How To Equip Date Gifts In HuniePop

HuniePop is a tile-matching and dating sim adult video game first released on January 19, 2015, for platforms like Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. This game is available in two different versions, an uncensored version, and a censored version. The uncensored version is available via Humble Bundle and MangaGamer while the censored version is available via Steam. The gameplay of this game focuses on the player character that will interact with several different women. The players have to talk with the woman and give her a gift. In order to progress through the game, a player has to take the woman on a date and make it successful by successfully completing a tile-matching game. While playing the tile-matching game a player can use special items called “date gifts” which will grant positive effects to help the player earn more points. 

In order to give the date gift, a player must equip the gift first. So if you want to equip the date gift then go to the inventory in the HunieBee. Here you will see 6 slots that say “Date Gifts.” Now click on the arrows on the sides and then drag the date gifts to the slots. This way you can equip the date gifts.

List Of Date Gifts

There are various types of date gifts available in HuniePop and each of these gifts has different effects in the game. Let’s check them out!

Gift Items on Amazon
CategoryItem NameUses

Stuffed PenguinConvert all Broken Heart tokens into Joy tokens
Kyu PlushieDoubles the current Passion level
Stuffed WhaleConvert all Broken Heart tokens into Sentiment tokens
Stuffed Sheep+1 Passion Level for every 2 Broken Heart tokens on the grid
Stuffed BearConvert all Broken Heart tokens into Passion tokens.
Stuffed CatRemove all Broken Heart tokens from the grid
Stuffed Monkey+2% of total Affection goal for every Broken Heart token on the grid.

Orange CosmosConsume all Romance tokens on the grid.
Pink LilyConsume all Passion tokens on the grid.
Blue OrchidConsume all Talent tokens on the grid.
White PansyConsume all Flirtation tokens on the grid.
SunflowerConsume all Joy tokens on the grid, earning +1 Move for every token consumed after the first 2.
Red TulipConsume all Sexuality tokens on the grid.

Green Tea PerfumeIncrease the amount of Flirtation tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Cinnamon PerfumeIncrease the amount of Sexuality tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Sea Breeze PerfumeIncrease the amount of Talent tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Peach PerfumeIncrease the amount of Romance tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Rose PerfumeIncrease the amount of Passion tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.
Lilac PerfumeIncrease the amount of Broken Heart tokens that fall by 50% for the remainder of the date.

Suede Ankle Booties+3 Sentiment for every 4-of-a-kind (or more) Affection token match for the remainder of the date.
Vintage PlatformsSelect a token type and you will not lose any moves until a match is made that is of a different token type than the one you selected.
Leopard Print Pumps+1 Move for every 4-of-a-kind (or more) Affection token match for the remainder of the date.
Peep Toe HeelsThe next Broken Heart token match will count as a Passion token match instead.
Cork Wedge SandalsNo tokens will be consumed as a result of a date gift being used for the remainder of the date. You’ll still get the benefits, but the tokens will remain.
Pink Mary Janes+1 Sentiment for every Passion token match made for the remainder of the date.

Lovely RingConsume all the power tokens on the grid.
Heart NecklaceDrops the Passion Level back to zero and gives +2% of total Affection goal for each Passion stage lost.
Gold Earrings+1 Move for every 2 Joy tokens on the grid.
Silver RingConsume 10 random tokens on the grid. Broken Heart and Joy tokens excluded.
Hoop Earrings+1 Move for every 2 Broken Heart tokens on the grid.
Pearl NecklaceDrains your Sentiment and gives +1% of total Affection Goal for each 1 Sentiment drained.

Eyelash CurlerConsume a select column of tokens. Broken Heart tokens excluded.
Shiny LipstickUpgrade a select Affection token to a power token.
Hair BrushConsume a select row of tokens. Broken Heart tokens excluded.
Makeup KitConsume a select 3×3 square of tokens. Broken Heart tokens excluded.
Nail PolishUpgrade 3 random Affection tokens to power tokens.
Compact MirrorSelect Affection token and every token of that type will be replaced by either a Passion token, a Joy token, or a Sentiment token.

List Of General Gifts In HuniePop

Gifts are very important items in HuniePop. You can give gifts to girls and if they love the gifts then they will give you a date gift. Later, you can use the date gift on the date. 

Academy Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Decorative Pens1100
Glossy Notebook5500
Graduation Cap7700
Girly Backpack161600
Laptop Pro181800

Aquarium Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Synthetic Seaweed4400
Synthetic Coral8800
Tank Gravel10100
Bag of Goldfish2200
Fishy Castle141400
Fish Tank161600

Artist Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Sketching Pencils1100
Paint Brushes1100
Drawing Mannequin7700
Sketch Pad101000
Paint Palette121200
Canvas and Easel171700

Baking Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Baking Utensils2200
Measuring Cup4400
Rolling Pin7700
Oven Timer101000
Maxing Bowl121200
Oven Mitts141400

Dancer Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Tango Rose4400
Sweat Bands6600
Leg Warmers6600
Dancing Fan121200
Pink Tutu151500
Stripper Pole181800

Fitness Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Water Bottle3300
Cardio Weights6600
Skipping Rope9900
Kettle Bell101000
Boxing Gloves151500
Punching Bag171700

Gardening Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Flower Seeds2200
Garden Shovel5500
Flower Pots131300
Gardeing Can131300
Garden Gnome161600
Wodden Birdhouse171700

Rave Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Baby Binky1100
Bead Bracelet5500
Glow Sticks5500
Rainbow Wig121200
Fuzzy Boots141400
Fairy Wings181800

Scuba Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Swimmer’s Cap3300
Diving Tank181800

Sports Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Tennis Balls3300
Tennis Racket161600
Flying Disk4400
Basket Ball8800
Volley Ball8800
Soccer Ball8800

Toys Gifts

NameGift ValueCost
Old Fashioned Yoyo2200
Puzzle Cube6600
Sudoku Books9900
Dart Board111100
Board Game151500
Chess Set151500

Yoga Sports

NameGift ValueCost
Yoga Belt3300
Yoga Blocks7700
Yoga Bag9900
Yoga Mat111100
Yoga Ball141400
Yoga Outfit171700

FAQs About HuniePop

1. How Do You Get Date Gifts In Huniepop?

You can only get date gifts once you provide a girl with the lover’s gift. You will receive a random date gift from the Sky Garden. The date gift will directly deposit into the inventory as an unopened present.

2. How Do You Get All The Outfits In Huniepop?

If you take a girl on a date to a particular place then the outfit will be available. You will be able to control the date place if you ask the girl at a particular time of day.

3. Is The HuniePop Steam Version Censored?

Yes, the steam version of HuniePop is censored. The uncensored version is available via Humble Bundle and MangaGamer.

4. Is There An Android Version Of HuniePop?

Unfortunately, there is no Android version of HuniePop available. This game is only available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

5. What Is Hunie Used For In Huniepop?

Hunie is the in-game currency in the HuniePop game. Players can use the Hunie to upgrade the player’s stats. Higher stats mean you can earn more points from the dates. Finally, it increases the chance of having a successful date.

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