How To Get Gifts In Madden Mobile

Madden Mobile is a very popular American football mobile sports game and this game is created based on the National Football League (NFL). Madden NFL Mobile is developed by Electronic Arts (EA Sports) for Android and iOS devices on August 26, 2014. This is a level-based game and you can get bonuses for rewards that will increase the level. 

Madden Mobile is a freemium game where you can spend real money to purchase packs, in-game currency, and “Bundles.” The bundle includes a certain number of packs and a topper of an item. You can also buy different bundles/packs with various tokens and currencies available in-game. Here are a few ways you can earn coins legitimately in Madden Mobile:

1. Play live events

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2. Complete daily activities

3. Buy and sell players and other items in the market

Buy Packs From The Store

You can buy a pack or bundles of packs directly from the store to improve your team. You can buy them from the store in the marketplace. You have to use the coins or real money to buy the packs.

1. Featured: It shows the hot, new offers. Check them out to see what’s new.

2. Currency: Here you can buy Madden Cash in different bundles.

3. Packs: Here you will see all the Packs that are available to buy.

Gift Boxes Content Speculation

EA Sports released new gift boxes for Madden Mobile. So the previous speculation about gift boxes and placeholder cards may be incorrect. Here is the latest gift box content speculation:

1. Gift Box 1: 10 Trophy Pack

2. Gift Box 2: Quick Sell

3. Gift Box 3: Random Elite Super Bowl Ring

4. Gift Box 4: Premium Pack

5. Gift Box 5: Trophy Pack

6. Gift Box 6: Legendary Pack

7. Gift Box 7: Red Zone Pack

8. Gift Box 8: Elite Legend Pack

9. Gift Box 9: 89 TE JJ Watt

10. Gift Box 10: Season Veteran Pack

11. Gift Box 11: League Pack

12. Gift Box 12: Signature Pack

13. Gift Box 13: 94 DE Jared Allen

14. Gift Box 14: 6 Trophy Pack

15. Gift Box 15: 10 Trophy Pack

16. Gift Box 16: 89 WR Deion Sanders

17. Gift Box 17: Team Of The Week Upgrade

18. Gift Box 18: 94 QB Jay Cutler

19. Gift Box 19: LQS

20. Gift Box 20: 92 S Mark Barron

21. Gift Box 21: 91 WR Ryan Broyles

22. Gift Box 22: Touchdown Pack

23. Gift Box 23: Blitz Event Pack

24. Gift Box 24: Pro Pack

25. Gift Box 25: 92 HB CJ Spiller

26. Gift Box 26: 90 QB Kirk Cousins

27. Gift Box 27: 20 Trophy Pack

28. Gift Box 28: All Pro Pack

29. Gift Box 29: 91 S Jason Taylor

30. Gift Box 30: Elite Player Pack

31. Gift Box 31: Flashback Pack

32. Gift Box 32: 91 LB Steve Atwater

33. Gift Box 33: Elite Fbo Player Pack

34. Gift Box 34: 3X Legendary Pack

35. Gift Box 35: Elite Gamechanger Pack

36. Gift Box 36: Quick Sell

37. Gift Box 37: 91 CB Ronnie Lott

38. Gift Box 38: 88 HB Cam Newton

39. Gift Box 39: Road To Playoffs Signs Pack

40. Gift Box 40: Collectors Pack

41. Gift Box 41: Road To The Playoffs Pack

42. Gift Box 42: Players Pack

43. Gift Box 43: 10 Trophy Pack

44. Gift Box 44: 92 TE Vernon Davis

FAQs About Madden Mobile

1. How To Buy Madden Cash?

You have to spend real money to buy madden cash. There is a “Cash” icon on the top of the menu bar of the home screen. Or, you can also visit the Marketplace. Here you will find the Madden Cash option and you will be able to see how much each bundle will cost. Now tap on the cash package that you want to buy and go through the purchasing steps for your device. Once the process is completed you will get your Madden Cash. Moreover, you can also watch promotional ads to earn free madden Cash. Tap on the “Get Madden Cash” at the bottom of your screen from the home page to watch the ads and earn free madden cash.

2. How To Earn Coins On Madden Mobile?

There are many ways you can earn coins on madden mobile. You can earn points by playing Live Events and Head-to-Head matches. You can use all your stamina to play these games and can earn between 4,000 and 10,000 coins. You can also earn a significant amount of coins by selling players from your bench. This is a very fast way to collect a lot of coins. You can also trade your Bronze Players to get a 2-Trophy pack and earn coins. You can also collect coins by selling all the trophies that you get in your 2-Trophy packs. Here is a list of coins that you can earn:

1. Bronze Trophies for 200 coins
2. Silver Trophies for 1,000 to 1,200 coins
3. Gold Trophies for 4,000 coins
4. Elite Trophies for 20,000 to 25,000 coins

3. Can You Buy Madden Mobile Coins?

You can’t buy madden mobile coins but can earn them by playing the game and buying and selling items in the Market. Remember, buying coins from the 3rd party apps is completely illegal and it is also against the rules of the game. If you buy coins from the 3rd party apps then your game account can be banned by the game developers.

4. How Much Does Madden Mobile Cost?

Madden Mobile is a freemium game where you have to spend real money to get madden cash. Here is the list:

1. 200 Madden Cash: $1.99
2. 500 Madden Cash: $4.99
3. 1,050 Madden Cash: $9.99
4. 2,200 Madden Cash: $19.99

5. Can You Gift In Madden Mobile?

If you join a league then you can share gifts with your league members. You can share packs with your friends and help them increase their level.

6. How Do You Get Banners On Madden Mobile?

There are few ways you can get banners in madden mobile. You can get banners from the event chains and sometimes from the blitz events. You can also get banners after successfully completing each divisional path. Bonus objectives are another way of obtaining banners.

7. Who Is The Fastest Player In Madden Mobile?

Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs WR is the fastest player with maximum of 99 speeds and 99 accelerations from Madden 20.

8. Who Is The Best Halfback In Madden 20?

Here is a list of 10 best halfbacks in Madden 20:

1. Todd Gurley – 97 – Los Angeles Rams
2. Ezekiel Elliott – 94 – Dallas Cowboys
3. Le’Veon Bell – 92 – NY Jets
4. Melvin Gordon III – 92 – Los Angeles Chargers
5. Saquon Barkley – 91 – NY Giants
6. Christian McCaffrey – 91- Carolina Panthers
7. Kareem Hunt – 90 – Cleveland Browns
8. Alvin Kamara – 90 – New Orleans Saints
9. Devonta Freeman – 89 – Atlanta Falcons
10.Joe Mixon – 88 – Cincinnati Bengals

9. Who Is The Best Player On Madden 20?

Here is a list of 10 best players in Madden 20:

1. Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams defensive end — 99 Overall
2. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans wide receiver — 99 Overall
3. Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears linebacker — 99 Overall
4. Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks linebacker — 99 Overall
5. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver — 98 Overall
6. Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers linebacker — 98 Overall
7. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback — 98 Overall
8. David Bakhtiari, Green Bay Packers offensive tackle — 97 Overall
9. Odell Beckham Jr., Cleveland Browns wide receiver — 97 Overall
10. Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback — 97 Overall

Final Thoughts

Madden Mobile is an excellent game to play in your free time. I hope you have found the above information helpful. If you have any suggestions regarding this article then leave it in the comment section. I value every opinion from my readers. Happy gaming!      

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