Do You Value Giving Gifts When Leaving A Job? – 7 Best Thank You Gifts For Your Boss When Leaving

It is healthy to move from one job to another to gain the experience and skills necessary to propel your career. Alternatively, you could be leaving your job for retirement. Whichever reason led you to move out of your current job, it’s best if you buy gifts for your boss and even your co-workers. Selecting the ideal present for the boss or co-workers might prove challenging, but items such as cookies, flowers, a scarf, or a portable keyboard will suffice. All these items are acceptable since they express how appreciative you are.

Leaving your current employment for whichever reason can be emotional. Hold yourself together and do the right thing that makes an everlasting impression. Your good deeds have to follow you wherever you go.

We understand that choosing the right gift for your boss when leaving a job is an enormous task. That’s the reason we have chosen to discuss the best gift ideas when moving on from your current employment. But first, we will delve into why it is good to give your boss gifts when moving out.

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Why Should I Gift My Boss When Leaving A Job?

Why Should I Gift My Boss When Leaving A Job

It is uncommon for employees leaving a job to offer gifts. In most cases, if you are leaving, a small party is held for you, and you are given a goodbye gift from your boss and co-workers. Nevertheless, nothing stops you from appreciating your boss or co-workers for the great time you have spent together. Below are the reasons why it is important to gift your boss and other workers when moving on from your current job;

1. To Create A Lasting Impression

Gifting your boss on your last day at the office leaves a lasting impression and propels your image as a responsible employee. In the future, you might require a recommendation letter from your boss; hence your positive attitude when departing will vouch for you to get a spectacular recommendation.

2. Appreciating An Opportunity To Work Together

Even though you are leaving, always remember that your boss allowed you to propel your career. Maybe, the boss hired you when you were a rookie out of college, and you have grown professionally in the company under the boss’s watch. Gifting such a boss on your last day at work shows that you appreciate the institution’s opportunity to develop your career.

3. Celebrating Shared Interests

It might be that you and your boss shared some interests while working together. The shared interest might have strengthened your working relationship; hence when leaving a job, gift the boss with an item that symbolizes your shared interest. For instance, if you and the boys enjoyed your morning conversations over a cup of coffee, ensure you celebrate your departure with a gift of coffee beans to your boss.

The 7 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Boss When Leaving a Job

Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Boss When Leaving a Job

Below are some of the best gift ideas for your superior when moving on from your job:

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1. Tecknet Portable Keyboard

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A Tecknet Portable Keyboard is an item ideal for your boss on your last day in the office. If your boss is always on the move, the keyboard will be handy in completing office tasks when they go to conferences and other meetings. The keyboard is compatible with tablets and laptops.


Keyboard Description:                              Ergonomic.

Connectivity:                                            Wireless.

Special Feature:                                        Wireless.


Non-Slip and Scissor Key Design

The keyboard’s scissor key design offers excellent flexibility for keys, hence enhanced and comfortable typing. Additionally, the thin rubber at the bottom acts as an anti-slip feature, enabling the keyboard to stay in the same position without moving.

Compact Layout

The Keyboard’s compact layout makes it ultra-light, and it conforms to its ergonomic design, enabling you to type for a long time without fatigue or soreness.

2. City Scarf- 100% Cashmere Unisex Scarf

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A scarf is an ideal gift, especially during winter. When picking the right scarf to offer to your boss as a gift, choose neutral colors that match with various outfits. Your boss will always think good about you whenever the scarf is used to thwart the cold.


Fabric:                       Cashmere.

Care Instructions:        Hand wash.

Dimensions:               68 x 12 (L x W) Inches.

Tassel:                            3 Inches.


100% Cashmere

The scarf is made of pure cashmere. That fabric is soft and close to your skin, hence offering adequate warmth and comfort.

Tartan Pattern

The scarf features tartan patterns that are stylish and classic. It is oversized (measuring 68 by 12) inches, meaning that it wraps around any outfit to keep you warm throughout the day.


These unisex winter scarfs have a unique design, and they come in multi-colors to make them fashionable and ideal for all situations.

3. Billibobbi Artificial Office Flowers

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When leaving the job, the billibobbi artificial office flowers in a vase are a befitting gift for your boss. This classic bouquet beautifies the boss’ desk for a couple of days. Whenever the boss enters the office, the flowers will be a constant reminder of your good deeds while working in the company.


Specific Product Use: Home Décor.

Color: Light Lilac.

Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.84 x 9.84 x 9.44 



The arrangement of the artificial flowers offers excellent decoration for the office and home. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor beautification that provides a lasting impression.


The length of the bouquet stem is customized to match the height of the vase without folding the flower stem. Stickers are carefully placed in the middle of the vases to clarify the quality of the flowers.

4. Oreo Mini Sandwich Cookies

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Your boss has guided you through various career obstacles while working under him. On your last day at the office, show your appreciation by buying the boss some packs of Oreo mini sandwich cookies. Other co-workers might share the gift as they bid you goodbye and wish you the best in your next journey.


Packaging: 20 Snack Packs.

Weight: 20 Ounces (Each Pack has 1 Ounce).


Individual Snack Packs

A single Oreo Mini Mix Variety Pack comes with 20 individual snack packs of the sandwich cookies.

Versatile Use

The cookies are versatile hence suitable for any occasion. The pack consists of 15 packs of original mini Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies and 5 packs of Golden Oreo mini sandwich cookies.

5. 18-Month Planner

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Your boss, just like other bosses, has numerous meetings and projects related to work. Therefore, buying the 18-month planner as your parting gift will warm the boss’ heart. When buying the planner, you can choose whether you will choose a dated calendar planner or the undated one.


Insert Material: Paper.

Cover Material: Paper.

Brand: Artfan.

Color: Teal.

Format: 18-Month Calendar.

Weight: 0.67 Pounds.

Size: 9 x 11 x 0.3 Inches.

No. of Pages: 34 Sheets/ 68 Pages.


Twin-wire Binding

The planner has a twin-wire strong binding that enables it to adopt a lay-flat orientation, meaning it is easy to leave it open on the desk.

Two Sides Inner Pockets

This elegant 18-month planner comes with two sides inner pockets that help for stashing loose items.

6. Wise Owl Outfitters Travelling Neck Pillow

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If your boss is a traveling or camping type, consider enhancing their comfort while traveling by offering the wise outfitters traveling neck pillow as a gift on your last day at the office. The gift’s importance will warm the heart of any boss under the sun.


Brand: Wise Owl Outfitters.

Size: Medium.

Fabric Type: Polyester.

Fill Material: Memory Foam.

Firmness Description: Plush.


Cushioned Memory Foam

The pillow is made of cushioned memory foam wrapped in a comfy micro-suede cover. The quality of these materials makes them comfortable to use when traveling.


The pillow is compact and portable. You may choose to compress it and fit it into its waterproof stuff sack when on the go.

7. Canvas Tote Bag

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As a parting gift, consider buying your boss a strong canvas tote bag that will aid in carrying stuff from the marketplace or office items. You may add a personal touch by customizing the bag with the boss’s initials or favorite phrases.


Manufacturer: Mud Pie.

Department: Unisex- Adult.

Item Weight: 12 Ounces.

Product Dimension: 18.1 x 0.8 x 12.2 Inches.


100% Cotton

The tote bag is made of quality cotton material that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. 


What Are the Best Practices When Leaving a Job?

When leaving your job for whatever reason, ensure you observe the following etiquette:

Tie Up Loose Ends

Ensure you tie up all loose ends and leave no job unfinished. It is your last day in office; try as much as possible to leave a lasting positive impression.

Leave Your Workstation Tidy.

Make it possible for the person who comes after you to have humble time by leaving your workstation tidy.

Also, remember to collect all your contacts and personal items. Chat with your co-workers and bid them a warm goodbye.

Final Thought

Gifting your boss when leaving a job is a way of showing appreciation for the great time you have had together. However challenging it is to select an ideal gift for the boss, this article covers acceptable items by any boss. Choose an ideal item from the list and bring a smile to the boss’ face.




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