15 Epic Gift Ideas For Gamblers Worth Any Occasion!

Do you know a diehard gambler that you wish to gift and worried about what to pick? Worry not as custom playing cards, personalized mug, dice bracelets, Las Vegas t-shirt, wine glass, slot machine pillow, customized poker chips, thematic casino phone case, 3D fuel lighter, and a themed cap will sort you big time. 

Gambling activity involves many risks, not to mention the throwbacks these risk-takers get while trying to make ends meet. The rigidity and toughness of their way of life surely deserve to be recognized and appreciated. During special occasions like birthday, anniversaries, and holiday you need to think of rewarding a gambler in your life with presents that appreciate their passion. 

Yes, presenting gifts to your loved one, especially a gambler, is the best way to unite with them. At times a person might be in a difficult situation, and there is nothing better than bringing that joyful state back through gifting. This is not easy! You need to pick items that gamblers can relate to. Luckily, here all trending issues on gambling have been analyzed to find the best presents suitable for gamblers. 

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Top 10 gift ideas gamblers

  1. Custom playing cards 
  2. Personalized mug
  3. Dice bracelets
  4. Las Vegas T-shirt
  5. Wine glass 
  6. Slot machine pillow
  7. Personalized poker chips 
  8. Thematic casino phone case
  9. 3D Fuel lighter
  10. A cap

What holiday gifts can you make to the gambler?

Gambling, just like any other hustle, takes a lot of time and so gamblers require a holiday to refresh their minds off from the crazy daily activity. While on holiday, it is also good to get some important presents related to their way of life. Here are the gifts you can opt to present to your loved one during the holiday break:

  1. A four-leaf clover
  2. T-shirt for gamblers 
  3. Money 
  4. Video games
  5. Book about gambling 
  6. Money clips

What gambling present can you give a casino lover?

People play at a casino for a living. It is a special gambling type that you should treat differently, especially if you want to give the casino player gifts. To make this happen, buy your loved one a casinopoly, casino birdhouse, slot machine salt, and pepper shakers, slot machine piggy bank, and whiskey tumbler, and they will be forever grateful.

What is the best Christmas gift for gamblers?

The best Christmas gifts you can present to a gamer are ones that are themed with their favorite hobby. For a gambler, consider buying them grab game tickets, scratch cards, crypto gift, custom photo poker chips, diamond poker chip pendant, and casino charm necklace, among others, to make their season special. 

What are the best sports that gamblers can venture into for betting?

Though most games are profitable to any gambler, some can be a sure way of quick profit. Thus, it is important to know different types of games before venturing on them. We have analyzed different types of games that are more important and encouraged whenever one has to make a quick profit while gambling. Check them below:

  • College football
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • College basketball

Here are gift ideas for gamblers worth considering:

Custom playing cards

Whenever gamblers are not gambling, they prefer when their minds and hands are engaged. With this in mind, buying a gambler a custom playing card would be great. The cards make the gambling experience perfect, especially for game lovers. You will keep your loved one busy, and you will inspire their lively activities with luxury set playing cards.

Gaxcoo custom playing cards would be a great pick for you. Here is why:

Brand Gaxcoo (one of the best branding company of cards)
Card dimensions 7.09 x 5.91 x 1.34 inches (compact)
Weight 14.6 ounces, (portable)
Other benefits The cards are easy to hold due to their exceptional texture 
Packaged in an elegant wooden box to make it presentable and help your loved one keep the cards safe 

Personalized mug

A customized coffee mug makes a great gift and speaks volumes without you uttering a word. For a gambler, you need a mug that passes a message about their hobby to make them imagine themselves playing their favorite game while sipping coffee. Making it personal to a gambler would add big value.

There are different mugs for your selection, and so you can pick one for your choice and make the gift more appealing. Gambling coffee mug from wonderful mugs is the perfect one for you. It comes with different colors, and you can pick one based on your preference. Besides, the message’ gambling makes me happy’ is sure to win the heart of any gambler.

That’s not all; gambling coffee mug has the following features:

Brand Wonderful mugs (known for their creative gift mugs worth any occasion)
Material Ceramic (dishwasher and microwave safe)
Capacity 10.88 ounces (lightweight to make it practical for taking drinks)
Other benefits It is 100% total complete satisfaction that will make it best for your target person
Features a large handle for a comfortable hold while ensuring the hands are safe from hot drinks
One can use to take liquids of their choice, whether hot or cold 

Dice bracelet 

A dice bracelet not only shows that you appreciate what your loved one loves doing, but it goes a long way in complementing their style. Therefore, it will surely be appreciated when presented to a person on any special occasion. Look for one made of quality material to ensure a gambler can keep it as a keepsake for generations to come. 

You can consider one from the Bunco Game shop that is designed with gamblers in mind. The size is not questionable as they are adjustable to fit all.

Besides, the dice charm bracelet from Bunco Game shop has amazing features tabled below:

Brand Bunco Game Shop (known for customized gaming gifts)
Item weight 0.353 ounces, (lightweight)
Package dimension 3.6 x 3 x 0.5 inches (portable)
Other benefits Variety of colors so you can choose one based on your preference 
The bracelets are great for the dice party night.

Las Vegas t-shirt

This T-shirt is casino themed and is the best gift for any gambler. You will always find on that fit your loved one as they come in various sizes.  What makes them great is because there is no need to worry about the product’s acceptability and originality. The cloth is acceptable worldwide, thus making them a perfect gift that wins the heart of any gambler. 

Here are the amazing features that make Las Vegas t-shirt perfect choice for a gambler:

Brand Las Vegas clothing company (trusted brand)
Package dimension 10 x 8 x 1 inches (ideal) 
Material 100% cotton (durable with soft feel)
Weight 4.8 ounces (light for summer wear)
Other benefits Machine wash making them easy to care 
Bottom hem for a luxurious look 

Royal flush wine glasses 

To your wine-loving gambler, this present will win their heart. The glass’s royal nature makes it nice to be presented as a gift. It is designed with a cared logo, which brings a direct correlation with the gambling game. When you buy one, make sure you wrap it carefully with a piece of paper or any desired material to prevent it from cracking. Otherwise, look for one that, once opened, can serve your love one longer as they toss it over on New Year or any other special occasion. 

Luxbe crystal wine glass is one that will brighten the face of any gambler. Check on the table below for some useful features of this product:

Brand Luxbe (They produce quality glasses)
Item weight 1.9 pounds, which is comfortable for table service.
Product dimension 11.7 x 10.5 x 7.9 inches
Other benefits It is a perfect size glass that any wine lover will love using it 
The glass is lead-free crystal, thus safe to use for taking drinks

Slot machine pillow

Almost half of one’s lifetime is spent in bed. Why not then make the bedroom of your loved one a lively haven by adding them slot machine pillows that make them dream of their favorite game?  The product will take the casino lovers into a different world of imagination as they go to bed every evening covered by their loved arcade-themed and beautiful slot. Besides, they will wake up to it every morning before beginning the day’s new activities. 

The gift is not selective; it can be made for either a child or an adult. For a good selection, you can go for UPOOS Throw Pillow Cover Gambling Big Win with the slot. It is a good brand that assumes all the beautiful features you might need your loved gambler to enjoy. 

Check them on the table below:

Brand UPOOS  (best billow producers) 
Size 18×18 inches (standard size for throw pillows)
Item weight Has 3.2 ounces (considerable for bedding)
Material Short-pile velvet (durable and no shrinkage after washing)
Other benefits Sturdy invisible zippers that make the pillow luxurious 
The pillow is printed on both sides to make it more attractive.
No fading after wash keeping it looking new linger 
Perfect for any room 

Personalized poker chips 

Are you looking forward to gifting a poker person? Just orders a personalized poker chip and adds flair into their activity. Most gamblers have that aspiration of having their own set of a chip. Just make an order online with your color selection and pattern. The chips are highly acceptable, and any gambler will love especially personalized ones. And to make sure the gift is more appealing, we highly advise that you go for a variety of colors.

You can consider buying one from the Yinlo brand due to the amazing features below:

Brand Yinlo (#1 best seller)
Material Composite resin (long-lasting and exceptionally wear-resistant) 
Other benefits Come in an aluminum compact case that holds many chips yet easy to carry around 
Complete set of 300 chips of different colors that any casino lover would appreciate having as a gift 
Can be presented to anyone regardless of their age and gender 

Thematic casino phone case 

In the current day, everyone has a smartphone that needs a quality casing for protection against cracks in an accident. And so any gambler will appreciate quality, and exquisite casino themed phone case as a present. The case is found in different brands, and you can get them online from various sellers. Roulette, blackjack, or pokers all have the appealing features that, for sure, any gambler will love and use it to protect their devices. 

For the best options, consider ones from the J.J Phone Cases brand. Its cases are durable and are made to protect the phone even from high-impact falls.

Here are its amazing features:

Brand J.J. Phone Case (known for well-designed phone cases)
Material Plastic (durable and shock-resistant) 
Other benefits You can get one that is compatible with your loved one’s phone 
The cover is slim and lightweight; hence it is more appropriate for the phone.

3D Fuel Lighter 

The lighter is more appropriate to gamblers who prefer smoking cigar. Look for one that is custom-developed into 3D to make it more appealing to any gambler. Appropriate ones should complement their key ring, bracelets, and mug to serve as a key holder. It would help if you did not restrict yourself to smokers alone as it can also be presented to non-smokers because it can be carried along for emergencies.  

For this gift, you can consider gas lighter copper Mockingjay by Briquet S.A. due to exceptional features tabled:

Brand Briquet S.A.(trusted)
Weight 9.3 pounds (Light enough to be carried on pockets)
Color Produced in different colors 
Other benefits It is a genuine and amazing waterproof lighter hence can be used even on the rainy season 
Features new design that is sure to catch the attention of your giftee 
Refundable if the client does not get satisfied.

A cap 

To give out a cap as a gift is actually like choosing a brand for your favorite gambler. A cotton baseball hat cap has it all and best present to offer to any gambler. It has an adjustable slide closure, thus fit different types of the head without worries. Your loved one will stay protected from harmful U.V. rays and keep their hair clean due to the exceptional features of the cap. 

Without a doubt, presenting the baseball cap to your loved gambler will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Here is the table that summarizes this cap of choice: 

Brand WISHLOL (known for quality products)
Style Men’s (but can also be used by women)
Other benefits The cap is suitable for various purposes such as sports, hip pop, sport dancer, and costume parties.
It has a closure that ensures it can fit better on different head sizes.

Gamblers hoodie

Making gambling cloths is the best idea you can make as a gift either for Christmas, birthday or any other special occasion. Customized T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, and ties will complement the gambling activities, especially if the cloth is branded with a gamble label. To make one cloth a gift to your loved gamble, try and go with a gambler’s hoodie. The hoodie would serve best given the gambler’s hustle, which may go till late and cold times of the season.

Check through for some of the important features of ‘I love poker’ hoodie by InGENUS Winter shirts that you can pick for your loved one. 

Brand InGENUS Winter shirts (trusted) 
Style Unisex design (can be gifted to both men and women)
ColorBlack color to reflect the gambling activities
Other benefits This present has a solid black color with 80% cotton and some 20% of polyester.
The cloth is machine washable, providing an easy cleaning method.


Horseshoes are also known as lucky, and therefore it is more related to gambling activities as they help protect from wear. Americans hung the horseshoe in their houses for decoration and as a sign of good luck. Offering your gambling friend, the gift is a sign of goodwill that you wish them. The horseshoes are designed with varying colors to provide room for color selection. 

To make a horseshoe present to your loved one, consider buying a sports rubber horseshoe set. The set comes with horseshoes of different colors that will amaze your giftee. Besides, they are rubber designed to make them lightweight and long-lasting. 

Look at the table below for more exceptional features:

Brand Champion sports store (trusted)  
Product dimension 14.5 x 12 x 1.88 inches, (proper size for decoration)
Weight 3 pounds (suitable for hanging)
Other benefits You can gift it to anyone as the product is a unisex 
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play activities
Bright colors make the item more appealing to be used as décor 

Lucky rabbit’s feet

Just as the name suggests, the rabbit’s lucky feet is an appropriate gift to present to any gambler around the world. The hair and beautiful design of the item make it one of the important things to present to gambler gambling for a living. Gambler appreciates when you wish them luck, and there is no better way of doing so than buying them rabbit luck feet that shows real support. 

You can consider the classic rabbit feet by Loftus that is also extended at the end with a key chain to make them useful as a key holder.

Besides, the product comes with the following amazing features:

BrandLoftus (special manufacturers of rabbit foot keychain)
Item weight1.6 ounces (light enough to be carried around)
4 x 1.1 x 0.6 inches, small size for pocket
Other benefits They are produced in a different color so you can choose one based on your preference  


Goldfish is a present that symbolizes luck. As gambling is merely based on luck, any gambler would appreciate the item. Make sure you know the recipient’s taste to choose one that wins their heart. You should go for ones that are packed light to be carried and fed at any place. In such a case, Pepperidge farm goldfish will sort you out. 

Here is why:

BrandPepperidge farm goldfish (trusted)
Product dimension2.99 x 5.51 x 3.94 inches; (portable) 
Weight9.9 pounds (reasonable) 
Other benefitsThey are good for parties and other ceremonies 
They have no artificial flavors; hence they are good for health.
The crackers are baked with a smile; hence they give a good look.
It feels good to serve the crackers to your gambler because of its taste.

Lined notepad

Yes, you must be wishing luck to your loved one in gambling, and that is why you want a gift that suits their game. Why not then gift them with a notepad that will help jot down tips of winning the game? Consider a themed one such as funny gambling journal from Rusty Tags. The notepad is enough for a gambler to put down their thoughts onto the paper as they strategize to win the game.

  Check on the table below some of the features that make Rusty Tags a great option:

Brand name Rusty Tags (great pick for gamblers) 
CoverMatte (durable)
Pages 110 (reasonable for a notebook)
Other benefits Funny cover that brightens up the mood of any gambler as they take their notes
Compact for portability 

Final Word

What a better way to cheer up a gambler by gifting them with any of the items above! Each one of them has been carefully chosen to brighten up the face of a gambler and wish them luck in a special way. Note that acquiring a present for a gambler is much different than getting it for anyone else. It most cases, it deals with the attention of how your target gambler lifestyle is, what they enjoy, and what they might not like. However, the 15 listed is a sure way to win their heart and cheer them up as they strategize to win the game. 

Big up to a gambler with the perfect gifts ever!

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