15 Fertility Gift Ideas That Gives Hope To The Hopeless!

Women are generally strong, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Most women are lucky enough to get pregnant without struggling, but the few who do are the real emblem of strength. Gifting such women with a gift that encourages, educates, and gives hope is a great way to ensure they keep moving and a great way to double their strength.

Hope sculpted hand-painted figure, swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet, the seed of life ring, real food for pregnancy book, a fertility prayer mug, aromatherapy fertility oil, goddess of love, beauty, and fertility status, among others, will make a perfect gift for that wonderful and strong woman in your life trying to get pregnant.

Gifts that meet desired expectations are not easy to find. That is why we put together a list of fifteen distinctive gifts that will effortlessly perform the desired task. These fifteen amazing gifts are meant to ensure she is worry-free and always hopeful. Most of these gifts are great for use by couples too.

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Top 10 fertility gift ideas

  1. Hope sculpted hand-painted figure
  2. Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet
  3. The seed of life ring
  4. Moonstone crystal pendant necklace
  5. St. Gerard fertility pocket token
  6. Goddess of love, beauty and fertility statue
  7. Book: Real food for pregnancy
  8. Fertility prayer mug
  9. Genuine rose quartz crystal natural healing heart palm stone
  10.  Fertility pop socket grip and stand

How should I boost my fertility?

Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as zinc and folate, eating more fiber, choosing a high-fat diet, eating a bigger breakfast, and avoiding trans fats are some of the ways that could boost your fertility.

What are fertility symbols, and what are they associated with?

Snakes, Ganga, and Moon are believed to be the fertility symbols. These symbols are associated with fertility rituals practiced in Hinduism.

What does a fertility bracelet do?

Aventurine, commonly known as the lucky stone, is believed to have a positive influence over fertility and growth. Aventurine is also considered to be a healing stone and can be used for soothing a troubled heart or calm those with distressing emotions.

What drinks are good for fertility?

If you have never taken decaf tea, then it is high time you started or increased its intake if you already have. Drinking herbal tea is also a great way to boost your fertility.

Here are the fertility gift ideas that you can for:

Hope sculpted hand-painted figure

For anyone going through a hard time, giving them hope is always a great idea. Your way of achieving this might be in terms of a gift or directly telling them a hopeful message. How you choose to get your message through also determines its impact on that person. A Willow tree hopes sculpted hand pained figure is designed to ensure they get your message for the rest of their life.

Willow tree hope sculpted hand-painted figure has a wire accent with the word “Hope” carved in meticulous design. A baby is holding the hope sign hence making this sculpture mind-blowing. Willow tree hope sculpted hand-painted figure also comes with a Hope lifts us ” sentiment on a presentable enclosure card.

Here are extra features of Willow tree hope sculpted hand-painted figure:

BrandWillow tree (known for being the leading sculpted hand paintings)
Dimensions6.5″ H (Ideal for display)
MaterialPolyresin (Durable)
Weight0.22 ounces (lightweight hence ideal for display)
Other benefitsCan be easily cleaned using a soft brush or cloth
Comes ready to display on a shelf, table, or mantel
Makes an amazing decor

Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet

With rose quartz gemstone to represent love and fertility, Moonstone gemstone to help boost her fertility and female energy, Black onyx to help her gain a balance of emotions and hormones, Rock crystal gemstone as a master healer, Amazonite as her calming stone, and Amethyst to offer her healing and purifying properties; Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet is the ideal gift for that amazing woman.

Other than that, Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet will encourage certain feelings in her, such as love, serenity, peace, self-love, self-confidence, and self-worth. Isn’t that what you want for her? Then go ahead and gift her with Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet.

Check out these extra features that will prove Swirl fertility and pregnancy bracelet’s worth:

BrandJuna Gems by Artsy Chicas Holistic Gemstone jewelry (Known for making the best jewelry)
ColorMulticolored (attractive)
Other benefitsGemstones used are natural and hypoallergic
Bracelet is made with at most detail and attention to ensure it lasts long

The seed of life ring

As much as she can always try her best to be strong, that amazing woman will, at some point, need to be reminded of how strong she can be. Therefore, give that one of a kind woman something she can always look at as her source of strength. By gifting her with a Koral jewelry seed of life ring, you will be guaranteeing her blessing and protection.

Koral jewelry seed of life ring is created out of circles to create the most spectacular and special geometrical order. Out of this creation also results in a fashionable, long-lasting piece of jewelry. Sizes are available in 5-10 hence fit for most people. Koral jewelry seed of life ring is a spiritual ring hence treasured and can be handed down through generations. 

That’s not all; Koral jewelry seed of life ring comes with these prime extra features:

BrandKoral jewelry (reputable brand)
Material925 sterling silver (attractive)
Weight1-1.2 grams depending on size (Lightweight hence practical for a ring)
Other benefitsFashionable hence can be worn by any gender with any outfit
925 sterling silver used is durable
The material used is hypoallergic

Moonstone crystal pendant necklace

A great pendant is one that makes the wearer look not only elegant but also feel comfortable with it. Ayana wellness store moonstone crystal pendant necklace does more than that if gifted to a person struggling with fertility. Moonstone crystal is known to be a stone of new beginnings, good fortune, and fertility. Your delightful lady friend will, therefore, always carry with her hope if you gift this pendant necklace to her.

Ayana wellness store moonstone crystal pendant necklace is made from genuine and authentic raw and natural crystal for. Its necklace is silver coated and comes as a 16-24 inches leather cord hence adjustable.

Here are extra features of the Ayana wellness store moonstone crystal pendant necklace that you might opt to consider:

BrandAyana wellness store (registered trademark)
Weight0.96 ounces (lightweight hence practical for a pendant necklace)
Other benefitsComes with a pouch for easy storage
Has a lobster claw clasp hence can be easily put on and taken off
Silver coated leather cord provides extra comfort and durability

St. Gerard fertility pocket token

Gifting a Lumen Mundi St. Gerard fertility pocket token to your beautiful friend or relative will be the beginning of her answered prayer. She needs a prayer that says what is in her heart but lacks words to speak. Gifting her with this will also assure her that you care for her.

Lumen Mundi St. Gerard’s fertility pocket token has an image of Saint Gerard at the front and a prayer at the back. Gift her with this, and she can always have Saint Gerard intercede in her most urgent need, that she may be able to be fruitful and bear many healthy children, that he may pray for her. 

Check out these features that come with Gifting a Lumen Mundi St. Gerard fertility pocket token:

BrandLumen Mundi (known for making high quality and inspirational engraved messages)
MaterialBase medal (durable)
Weight0.32 ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Other benefitsResistant to scratch and corrosion
Engraved words do not erase or fade
Resistant to water

Goddess of love, beauty and fertility statue

A great source of hope would be from something that gives what she is seeking. A Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility statue will undoubtfully be always there for her when she needs it. It will always remind her of her head-turning beauty and that she must always be hopeful.

The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility statue are among other gifts that she will have a belief that the goddess can play a part in fulfilling her wish. This is the main reason you should confidently gift it to her.

Here are more reasons:

BrandJFSM INC. (#1 bestseller)
MaterialGold cast resin with a bronze/white powder finish (elegant)
Dimensions(10.75 ×4.5)″ (ideal for display)
Weight2.66 pounds (lightweight hence suitable for placing on surfaces such as a table or shelf)
Other benefitsMade of high-quality, durable materials
Does not get affected by water or hot/cold temperatures
Makes an amazing room decor

Book: Real foods for pregnancy

A good and healthy lifestyle is what will define that wonderful woman’s life. That is why you should give her this book. This amazing book will give her clear and detailed answers on what she is supposed to eat and why. 

Real foods for pregnancy book include recipes which will teach her certain foods that are very helpful during different parts of pregnancy. Each recommendation is backed up with research hence totally worth it. With this book, you are guaranteed that she will have food and lifestyle choices to support a smooth and healthy pregnancy for her.

Besides, the Real foods for pregnancy book come with these amazing features:

AuthorLily Nichols (#1 bestseller)
Weight1.03 pounds (lightweight hence portable)
Pages346 (fit for long term use)
Other benefitsEasy to read and understand
Available in kindle, audiobook, and paperback

Fertility prayer mug

Prayer is a great way to start a day, especially if that prayer is about what you desire. Gifting that strong woman who is trying to get pregnant with a mug that is printed a prayer on both sides will help a great deal. Not only will it encourage her, but it will also give her hope that something is happening behind the scenes. She will always know it’s all under control.

By gifting her with A mug to gift fertility prayer mug, you will be praying that she may be sprinkled with some baby dust. That you hope that all her dreams come true so she can hold her sweet baby soon.

Here are more reasons you should gift her with a mug to gift fertility prayer mug:

BrandA mug to gift (officially licensed)
MaterialCeramic (microwave and dishwasher safe)
ColorWhite (preferred by many)
Other benefitsHas a c handle which makes the mug easy to hold
Has a capacity of 11 ounces, making it convenient
Printed words do not fade or erase even after frequent use

Genuine rose quartz crystal natural healing heart palm stone

Rose quartz has been known to be a crystal of aiding in fertility, unconditional, carrying a set of feminine energy that is mostly compassion and peace. You can confidently gift it to her to guarantee that it will have the same effect on her. There are so many gemstones, but one that lessens anxiety, enhances fertility, aids in sexual problems, and emotional imbalances is what she needs.

Crystal moon Genuine rose quartz crystal natural healing heart palm stone comes in a heart love shape. It unique polished with a smooth surface and is pale pink hence genuinely adorable. This extraordinary stone is 2.4 inches Height and 60mm in diameter; therefore, she can effortlessly carry it around in her purse.

That’s not all; crystal moon Genuine rose quartz crystal natural healing heart palm stone comes with these extra features:

BrandCrystal Moon (trusted for high-quality products)
Weight2.08 ounces (lightweight hence can be carried around with ease)
Other benefitsResistant to scratch and fading
Easy to carry and wrap with a cloth
Does not get affected by weather conditions
Easy to hold

Fertility pop socket grip and stand

Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to some items such as a pop socket, but it will be different for your lady friend or relative. By gifting her with a cool In Vitro Fertilization quote woman IVF art Fertility pop socket grip and stand, you will have given her something she can hold on to due to the words printed on it. This pop socket is the best definition of simple support because she will know that she is not alone; she will be inseparable from it.

Fertility pop socket and grip stand are wireless, which makes it convenient. It is designed to have an effective adhesive that will allow her to remove and reposition easily. On its top are permanent prints that mostly show support and encouragement.

That’s not all, this one of a kind fertility pop socket grip and stand comes with these fascinating extra features:

Brandcool In Vitro Fertilization quote woman IVF arts (reputable brand)
ColorBlack (preferred by many)
Weight0.48 ounces (lightweight hence fit for use on phones)
Other benefitsHas a collapsible grip which provides a secure hold on a phone
The pop socket can be expanded to take group photos, watch videos, skype hands-free, among others
Made from premium high-quality materials hence durable

Affirmation aromatherapy fertility aid oil

There is no doubt that an aromatherapy session is the best way for a person to relax and feel good about themselves. Gift your beautiful friend with an Affirmation aromatherapy fertility aid oil and achieve more than this. It will not only relax her but also balance her hormonal geranium, stimulate her adrenal sternal, lower her estrogen cinnamon, among others.

Earth solutions Affirmation aromatherapy fertility aid oil is derived from 100% natural plants. Each pack guarantees delight, pleasure, and relaxation.

Here are more features of Earth solutions Affirmation aromatherapy fertility aid oil that will prove it’s worth:

BrandEarth solutions (reputable brand)
WeightDiffer according to size
Other benefitsProduces natural fragrance that is not overpowering or harmful
Tins used are disposable
A small amount is enough for one session; hence can be used many times

IVF warrior keychain

Gifting that wonderful woman with something that she will be handling every day is a great way to make sure that she never forgets that she is a warrior. Other than that, it will always remind her that ‘great things take time’ so she should be hopeful. Gifting her with such a gift is a great way to show your support too!

Aktap IVF warrior keychain has a rectangular bar with ‘great things take time’ sentiment, a different bar which reads ‘warrior’ and a pineapple. Given that pineapples are the ideal symbol of friendship, especially to people dealing with infertility, Aktap IVF warrior keychain will make her know she is not alone.

Besides, the Aktap IVF warrior keychain comes with these extra features:

BrandAKTAP (registered trademark)
MaterialStainless steel (durable)
ColorSilver (attractive)
Other benefitsThe stainless steel used does not tarnish, rust, or change color
Silver and stainless materials used are of high quality hence free of lead and nickel
Engraved words are meant to last long

Goddess birthstone earrings

Most women’s pride and confidence lie in the jewelry they are wearing. This will be the case if you gift your amazing woman, whether friend or relative, with Goddess birthstone earrings. A pair of these elegant earing swills give her a sense of self-worth and self-love.

Abundant earthworks dangle Goddess birthstone earrings feature a goddess of fertility figure, which will be her greatest source of self-worth. These earrings also feature a genuine and spectacular Swarovski crystal. Crystals come in different colors, so you can choose one that suits her best. Goddess birthstone earrings measure 54 mm from the ear wire’s bottom hence clearly visible.

Here are more features of Abundant earthworks Goddess birthstone earrings:

BrandAbundant Earthworks (specializes in making of jewelry hence high quality)
MaterialSterling silver (attractive)
Other benefitsSterling silver used is nickel and lead-free hence safe for use
Sterling silver used is durable
Swarovski crystal on the earrings are permanently fixed hence won’t fall off

IVF baby dust lucky socks

Socks are indeed a source of comfort and warmth. To your wonderful friend or relative, a pair of Generic IVF baby dust lucky socks will be more than that. A pair of these will be her source of hope and encouragement. You should always look for when buying socks is their material and size, and this pair is everything she needs. 

If you are looking for a printed pair of socks, you focus on ones that are boldly printed. Their prints must be easily read and understood too. If you are specifically looking for a printed pair of socks as your perfect fertility gift, choose Generic IVF baby dust socks.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Generic IVF baby dust socks:

BrandGeneric (known for making high-quality products)
Material88% cotton, 11% polyester, 1% spandex (durable)
Other benefitsCotton has the highest percentage making socks comfortable to wear
Can easily be washed due to the light material used

IVF diary

Keeping track of important dates and results is quite crucial, so a journal is always preferred. A good journal should be easy to write on, be lined if it is specifically for writing on, easy to carry around, and doesn’t bleed ink through. 

A good IVF journal should, however, also have these key features and additions such as coaching questions, which will greatly favor your amazing friend or relative. Ladies’ care IVF diary should therefore be your number one choice.

Here is why:

BrandLadies care (Registered trademark)
Cover materialMatte (durable)
Pages materialSilk (easy to write on)
Pages135 (fit for long term use)
Weight14.70 ounces (lightweight hence can be carried around with ease)
Dimensions(8.5×11)″ (Easy to carry around)
Other benefitsComes in paperback format; therefore, durable
Has weekly coaching questions that will help her feel less overwhelmed
Includes a daily meal planner to boost her health

Final word!

By gifting a lady with the gifts mentioned above, she will indeed know that she is not fighting the battle alone. Other than that, you will have renewed her strength and given her a reason to be even more hopeful. It’s entirely up to you now, be the reason why she always has a smile on her beautiful face.

Go ahead and make sure she has everything she needs with these gifts!

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