Exceptional Gift Ideas for NICU Nurses

Angels! That is the perfect name for any neonatal intensive care nurse. These are people who have dedicated their whole lives to save others. They are essential workers, and appreciating them with a heartbeat necklace, a travel tumbler, a visor clip, nurse patent prints, among others, is a perfect way to motivate them.

Monitoring and caring for very fragile babies, newborns, is a unique yet challenging task that demands one’s attention and concentration with every part of their being. This is the everyday life of a NICU nurse, and this shows you just how much your little attention could mean to them. A perfect present to them regardless of the occasion would not only show your attention, but it would also prove your loving and caring thoughts.

Let NICU nurses know how much you acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. Every detail of their job help save the life of the young ones, and gifting them should be done effortlessly. Here we give you a detailed list of NICU gift ideas that will guide you in choosing the most remarkable present that will leave a mark in their lives.

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Top 10 gift ideas for NICU nurses

  1. Heartbeat necklace
  2. Tumbler
  3. Nurse’s sweatshirt
  4. Nurse knack
  5. Nurse’s blanket throw
  6. Tote bag
  7. Stethoscopes
  8. Nurse’s mug
  9. A nursing clipboard with storage
  10. Nurse patent prints

What do you give a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse?

If you want to stand out from all the others, write them a ‘thank you note.’ It is something one won’t be expecting, so it will blow their minds.

Which items should I bring to a NICU?

For the baby, you should bring nothing in terms of toiletries as they are provided. You, on the other hand, should pack face soap, hairbrush, toothbrush, tissues, and anything else you know you will need.

However, items like lotion and nail files are considered cosmetic in the NICU. This means you can bring them only if their use is urgent and under no circumstances should they be used on the baby. These items are best if you plan on spending the night in the NICU.

How can I best say thank you to a NICU nurse?

What you say to a NICU nurse must mean a lot to you, so the best thing is to handwrite a thank you note. If this is not an ideal option for you, surprise the NICU nurse with a personalized gift. You can also invite them to a drink or a treat. A nursing fair is a great way too!

How much does a NICU nurse earn?

In terms of hourly income, a NICU nurse salary is 48.16 dollars maximum and 46.90 dollars minimum. This will give you 100,171 dollars maximum pay in a year and 97,560 dollars minimum in a year.

Here are the gift ideas for NICU nurses worth considering:

Heartbeat necklace

The best way to show a NICU nurse that you appreciate what they do is by gifting them with a nurse themed gift. A Quan jewelry necklace has an elegant heartbeat shape that will sit on the nurse’s heart, giving her something to hold on to when the going gets tough. The jewelry reads, “I was born to be a nurse, to hold, to aid, to save, to help, to teach, to inspire. It’s who I am, my calling, my passion, my life, and my world”.

So before going into the NICU room, your nurse will be reminded to do what she does best because it’s her passion, and it is in the heart. It has an appealing length that makes it perfect for everyday use. The motivation, the elegance, the uniqueness of this fantastic necklace should be the reason a NICU nurse goes to work proud.

Here are more features that prove the worth of Quan heartbeat necklace:

Brand  Quan jewelry (known for making alluring and original products)
Color  Silver-tone, gold-tone and Rose Gold-tone (attractive)
Length  16 inches (practical length for a necklace)
Other benefitsComes with an envelope with an inspirational message that encourages NICU nurses to continue with their hard work.
Does not stain due to quality stainless steel material used.
There is no hassle of packing as it comes ready for gifting in a beautiful envelope with a greeting card inside.


A NICU nurse having helpless and overwhelming babies to look after can forget that they, too, need to take care of themselves by sipping even a cup of coffee. However, by gifting a NICU nurse with a Leaf life tumbler, they can say goodbye to the tiring walk to get coffee.

In the comfort of the NICU room, one can comfortably drink their favorite beverage from the tumbler. As one is admiring all the beautiful babies around, the relaxing effect of the coffee or tea will energize them hence higher productivity. It has a capacity of up to 17 ounces!  This tumbler as a gift will have brought home to the nurse’s workplace.

Check below the captivating features of the Leaf life tumbler:

Brand  Leaf life (reputable brand)
Weight  14.1 ounce (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Material  Bamboo on the outside and a stainless-steel interior (executive finish and safe for use with drinks)
Other benefitsDoes not stain due to the stainless steel interior.
Comes with a tea infuser that allows one to make tea with ease.
Keeps hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks ice cold for the whole day.


If you are looking for something that will put the whole definition of a NICU nurse in one product, a Tstars sweatshirt should bring you 100% satisfaction. A NICU nurse saves lives, inspires, helps, and is passionate about their job, and all this is what is featured on this unsurpassed sweatshirt.

The sweatshirts are available in all sizes, so you don’t have to worry if your NICU nurse wears small, medium, large or extra-large. It is one elegant sweatshirt that one is going to want to keep on all day. Doesn’t matter what else a nurse is wearing; Tstars nurse sweatshirts go perfectly with any outfit.

Tstars sweatshirt is the top options if you settle for this gift idea as justified below:

Brand  T stars (Trusted for top quality and durable prints)
Material  Cotton and polyester (comfortable and durable)
Color  Gray, white and California blue (perfect for any nurse’s outfits)
Other benefitsDesigned to be warm and last long.
Inspirational due to the message printed on it.
Prints do not crack or fade.

Nurse Knick knack

If your idea of a perfect gift is something that attracts attention, decorates, and inspires, the Jenny Gems nurse Knick knack should be your ideal pick. This will be a nurse’s favorite picture prop so one can show the world that not all superheroes wear caps; some wear scrubs.

The unique feature of Jenny Gems nurse Knick knack lies in its splendid design that is left distressed and rustic intentionally. This is aimed at making sure it stands out perfectly on any area of its display. Every great feeling that you want your NICU nurse to experience is in one of a kind nurse Knick knack, don’t let them miss it!

 Besides,  Jenny Gems nurse Knick knack comes packed with features below:

Brand  Jenny Gems (trusted for quality and original Knick Knacks)
Dimensions  (6×8×1.5) inches (sizeable to make it perfect for a décor)
Weight  4.6 ounce (lightweight making it convenient for display)
Other benefitsHas a vintage look that gives any room a stylish touch.
Makes a perfect keepsake gift as it can last for ages.

Nurse’s blanket throw

You have to agree with the statement that “God found some of the strongest women and made them nurses” because it is a fact. These are the words woven on a pure country weavers nurses blanket throw that would make a perfect gift for your female NICU nurse.

This is a very soft, warm, unique blanket throw that is fit for going anywhere, a picnic, time alone in the back yard, hospital, and living room, among others. It is big enough and effortlessly wraps around the whole body. Other than that, this incredible blanket throw can make a great keepsake gift too! The powerful message woven on it will always remind the NICU nurse of the huge impact she makes in people’s lives.

What makes Pure country weavers nurse’s blanket throw ideal as a present?

Brand  Pure country weavers (known for perfection in blanket throws)
Material  Cotton (warm and comfortable)
Dimensions  72×52×0.5 inches (large enough for one to wrap around themselves)
Other benefitsFits many beds due to its standard sizing.
The motivational message is clear to read and printed in large letters.
The message is woven, not printed, to ensure it doesn’t fade.
The pure country weaver’s nurses blanket throw is washer and dryer safe

Nurse’s tote bag

There is nothing that can make a NICU nurse happier than a gift that says what is in her heart but cannot say it out loud. The perfect gift that carries all this weight is a Nurses tote bag. It is a simple bag that she can easily carry around not only for her utilities but a special message that makes her who she is.

“In the NICU, every tiny thing matters.” This is the message on the tote bag that will never make a nurse appreciative. The babies, the nurse’s attitude, their interaction with others, their relationships, among others, all matter and make a difference in NICU. That is why a NICU nurse complements every detail because that’s what she does; she appreciates every tiny thing, even a simple tote bag!

 Why opt for Every tiny thing tote bag?

Brand  Every tiny thing (Reputable)
Material  Cotton canvas (high quality and long-lasting)
Weight  8 ounces (lightweight therefore can be easily carried around)
Other benefitsThe message shows NICU nurses that you understand their effort.
Spacious hence can conveniently carry books and water bottles, among others.


Don’t you think it is spectacular how a NICU nurse looks with a stethoscope around their neck? This is the main reason you should gift them one. Consider ASA techmed stethoscope that comes in different stunning colors so you can choose the most perfect one based on your preference. Not to mean that a nurse urgently needs another one, no, you are gifting it as a symbol of appreciation.

By gifting to a nurse this great stethoscope, you will be showing them that you have complete trust and pride in then when it comes to doing their job. ASA stethoscope is one that helps a nurse diagnose in confidence. It has two functional tubes that are latex-free. The tubes can be folded or curved around the neck without damaging them or causing irritation on the nurse’s neck.

Here are the exceptional features that make ASA techmed stethoscope worth gifting:

Brand  Brand (trusted)
Weight  0.32 kilograms (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Other benefitsComfortable for use by both patients and the nurse.
A sound from the ASA techmed stethoscope is clear and takes accurate auscultation of desired body parts.
The stethoscope remains to be reliable and has ultimate performance even after extended use.
Silicone ear tips are soft and include extra ear tips in all sizes.

Nurse mug

Do you agree that NICU nurses are caring, passionate, and unraveled skills? Gift them not just a mug but one from Aw fashions mug that contains imprints of some of NICU nurse’s facts. The critical print is “nurse nutritional facts’ categorized logically with the fact on one side and percentages. This is what brings all the humor. It is also printed on both sides which means that the Aw mug can be held using both hands without hiding the hilarious message.

Here are more features of the Aw fashions funny nutritional facts mug:

Brand  Aw fashions (officially licensed)
Material  Ceramic (dishwasher and microwave safe)
Other benefitsDoes not scratch, thus looks good over a long time.
The printed image does not peel or fade.
Ceramic used is stoneware for durability.

Nursing clipboard with storage

Being a NICU nurse is not a walk in the park and always having to carry stuff around makes it even tougher. Cease the endless struggles of your NICU nurse by gifting them with a Tribe RN clipboard with storage. With this, a nurse will not even remember there are patient records in hand.

The RN nursing clipboard with storage comes with a unique color-coded cheat sheet, which will be a great relief to a person working in NICU. The cheat sheet gives a nurse easy access to critical information at all times, whether an emergency or not. Nurses make it hence perfection and convenience are 100% guaranteed.

Besides, Tribe RN nursing clipboard with storage comes with the following amazing features that make it a great gift:

Brand  Tribe RN (trusted for quality registered nurse products)
Weight  11.3 ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Color  Purple, 19 mint and black (preferred by many)
Other benefitsComes with a clinical cheat sheet stuck on the back of the clipboard to make recording stress-free.
The storage space is larger than a standard piece of paper hence convenient.
Easy to hold due to its thin height.

Nurse patent prints

Give a NICU nurse something that makes them stand out; Big Wig nurse patent prints. These are four elegant printed pictures that only nurses can understand. That is where their beauty lies. A NICU nurse can live with the pride of knowing what the prints mean and their significance. You will have given them a superiority to teach others, and they will love it.

These four patent prints each have a detailed nurse related diagram which, when framed, will resemble perfect wall arts. Besides, Big Wig nurse patent prints will stand out and make a statement when framed on any wall.

What makes Big Wig prints nurse patent prints stand out among the many?

Brand  Big Wig prints (officially licensed)
Weight  1.6 ounces (lightweight making it practical for a set of patent prints)
Other benefitsPerfect room décor, especially for nurse’s homes or offices.
They have a museum quality giving them a touch of style.
Easy to frame on any wall on any part of the house.

Visor clip

Whether a NICU nurse believes in guardian angels or not, a Cathedral Art visor clip is the perfect gift. Most definitely believes in guidance and protection, and this one of a kind ensures a nurse in your life does not forget that. It reads, “A nurse’s guardian Angel, especially for you, to guide and protect in everything you do.” Reading this alone will make a nurse relax, knowing all is well and doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Wherever it is displayed, the Cathedral Arts visor clip will still serve its purpose, and its significance will be evident. A non-believer might start in believing in guardian Angels too! However, it aims to encourage, motivate, reassure, and inspire your NICU nurse, and for that, they will always be grateful.

Cathedrals Art Visor clip has additional features tabled below:

Brand  Cathedral’s art (trusted for quality inspirational products)
Weight  O.32 ounces (lightweight making it easy to carry around)
Dimensions  1.73×0.3×2.25 inches (convenient)
Other benefitsMade of strong pewter material that does not break easily, thus last longer.
Easy to hang as it comes with a functional clip on the back.


Nursing is indeed a work of heart and a NICU nurse in your life will be reminded of this every day if you gift him/her with a bluebird notebook. The soft, colorful, eye-catching cover has “nursing is a work of heart” message on it that will take one’s breath away.

A NICU nurse can take the notebook anywhere as it comes in the sizeable dimension of 6×9 inches. Thus, it can fit into a tote bag or a backpack. The Matte cover is waterproof, and its decorative features do not erase even with frequent use.

Why Bluebird notebook makes a good present for NICU nurses?

Brand  Bluebird (trusted for top quality products)
Pages  110 (allow one to use for a long time)
Weight  7.8 ounces (lightweight hence easy to use for travel)
Other benefitsRuled to help a nurse organize their work properly.
The interior is white hence easy to write on and read with any pen.
Ink does not bleed through keeping it neat at all times. It also allows one to use any type of pen.

Nurse decal stickers

Give your NICU nurse a reason to stare at their laptop, car, and a wall, among others, by gifting them with a Generic nurse decal vinyl sticker. This will describe a nurse in one word; awesome. The decal is black without a background color that makes it original, exemplary, and stunning on any surface. There is no worry about the decal peeling off as it is non-resistant to sunlight.  Water is its best friend too as it is not affected by it!

If a NICU nurse wants to try something new with it, he/she can stick it outside! It is designed to be perfect for indoor and outdoor use, which makes it even more worthy. The Generic nurse decal vinyl sticker comes with an instruction guide that gives step by step of sticking it with ease.

Check below what makes Generic nurse decal stickers great:

Brand  Generic (top manufacturers)
Weight  1.1 ounces (extremely lightweight hence easy to stick on any surface)
Material  Vinyl (great for decals)
Dimensions  5.5×5.4 inches (sizeable for different types of surfaces)
Other benefitsDoes not get affected by harsh weather conditions, thus suitable for both o=indoor and outdoor use.
The fact that it has a transparent background makes it easy to see and read.
The high-quality material used makes it durable.

Retractable badge

Assure NICU nurse in your life that you care about their happiness by gifting them with a Fun top retractable NICU badge.  Badges usually have a way to make the person wearing it feel more comfortable and welcomed in place of work, and the NICU nurse is not an exception.

The fun top retractable badge is colorful, making it easily noticeable from meters away. This gives one a sense of pride. It will also do an excellent job of showing how passionate and comfortable one is as a NICU nurse. Besides, the budge holds the nurse’s name ID uniquely and decoratively.

Here are exceptional features of Fun top retractable NICU badge:

Brand  Fun top (#1 bestseller)
Weight  0.32 ounces (lightweight making it easy to wear)
Color  Black badge reel (perfect for nurses)
Other benefitsThe plastic and metal used are long-lasting.
It can be personalized to make it more special or send a unique message.
Comes with a functional reel alligator clips.


A prayer to the NICU nurse is the worthiest gift you can ever give to them. You will achieve this by gifting him/her with an Infinity collection keychain. The prayer in this modest keychain is brief but powerful. It reads, “Lord, guide my hands and my heart as I care for my patients today.” With such a present, a nurse will always be confidently covered by prayers in a special way.

What could be a better way of starting a NICU nurse’s day than with a reassuring prayer? Nothing, so go ahead and give your loved one confidence all days of their work.

That’s not all; Infinity collection keychain comes with the following additional features:

Brand  Fun top (officially licensed)
Material  Stainless steel (durable)
Other benefitsThe stainless steel used does not fade or crack.
Engraved words are in a dark color, therefore easy to read and do not erase.
The words are inspirational to a NICU nurse.

Wrap up!

These fifteen gift ideas are the kind that is not just gifted to NICU nurses for the sake of an occasion or because they need it. They make a statement for the rest of their lives because they bear a very special title. They deserve all perfection, worth, sturdiness, and elegance from the item you choose because the nurses help save lives at a most crucial time!

Go ahead and make that NICU nurse feel appreciated for always saving the young ones!

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