16 Dazzling Barber Gift Ideas For All Occasions!

Barbers play a huge role when it comes to the modern general lifestyle, especially fashion-wise. Without them, people will be taking much time to do grooming with horrible results. You should consider gifting them with haircut set, themed-tees, organizer case, barber chair, apron, and a clock that makes them feel appreciated.

If you think that choosing a gift that is perfect for them is a walk in the park, you are mistaken. They are wonderful people and hence deserve outstanding gifts that can be hard to pin-point. This list will help you. It has the best and affordable presents for barbers who always quickly and perfectly does your hair.

Pick one and motivate them in a special way!

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Dazzling Barber Gift Ideas For All Occasions

Top 10 Barber Gifts Ideas

  1. Haircutting set
  2. Barber organizer case
  3. Barber chair clock
  4. Barber t-shirt
  5. Barber pole ornament
  6. Barber mug
  7. Barber roll
  8. Vintage barber chair
  9. Apron
  10. Business cards

How Much Should You Give Your Barber For Christmas?

Barbers deserve appreciation during Christmas. If you are regular customers and you want to reward them with money, consider giving out an equivalent of what you pay for a regular visit. For instance, for $50 haircut, reward them with a $50 Christmas tip. However, for occasional customers, anything between $10-25 will work fine.

What Are Barber Gift Ideas For School Graduation?

If your barber is graduating, you should consider gifting them with the following:

  1. Vintage barber prints (The four prints are talcum, shaving, razor, and a pair of scissors)
  2. Beard grooming shaving kit
  3. Pro-case portable toiletry bag
  4. A barber tee shirt
  5. Barbershop scented candles (includes shaving cream, talc, and aftershave)

Why Are Haircuts So Expensive?

You might be thinking that your barber is overcharging you for haircuts. That is not the case, as the barbers are a stylist who does their work professionally using the expert tools to leave you looking elegant. Besides, they need to disinfect their tools and apply barber gel on your head to avoid any infections. This adds to the cost.

Here Are The Barber Gift Ideas That Are Worth Considering:

Haircutting Scissors Set

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Every barber needs haircut scissors set to perform their work. Buy Sagaans hair cutting scissors set and make it a part of your barber friend’s or relative’s wonderful tools. Gifting them with this simple yet precious gift will set a new pace for them and a unique work approach.

It comes with a variety of scissors fit for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. This means that your friend will be able to utilize them regardless of their skills. Gift your barber friend or relative with this amazing scissors set and watch as a new, better, happy barber unfolds before your eyes.

Here are extra features of the Sagaans scissors set that will make you act fast!

BrandSagaans (#1 Best quality sellers)
ColorBlack (perfect for barbers)
Weight70grams (lightweight)
Other benefitsThe scissors are adjustable for the desired style. Handling and using the scissors is easy due to their lightweight. The Sagaans scissors set can be used both at home and at the barbershop.

Barber Organizer Case

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Tired of seeing your barber friend or relative always having a hard time putting all their stuff together? A Case Matix handmade barber organizer case is the perfect gift to surprise them with. Gifting them with this outstanding gift will make them finally take a lifetime break from all the stress of always losing and misplacing vital tools.

A Case Matix handmade case organizer is flawless and admirable. Further, it is designed to ensure the safety and organization of work tools with little compartments, so the tools remain intact even after falling and dropping. Choose the present and make your friend organized and happy!

Check the fascinating features that come with the Case Matrix handmade barber organizer case:

BrandCase Matrix (known for quality products)
Weight2 pounds (Lightweight making it practical for an organizer case)
ColorBlack (mostly preferred)
Other benefitsKeeps all tools dust-free due to its dustproof nature. The handle is comfortable. Made of long-lasting hinges and is compatible with most barber equipment.

Barber Chair Desk Clock

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Wondering what will make a perfect gift for your barber friend or relative regardless of the occasion? Consider Sanis Enterprises barber chair desk clock that is elegantly designed to enable one to keep time in style. It is the right gift and looks incredible in any business building, especially a barbershop. The clock conforms to the chair, just making it head-turning, and your barber friend or relative will be content.

Here are Sanis Enterprise barber chair desk clock features that will impress you even more!

BrandSanis Enterprises ( Trusted premium quality)
ColorSilver (admirable)
Dimensions1.5* 1.5* 3.5 inches (practical with the chair)
Weight7.4 ounces (lightweight effective with the chair)
Other benefitsWell designed to make it attractive in business shops. The Sanis Enterprises chair desk clock is very long-lasting as it is made of silver. The clock is detailed hence easy to read

Barber Tee-Shirt

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Help your friend or relative express their pride in being a barber by gifting them with a barber print-related tee-shirt. However, you will need to conduct a little research for that perfect tee-shirt. Their size and favorite color will be a great determiner of their reaction.

You can opt for Skill Road Tees tee-shirts that come with different inspirational quotes and messages you can choose from. These tee-shirts are great for any occasion, and thus you can gift them during graduations, birthdays or holidays.  

Here are more features that will make Skill Road Tees tee-shirt worth considering:

BrandSkill Road Tees (#1 Bestseller)
ColorVarying (you can choose your favorite)
MaterialCotton (comfortable)
Other benefitsIt can be machine washed, thus easy to care. The Skill Road Tees are available in different sizes, so you get to choose one that fir your loved one perfectly. Perfect for all occasions!

Pole Ornament

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Help your friend decorate their workplace or home by gifting them with Pole ornament. Consider picking one from Old-world that is thoughtfully designed for barbers. With the word “BARBER” perfectly printed on it, the pole ornament is the one gift that will make them feel proud and appreciated. Every time they see this wonderful present, they will be reminded to do their work best because someone somewhere appreciates them.

Here are more amazing features that will prove the Old-world’s Pole Ornament is worth:

BrandOld-world (Bestsellers)
MaterialGlass (admirable)
Weight2.39 ounces (lightweight and  practical for hanging)
Other benefitsAdds a decorative feature to the barbershop. The Old-world pole ornament is made of glass, thus will maintain its perfect features for a very long time.

Barber Mug

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A mug is an item that one will never go wrong in gifting. Sure enough, a barber will remember your love as they sip tea or coffee at work.You can opt for Retreez mug that is designed to make one start their day happy and optimistic. The inspirational message, printed on both sides, further makes it pleasant and encourages one to keep up with their work! This will be their gift for keeps. Get it and see just how far your barber friend will groom you and others perfectly.

Here are more features of the Retreez mug that will make you love it:

BrandRetreez (officially licensed)
Message“I make people beautiful; what’s your superpower?”
MaterialCeramic (microwave and dishwasher safe)
Weight12 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for taking beverages)
Other benefitsThe Retreez mug has a large handle that is easy to grip. Attractively designed with motivating words that encourage barbers to work harder.  

Barber Roll

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Prepare for a lifetime of gratitude after gifting your barber friend or relative a Hide and drink vintage barber roll. This amazing gift will give them a special touch of class and style. Whether your barber friend or relative is a DIY barber, beginner, an intermediate, or a professional, there is possibly no other gift that is worthy like the Hide and drinks barber roll. It comes with sixteen slots suitable for practical barber tools.

That is not all; this amazing barber roll comes with the following features:

BrandHide and drink (officially licensed )
Weight8 ounces (lightweight making it practical for a barber roll)
MaterialCanvas with a perfect full-grain leather touch (very durable and attractive)
Other benefitsFolds up and closes easily for convenient use. Gives perfect protection to the important shaving tools. No chance of the device getting liquid damage as it is waterproof.

Vintage Barber Chair

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Good sitting posture is essential for healthy living.  This cannot happen without a perfect chair the suits one job. Consider gifting your friend with Dir vintage barber chair that is loved by many. With a 360° spin and a 45° angle recline, this barber chair is essential for any barbershop allowing one to work to perfection.

The Dir vintage barber chair will give the barbershop a touch of class and make it look stylish that in turn, attract more customers. It also has a reclining backrest, a round seat, and an adjustable footrest to make barbers feel at home. Gift barbers during their special occasion and let them know how much their work is appreciated.

Why go for Dir vintage barber chair?

BrandDir (reputable)
ColorBlack, brushed black, chromed black, red, chromed black, and brushed red (attractive and suitable for a barbershop)
MaterialMetal and leather (long-lasting)
Other benefitsHelp one attain a good sitting posture while working. Very durable.


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Always having to look around for a tool when you urgently need it can be quite tiring. If you don’t want your barber friend going through this, gift them with an apron. A unique Falcon apron will help them place their working tools within reach.  

Besides, it is of top quality giving barbers a new kind of energy and boosting their concentration hence positive and perfect results. Misplacing and sometimes losing tools will be past trauma; all because of a Falcon apron you gifted them! This is one item you don’t want your barber friend or relative to lack.

Here are more features of the Falcon that makes it perfect for barbers:

BrandFalcon (trusted)
ColorRed, brown, black (suitable for a barber)
MaterialLeather (long-lasting)
Weight11.2 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for an apron.)
Other benefitsOne Falcon apron size fits all It is adjustable with six functional pockets, to make tool organization easy. Dir Facon apron is premium and meant for heavy-duty

Business Cards

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Prepare to see your friends or relatives business flourish by gifting them with a packet of Yexpress business cards. This amazing packet can be used for a variety of purposes such as thanksgiving, hanging tags, gift cards, name cards, listing, and inspiration, among others.

With these, your barber can easily get new customers every day! The package contains four hundred pieces making them suitable for all occasions. They are a perfect fit in a wallet or a purse, hence no stress in carrying them around.

Here are extra features of the Yexpress business cards that make them fit for barbers:

BrandYexpress (officially licensed)
MaterialCraft paper (non-toxic)
ColorYellow and brown (practical and easy to read)
Weight1.23 pound (lightweight making it practical for a packet of business cards)
Other benefitsThe Yexpress business cards are writable on both sides. Convenient to carry around. Easy to organize.

Touchless Stationary Vacuum Cleaner

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Often, sweeping using a broom can be tedious, especially after a long day of work. Gift your barber with an Eye-vac touchless stationary vacuum cleaner and launch for them their new way of life. This means no more back pains hence an increase in work output.

It is especially meant for hard floors, therefore suitable for a barbershop. Keeping their shops clean with ease attracts more customers, and that barbers will be forever grateful for the thoughtful gift.

Here are more features that come with the Eye-vac touchless vacuum cleaner.

BrandEye-vac (known for quality products)
Power sourceElectrical power (efficient and reliable)
Weight9 pounds (lightweight making it practical for a vacuum cleaner)
Other benefitsThe Eye-vac touchless stationary vacuum cleaner comes with a one year warranty, giving quality assurance. Has a sensor; therefore, activation is touchless, thus, easy to use. It is fast and effective, making the barbers shop clean in seconds.

Hairdresser Decor Sign

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What your barber needs is a decor sigh that will remind them of how important their job is to others. The Jenny gems hairdresser decor sign will effortlessly serve this purpose. With its captivating message, this decor sign will make customers happy and leave barbers proud. It has a vintage look that will make their barbershop look attractive, classy, and stylish.

Don’t wait any longer to give your barber friend or relative a gift. Whether it’s on occasion or not, this fascinating Jenny Gems hairdresser decor sign will leave your barber delighted and full of gratitude.

Here are more features of the Jenny Gens hairdresser decor sign that make it worth gifting:

BrandJenny Gems (Elegant décor items)
Message“Good hair isn’t by accident; it’s by appointment.”
Dimensions6×8×15 inches (suitable)
Other benefitsThe Jenny Gems hairdresser decor sign can easily stand freely on a table or desk. It adds a decorative feature to the barbershop.

Barber Keychain

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Ever wondered why some people love their job so much? It is the simple vital tools they find or use in their workplace that make them feel at home. A barber keychain with an inspirational message, for instance, can make your barber friend or relative feel appreciated.

The simple keychain shows how meaningful their job is and how society would be desperate without them. Consider Ensianth keychain that comes with encouraging words meant for barbers.  It will help them keep their keys safe and leave them feeling loved.  

Here are more exceptional features of the Ensianth keychain:

BrandEnsianth (known for quality products)
Message“I can’t fix stupid, but I can fix your hair.”
MaterialStainless steel (durable)
ColorSilver (attractive)
MaintenanceAvoid bringing it in contact with perfume and grease as they can rust the keychain. Use wipes to wipe it clean to avoid damaging the surface then bring back its shine by wiping it with a soft cotton cloth
Other benefitsThe inspirational message motivates barbers.   Keep the keys safe longer as it is designed with quality materials.

Unframed Topography Art

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Looking for a perfect outstanding gift for your barber friend or relative? A Lone start unframed topography art is the ideal gift. Having the dimensions of 14×11×0.2 inches, the present will look fascinating on any wall, whether it is the barbershop or at home.

This unframed topography art is a real treasure as it can be passed down to generations, barbers, or not; the message will remain captivating and inspirational. Besides, the materials used are of high quality that guarantees durability.

Check out these key features of the Lone start unframed topography art:

BrandLone start art (trusted brand)
Weight5.7 ounces (lightweight)
Other benefitsIt is very 100% original and unique. Makes a perfect décor.

A Pair Of Shoes

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Barbers are known to have a sleek and top-notch taste when it comes to fashion. This is the reason you should gift your barber a pair of Dansko shoes for men and STQ for ladies. These unique brands are specially made to ensure comfort.

A unique pair of shoes will automatically make them feel confident and proud. The fact that it is a gift and it’s from their esteemed customer makes the pair their new favorite, and they can wear it almost every day. It is rare for anyone to think of buying a unique pair of shoes for barbers. Make gifting them an exceptional presents your specialty and prove how much thoughtful and caring you are.

Here are extra features that come with these wonderful shoes:

BrandDansko for men’s shoes and STQ for women (top manufactures and best quality seller)
SizeVary in size (fits all)
MaterialLeather (high quality)
Other benefitsThey are compatible with all outfits. The pairs are long-lasting. Dansko and STQ’S shoes are elegant

Barbershop Clock

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A clock adds décor to a shop and helps one keep time. Consider gifting your barber with a Vinyra barbershop clock to help them attend all their appointments on time. The Vinyra barbershop wall clock comes in a classy vintage design aimed at bringing absolute happiness to your barber while adding some touch of style in their shops.

It is elegantly printed barber features on its background, which is just phenomenal. This, however, does not make it hard for them to read. Its numbers and hands are dark behind the spectacular white background. To a barber, this will not be an ordinary clock used for everyday use; it will always look outstanding and always be mind-blowing to them no matter how many times they look at it. This, on the other hand, will make you proud of your little deed.

Here are more features that will prove the Vinyra barbershop clock an ideal present:

 Vinyra (known for quality products)
Weight7.0 ounces (lightweight making it suitable for hanging)
ColorWhite and black (attractive)
Power source1A batteries (readily available)
Other benefitsGives any wall a decorative feature. Fit for all occasions

Final Word!

With these dazzling barber gift ideas, you will have a clear conscious of a present that will bring a difference in your barber life. They are all worthy, but the decision is easier compared to choosing from the wide range of available gifts. Go ahead and bring joy to their lives by showing them how much their work and life mean to you. Remember, there is no gift too big or too small; they are all worthy and have the same purpose, to bring happiness all around.

Pick from the amazing gift ideas and appreciate your in style barber for work done well!

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