16 Unique Gift Ideas for Inmates That Reminds Them of Your Love!

Appreciate the well-being of your loved one behind bars by taking them prison or rehab-friendly presents. Yea, take the essentials such as toothpaste, soap, and shampoos plus some for encouragement like novels and bibles. Since there are rules in every institution, check first what is allowed and pick one accordingly. 

We have great presents to win the hearts of your loved ones so that they will remember you always. Nothing is going to be small for inmates since they will appreciate your efforts as it makes them not feel lonely. 

Whether it is a holiday, anniversary, birthday, or any other chance possible, get the inmates gifts to connect with them while feeling loved and encouraged. 

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We have everything that suits their needs.

Read on!

Top 10 inmate gift ideas

  1. High-tech tablets
  2. Shoes
  3. Socks
  4. Regular bras
  5. T-shirts
  6. Novels
  7. Soap
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Bible
  10. Shoe polish 
Gifts For Inmates

What do inmates think about?

Those imprisoned think of their loved one, and they wish for them to visit at least once monthly. Inmates are happy and elated by thoughts of people visiting and coming with presents that help their stay a little bit comfortable.   Speaking with loved one make them feel loved, and those moments are the most treasured. 

What do you say when writing an inmate?

Inmates wish to hear words of hope, such as:

  • You will continue loving them.
  • You have still hope for a better life ahead.
  • You will keep visiting them every month.
  • You wish they are not in that situation.

What is a care package for inmates?

These valuables are outstanding to cheer the confined companions with:

  • Egg crystals
  • Sweat pants
  • Religious content
  • Prayer show
  • Phones

What can I send an inmate for his birthday?

Here are the best ideas for a prisoner’s birthday:

  • Food box
  • Your picture
  • Novels
  • Socks
  • Vests
  • Lovely cards

Here are the gift ideas for inmates that you can never afford to miss out

1. High-tech tablets

High-tech tablets

Tablets are of great help to the esteemed folks under incarceration centers. Inmates need to socialize with others through calls. Playing games and videos from download apps of their phones is appealing. Tablets that have fast technology are useful for these constrained dear ones as it helps reduce boredom and fears of their fates.

J pay makes the JPS min Android tablet best for inmates that can never let you down when we come to its operations.

JPS hosts new Wi-Fi technology to accommodate the needs of services in prison environments. The tablet can deliver fast apps with user-friendly experiences like the ability to search out content, games, and videos faster with a lot of ease.

See unique features that make JPS Android tablets exceptional:

ContentContains acceptable content that can build core-values.
DesignJ Pay (a famous company that employs its efforts with the jails and prisons).
Other benefitsClose supervision from the company ensures safe use in the prisons’ custody. Rich content is corrective to build desired personalities for the people under detention. Enables those living under confinement to advance in technology just like any free person there outside.

2. Shoes


A pair of nice shoes is a great present one will appreciate. Walking, working, and taking showers are significant reasons for inmates to protect their feet. Handcuff shops have the best shoe sizes, color, and quality that will win the hearts of dear ones in these isolated centers. Buy the low-top canvas basketball shoes due to their flexibility, durability, and affordability. 

Proof to loved ones in these lonely places that you care for them, and they are still part of your life. White shoes are mostly accepted at confined institutions. Get to know the shoe size of your adored, shop, and remain unforgotten in their life history. 

Why are low-top canvas basketball shoes one of a kind to inmates?

ColorBlack and white (attracts, matches all types of clothing nicely)
TypeRubber shoes (Wear-resistant and very durable).
SizesAll sizes
Other benefitsHave strong ties for a comfortable fitting. Have sturdy friction soles that will never allow them to fall. Accepted at the prisons. 

3. Novels


Novels can be a good gift idea for inmates. A novelty, fable, or fiction can educate the morals, social and spiritual aspects of convicts. You can choose contexts that are comic and humorous and realize how much your loved one will be excited.  Be sure to check out the messages of hope after the experiences they are undergoing. 

Let the information proof to them that they are of worth and will become better persons in the society. Use the books to make them learn their mistakes that you cannot afford to tell them directly. Do not hesitate to pass information that all will not be lost in their detained institutions and that they have a chance to make their tomorrow better. 

Here are the top features of “A life inside:  A prisoner’s Notebook” a perfect gift that will automatically change the ones you regard:

AuthorEwin James (Writes from own experience)
ContentsEncouraging experiences about one who lived in prison.
Other benefitsHas rich content, very persuasive tone that can change the life of an inmate. Very entertaining. It can give the right direction and guidance, which is helpful to the incarcerated.

4. T-Shirts


Check with institutions how much T-Shirts are valued. Nice outfits that are suitable for their climates will keep your loved one in good health. Cool attractive costumes with notes, telling inmates how much you love them, and wish that they are not in their current situations allows them to feel great and remembered. 

Well-selected T-Shirts will make inmates smart and pretty. Clothing shops have a variety of colorful wear that will allow your friend to ‘dress to kill’ and forget much of their worries.

Look at the ideal features that make Dallaswear T-shirts a perfect present for inmates:

MaterialCotton (for durability).
ColorBlack print on orange (Look elegant)
FitTrue size. (Easy to get the right fit for your loved one)
Other benefitsIt can accommodate daily different tasks like walking, working, or visiting. Can possess notes on different core-values that will keep calling the inmates for a positive behavior change.

5. Socks


Do not allow inmates to develop feet infections because you thought socks are nothing to them. Buy the black or grey socks from the commissary to make your nice ones feel that they are loved.

Select the best quality that will make them feel comfortable and help them live happily. Sleeping with socks in those cold cells will make them warm. Do not vanish from their memories by thinking you can’t afford a gift, as small items such as socks carry the day. As you eliminate the bad smell from the shoes worn without socks, they will be proud of you.

Consider pillow paws Terrie’s slipper socks due to their unique features highlighted below:

TypeSingle tread (Non-constrictive fit)
MaterialTerry cloth (comfortable since the material is very soft).
ThreadThe single imprint that makes it safe to wear.
ColorDifferent colors to meet personal choices.
Other benefitsAllows proper blood circulation since they are not tight to the skin. It can be used by all types of inmates, i.e., hospitals, jail. Reduce risk falls because their soles have strong friction.

6. Vests


Vests are pretty gifts that can keep inmate warm, especially in cold rooms. Yes, the vigorous activities they may be partaking at the inn may arouse the need to have clothing that can vent sweat that is none other than a vest.  For inmates with big body sizes, let them look normal size by taking them vests. 

Imagine what! Tees make your people look as smart gentlemen; a big gift, they will approve. Vests worn in wind storm areas prevent shelter for skin tinny holes against air penetration that would cause the ill-health. Muscle pains can also be relieved by wearing cooling vests; inmates will value the provision.

Consider Miracool cooling vests your best choice for inmates due to the following:

ColorRegular, orange (attractive and approved in most prisons)
Size902. (Fits many)
Other benefitsVery absorbent to sweat and dirt. Suitable for both hot and cold environments. Light and comfortable attire to fit one’s daily tasks.

7. Bible 


Consider bibles as of great significance importance to help shape the moral behaviors of inmates. Let them realize that they are important in their society. Got question bibles, bible commentaries, and regular highlands will guide that spiritual path towards fantastic growth. Affect their lives, for those whom their religion is Christianity. 

Religious stuff will be great, accredited depending on inmates’ beliefs. Nurture them with spiritual nourishment and make their future splendid. The need for transformation and information about deity is infinitive to your precious individuals in custody. Your efforts to mold their destiny are a wonderful gift of mind.

You may opt-out for Recovery bible to inmates due to its unique features, as shown below:

AuthorArterburn (Recovery expert)
Best groupChristian scope
Language English (Understood by many)
TypeHardcover (Does not tear easily)
Other benefitsHas a nice green hardcover that brings illusions of peace and beautiful attraction. Written in large prints for easy readability.  Contains message to rehabilitate drug addicts, alcoholics, and those undergoing personal struggles.

8. Inmates’ protein shakes

 Inmates' protein shakes

Color inmates visit with protein shakes to add nutritive value in their diets. Having enough of this stuff helps reduce appetite and lose body fats should they have fewer activities to perform in the stations. Mind to have their muscle strengthened, and other body functions well by gifting them with protein shakes from eggs every time you visit them. 

A good thought for them who take regular exercise for overall health. During their birthdays, rehearsals, or Christmas holidays, make sure you make their festive occasions memorable with these delicious perks. Help them feel full; it is suitable for their health. You may consider KETO Egg Fast Shake as it is loved by many. 

Why will you love KETO Egg Fast Shake for inmates?

TypeSalted caramel (Lovable by many)
TextureThick, creamy carb (Yummiest) 
RecipesWater, eggs, lemon juice, cream cheese, salted caramel topping and ice (Well-balanced)
Other benefitsVery delicious.  Lemon makes it stay longer. Easy to blend, then it is ready for consumption. It has different ways of cooking and serving it.

9. Friendly cards

Friendly cards

Well prepared lovely cards can be appealing to inmates. You would make prisoners live longer if you sent encouragement cards. Put it in writing, what you may not say directly to them. Communication will have reached before it is late. Make them hear whispers like, still waiting for you, and keep it up and that you wish their time to leave should come quickly. Rebuke gently, encourage, and comfort, and they will own you the rest of their years to live. 

Select your top words wisely. As they read, let them smile, laugh, the excellent content that understands their feeling, and you establish strong relationships.

Consider printable prison cards they are fantastic to inmates, check features below:

TypePrintable cards (Top-quality and affordable)
ContentHumorous content (will change the mood of the inmate).
Communication modeWords and illustrations (makes it quite attractive).
Other benefitsYou can collect many different messages to communicate. Easily affordable by all persons since they are got free from the prison printers.

10. Meaningful pictures

 Meaningful pictures

You have stories to communicate clearly to inmates, consider taking photos of the episodes. Some members matter and did not attend the occasion as they are imprisoned, make them unforgotten, bringing them snaps. Ensure to change their moods enthusiastically through a well-calculated show of images possessing specific expressions, plans, and identifications, which will create a remembrance of places, events, and episodes of significant relevance best known by them. Display pictures to show how homes look like. Educative photos create awareness that can help inmates to reform and regret their deeds. 

Look at features that make meaningful pictures great for inmates:

BenefitsRemind them of your love and connect them to the outside world.  Make them wish to be better persons once released to avoid missing such occasions. 

11. Regular bras

Regular bras

Yeah! What a great gift mind for women in the restricted zones. Build their confidence and freedom as they walk, go to school or churches by the provision of these vital clothing. What a tragedy when an inspection on hygiene is carried and your loved one has to receive the punishment due to being unhygienic? Purchase excellent bras on commissary. 

Strengthen the security for the females by getting this exciting innerwear, and she will feel comfortable. Activities carried on at their compounds could be tedious and cause discomfort without bras. Never leave this for the visits so that your darlings may keep their self-esteem high regardless of their situation. 

Consider handful adjustable bra among mastectomy types due to their amazing features highlighted below:

MaterialButtery soft (Warm and comfortable)
ColorVariety of colors to respect customer selections.
DesignActivewear (Suitable for wear while engaging in different activities))
Other benefitsDoes not require binding or chaffing, thus comfortable to wear. Long-lasting as it is made of high-quality material.  It can accommodate all sizes of breasts since tight bras may result in ill-health like breast cancer.

12. Toothpaste


Mostly, inmates who are booked into a jail end up with deplorable hygiene habits. The inmates may have little money, and he or she might not purchase some of the essential items like toothpaste and even toothbrushes. The inmates need to be surprised with such gifts time by time. 

Sometimes the prices of the items in the prisons may be hiked, and since the inmates need these essentials for their hygiene, they are obliged to purchase them. You can decide to visit them with such small and essential items and to make them feel they are cared for and are still part of the community. 

Go for Aim toothpaste OEM due to features highlighted below:

Brand nameAim (Produces quality and affordable products)
UseHome, travel, prison, and hotels.
TypeTea, herbal, propolis (No harmful ingredients)
Other benefitsIngredients are essential for strong, healthy teeth. Lightweight so every individual can afford to carry even if they become weaker in jails.

13. Cups


There are cute cups to surprise your people with, especially if they are imprisoned and allowed to have their kitchenware. Add savory to their graduations, prize giving days, or holiday celebrations through taking them chalice with great notes that encourage them to reform. 

Make them merry by reading quotes of love, encouragement, appreciations, and ownership. This makes them feel essential and blessed. Compel them not to lose heart or just communicate words that you may fear to tell them directly so that they can become better people in a society once released. 

Consider Apiarist mugs as they have outstanding features highlighted below:

StyleUnisex (used by both men and women)
Other benefitsIt’s a good idea to keep commemorating unique occasions for your loved one in prison. They help match specific events they were meant for.

14. Radio


As it is hard to communicate with fellow members in custody, especially if facilities are far apart, having portable radios that can communicate adequately to all levels can be an excellent gift. Consider your inmate’s needs to stay tuned and updated as a significant gain. Gadgets that have modern technological features such as Bluetooth convert modes and Wi-Fi are suitable for prisoners. Help them not to feel lonely and unwanted by taking such items that are worth appreciations.

Consider Motorola’s SL 7000 series as best ideas due to features below:

DesignLightweight and slim (Easy to carry around)
ColorDifferent colors to meet customers’ attractions.
Other benefitsThey are in series to provide different features and services. Enhance adequate communication within the facility.

15. Shoe polish

Shoe polish

Hygiene is highly observed in jails, hospitals, and other restricted institutions. You may think that shoe polish is something minor. People value presents that help them look good and well-polished.  Shoe polish is one of the most forgotten items that inmates may not purchase behind bars. The effort and decision you thoughtfully make remind inmates that they need to look sharp even as they wait for their fate. 

Consider Kiwi Giant Black Parade shoe polish for inmates due to the following:

BrandKiwi (known for quality shoe polish)
ColorBlack (official shoe color for most of these institutions)
PriceVariation in prices depending on quality to assure affordability.
Other benefitsThe polish creates a durable shine for the shoe and makes it look incredible. It shines easily to avoid time wastage in those busy stations. They are of different sizes to give customers the right to choose the ones they afford.

16. Soaps


It will sound lucky to inmates if the soap is among the gifts you brought to them. Need to keep clean in prison is a grave matter. Taking soap to the inmate act as a kind reminder for them to keep clean. Bad smells due to failure to bathe can affect your loved one self-esteem while they are in prison. No matter their offense, inmates deserve to be smart and clean to avoid skin diseases and other problems associated with unhygienic conditions. 

You can like Summer’s Eve cleansing wash as the best for inmates due to the outstanding features tabled below:

BrandSummer’s Eve (Bestseller)
Size15 Fl Oz (can be used for a reasonable period)
Other benefitsEliminates odor-causing bacteria. PH-balanced to ensure safety while using as it is also free from parabens and dyes. Safe scents that do not cause allergies.  Cleanses and freshens gently. 

Wrap up!

Appreciating the nature of a life lived by inmates is a very wise idea. You signify that you understand the magnitude to which they deal with challenges regularly. The gifts mentioned above are a great way to remind your loved ones behind bars that you still love and care for them. You only need to check on what institution allows so that you can choose one that is useful while adhering to the rules of the place. 

Note that if inmates are left alone, stress and trauma may cut short their lives is they do not have somebody to love them, laugh with and share their experiences. Stand with inmates in season and out of season by bringing them presents at the slightest chance possible!

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