray outstanding:

BrandSTYLIFING (Offer confidence of purchase through 30-day money refund guarantee plus half-year sale warranty)
Dimension 13.4 x 13.4 x 0.12 inches (Offers ample space where dice can bounce comfortably without the chance of getting out)
Material  Velvet and PU Leather (Durable while protecting the table against scratches)
Weight 0.39 pound (Lightweight making it easy to carry anywhere)
Other benefits Six snap fastener that presents ingenious construction that makes the tray convenient to take and play games anywhere. Wonderful touch feeling and elegant appearance as a result of the double-side design of thick PU leather exterior and camel velvet lining. Excellent compatibility to hold rolling dice, jewelry, watches, coins, keys, snacks, and candies among others; thus presenting endless use to your gaming buddy. 

11. Dragon dice storage box

Forget about the other dice storage bags and get your friend dragon dice box that not only helps keep their play items safe but the piece is worth displaying. Once one is over the game, the box can help remind them of the best old times plus of course the loved you showed them. Think about Forged Dice Co. Deluxe Dragon Dice Storage Box as a possible pick as it comes with outstanding features that meet the needs of most gamers.

Check the features in the table below:

Brand Forged Dice Co (Make real cool products)
Weight 1.3 ounces (Portable)
Dimension 4.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches (hold up to 42 individual dice or 7 polyhedral dice set)
Other benefits The foam insert is removable making the box easy to care and display the dices in style.  More padding to prevent any scratches on the dice.
Better construction with black hinges that are easy to open without the chance of breaking. 

12. DND dice set

For a D&D fan, dice would never be enough. Do not worry that they have them already, adding new ones is something that gamers would appreciate. You will surely come across Haxtec Metal DND Dice Set as it is one of the best in the market. Luckily, the set comes with a drawstring bag at an affordable price. Think of it and if you settle for this kind of gift one from Haxtec won’t let you down.

Here is why Haxtec Metal DND Dice Set is a sure bet for gamers:

Brand Haxtex (have experienced designers for superior craftsmanship)
Weight 4.8 ounces (heavy for great hand feel)
Material Zinc alloy (environmentally friendly) 
Other benefits Dices can be used various tabletop RPG games such as D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer, savage world, among others. Rainbow numbers that look gorgeous making the item worth as gift. 30 days full refund warranty if not satisfied giving confidence of purchase. Come packaged with a drawstring bag that ensures you get value for your money.

13. D&D Stylish hoodie

Why not let your buddy show off their love for a D&D game with a stylish hoodie? You should look for one that is made of cotton material for warmth and comfort. Besides, gamers can rock the hoodie when attending events or when hanging out with their buddies at home. The one by Guerrilla presents a perfect gift for the gamers so picking it won’t mess your day.

Here are amazing features that make Guerrilla D&D hoodie a great deal for dragon lovers:

Brand Guerrilla (Known for designer apparel)
Material Cotton (Warm and soft)
SizesSmall-3X (Fits most)
Other benefits Feature relaxed shoulders for superior comfort and durable design retention. High thread count that makes the hoodie super soft. Made in the USA that denotes trusted quality. 

14. Patent poster print 

Is your friend D&D movie fan? If yes, then consider gifting them dungeons and dragon dice patent poster prints so that they can style up their rooms. To make it more presentable, ensure you add a frame that mixes well with their décor for a present that every gamer would surely love. Do not scratch your head on which one to choose as there is one from STAR BY NATURE that captures the spirit of imagination and innovation.

Check why every D&D fan would fall in love with STAR BY NATURE vintage Dungeons and Dragons Dice Patent Poster Prints:

Brand STAR BY NATURE (Known their innovative patent artwork) 
Material Fuji Crystal Archive paper (High quality that would last for years)
Other benefits Designed and manufactured in the USA. Easy to frame and can work with (11×14)″ picture frame or larger.  Great gift for everyone as it can be used to decorate the rooms. 

15. Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set

Beginners or collectors would appreciate the D&D rule book as it has everything about their favorite game. References are included for a quick refresher while taking care of the starters. Consider buying one written by Wizards RPG team that comes packaged with everything players need. It includes the monster manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and The Player’s Handbook. The package is completed with a DM screen that helps the player take notes and hide well from their opponents.

Have a look at fantastic features of Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set by Wizards RPG team that make it great for gamers:

Author Wizards RPG Team (Coauthored by D&D enthusiasts) 
Language English (Understood by many)
Other benefitsThe Player’s Handbook contains all D&D essentials for role-players. The master’s screen help one keeps their dices and notes hidden from other players.

Final Word 

Knowing what to give gamers can be daunting, but be assured that any of the gifts mentioned above will touch the hearts of Dungeons and Dragons fan. Of importance is to check what your friends or loved ones already have to avoid duplicate and be in a position to pick gifts based on their taste. However, players can never have enough themed boards or too many dices so these items are sure bet without enquiring. 

Otherwise, choose one or two and leave D&D enthusiast beaming with joy!

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