15 Impressive Gift Ideas For Bodybuilders!

Get into the bodybuilder’s mind by getting them practical presents that will better their performance. Gifts such as gym clothes, fitness tracker wristband, adjustable dumbbell set, water bottles, inversion table, food scale, bathroom scale, arm curl blaster, among others, are the best. Even if they have them already, any additional will be greatly appreciated. 

Do you know bodybuilding requires resilience and handwork? If you know any bodybuilder, you need to appreciate them for their determination. Be it on mother’s day, father’s Day, Valentine’s day, birthday, or any other special occasion, the item you choose should reflect what a bodybuilder does. This means picking one requires you to do thorough research for an item that will impress your loved one. Not easy, right?

Worry not; below is a list of 15 thoughtful gifts that every bodybuilder will appreciate. Read on!

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Top 10 gifts for bodybuilders 

  1. Food Scale 
  2. Gymwear
  3. Shaker Bottle  
  4. Gym Bag 
  5. Large water bottle 
  6. Full-Length Mirror 
  7. Fitness Tracker Wristband 
  8. Adjustable Dumbbell set 
  9. Bathroom scale 
  10. Wireless Headphones 

What do you get as a gym freak gift?

You can get the following for a gym freak:

  1. Gym bag
  2. Jogger pants
  3. Books on Yoga
  4. Health trackers and planners 
  5. Wireless headphones 
  6. Blenders for healthy shakes 

What do bodybuilders lift?

Bodybuilding results in greater strength and muscles. Bodybuilders work on heavy lifts like the squat, bench press, or deadlift to gain such massive muscles and strength. 

What does every bodybuilder need?

The bodybuilders need the following:

  1. Timer 
  2. Support gear 
  3. Their post-workout 
  4. Their pre-workout 
  5. Belt 
  6. Lifting straps 

Here are gift ideas for Bodybuilders worth considering:

Food scale

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There is no doubt the most successful bodybuilders stay on a particular cutting or bulking diet plan depending on their targeted needs. The number one effective way for them to reach their physique goals is to adhere to a specific diet plan. Gifting bodybuilders with a food scale is, therefore, a brilliant idea. It helps them accomplish their goals in ensuring they weigh food to calculate macronutrients and calories accurately. So, you will at no time troubled them with such a gift. 

You can go for the Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale due to features shown in the table below:

Brand Weighmax (known to manufacture perfect scales for measuring ingredients)
Material Plastic (long-lasting)
Weight limit5 pounds (for precise measurements)
Other benefitsThe food scale features a backlit LCD.
Very sensitive; hence it can make bodybuilder’s work quite easier
Features a removable bowl that is quite easier to clean and store
With its mode keys, you can easily change the measurement units
The on/off key help subtract the weight of an empty container or tray for net weight.


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There is no doubt every bodybuilder requires excellent gym attire to train in. Gifting them with gym clothes, therefore, will be a nice idea. The most crucial factor to keep in mind while buying them gym wear ought to be comfort and fit that permits for a complete range of movement during exercise. Plus, the gym wear should at least show off their hard-earned physique. This will not only motivate them but also let them watch their muscles working during the exercises. 

There are different types of gym wear in the market. It’s upon you to choose your favorite one for your beloved bodybuilder. If your motives are to settle for gym wears, consider Pitbull Gym Dri-fit Hemmed Workout Cut Tank Top. 

Here is why:

Brand Pitbull Gym Store (known for high-quality gym wears)
Fit True to size (doesn’t change size even after washing)
Size Various (Choose your bodybuilders size)
Material 100% polyester (Eco-friendly)
Other benefitsHassle-free to wash, given that its machine washable
Comfortably fit to allow a complete range of motions during an intense workout
Seams are constructed to reduce uncomfortable chafing. 
The gym wear is made from 100% DRI-FIT poly material; hence your body will be kept dry since the fabric wicks moisture away 

Shaker bottles 

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It’s hard to deny the fact that every bodybuilder drinks protein shakes. The simplest way to make protein shake is by using a shaker bottle. Therefore, gifting bodybuilders with such a present is an exceptionally amazing idea. Even though the bodybuilder has one already, he will still appreciate it. This is because shaker bottles can get lost, or they sometimes need to be disposed of after using it for a long time. 

You can consider Blender Bottle Classic Shaker Bottle due to its amazing features tabled below: 

Brand Blender Bottles (known for unmatched customer care and premium quality products)
Material Plastic (long-lasting)
Capacity 1.8 Pounds (enough to satisfy bodybuilders diets needs)
Color Various (pick bodybuilder favorite color)
Safety BPA and phthalate-free, hence safe to use
Other benefitsWith its wide mouth, one can easily add mix scoops and liquids.
Dishwasher safe, hence hassle-free to wash
With its flip cap, the contents inside will be kept safe. 
The bottle shaker is equipped with a loop to make carrying quite easier. 
Its screw-on lid makes a leak-proof seal 
The bottle shaker uses 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk for patent mixing.  

Gym bag 

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If you are purchasing a gift for a bodybuilder who does not train at home, then you ought to consider buying him a gym bag. The bag should be large enough to hold training accessories such as belts, bands, rollers, mini foam, chalk, water bottles, among others. Preferably, the bag must have a few different pouches and sections for unraveling different kinds of accessories. Also, buy a bag for him that cannot rip or tear quite easily. 

If your settle for this specific kind of gift, consider Outdoor Products Mountain Duffle Bag. This bag is exceptionally great for carrying gears to gym and team sports events because of its large main compartment. 

Why consider Outdoor Products Mountain Duffle Bag?

Brand Outdoor Products (known for unsurpassed customer care)
Sizes Various (pick your preferred size)
Capacity 56.6 liter (enough to accommodate all builders’ items)
Other benefitsThe bag is versatile in that you can use it for hauling gears to the gym or for a camping adventure. 
Features a large main compartment with U-shaped and dual-zippered opening for effortless loading 
Removable adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying comfortable 
The capacity of the bag is large enough to hold all gym gears for bodybuilders. 

Large water bottle 

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Staying hydrated must be a topmost consideration for each bodybuilder. So, gifting them with a large water bottle is the best thing. Without appropriate hydration, the body cannot burn calories/fat effectively. Plus, dehydration can cause a substantial reduction in performance. The bodybuilders are required to drinks 0.75 to 1.0 gallons of water every day. They need a big water bottle that can be filled only twice a day to avoid disturbances during workout routines. 

You can consider Hydro Flask Water Bottle following the features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Hydro Flask (known for unbeaten customer care and premium quality products) 
Capacity64 oz (large enough to keep athletes hydrated all day)
Color Various (Pick the color that catches your eye)
Material Stainless steel (long-lasting)
Other benefitsBPA-free and Phthalate-free, hence safe to use
Can keep cold beverages for 24 hours and hot one for 12 hours upon using a lid, thus will serve a bodybuilder best 
The glass bottle is made from 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel to guarantee pure taste and no flavor transfer. 
Features a powder coat for an effortless grip 

Full-length mirror 

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There is no doubt every bodybuilder likes to view his body in a mirror.  Therefore, gifting them with a large, full-length mirror is a great gift idea. It’s part of art or sport for all bodybuilders to see their progress in a mirror and try to find where improvement ought to be made. Plus, bodybuilders who participate in competitions require to at least practice their posing routine.  

One that is sure to sort you big time is Adesso Alice Simple, Modern Full-Length Mirror with Brushed Steel Folding Frame following. Its foldable feature allows for convenient storage; thus, you don’t have to worry where your loved one will keep it.

Besides, the mirror comes with the amazing features below:

Brand Adesso (known to design practical and stylish items such as mirrors, chairs, coffee tables, and multi-functional tables)
Dimension 59 x 13.5 x 14.5 -inches (perfect dimension)
Other benefitsThe mirror is ideal for capturing head to toe and offer natural light. 
Features stable and sturdy construction  
Made from durable materials, hence can serve your loved one for decades.
The powder-coated champagne steel finish of this mirror adds an ideal touch that will complement any style of décor 

Fitness tracker wristband 

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Nowadays, wearable trackers are used by many athletes worldwide. Gifting bodybuilders with such a gift is therefore worthy and recommendable. These trackers record and track different kinds of biometric data, such as estimated calories burned, time sleep, and steps taken, among others. Also, these trackers have apps that use to synchronize the data to and use to accomplish gym goals. The trackers are excellent for bodybuilders who are trying to burn calories by increasing total activity. With the ability to view their progress, there is no doubt they will be happy. 

There are several brands out there, but you can go for Fitbit. They are the best in terms of app functionality, hardware quality, and other features.

What makes Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker an ideal option?

Brand Fitbit (have proven themselves to be good for the past few years, in term of quality)
Color Various (Select your favorite)
Other benefitsHas 15 exercise modes to choose from
The tracker automatically records time spent in deep, light, and REM sleep stages. 
Swim-proof and water-resistant; hence your loved one can track swimwear in the shower
With this tracker, one will understand their resting heart rate and measurement of calorie burn. 

Adjustable dumbbell set 

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Several bodybuilders have a small home gym, and this dumbbell set, without a doubt, will be treasured as a gift. The dumbbell set is frequently a more useful piece of the tool compared to a barbell set since it permits more freedom during your workout. They largely let more motion to take place and offer better shoulder positioning, hence leading to superior sculpting effects.

The good thing with an adjustable dumbbell is that they don’t occupy much space than the non-adjustable one. Plus, it’s less costly yet will give your bodybuilder the same benefits as the expensive set. You can decide to go for One Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells Kits -200lbs since it is made from premium quality cast iron and features strong chrome handles.

That’s not all; the recommended set comes with amazing features below:

Brand Unipack (known for high-quality equipment’s)
Weight 200lbs (enough to build your muscles)
Other BenefitsThe set collars and handles are threaded for a secure fit.
Quite easy to set up as no tools are required to do so
It is small, hence convenient and easy to store

Bathroom scale

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During the bodybuilding development, bodybuilders need to weigh themselves and record their body masses. In doing so, they will efficiently track their progress from time to time. The essential piece of tracking data is by use of scale. So, you can help bodybuilders do that by gifting them with a bathroom scale.  

If you settle for this gift, consider EatSmart Products Free Body Tape Measure.  With its four high precision sensors, you are assured of accurate measurements of up to 400 pounds. The LCD of this scale has a bright blue backlight to make it visible in any light. So, this scale is an excellent gift that each bodybuilder is sure to appreciate. 

Why EatSmart Products Free Body Tape Measure?

Brand EatSmart Products (known to manufacture scales which are engineered to highest precision standards)
Material Glass (long-lasting)
Other benefitsThe scale features an LCD with a bright blue backlight.; hence it is visible in any light.
The scale thick tempered glass is break-proof and non-slip. 
Can turn on automatically
Auto-calibrated and comes with four AAA batteries for easy use
Comes with easy to understand manual, thus stress-free for new users to use 
With its four-precision measurement, one is assured of accurate measurements. 
Comprises FREE tape measure to trail body changes and auto-off feature to conserve the 4 AAA batteries.

Wireless headphones 

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It’s pretty cool to listen to music on your phone while training. However, it’s annoying when the headphones get pulled out of your ears mid-session.  The best idea to help bodybuilders overcome those challenges is by gifting them a pair of wireless headphones.  Ensure you are getting them a decent wireless headphone that is designed for gym-goers. 

One such is PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones designed with an earbud that adopts Bluetooth 5.0 and lossless HD rendering technology. The resulting yield unbelievable sound quality with crisp crystal treble that is sure to win the heart of all bodybuilders.

Check below other amazing features of  PASONOMI Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Headphones:

Brand PASONOMI (Well-known for unmatched premium quality accessories) 
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth (easy to use)
Headphones Foam Factor In-Ear (Perfect for bodybuilders) 
Other benefitsResistant to rain, water, and sweat, hence ideal for jogging, gym, yoga, fitness, traveling, and running
The earbuds provide 3-4 hours of continuous music playtime for a single complete charge. 
One can use the charging case to charge their smartphone.
The earbud is equipped with one-step pairing technology making it stress-free to use

Weightlifting shoes

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Gifting your favorite bodybuilder with weightlifting shoes will be an amazing idea. These kinds of shoes allow bodybuilders to apply the possible all-out force to the ground when lifting. They offer much-required constancy and ankle mobility during a gym workout.

If you are impressed with these shoes and are willing to settle for one, consider Adidas powerlift 3.1 Men’s Weight Lifting shoes.  Unlike ordinary sports shoes, their heels are made from solid material and are raised a bit; hence bodybuilders cannot easily slip or slide when they lift heavy weights. 

What makes Adidas powerlift 3.1 Men’s Weight Lifting shoes to stand out?

Brand Adidas (known for unmatched high-quality products)
Weight 2.2 Pounds (cannot add much weight to bodybuilders) 
Other benefitsConstructed with an extra-wide design to allow the builder’s feet to spread 
The synthetic shoe uppers enhance support and durability. 
Feature a breathable mesh collar for comfortable wear
With its uppers and midfoot strap, your loved one is assured of enough security


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Bodybuilders are required to take a lot of diets rich in proteins. This frequently means eating different kinds of meat, from chicken breast to steaks. The good cut of meat has plenty of fat; hence bodybuilders need to spend more hours at the gym to burn those fats. Gifting them grills is the best thing.  Most grills are made using non-stick coating; hence less oil requires to be used. This means the meat will not have much fat on them anymore. 

You can settle for George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill following the features displayed in the table below:

Brand George Foreman (Well-known for unmatched high-quality grills)
Material Metal (durable)
Grill surface144 square inches (large enough to allow one to make up to nine meals at a time)
Other benefitsFeatures a ready indicator sign to make your work quite easier. 
Has dual cooking positions; hence one can cook two meals at the same time 
With its advanced heating elements, there is even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery
With its durable grill plates, your bodybuilder is assured of adequate grilling power for all their favorite food.
Has non-stick coating, hence effortless to clean and eliminates the need for oil and butter
Its sloped grilling surface helps eliminate up to 42% of fat for lean, tasty meat. 

Arm curl blaster 

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Does your bodybuilder love to train for biceps? If yes, gifting him with arm curl blaster will be a nice idea. An arm curl blaster will help him train biceps more powerfully and with improved form.  It ensures the elbows are in the right position for optimal biceps activation. An arm curl blaster is an ideal gift for lifters who go to a commercial gym and practice at home. So, you will never upset them with such a present.

You can consider DMOOSE Fitness Arm Curl Blaster for Biceps due to features highlighted in the table below:

Brand DMOOSE (known for creating long-lasting fitness products that support each rep, workout, and goal)
Color Various (choose your preferred color)
Other benefitsThis arm curl blaster helps create stronger, more intense biceps muscles by ensuring the elbows stay in the right position. 
Helps bodybuilders get stronger arms and shoulders, which generates strength for other common actions. 
Features foam neck padding and a thick padded elbow pad to increase builders’ comfort and safety

Blender machine 

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Bodybuilders spent most of their time at the gym, and meal preparation can be a tedious task. Getting them a blender machine can be the best thing you can do. This tool provides the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrients. With such tools, a bodybuilder can make quick protein shakes. Also, the issue of cleaning won’t be a problem anymore. 

For the best blender machine, consider buying one from Nutribullet. 

The 600W Nutrient Extractor has the following features:

Brand NutriBullet (known for good care of its customers)
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic (Durable)
Voltage 110120 volts (perfect volts to fasten the work)
Other benefitsThe Nutribullet provides the quickest and easiest solution for making nutrients.
With its powerful 600-watt motor and nutrient-extraction blades, your bodybuilder’s work will be made easier.
Hassle-free to clean.
Its plastic cups are BPA-free.

Inversion table

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Does your favorite bodybuilder complain of back pains and aches? If yes, get them an inversion table. The bodybuilders who use an inversion table feel so good on their backs. So, your bodybuilders with appreciate such a gift.

You can opt for Innova Heavy Duty Inversion Table following the features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Innova Health and Fitness (known to manufacture high-quality gym tools)
Weight capacity300lbs (most bodybuilders are below that weight capacity)
Other benefitsFeatures a headrest pad with a big and comfortable padded backrest
One can easily change their positioning given that this inversion table features six positioning adjustable pin system, 

Final thought 

Thoughtful and practical presents like mentioned above are all that bodybuilders need. Choose your preferred gift and let your bodybuilder feel loved!

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