15 Useful and Practical Gamer Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank!

Dive into gamers’ minds by gifting them handy items that will make their experience better. From the gaming keyboards, PCs, retro, console, and mobile players, we have handpicked present that every gamer would appreciate. The nostalgia-inducing collectibles and premium VR headsets are on the list to ensure you get something for your loved one. 

Top 10 Gamer Gift Ideas

  1. Couch gaming lapboard
  2. Gaming chair
  3. Gaming mouse
  4. VR headset
  5. 100 video games must-play scratch-off poster 
  6. PlayStation icons light
  7. Gaming keyboard
  8. HDMI splitter 
  9. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  10. Handheld Game Console Phone Case 
Gifts For Gamers

What every gamer need?

Forget about luxuries here is what every gamer need:

  • Mouse pad
  • Gaming chair
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Headset holder
  • Headset earphones
  • Mouse for gaming 

Getting gamers any of the above items make their experience better and always remind them of your love as they will find them practical.  

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What apps do gamers use?

There are various apps that gamers find useful while enjoying their hobby. Here are the best five that every player finds helpful:

  • MTG Familiar for android only 
  • Twitch-tv App for both Apple and Android devices
  • Steam and the Steam mobile app for game distribution
  • Xbox SmartGlass and the PlayStation App 
  • IGN Entertainment App for reviews
  • For mobile games like Pokemon, you don’t need extra stuff as the games are standalone and good to play with your default iOS or Android devices.

What do you get a gamer girl for a birthday?

When a gamer girl is celebrating their birthday, you have to style up your gift to fit the occasion while appreciating their hobby. Here are some of the presents that will help girls celebrate in style:

  • Gaming T-shirt
  • Phone cover
  • Headphones
  • Matchbox pun cards
  • A book about games

How much RAM do I need for gaming?

Although the best RAM depends on what you want to play, a minimum of 8GB will do the basics. The best option is to go for 16GB as it presents the optimum amount of RAM needed for modern gaming. You need to ensure that the PC is not running background intensive program for optimum performance.

If you want to be at the safe side in the future, consider 32GB PC. This size of RAM will also suit those who wish to use the PC as a workstation.  However, for now, it remains a general overkill. 

Is a gaming PC worth?

If you play games that call for good CPU and video adapter with a suitable GPU, then gaming PC is worth investing in. The good thing is that you can always find an affordable option that suits your gaming needs and personal preference. Generally, a typical PC ranges from $700 and $1000. 

Here are the gaming gifts to consider:

1. Couch gaming lapboard

Most gamers hate playing while hunched over on a desk. Gifting them with couching gaming lapboard is a life-changer as one can play while cuddled-up on a sofa. Further, the lapboards have USB hubs that allow for cable connection of all the accessories such as keyboard, mouse, and headset.  Remote control, mouse, or drinks can also be placed on the side pockets enabling one to enjoy the game conveniently. 

You might want to consider the Couchmaster CYCON couching gaming desk due to its outstanding features as highlighted in the table below:

What makes the CYCON suitable present?

Brand Couchmaster (Known for best PC-Gaming solutions)
Connectivity 4 Ports (For connecting four input devices at a go)
Dimension 33.07 x 13.78 x 1.57 inches (Accommodate different keyboards such those for PC/PS4 & Xbox)
Other benefitsLag-free with 16ft. USB-3.0 for fast and direct connection to the PC. Big cushions that relieve stress on neck muscles and shoulder, thus, preventing cramps.  They are made of high-quality materials for better services and durability.  Internal cable management to keep the living space tidy and save on mobility. Muse and side pocket for keeping items at arm-reach.

2. Gaming chair

Gaming Chair

Let your loved one enjoy the game like a king by getting them a comfortable chair. Most come with in-built speakers accompanied by vibration motors that sync with audio for a breath-taking experience. Further, one would get a better view of the screen without straining the shoulder or neck, thus allowing one to enjoy their hoppy healthily. Even those with poor sitting habits will sit with a correct posture that enables one to play for long hours.

If you are thinking about which one to buy, then you might want to check the X Rocker Pro Series H3 gaming chair.  The seat can be used by kids, teens, and adults comfortable with complete media experience. 

Here are great features that make the chair great for gamers:

Brand X Rocker (Known for quality products)
Weight 17.34 lbs. (portable)
Compatibility PlayStation, Xbox, MP3s, Nintendo Wii, DVDs among others
Weight Capacity 275 lbs. (Can accommodate adults, teens, and children)
Material Leather (Durable)
Other benefits All-purpose design making it suitable for reading, relaxing, listening to music, watching movies and TV, and, most importantly, for playing video games. Extra vibration motors for audio bass tone syncing for an immersive experience. It has a wireless side control panel that allows for easy connectivity.  Gunstock arms that make the chair foldable for easy storage.

3. Gaming mouse

Gaming Mouse

If your family or friend is a PC and eSport gaming enthusiast, then the gaming mouse is an ideal present for them. Look for a mouse that has fast and superiorly sensitive optical sensors for the improved gaming experience. Most have buttons that can be customized to suit the needs of many gamers. Accuracy and comfort also make the mouse an awesome piece for slow- and fast-paced gameplay. With the ergonomic design, the accessory remains irresistible to all.

Do not wander in the darkness as the Razer Death Adder v2 gaming mouse has all the features a gamer would appreciate.

Check below why you might need to consider Razer Death Adder v2:

Brand Razor (Best-selling computerized gaming equipment in the US)
Connection Wired (smooth control with the minimum drag)
Weight 7.7 ounces (lightweight for comfortable user-experience)
Dimension 2.87 x 5 x 1.69 inches (Suited to palm grip)
Other benefits Ergonomic shape offers maximum comfort during use. Razer offers personalized settings due to 5 on-board memory profiles. Extended controls done through eight programmable buttons. Optical sensors reduce cursor drift and light speed actuation. 

4. VR gaming headset

Gamers desire excellent sound quality for a better experience. The tailor-made headsets are super comfortable and lossless super quality audio. Besides, the headset can be used to make skype calls due to the device being ultra-sensitiveness. VR models allow gamers to jump into virtual worlds with style with no tangled wires, no tracking base stations as it can be done by strapping it.

Think of Oculus Quest all-in-one VR gaming headset as a possible option due to the following:

BrandOculus (Known for superior tech in the gaming world)
Weight 4.57 pounds (Portable)
Other benefitsHas inbuilt sensors that offer room-scale tracking while translating movements into virtual reality. Touch controllers that offer realistic and intuitive gamer’s hands and gesture appearance.  Setting up the device is easy, making it suitable to be used by almost everyone.  It has an integrated guardian system that prevents tripping over nearby images while gaming.  

5. 100 video games must-play scratch-off poster 

Classics are something that every gamer should not miss. The 100 scratch-off poster is a perfect way for the players to remind themselves and tick the bucket of the essential games to play. From Mario, Far Cry, Sonic, and Tetris, among other classics, the poster contains the best video games of all time. Users can get to display their gaming experience in style while remembering your love shown best through their hobby. 

Consider gifting scratch poster by the Gift Republic as justified below:

Brand Gift Republic (Known for a well-thought gift for gamers)
Weight 3.2 ounces (Lightweight making it suitable to display on the wall)
Materials Paper (Eco-friendly)
Other benefits Carefully chosen games that every player would be happy to tick. Modern and quality design for each selected video game that makes the poster worth displaying in a gamer’s room.  Unique packaging that makes it presentable. 

6. PlayStation icons light

Any PlayStation gamer’s gaming room deserves the tailor-made icon lights. The lamp illuminates the desk with the ability to react to games and music audio with flashes that will act as a reminder of your love for them. Uniquely, the icons come with three different light models that style up the room in an amazingly-gamer like flair. 

Paladone PlayStation icon lamp makes a perfect present. Here is why:

Brand Paladone (Officially licensed)
Weight 3.52 ounces (Portable)
Other benefitsUnique lighting that illuminates the room steadily and constantly.  Color phasing that provides gaming room ambiance.  Come with music reactive light mode that flashes with every beat.  Recognizable PlayStation icon that makes it a perfect present for geeks. 

7. Gaming keyboard

Transform your loved one gaming experience by gifting them stylish and modern keyboards. Never assume that they have the latest as an additional gaming keyboard is something the avid gamers won’t resist. Look for one that is shockproof always to remind them that you cared to ensure the device last them longer than they could imagine. Further, the keyboard should have a delicate key to make them responsive while ensuring complex demand can be executed with ease. 

As there are various keyboards, we wish to highlight one from Redragon. The S101 model makes a perfect gift for gamers as it comes packaged with accessories that every geek would appreciate.

Check the exceptional features of the Redragon S10i gaming keyboard that make it a suitable present for gamers:

Brand Redragon (Bestseller)
Connectivity Wired (No loss of connection as reported in wireless types)
Compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Limited Mac OS keyboard support and all gaming PCs
Weight 2.16 lbs. (Lightweight making it practical to many)
Extra benefitsA high-precision sensor that offers pinpoint accuracy.  The device presents extreme responsiveness, superior durability, and longevity as a result of gaming-grade micro switches. Quite and tactile keys for ultimate gaming performance.  Integrated wrist rest for comfortable marathon gaming sessions.  Non-slip adjustable feet that are ideal for typing angle. 

8. HDMI splitter 

Switching between various consoles and devices is annoying to many players more so when the input button is located at the back of the monitor. Getting gamers the HDMI splitter is a perfect solution that allows switching between different devices by a single push of a button. Note that convenience when playing is essential, and HDMI splitter brings just that while making you the best gift-giver as the gamer bid goodbye to fumbling with cables when switching between gadgets. 

You will find many splitters in the market that could make it hard to pick one. Consider Techole HDMI Switch that does not require an external power source and has two inputs and one output. 

Here is why the Techole HDMI switch is a suitable present for players:

Brand Techole (#1 Bestseller)
Weight 3.03 ounces (Lightweight making it easy to use and move around)
Resolution 4K (Crispy images displayed on the screen)
Material Aluminum (Long-lasting)
Extra benefitsControl by a single push of a button, making it stress-free to switch between devices. Compatible with most devices with standard HDMI interface such as PC, Chromecast, Route Roku, DVD player, Blu-Ray, PS3/PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Computer among others for input. For output, it can be connected with Projectors, monitors, Apple TV, Full HD TVs, HD-Ready, etc. It offers 10.2 GBPS data transmission that is fast and stable.  No external power supply needed.

9. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Aren’t you sure whether your friend is extroverted or introverted? Worry not as Nintendo Switch controller is a perfect gift that allows one to socialize as much or as little as they desire. From the comfort of their home, the player can connect with others online for fun-filled hours of play. Furthermore, the device is handheld with a pretty decent battery life that makes it suitable even for travelers.

Consider Nintendo HAC-001(-01) as preferred by players due to the amazing features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Nintendo (Bestseller in gaming devices)
Weight 3.75 pounds (Portable making it suitable for travelers as well)
Dimension 2 x 2 x 1 inches (suitably handheld)
Other benefitsIt offers three play styles that include handheld mode, tabletop mode, and TV mode. The reasonable multi-touch capacitive screen that measures 6.2 inches offers enhanced user-experience. One can connect up to 8 consoles for multiplayer gaming. Up to 9 hours of battery life that makes the device suitable to be used while on the go.

10. Handheld Game Console Phone Case

Add some bit of retro gaming to your friend’s iPhone by gifting them a uniquely designed phone case. The cases have integrated games that can be controlled with buttons at the back of the phone, rechargeable battery, and exceptional screen that every gamer would appreciate. From Tetris, Galiga, Contra, Mario, and other classic games, the device is a sure bet for players.

You might want to consider merfinova Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case dues to its compatibility with various iPhone devices.

Here are other reasons why merfinova phone case presents a perfect option:

Brand Merfinova (uses ABS and TPU material that are non-toxic)
Service timeUp to 5 hours (Suitable for every gamer)
Weight 5 ounces (No extra weight to the phone)
Color White (Unisex)
Compatibility  iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus/ 7 Plus/ 8 Plus
Other benefitsAllow one to play games on their iPhone. Have 36 retro games that awaken precious childhood memories for avid geeks.  Enables gamers to pass the time healthily whenever and wherever. 

11. Gaming laptop

How dear is your friend to you? Sometimes the kind of gift just shows the extend you are willing to go to put a smile on their face. Why not gift them with a gaming laptop, if you can stretch your budget? They will surely appreciate the great addition that revolutionizes everything about gaming.

Consider Razer Blade 15 device that impresses every player. Here is why:

Brand Razer (Known for slim and compact devices for gamers)
ConnectivityHDMI, USB 3.1, MiniDP and wireless (Offers much-needed versatility)
Refresh rate240 Hz (Fast for incredibly smooth and fluid on-screen action)
Unibody material Aluminum (durable built)
Extra features Uniquely vacuum sealed for innovative cooling that offers maximum performance.  They are powered by up-to-date 9th Gen Intel Processor that provides superior performance.  Thin and compact making it portable and practical for use anywhere. Biometric security for assured privacy.

12. Light blocking glasses

Help your friend enjoy marathon gaming sessions without eye strain by gifting them with light blocking glasses. The digital screens emit blue rays that are harmful to the eyes in the long run. Youngsters might not be aware, or they ignore it as they still feel energetic and vibrant. Remind them that you care about their health, and you’d not mind if they stay glued on screen all day as long as they take care of their precious eyes. Besides, they can still utilize the glasses when watching movies.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses can be a perfect gift for gamers for the reasons highlighted in the table below:

Brand TIJN (Reputable)
Material Metal hinged (Durable)
Color Black with other options available (Unisex)
Other benefitsBlocks harmful UV rays 100% and help avoid fatigue when playing OC games or watching TV. Blocking glasses create a memorable look through keyhole nose bridge with inlaid rivets. They are lightweight to ensure comfort when using. 

13. Gaming mouse pad

Using the mouse can be stressful if there is no suitable surface to operate. That can be a thing of the past with the perfect gaming mouse pad for your loved one. The rubberized bottom prevents weird mouse pad slip, ensuring long hours of comfortable plays.  

You might want to consider gifting the Logitech Powerplay charging mouse pad that allows one to play without the worry of running out of power. The device charges wireless charging compatible mouse, eliminating the stress of discontinuing the game to recharge the battery. 

Why go for Logitech Powerplay charging mouse pad?

Brand Logitech G (Known for their innovation in the tech world)
Connectivity Wireless (Offers convenience) 
Weight 3.64 lbs. (No stress when moving it as it is lightweight)
Other benefitsContinuous wireless charging is convenient for players. Both soft and hard surfaces available, so you get to choose based on your preference. 

14. Gooseneck stand

Let your loved one enjoy gaming, whether on the bed, sitting, or in the car. The stand can be clipped nearly anywhere from the car seat, bed frame, chair, and desk, among others, for endless play possibilities. Devices that measure 4-10 inches can be used comfortably with the stand, meaning it is suitable for most gaming devices such as standard iPad, Samsung tabs, and Switch, among others. 

You can go for Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet stand that is preferred by many gamers due to the following outstanding features:

Brand Tyrone (Innovative in the tech industry)
Weight 14.9 ounces (Lightweight making it practical)
Material Aluminum- Magnesium alloy (Sturdy, stiff and flexible)
Compatibility Any device with 4-10.6 screen (Wide compatibility)
Other benefits Favorite for Nintendo switch owners as they get to play comfortably while in bed or on the sofa while lying down.  Good for sturdy as it offers the best viewing angle while acting as a secondary screen. It can be used for watching movies as well as recording videos.

15. Game history book 

If someone is passionate about something, they will want to know all about it. This is the same case to gamers; they will appreciate learning about traditional ways of playing when you gift them with a history book about their favorite hobby. The book contains photos of up to 86 consoles and takes gamers down the history of NES, Atari, and other modern ones. 

The Game Console book by Evan Amos makes a great gift for gamers. Check out the reasons why?

Author Evan Amos (Passionate about gaming and photographic)
Hardcover264 pages (Covers a lot on gaming)
Language English (Understood by many)
Other benefits Covers a lot that helps one discover the console that they never knew existed. Help games build knowledge on video game history. 

Final Word

When it comes to gifting, there are countless items to pick from. However, for gamers, they will appreciate practical and useful gifts, such as the ones mentioned above. Choose one based on your preference and let your loved one play knowing that you love and care for them!

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