17 Perfect Gift Ideas For Accountants!

Do you know of any accountant that has touched your life in one way or the other? If so, gift them with items like wall art, calculators, stationeries, travel mug, coffee brew, watches, and headphones. Don’t let this holiday comes to an end without surprising them to let them know that someone appreciates their hard work.

Accountants have one of the most mind-numbing jobs in the world and therefore deserve gifts to motivate them in their work. With all the figure crunching that they do to ensure our finances are in the right order, they undoubtedly require something to brighten their days at work.

Finding the ideal gift is never easy, so we took the hard work to help you. We have listed 17 best gifts ideas that are sure to make any accountant smile. Read through for the most thoughtful present worth any occasion.

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Top 10 gift ideas for accountants

  1. Travel mug
  2. Stationery and pen
  3. Custom-T-shirt
  4. Hat for Accountants
  5. Headphones
  6. A wallet
  7. Wall art
  8. Stylish calculator
  9. A new tie
  10. Single-cup coffee brewer

What are the five critical qualities of accounting careers?

Here are the best five critical qualities for an accountant:

  1. Service-oriented mindset- As much as accounting is about crunching numbers still its people’s business. So, accountants are required to have a certain level of enthusiasm and subtlety in handling their clients as people.
  2. Innovativeness-just because accounting is all about numbers does not mean accountants need not be creative. The best accountant will not once settle for inferior methods when there is an excellent method to use for better solutions.
  3. Reliability and trustworthiness- The information shared by clients to their accountants must at no time be leaked to third parties, whether intentionally or accidentally. So, Trust is the top thing for accountants.
  4. Strong Organizational Skills -The best accountants should hold strong organizational skills. Each data and paperwork ought to be accounted for at all times.
  5. Vigilance- the laws regarding tax are always prone to changes, and therefore accountants must be vigilant to notice and adapt the changes.

Here are the gift ideas for accounting that you can think of:

Single-cup coffee brewer

Accountants, without a doubt, ought to be focused and conscious of performing their duties effectively. At times a cup of coffee is the most excellent way to attain this. But there is no need to prepare a whole pot each time they require a pick-me-up. That’s why gifting accountants a single-serve coffee brewer is the best idea ever. It will be an excellent count to any accountant’s office.

There are numerous single coffee makers in the market to choose from. If your wish is to settle for this particular gift, you can consider Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker.

Here is why:

BrandKeurig (a number one bestseller for single cup coffee brewer)
MaterialPlastic (durable)
Single-serve coffee6, 8, & 10 oz (you get to choose brew size)
Water Reservoir Capacity48 oz removable (large enough to brew many cups of coffee before having to refill)
Other benefitsFeatures large 48-ounce water reservoir hence permits you to brew numerous cups of coffee before having to refill, saving your time.
 Saves energy as its auto-off feature is easily programmed to turn off after being idle for two hours.
 Easy to use.
 Cleaning is effortless as one needs to apply the descaling process, and it’s done.

Travel mug

If buying a brewer seems a little bit expensive to you, then you can gift an accountant a travel mug. You find that most professionals, including accountants, don’t have time to have coffee comfortably at home each morning. A travel mug could be what they need to carry and enjoy coffee at the workplace. Even on travels the present will come in handy.

There are several top travel mugs in the market, and it’s upon you to find the ideal one for your accountant. Meantime, you can settle for one from Contigo brand due to its amazing features.

These are tabled below:

BrandContigo (Well-known to use a combination of intelligent design and innovative technologies in coming up with their products)
ColorVarious (pick your favorite)
Sizes16oz, 20oz, & 24 oz (pick your preferred size)
Other benefitsThe lids of this coffee mug are sealed, hence leak and spill-proof.
 Thermal vacuum insulation allows the drink to stay hot for up to 7 hours
 Hassle-free to clean, given that its lid is dishwasher safe.
 Has auto-seal button locks to secure the content

Stationery and pen

Being the best accountants doesn’t come easy. There is hard work that one need to put and use of stationery and pen in it is unavoidable. Hence you should consider buying personalized pen or set of customized stationery to your favorite accountant. The presents will not only help them in their work but also will make them think of you and your thoughtful gift! So, you will never disappoint with such a gift that accountants get to use in their daily work.

Maple Twist BallPoint Pen Custom Engraved with your logo or text is one that you can consider. It comes with fantastic features tabled below:

MaterialSolid Maple wood (durable)
Measurements5-3/4″ L x ½” W (can fit one’s hands perfectly)
Other benefitsThese pens provide a sophisticated look for any accountant among other employees and business people.  
 Facilitate smooth writing due to German ink cartridge with ceramic ball

Custom T-shirt

Gifts for accountants can be effortless to identify, especially if you take into consideration clothing. Gifting them with a custom-shirt is thoughtful and practical. You can look for a tee with broad words stating “We Accounts on You,” “Number one accountant,” or whatsoever expression you feel amount your gratitude. If you feel like not customizing a tee, there are many more t-shirts that have accounting-themed jokes and witticisms on them. To name a few: “Sweetheart Best Accountant,” “I’m An Accountant Not A Magician,” and more.

If you settle for a tee as a gift, you can opt for I Survived Tax Season T-shirt due to amazing features below:

BrandAccounting professional shirts (manufactures tees with accountants in mind)
ColorVarious (go for your favorite)
Fit type mMen and Women (perfect for both gender)
SizesVarious (Choose your accountant preferred size)
Other benefitsOne can use a machine to wash for stress-free maintenance.
 Lightweight, hence can’t add much weight to you.
 They are made from 100% cotton, hence warm.
 They feature a classic fit, double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Hat for accountants

Items with funny or pretty sayings without a doubt are great gifts for accountants. I think gifting them with hats with funny accountant words is a good thing. They can wear the hat at a casual workday, home, or office party. So, you at no time disappoint with such a gift. That offers protection on sunny and rainy days.

Controller Gear, The Legend Of Zelda Baseball Hat, is one that will surely catch your attention. It comes packed with the following fantastic features:

BrandController Gear Store (sells stylish items)
ColorVarious (choose your desired color)
Material85% Acrylic, 15% wool (durable)
Other benefitsCome in standard sizes that fit most. Snap closure provides for adjustment for a comfortable fit.
The design is loved by most men

Noise-canceling headphones

Concentration is crucial when it comes to crunching out the figures. When the office turns noisy, the accountants will be thankful for a beautiful set of headphones that will assist them distillate on their routine and tune out any interruptions.  A great follow-up gift can be an iTunes so that they can download free songs to enjoy.

You can go for COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones due to features given in the table below:

BrandCOWIN (Well-known to manufacture quality accessories)
ConnectionsBluetooth (one can use their Bluetooth phone for connection)
ConnectorNoise Cancelling headphones Bluetooth (help you avoid disruptions and sound in the workplace)
Other benefitsWith its professional Active Noise Cancelling Technology, any accountant can focus on anything they want to do.
 One can enjoy music better due to its powerful sound.
 The headphones feature a high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls
 Lightweight, hence you will fill comfortable putting it on your head.
 With its 600mAh battery, one can enjoy music for 30 hours a long time free of any disruptions.

A wallet

There is no doubt any accountant loves working with figures and money. Gifting them a wallet is one way of extending what they like to their personal life. For the male accountant, select a long-lasting, sleek wallet with sufficient space for credit cards. On the other hand, the female needs a wallet with many pockets to distinguish cards, coins, and other personal items.

If your accountant is a man, you can settle for one from SERMAN BRANDS.

Check its amazing features below:

BrandSERMAN (known to manufacture products that efficiently escalate gentlemen’s time management)
ColorVarious ( pick your desired color)
Material TypeFull Grain Leather (durable)
Other benefitsThey feature leather lining for durability purposes.
 The wallet is armed with innovative RFID safe technology to protect valuable information from unauthorized scans.
 Features minimal pull-tab design to minimize task
 Its slim and stylish design is attractive.
 Faster access of the cards is made sure by  smart pull-strap
 The wallet has many pockets to help accountants store their belongings in an organized way.

Wall art

There is no doubt about gifting an amazing wall art to your accountant. One will be left gazing at the office wall the whole day that helps them relax whenever they feel overwhelmed with work. The gift is an excellent way of expressing your gratitude and care in a way that remains unforgettable for generations to come.

There are many thoughtful wall arts for you to choose from in the market. However, Accountant Chalkboard Wall Art by Paper Blast is one that remains irresistible.

Here is why:

BrandPaper Blast (Known for quality customized wall arts)
Size18 x 24 inch (enough to fit your wall perfectly)
MaterialGlossy Coated paper (durable)
Other benefitsEasy to frame.
 It can be gifted to any expert accountant or newly graduated accountant.
 They are printed with vibrant color inks, making it attractive.

Stylish calculator

Accountants love working with numbers. So, there is no doubt they need calculators to help them in working out some calculations. Note that the accountant you’re buying for already has calculators, so you need to look for a stylish one. This way, their calculations will be more fun, helping them go through their daily routine without getting bored.

If you go for a calculator, Helect Standard Function Desktop Calculator will sort you out.   This calculator works with two-way power to makes accountants efficient.

Besides, the calculator comes packed with the outstanding features below:

BrandHelect (famous due to unsurpassed customer care)
Power sourceSolar, Battery (two is always better than one)
Weight3.52 ounces (not quite hefty)
Other benefitsErgonomically designed for relaxing and comfortable feel
 Large 12-digit display that is stress-free to use

A new tie

Adding a new tie to accountant’s collection leave them with various options to choose from. Try hard to find one in their favorite color, or one with numbers or currency. If your accountant is female, then you can add to their wardrobe some accountant -themed jewelry. In doing so, you will have brightened their day.

Josh Bach Men’s Silk Necktie is a perfect pick that won’t disappoint you regardless of the occasion. This tie comes in a tin can, ready to gift to your accountant and make them feel worthy.

What makes josh Bach Men’s Silk Necktie an ideal gift?

BrandJosh Bach (known to manufacture unique and stylish ties)
Material100% pure silk (doesn’t fade quickly)
Other benefitsFeatures symbols for the Dollar, Euro, Yen, and Pound Sterling, hence perfect for accountant.
 With its understated and whimsical design, you are sure any accountant loves it.

 Accounting aprons

Does your accountant like cooking? If yes, then gift them an elegant apron, and they will be thankful. To make it more convincing, choose the one that combines the wittiness of an accountant with a passion for meals. In doing so, you are sure to lighten up their day.

If you desire is to settle for this particular gift, then you can opt for Seasoned CPA funny Accountant Name Adult Apron. This apron is simple yet effective and is perfect for birthday and retirement.

Why Seasoned CPA funny Accountant Name Adult Apron?

BrandZazzle Home (Designs made by an accounting celebrity)
SizeStandard (fit almost every adult)
ColorVarious (choose your favorite)
Material used35/65 cotton-poly twill blend (durable)
Other benefitsThey feature three spacious front pockets, hence ideal for all tools and utensil while cooking
 Hassle-free to wash, given that its machine washable.
 It is printed “Seasoned CPA,” making it perfect for any accountant.

Figurine desk decorations

Sometimes small gifts might convey a lot of meaningful messages while also adding something exceptional to the office. This is the high time for you to give a personalized or funny gift to any accountant in your life. If, for instance, your accountant is a comic book fan, you can get them figurines of their desired characters like spiderman, Tron, or Han Solo. As well, if your accountant is a dog-enthusiast, you get them accountant-dog figurines,

If your accountant loves dogs, you can settle for NO. DOOG1198 Rottweiler Accountant Doogie Collectable figurine. The figurine is affordable, yet it can win the heart of your accountant.

That’s not all; the figurine comes with exceptional features tabled below:

BrandConversation Concepts (known for unique figurines)
StylesVarious (choose your favorite style)
Other benefitsThere are various styles to select from
 Perfect for any accountant who adores dogs, given that it incorporates the dog in it.

Accountant themed bangle bracelet

Do you know of any accountant women? If so, gift her with a bangle bracelet, and you are sure to brighten her face. Bangle bracelets are among the few items that are sure to wins any woman’s heart. Anytime she wears the bangle bracelet, you will always be remembered for the thoughtful present! Personalizing the gift will make it an even more fantastic gift.

One that will look amazing on any lady is CPA Accountant Silver Expandable Charm Bracelet Adjustable Bangle.

Check its amazing features below:

BrandJules Obsession (known for its quality handmade artisan jewelry)
Material usedSterling silver and stainless steel (durable)
Other benefitsOne can adjust the bangle for an ideal fit due to its double loop expandable wire bangle concept.
 It does not add much weight as it is light
 The stainless-steel split rings attach charms to bangle safeguarding charms.

Personalized business card holder

Every professional like an accountant requires a business cardholder. It is a simple item, yet adds lots of functional and artistic value to the office space. Gifting your accountant with such a present is one way to acknowledge their work. You can personalize the cardholder to make it a more presentable and beautiful gift. In doing so, you will always be remembered for the rest of your life!

If the gift touches you, and you need one, go for Personalized tax professional CPA desktop business cardholder. This cardholder is made from wood, and as you know, wood depicts sophisticated stylishness. Plus, it bears your accountant personalized details that compliment to its meaning.

Other features of this outstanding cardholder include:

Material usedWood (elegant and durable)
Max text included36 char (enough for your name and your profession)
Other benefitsThey are made from wood to add sophisticated elegance.
 The calculator image in it makes the gift perfect for the financial theme.
 Personalized details it bears makes it more meaningful.

Decanter set

Is your accountant whiskey lover? If yes, then this gift is the one that he will never forget. Every time he takes a sip of the whiskey, you will be remembered for your care and love! So, don’t let this holiday come to an end without surprising your accountant with a decanter set.

You can consider 5-Piece European Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set that is sure to look elegant one every table. But what makes them more unique is that the set is manufactured and crafted of lead-free material hence safer for storing and drinking alcohol.

Why Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set?

BrandFineDine (Hold high standard for kitchenwares)
Decanter glass capacity25 oz (Enough to hold liquor)
Other benefitsThe set comes completely protected with polyethylene foam and attractively packaged embossed magnetic closure gift box, making it an excellent gift for any loved ones.
 The decanter features rolled rim opening for smooth pouring.
 Hassle-free to wash, given that its dishwasher safe
 It features an elegant and unique design, making it impressive.

Account keychain

Are you looking for a unique gift that your accountant will not ever forget? A keychain is an excellent option in this regard, you know why? Because they will always carry it around, especially if you pick an attractive one.  You can opt for Calculator Keychain that the accountant won’t dream of leaving behind.

The keychain is almost linked to all charms, including accountant gift, numbers, mathematics, and math geek. So, you will never disappoint accountants with such a gift.

Why Calculator Keychain?

MaterialSilver-plated findings (Durable)
Length2.5 inches (Perfect length for keychains)
Other BenefitsThe keychain features a calculator charm to showcase accountant love for figures.
 It allows for personalization to make it more presentable

Wine glass

It’s hard to deny the fact that accounting and wine go hand in hand. So, gifting accounts with a wine glass could be the best idea. After all, there is no better way of relaxing their mind than enjoying every sip of wine from an elegant wine glass.

If your wish is to settle for this gift, you can consider “Because Clients Funny Wine glass.” This wine glass, without a doubt, is sure to add a touch of humor to accountant everyday wine session.

What makes “Because Clients Funny Wine glass,” ideal for gifting?

BrandKimHeart ( known for quality personalized wine glasses)
MaterialGlass (Durable)
Capacity16.5 fluid ounces (large enough to quench your thirst for wine)
Other BenefitsMade from high-quality material, hence can serve you for so long.

Final Words

There is nothing better in this world than showing your gratitude for someone who performs their job well. Gift any accountant with the mentioned above items, and they will feel grateful and appreciated. In turn, they will be motivated to work harder!

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