15 Thoughtful Dental Gift Ideas For Dental Hygienists!

Dental hygienists are important people in this word. Whether they are your friend, family, or you see them one in a while for a check-up, they deserve to be appreciated. Themed Gifts such as mugs, tumblers, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, keychain, hoodie, t-shirt, ornament, and wall art will easily win their Heart. When a chance knocks, reward them!

If you happen to experience persistent pain with your teeth and your dental hygienist helps you out, you will surely know they deserve a gift. The fact that you paid for the services doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to gift them anything. Gifting them is a way of appreciation for their hard work and job well done. 

Trying to figure out the best gifts for your dental hygienist can be an uphill task, especially if you are not aware of hygienist needs. Don’t worry anymore; we have listed 15 gifts that are sure to lighten up the moods of any dental hygienist. 

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Top 10 dental hygienists gift ideas

  1. Teeth pots 
  2. Dental charm bracelet 
  3. Hygienist coffee 
  4. Ornament  
  5. Dental earrings 
  6. Dental wall art 
  7. Dental hygienist keychain
  8. Dental hygienist necklace 
  9. Dental themed tee 
  10. Dentist stemless wine glass 

What major does a dental hygienist need?

A dental hygienist requires an associate’s degree in dental hygiene.  Also, there is the availability of a Bachelor’s and master’s options for dental hygiene.  The bachelor’s or master’s degree are only needed for teaching, clinical practice, or research in learning institutions for health programs. 

What is the best gift for dentists?

The following are a few among the best gifts a dentist:

  1. Personalized plagues
  2. An excellent pair of shoes
  3. A tumbler 
  4. Dental themed artwork
  5. A mug 
  6. Dental themed socks
  7. Dental tools

You take a step and pick your favorite one from the mentioned list. 

What is the highest pay for a dental hygienist?

According to research undertaken in 2018, the dental hygienists made a salary of $ 74 820. The best-paid among the hygienist earned $89,610 that year, while the lowest-paid earned $62 490. So, it’s a well-paying profession. 

Does dental hygienist get bonuses?

Dental hygienist deals with hourly plus bonus system. In this bonus system, hygienists secure a certain percentage of what they produce over their target. The most used percent is 10% to 20%. High-performing hygienists get rewarded by a dentist with no need to raise base pay. So, like any other professional, the hygienist gets a bonus for a job well done.  

What are the best schools for dental hygienists?

The following are the few best schools for dental hygienist:

  1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  2. Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
  3. Texas A&M
  4. New York University 
  5. University of Pittsburgh 
  6. University of Southern California 

If one happens to attend any of the mentioned schools, then rest assure they will turn out to be the best dental hygienist.

What is harder dental hygiene or nursing?

Nursing is tougher as a career when compared to dental hygiene. Most dental hygienists perform similar tasks each day while nurses assume different duties depending on their work station. 

How many hours a week do dental hygienists work?

Most dental hygienists treat one patient per hour in an eight-hour day.  Numerous dental hygienists opt to work for 3 to 4 days every week, and they might work in more than one dental clinic. 

Here are the dental hygienist gift ideas worth your consideration:

Teeth pots 

No products found.

Are you looking for an ideal gift for a dental hygienist in your life? If yes, gift him with a teeth pot. They will be filled with joy, and your friendship will be treasured forever! The good thing with such a gift is that it works equally well in the office or home. So, you will, on no occasion, upset your dentist hygienist with it. 

If you are looking forward to surprising your dental assistant with one, consider Gift Prod 2 Pcs Teeth Pots White Ceramic Succulent Planter pots. This teeth pot is ideal for displaying one’s small succulent but can also hold and organize a variety of other office tools and equipment. So, there is no doubt your dental assistant will love it. 

Why 2 Pcs Teeth Pots White Ceramic Succulent Planter pots?

Brand Gift (known to come up with modern and unique products)
Dimensions (10 x 7) cm (Give perfect display at your home or office)
Material Ceramic (Durable)
Other Benefits The pot is perfect for displaying live plants and holding a variety of office equipment. 
Every planter comes with a draining hole that permits water to flow via the soil and into the saucer.
This tree pot weighs 14.4 ounces; hence you can move from one place to another effortlessly. 

Dental charm bracelet 

No products found.

There is no better way of expressing your love or any other sentiment for someone than gifting them with a piece of jewelry. Therefore, surprising your dental assistants in your life with a dental charm bracelet will be the best idea. Like any other jewelry, the dental bracelet will last up for a lifetime, and for that, you will always be remembered for this thoughtful gift!  

If you desire to settle for this particular gift, consider Miss Pink Dentist Gifts Bangle Charm Bracelet. 

Here is why:

Brand Miss Pink (known for its high-quality jewelry)
Material Stainless steel (Durable)
Other Benefits The dental themed bangle is including teeth, toothpaste, floss charms, and a toothbrush, making it a perfect gift for your dental hygienist.
The charms are antique silver plated and are made from eco-friend zinc alloy.
The charms cannot fall off easily, given that they are attached using stable stainless-steel hoops. 
The package includes a gift bag to make it more presentable. 

Hygienist coffee mug 

No products found.

Gifting your dental hygienist with a coffee mug will be a nice idea. They will use the mug happily and often. The amazing thing with such a gift is that you can present it at any time. Plus, every time your dentist takes their beverage, they will be reminded of your love and appreciation.  

For this gift, consider Mark My Words Dental Hygienist. It has the wordings, “Dental hygienists brighten the world one smile at a time” that is sure to uplift the soul of a dentist and motivate them to work harder.

Besides, the mug comes with the amazing features below:

Brand Pavilion Gift Company (well-known when it comes to manufacturing fresh and modern mugs)
Material Ceramic (Long-lasting)
Capacity20 Fluid Ounces (large enough to quench your thirst for coffee or tea)
Color Multicolor (you get to choose one based on your favorite)
Other Benefits Hassle-free to wash given that it is Dishwasher and microwave safe.
The mug is constructed from strong and durable ceramic material.
The capacity of 20-ounce is large enough to satisfy your coffee needs.


No products found.

There is no doubt every dental hygienist requires an ornament to represent their adored profession. So, gifting them with such a gift will be a good idea. Make the ornament more presentable by personalizing with their initials.  The wonderful thing with ornament is that it can be passed from one generation to another. Thus, you will be treasured throughout the lineage of your dentist!

You can opt for Resin Happy Tooth with Brush Dentist Ornament- D2398 due to features shown the table below:

Brand Kurt Adler (Known to specialize in a lovely fully Christmas ornaments and seasonal holiday décor)
Material Polyresin (Durable)
Theme Religious (perfect for any Christian)
Color White (Lovely color)
Other Benefits The ornament is constructed from long-lasting polyresin material.
With this ornament, you will have lovely holiday memories to treasure for many years. 

Dental earrings 

No products found.

Add some sparkle to your Dental hygienist ears with amazing dental Earrings. She will be thankful, and you will be in her mind always! With such kind of earrings, she will not have to introduce her profession anymore. These earrings make fun party earrings. As well, she can wear them with her casual outfit for work. 

There are many kinds of dental Earrings available in the market. You can try to find the perfect one for your dental professional in your life.  one that is sure to sort you out is HYGIENIST Toothpaste & Tooth Brush Earrings.

Check the table for the features that makes it a good option:

Brand From the Heart (known for affordable crystal rhinestone jewelry designs)
Weight 2 Ounces (lightweight)
Other Benefits Cannot tarnish; hence she can use it for many years
Its wires are sterling plated to make it more beautiful. 
Hypoallergenic, hence safe for even those with sensitive skin 

Dental hygienist wall art

No products found.

Even if you have everything, a piece of artwork makes a great gift. It displays effort, consideration, and a flair for gift giving. So, you will never upset your dental hygienists with such a gift.  The excellent thing about art is that it’s a wonderful gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, a wedding, a baby shower, or a “thank you.”  Plus, the art adds décor to your dentist’s home or office. 

If you are looking forward to gifting one for dental hygienists, consider Zlove Large Bathroom Wall Art.

Here is why:

Brand Zlove (known for a high-quality product and superior services)
Color Multi (Gorgeous)
Material Canvas (Durable)
Size 50 x 90cm (Ideal size to add to your home)
Other Benefits The wall art is constructed from high-quality canvas material, which is Fade Resistant.
Easy to use, given that its equipped with hooks for hanging. 

Dental hygienist keychain

No products found.

Keychain, without a doubt, makes a great gift idea given that they are useful and last for decades. It’s a gift your dental hygienists will treasure and remind them of the good times you have spent together. In fact, keychains being small draws a sweet gesture of affection for your dental assistant/hygienists. When buying one for her, ensure it is themed with anything to do with dental to make it more special. 

If you are opting for such a gift, consider Airgoesin 20pcs Keychain Key Ring Hang Tooth Shape due to amazing features tabled:

Brand Airgoesin (Known for high quality and thoughtful products)
Material Resin (Durable)
Color White (Dental hygienist favorite)
Other Benefits The keychains are made from high-quality resin material; hence you can use it for several years. 
The keychains are lightweight, hence cannot add much weight to the owner. 

Dental hygienist necklace 

No products found.

Giving a necklace as a gift is a brilliant idea, you know why? Because it can be meaningful and practical, too! It’s one way of sharing how you feel for someone when you cannot find the correct words. Nothing shows endless love like jewelry!    So, you will, at no point, go wrong by gifting your dental hygienist with a dental hygienist necklace. The amazing thing with such a present is that it can be passed from one generation to the next. Hence, you will live to be remembered for this considerate and thoughtful gift! Isn’t that fabulous? of course, it is. 

You can wish for Lola Bella Crystal Dental Hygienist Assistant Dentist Theme Necklace due to features shown in the table below:

Brand Lola Bella (Well-known for unique and premium quality jewelry) 
Weight 0.8 Ounces (not quite heavy)
Other Benefits Looks exceptionally beautiful
The Necklace is made from long-lasting materials; hence makes a perfect keepsake 
The little charms in the Necklace are super cute. 

Dental themed t-shirt 

No products found.

No one will ever have enough clothes, and therefore, gifting your dental hygienists with a tee will be a good idea. They will be proud while wearing a dental themed tee.  The exciting thing with a tee is that you can present it at any event, whether its birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. Plus, the tee is an inexpensive gift yet carries a powerful message in it.  

If you settle for this particular gift, consider Funny Dentist Dental Hygienist T-shirt. This tee is fun to wear while getting the message across. 

That’s not all; Funny Dentist Dental Hygienist T-shirt comes packed with the features below:

Brand Dental Hygienist Tees (known to come up with unique and high-quality dental tees)
Fit Type Both men and women (unisex)
Color Various (choose your favorite)
Sizes Various (Pick your Size)
Other Benefits The tee can be washed using the machine
Lightweight, hence cannot add much weight to your body
Features a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem that leaves it looking professionally elegant 

Dentist stemless wine glass 

No products found.

If you are looking for a novelty gift with a kick of humor, then wine glass is the one. Gifting your dental hygienist who is a wine enthusiast with one will be something worth it.  They will use it for their favorite wine after a long shift at work.  It will be fun for them to use a dental themed wine glass to sip their preferred wine. 

You can prefer Good, Bad Day, Don’t Even Ak Engraved Stemless Wine Glass due to features showcased in the table below:

Brand Bad Bananas Gifts (well-known for unmatched customer care)
Color Engraved – Dental (Dental hygienist favorite)
Capacity 21oz (generous capacity to quench your desire for wine)
Material Glass (Durable)
Other Benefits The capacity of 21 ounces is at least generous to quench your thirst for your favorite wine.
Manufactured and engraved to the highest standard to offer satisfaction for several years
Appropriate for many other creative uses
The free Engraved Leatherette coaster act like a bonus to make this wine glass more special.

Dentist themed necktie 

No products found.

Let dental hygienists know how much you appreciate their hard work and devotion with this dental themed necktie. They will be delighted for the gift, and you will be cherished forever! The tie will match their suits well. 

If you require one, consider Dentist tooth Necktie. At first glimpse, this tie looks like a piece of clothing, but upon looking it closely, you will notice that it’s covered in little teeth. So, it’s ideal for any man in dentistry.

Why Dentist tooth Necktie?

Brand Dentist Apparel (passionate about creating ties for dentists that are subtle enough to be worn anywhere)
Material Microfiber (lasting)
Other Benefits With its gray color, there is no doubt it is suitable for work. 
Ideal for any man in dentistry as it matches with many outfits
The tie is handmade of microfiber, hence has a high-end look and feel.

Dentist socks 

No products found.

There was likely a time when getting socks for a special occasion would have been considered the total worst gift. But nowadays, people have realized that socks are a more practical and well-received gift.  So, choosing socks for a present for your dental hygienist is never wrong! Dental themed socks will help reflect their personality and profession. The socks also will keep their feet warm and bring comfort altogether. Plus, socks are among the affordable choice for a gift. 

If you desire to surprise your female dental hygienist with this particular gift, consider HAPPYPOP Women Girl Nurse Doctor Dental Teeth Socks. 

Here is why:

Brand HAPPYPOP (known for unique and high-quality socks)
Fit True to Size (doesn’t stretch even after washing)
Material used 80% Combed Cotton (soft), 17% Polyamide (make the socks comfort and stretchy), & 3% spandex (breathable).
Other BenefitsThese pairs of socks come in one high-class designed gift box to make it more presentable. 
Motivate dentist while encouraging people to keep their teeth clean
The socks are soft, comfortable, and breathable.
Machine washable without the chance of color fading 
Can be worn with casual jeans, formal business outfits, and wedding dressier suits 

Dental print sneakers

No products found.

Brighten your dental hygienists’ day and lighten their moods by gifting them with amazing dental print sneakers.  Sneakers are good to wear with casual jeans. So, your dental hygienist will be wearing these kinds of shoes for fancy parties, and rest assured, he will stand out from the crowd. 

If you are impressed with sneakers, consider ZooSurf Dental print sneakers. These sneakers are a high spot of their dental hygienist attire, whether they are at the job or only running errands. 

What makes ZooSurf Dental print sneakers a good option for you?

Brand ZooSurf (known for unbeaten customer care)
Fit True to the Size (cannot easily expand upon wearing)
Other Benefits Very comfortable to wear
The sneaker’s upper part is made from canvas material and its sole from rubber; hence one can wear it for many years. 

Dental coloring book 

No products found.

Sometimes being a dental hygienist is stressful, so one would require something to relax their mind after tiresome work. Gifting them with a dental coloring book will be a wonderful idea. The dental coloring book is filled with a blank picture and patterns related to dentists. So, there is no doubt your hygienist will find it awesome to color such funny pictures as they wind up from their busy schedules. 

You can go for A Snarky Coloring Book for Adults by Papeterie Bleu following its amazing features tabled below:

Author Papeterie (known to come up with thoughtful coloring books for dental hygienist)
Paperback 108 pages (enough pages to accomplish your work)
Weight 9.6 ounces (lightweight, hence can effortlessly carry along to work)
Other Benefits Has enough pages to accomplish your coloring task
Features a stress-relieving seamless pattern on reverse pages
The black background reverse pages minimize bleed-through. 
Has premium matte-finish cover design to keep it safe for long  

Denture shaped ice tray 

No products found.

It’s hard to find something funny about dentistry. Nevertheless, Denture shaped ice tray is the one. Let your Dental hygienists liven up their drinks with fabulous ice that depicts their profession. They will be happy for your kindness.  

You can go for Fairly Odd Novelties Smile Teeth Denture Shaped ICE Tray Mold Perfect Gag following the features in the table below:

Brand Fairly Odd Novelties (known for premium quality products)
Material Rubber (can stay with you for a long)
Color Pink (Most hygienist favorite)
Other Benefits With such ice trays, you are sure to bring a smile to the hygienist party. 
These trays are easy to clean and can stay with you for years. 

Final Thought 

Dental hygienists face serious challenges; sometimes, they need something to make them happy once again. The mentioned above gifts are the ideal way to do that for your preferred dental hygienist! 

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