15 Gift Ideas for Ex-Wife That Suit Different Occasions

On many occasions, separation comes as a bitter pill to swallow for couples and, gifting your partner may not seem like a good idea. However, presents such as gift cards, journals, inspirational novels, wall arts, among other customized items may prove to be what you needed to begin a very fruitful understanding between you two.

Marriages have, for a long time, been depicted as a beautiful ride for couples. This, however, on a good number of occasions doesn’t turn out to be the case.  The ‘happily ever after’ you long for may be short-lived. The reality of life is that some marriages may not work, and separation comes as the only option. You need to live with the truth and work out things for the sake of your kids. Or better celebrate her for being part of your past life.

Choosing a suitable gift for your ex-wife could be nerve-wracking since it has to be genuine and given in good faith. The plain truth is that both of you share a very important history that will remain with you forever. It is, therefore, important to note that you can still become very good friends even after your separation and, proper gifting can act as a very good foundation for that long-lasting friendship.

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Finding the ideal present may prove to be a challenge to you as you browse through the internet, but as they say, there is always something for everyone. This article lists several gift options for you to go through and hopefully find a befitting present for her!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for ex-wife

  1. A customized gift card
  2. An elegant Journal/notebook
  3. An inspirational novel
  4. Classic wall Art
  5. Picture frame
  6. Healthy cookbooks
  7. Customized Gift Mug
  8. Gift voucher/shopping voucher.
  9. Flower bouquet
  10. House vacuum cleaner

Why is it important to gift your ex-wife?

Unless both of you decide not to see each other again, it is a reality that both of you will benefit from a healthy and genuine relationship. The first step to building this respectful relationship is by acknowledging important dates and occasions that you share. On these days the very least you could do is to give your best wishes or, better yet, buy gifts. By gifting her, the kids, if any, also learn from you, very important values which they will carry on as they grow up.

Is it appropriate to give gifts to your ex-wife?

After your separation, a lot might have happened for both of you. Maybe she is seeing someone else or, she is still single. The question is, it appropriate to send her gifts? You can gift her, just make sure that you pick your presents carefully so as not to give a wrong impression. You might want to consider items that do not trigger unpleasant memories from your past. You should be able to rely on your prior knowledge of her hobbies, what she liked, and her favorite color.

Is it okay to involve the kids when choosing a gift for your ex-wife?

You might be separated from her, but if you already had kids, then you share a long-lasting bond. On special days like her birthday and mother’s day, you can involve the kids by letting them choose personal gifts for their mom. Ensure that the presents are age-appropriate for the kids. The kids may also help you in picking your present that they know their mother would like.

Through this, the kids also get to learn very important lessons such as forgiveness and peaceful co-existence. They also get to appreciate their place and feel equally loved, even though the two of you are not together.

What is considered inappropriate when gifting your ex-wife?

When choosing a proper gift, ensure that whichever you pick does not give the wrong impression. Some items may be received the wrong way, especially if it is for your ex-wife. Intimate gifts such as perfumes, lingerie, and love jewelry may not be appropriate. Another important factor to consider is that she might be having another partner.

Be sure not to outshine the new partner by buying overly expensive gifts or giving gifts that reflect or trigger special memories that only the two of you can remember. Do not be too extravagant with the present as it is only meant to show a gesture of respect and not to send a special message.

Should you deliver the gift personally to your ex-wife?

The most respectful thing to do is to deliver the gift in person. It is a gesture of good faith and shows honest intentions. You also get to say a few words and get genuine feedback from her. It is also possible that you may not be in a position to deliver the gift in person. The wisest thing to do is to have the gift delivered to her exact address but, ensure you write a personalized note to accompany the gift.

Here are the gifts ideas for ex-wife you can pick from:

A customized gift card

Whether it is your ex-wife’s birthday or mother’s day, a gift card always does the trick. You can get a customized gift card, depending on the occasion. Gift cards are convenient, especially if you could not come up with a suitable alternative, and you don’t want to seem like you are doing too much.

Pick a card with the kind of message you want to pass across, should be simple and elegant at the same time. For a birthday, a letter to simply wish her a great celebration and, on mother’s day, a message to show her how great a mother she is.

There are a lot of customized cards you could go for but, for a mother’s day special, you might want to consider going for The Beautiful Lavender Rose Card. It is elegant and appealing to the eye.

Why The Beautiful Lavender Rose Card for ex-wife?

ArtistDoreen Erhardt (known for her beautiful artistic impression)
Size(7×5) inches (standard)
Card finishMatte/glossy (beautiful for a lady)
Inside textEven though we are no longer married, you are still a touch of radiance in the lives of our kids. Thank you. (appreciative)
Other benefits FSC certified
 High-quality design.

An elegant Journal/notebook

A gift as simple as a journal may mean a lot to her than you can imagine. Depending on your previous memories, if she liked taking down notes or writing down the shopping list, maybe it’s time you got her an elegant journal that may come in handy for her.

A customized journal with her favorite color and wonderful decoration would be a pleasant surprise.

You might want to consider the Enchanting ex-wife notebook. It is the perfect size to take out as it can be easily carried around. Besides, it features a vintage flower garden with an ornate frame, with butterflies flying amongst the garden stars that make it amazing.

Here are other features of Enchanting ex-wife notebook:

AuthorTwilight Garden (known for the elegant personalized journal)
Size6×9 inches (Ideal size to carry around)
Other usesCreative writing
 Shopping list jotter
 Personal journal

An inspirational novel

If ex-wife loves to read, getting her a novel would be the perfect kind of gift. Novels that encourage her or that promote motherhood would be the ideal ones for your ex-wife. People who love reading appreciate book gifts, and that would be a perfect start for a long-lasting friendship.

You may want to consider Becoming by Michele Obama. It has been an inspirational book for many women. The book highlights the struggles women go through with their men while sticking by them.

Becoming by Michelle Obama features the following:

AuthorMichelle Obama  (#1 New York best seller)
GenreMemoir (highlights the personal experience that encourages one to be a woman of substance)
LessonsEncourages your ex-wife not to give up but to grow to their best.
 Motivates her to share her stories as it is. This way, your ex-wife gets to heal and embrace her future.

A Classic wall art

Nothing spells friendship and good intentions as art, and you can never go wrong with a good piece. On her birthday you can decide to gift a piece of art. She can hang it in her apartment to show a gesture of honesty and friendship. Art, as they say, has a way of speaking to the heart. A good piece of art is just what you need to make peace with your past.

The piece of art doesn’t have to be complicated; a simple painting is enough. You may want to check out Displacement by Scott Naismith. It is an impressionist print of a beautiful sunset, consisting of a wide array of colors.

What makes the Displacement by Scott Naismith- wrapped canvas print great?

ArtistScott Naismith (known for stylish art pieces that capture the nature’s beauty and kindness)
MaterialGrade cotton canvas (durable)
Size18×26 inches (ideal for wall décor)
ColorShapes of blue, purple, pink and yellow hues blended (looks amazing)
Other benefitsLifetime warranty with a guarantee of colors staying as new for the next 50 years
 Materials used are sourced from the USA, giving quality assurance.

Picture frame

A picture frame can be a suitable gift for your ex-wife. The frame may come empty for her to place a picture of her own choice, or you can do one better by placing a picture of her and your kids in the frame. Picture frames are common, but you can decide to go for a unique one to make it special. Adding memorable pictures is a good way to customize.

Frames are perfect gifts, and choosing a unique one is key to making the whole thing more special. The Stella Brass Inlay Acrylic picture frame is one to look at. It adds a clean mode to your picture edges and can stand both vertically and horizontally. The frame looks fancy and adds to the décor of the house.

Besides, The Stella Brass Inlay Acrylic picture frame comes with the following amazing features:

BrandStella Brass (quality items)
SizeSmall (4×6), medium (5×7), large (8×10) you get to choose one based on your budget and preference
MaterialAcrylic (durable)
ColorTransparent (Photo frames will stand out)
Other benefitsBrass details make the frame looks prettier.
 Easy to maintain as it needs regular dusting with a soft dry cloth.

Healthy cookbooks

If your ex-wife is a fitness enthusiast or likes working out and keeping a healthy diet, then you can get her a cookbook. This will help her to prepare healthy diets while at it. It is also a fact that ladies love to cook. Trying out new recipes through reading the book will be fun for her. It is the kind of gift your ex-wife will not forget since she cooks regularly.

Ladies love to look healthy and in shape, and diet is essential if they want to achieve this state of body physique. Information about healthy eating will be a welcome idea. The Clean Plate by Gwyneth Paltrow is one to look for. With key targeted health benefits, the book contains over 100 recipes for one to try. The recipes are simple, and one can easily try them out.

Why the Clean Plate by Gwyneth Paltrow?

AuthorGwyneth Paltrow (Oscar-winning in cookbook category)
Pages288 (covers a lot)
ContentOne hundred plus recipes that are simple to follow.
 Guided health tips that are supported by nutritional experts and doctors

Customized gift mug

On her special occasion or mother’s day, gifting your ex­-wife with a customized coffee mug will be a special gesture. The gift is not valuable, but it is very impactful, especially with the customized message on it. Appreciate her for being an amazing person, or, being an amazing mother to your kids.

This will remind her every morning that you still value her role in your kids’ life. Get a customized mug and have it printed with the special message you want to pass. They say it is the small gestures that count.

One that will sort you out is Home Of Merch World’s Best Ex-wife mug. It comes with outstanding features tabled below:

BrandHome Of Merch (known for quality customized gift items)
MaterialCeramic (microwave and dishwasher safe)
Size11oz (enough for serving tea or coffee)
Other benefitsCeramic material is durable; therefore, you don’t have to worry about fading.
 You can gift it to your ex on any special occasion, be it a birthday, mother’s day or holidays.

A gift voucher/shopping voucher

On that special occasion, you might not be able to settle on a perfect gift for your ex-wife. A gift voucher for her to pick a present that pleases her might be the right decision to make. It is possible that over the period that you have been separated, tastes change, and maybe there are things she doesn’t like anymore.

It might be for her to go shopping, manicure, and pedicure. Just ensure it is generous enough, but not too expensive to give the wrong impression. On her birthday, you can settle for the amazon e-gift card, which can be sent through email. This will allow her to purchase any birthday gift that she wishes, depending on the value of the gift voucher.

Why the amazon e-Gift card?

BrandAmazon (global brand)
DesignStandard, animated or customized
Other benefitsCustomizable with 500 characters allowed.
 The card carries no extra fee and never expires

Flower bouquet

Flowers are always considered a safe bet when it comes to matters gifts. When you don’t want to come out as doing too much or not doing anything at all, you can always settle for flowers. A nice bouquet to lighten up the mood will do the trick.

Pick a fresh batch of flowers, preferably her favorite color, and have it delivered to her on her birthday or any other special day. Ladies will always appreciate flowers and will always feel special.

The Brigitte roses are a nice pick when sending flowers. The pink-colored bouquet will surely light up her face.

Here are features that make Brigitte roses stand out:

BrandBrigitte (known as the queen of flowers)
ColorMulticolor (Choose her favorite)
Size24 roses (sure to impress)
Other benefitsDelivered in a clear glass vase that makes them presentable  
 Can be gifted on any special occasion

House vacuum cleaner

Ladies love their houses clean. They constantly clean around the house. At the same time, ladies cannot maintain appliances when they are broken. Gift her that vacuum cleaner she has wished to replace for the longest time. Make her work easier when she is cleaning her place. A vacuum cleaner is a pleasant gift for her, and she will love it.

On that special day, when we celebrate mothers and women in general, she will appreciate the gesture, especially if she is the mother to your kids. She already does a lot by taking care of the kids, and the vacuum cleaner will make her cleaning chores easier.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the Gtech AirRam mk2 is a good choice for her. It is an upright vacuum cleaner, therefore easy on the back while cleaning and stress-free to use and operate.

Why the Gtech AirRam mk2?

BrandG-tech (best brand)
Weight3.2 kg (lightweight for stress-free cleaning)
Voltage22V (professional grade)
ColorGrey/Green (compliments home décor)
DesignCordless (easy to move it around the house)
Other benefitsCan be used both on a hard floor and carpeted ones
 Run time of 40 hours s enough for one to finish cleaning around the house.
 Brush bar rotates powerfully collecting both small and large particles effortlessly

Fancy wine glasses

Ladies love home décor, and these include paintings, wall art, utensils, and many more. Utensils play a very important role in completing the home décor. Using your memories with her, you sort of almost know her taste. Gift her fine wine glasses that you know she will love. She will want to impress any time she has friends or visitors coming over.

You will want to settle for something simple while at the same time, fancy. You can even do one better by having the glasses customized to her liking.

When looking for fancy wine glasses, the personalized flute glasses by Elixir Glassware are a perfect choice. It comes in a set of four and can be customized.

Besides, Elixir Glassware personalized flute glasses come packed with the features below?

BrandElixir Glassware (known for unique and luxurious glassware)
QuantitySet of 4 (perfect set)
materialGlass (100% lead-free for safe use)
Other benefitsCan be gifted on any occasion
 Handmade making the glassware unique and worth gifting.
 Packaged in a protective and elegant gift box to make it presentable  

A vase

All ladies love decorations and vases are an important part of home décor. Whether they are used to hold flowers or just left for self-decoration, a vase is a sure present that will impress your ex-wife. On her special day, you can decide to gift her special vase to add to her collection if she has any. Vases are fragile, and gifting her one is a small way to show the trust you have in her even to take care of your kids.

You should pick a vase that is not too complicated, and the color you pick also matters a lot. The Sullivan’s small white vase set (ceramic) Rustic home décor is a wise choice for a gift. The color makes it easy to blend with any interior décor. They are also waterproof.

That’s not all; the vase come with the outstanding features tabled below:

BrandSullivan (#1 best seller)
Weight2.96 pounds (portable)
MaterialCeramic (durable)
SizeThree packages (small, medium and large) valuable
ColorDistressed white (great for an office and home use)
Other benefitsCan be used with fresh flowers since it is waterproof

Customized bracelet

Bracelets act as perfect reminders since they can always be seen when they are worn. If you have a special memory that you share with her like the birth of your kid(s), and her graduation date, you can always have these engraved in a bracelet.  This way, your ex-wife knows that regardless of the situation, you still share important memories worth treasuring.

Bracelets are simple gifts; therefore, it will not cost much but bear a great significance when presented.  A customized date bracelet by personalized jewelry gifts is a key pick when you are looking for such a gift. You can have the bracelet customized with that special date, name, or memory on the metallic plate held together with a cotton cord.

Check below what makes Personalized Jewelry Gift customized date/name bracelet a great pick:

BrandPersonalized Jewelry Gift (known for elegant customized jewelry)
MaterialCopper, Aluminum,  Gold Plated, Silver Plated (last longer)
SizeAdjustable (fits many)
BenefitCan be gifted on any occasion with the important date printed on it

Custom kitchen cutting board

If she loves cooking, then it means she spends most of her time in the kitchen. Gifting her with a custom chopping board will be perfect. You can decide to customize the cutting board by writing down one of her favorite recipes on the board. Or a special message for her appreciating how she is a great mother to your kids.

She will spend most of her time in the kitchen appreciating the acknowledgment granted by you. The special mom customized cutting board is a great choice for this kind of gifting.

Here is why:

Brand904 Custom Store (produces elegant, customizable presents)
MaterialBamboo wood (quality)
ColorWood (natural and sure to be attractive)
SizeMedium and large (choose based on your preference)
UsesServing cheese board
 Kitchen décor
 Cutting board

Specific outside gear (hiking)

If your ex-wife loves outside activities like hiking and cycling, you can make sure she continues to enjoy these activities by getting her new and better gear. From your memories, with her, you can tell what she loved to do for fun or her hobbies.

By gifting her specific gears, she can know that you are not in bad terms with her and that you still remember some of the important things you shared. If she loved hiking, then you can easily get comfortable shoes. A good one would be the Salewa ultra train women’s hiking shoes. They are comfortable and ensure flexibility. They are also durable, therefore, will serve her for long. 

Besides, Salewa ultra-train women’s shoes come with the following outstanding features:

BrandSalewa (known for quality outdoor shoes)
SizeComes in all sizes (you get to choose one that fit your ex-wife)
Weight270 g (doesn’t add unnecessary weight)
SpecificationsMotion guidance
 Quick lacing system
 Anti-rock heel cup
 3F system that promotes the comfort of mid-foot

Wrap up!

Gifts, when carefully picked and genuinely given out, speak a lot to the recipient. From the above list, you can be able to choose a perfect present for your ex-wife and put a smile on her face. Everyone deserves to feel special, and there is always something for every person, even for your ex!

Best of luck!

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