Gift Ideas For Parkinson Patients Sure To Make Their Life Better

Do you have a loved one with Parkinson’s disease celebrating their special occasion? Consider getting them presents that make them comfortable and ease their mobility.  Look for useful gifts like a heated blanket, E-reader, hiking stick, book holder, pillow, slipper socks, and cloth robe. For ease and convenience, you can consider cleaning and care services. 

We know how difficult chronic diseases affect an individual’s life either in the hospital or at home. Making these gifts will brighten their face and give them hope of more life despite their battle in hospital beds.

To make them happy, we have given some useful gift ideas that, if you consider, will impact their lives positively. 

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Read on and touch the lives of Parkinson’s patients in a special way!

Top 10 gift ideas for Parkinson patients

  1. Slippers socks 
  2. E-reader 
  3. Cleaning services 
  4. Hiking stick 
  5. Foot massager 
  6. Movie subscriptions 
  7. Smart speaker 
  8. Book holder 
  9. A Pillow 
  10. Chess game 

What is the best gift for a Parkinson patient in the hospital?

Gifting a person in the hospital is a good idea, but for someone who has Parkinson’s disease, the present should be helpful based on their condition. The best gift could be personal care items, reusable shopping bags, post-hospital care packages, comfort boxes, food, and drinks. This way, you will have made their stay in the hospital a little bit more comfortable. 

What can you gift a Parkinson patient for a Christmas holiday?

Though Parkinson patients are at a condition that makes them feel uncomfortable, they too need something on their desks to make them happy. For their special occasions, such as the Christmas holiday, gift them amazing presents such as Parkinson’s Christmas Cards, crackers, Parkinson’s disease definition shirt, Parkinson’s necklace, Parkinson’s mug, brain cancer Parkinson’s charm, and flowers.

What are some of the useful gadgets to make as a present to Parkinson patients?

Generally, there are some useful products manufactured for patients with nerve problems. These include assistive devices for cooking, eating, walking, getting dressed, bathroom, and writing. When gifting Parkinson patients, therefore, you should consider buying such presents that are sure to impact on their lives and make them live positively. 

What birthday gift can you make to a Parkinson patient?

Birthday gifts are more enjoyable if well selected and offered to a person celebrating their special day. For a Parkinson patient, not any present would carry the day, and thus, you need to be more thoughtful about what you buy. During their upcoming birthday, consider gifting them with Parkinson’s awareness gift set, motorikset sensory bag, and I love someone with Parkinson’s sticker to lighten up their moods. 

Here are gift ideas for Parkinson patients that you can think of:


Note that Parkinson’s disease can bring difficulty in vision and make it hard for patients to read words on books or screen. Thus, awarding such a patient with an e-reader like kindle paperwhite will be a great idea. This e-reader makes reading very simple, and one can go through many pages at a fast speed. Its subscription is affordable and reliable to all users.  

Kindle present will further reduce the stress Parkinson patients might be exposed to while idle and nursing their problems in bed.

Check through for some of the added advantages that the present brings to your person in pain!

BrandKindle (best e-readers in the market)
Storage Has a capacity of 8 GB (holds more comics, magazines, and audiobooks)
Size The present has a screen size of 6″ with a glare-free advantage.
Other benefits It has a front light of 5 LEDs that is more eye-friendly, especially to a sick person.
Glare-free display of 300 ppi that can be used comfortably even under bright sunlight 
Long-lasting battery that lasts for weeks in a single charge; thus, the sick can use conveniently without the stress of regular charging 

Slippers socks 

A warm slipper sock with non-skid treads on the bottom is just an awesome present that is worth gifting to a sick person. The warm temperature it has is always conducive to a person with health issues, complementing the need for Parkinson’s disease patients. They are made up of super-soft lightweight material that makes it comfortable for a person with mobility issues.   

For a lady, consider Zindo warm, super soft women socks that are well designed to provide warmth. Try one, and be sure to have solved a problem that your loved person is facing.  

Here are the amazing features that make Zindo warm, superwomen sock a great option:

Brand Zindo (best women’s slipper producers)
Feature Anti-skid (safe for the sick)
Size Produce in one fit size (sure to fit your loved one)
Other benefits One packet comes with four pairs of socks that are enough for your loved one to keep changing 

Cleaning services 

Why not show love to your home patient with house cleaning services to make them feel comfortable while in their houses. Handy cleaning services are the best home cleaners that you might imagine to any deserving person at home; their services are well set up to match different client needs. One can either choose a weekly or monthly cleaning plan with little panic as you easily change the selection with no constraints.

Below is what makes handy services stand out:

Company Handy (trusted for home cleaning services)
Work They are a house cleaning company with available services 24/7.
Website www.handy .com
Other benefits Accessible in different countries; all you need is the zip code
They offer all house cleaning services, e.g., kitchen, bathroom, and toilets.

Hiking stick

Hiking sticks are developed purposely to help people with difficulties in muscles. Such will offer a Parkinson patient the best aid in walking to make small steps to unlock their muscles. To make it more beneficial to your Parkinson patient, you have to consider visiting a physical therapist to advise on your loved one best selection. Trail buddy trekking poles might serve you best. Selecting it will offer diverse features that will support your loved person.

What makes trail buddy trekking poles the best option for Parkinson patients?

Brand Trail Buddy(best producers Trekking poles)
Material Aluminum (tough to withstand pressure and any impact even when a person using it is heavyweight)
Other benefits Lightweight to avoid burdening the sick 
Telescopic thus easier to adjust than twisting  lock types 
It is built to make it more comfortable for all users

Foot massager 

Do you know what makes Parkinson’s patient’s life difficult is tightened up muscles? Help alleviate their pain by buying them a foot massager that relieves muscle cramps on foot to offer some comfort.  The relaxation brought by the massager will speed up the healing process, which is positive to you and your patient. There are different models of a massager, and finding the appropriate one that will not squeeze hard like the shiatsu foot massager by cloud massage is more appreciated.

Here is why:

Brand Cloud massage (designers with the best interface)
Product dimension 22×11×17.7 inches, appropriate dimension for all sizes of a fit.
Weight 22 pound, considerable weight making it easy for patients to use
Other benefits Adjustable thus comfortable for different groups of people 
The massager has multiple settings for heat pressure and vibration to offer much-needed therapy for Parkinson patients 
Sure customer satisfaction with guaranteed replacement 

Movie subscription

This is one of the best heart-winning presents that you can decide to a person enduring pain and spending most of their time in a difficult bed. A movie is the best way to make a Parkinson patient happy and forget the pain he might be going through. The idea of subscribing to a movie is more acceptable as the patient might not be in good condition to move to a theatre room. Amazon prime has the best subscription services that are reliable and affordable, just to make your loved one entertained.

The table below shows attractive features that make amazon prime a choice for your movie subscription:

Brand Amazon prime video (trusted globally)
Media benefits Have unlimited storage for photos and movies
Other benefits Have free audible channels for better streaming.
Memberships can be shared if the clients share the same house.
The stream has unlimited video and music streaming.

Car service

Parkinson’s problem affects motor skills, coordination, and vision, which are the major and important factors required for a vehicle’s safe driving. Not to mention the cost of vehicle maintenance; this can be considerably high to a person paying medical bills. Gifting your patient with a car service will make his life comfortable and be sure of a positive impact. 

The best car service for your loved one is a Uber. Try to purchase a gift certificate to your sick member, and you will get the best service from the company that you will appreciate for years to come.

The Uber gift certificate comes with the amazing features below: 

Brand Uber (a reliable taxi company in the world)
Color Green color with beautiful printings.
Other benefits The card is redeemable via uber in the US cities and the world where uber services are available.  

Smart speaker

Making a good smart speaker to your loved one is a welcomed and appreciated gift that will not fade in their minds.  Remember, Parkinson’s disease could cause hearing problems; thus, helping patients overcome this problem with a perfect thing to do.  A smart speaker could help a Parkinson patient get in touch with some of the favorable and heartwarming music selection that is sure to unlock their happiness despite the difficult health conditions that they are in. 

Look for a device that can play music and also help turn lights on and off for the best services to a sick person. To make all the above features to your loved one, consider the Echo Dot smart speaker.

The speaker comes with other fantastic features, tabled:

Brand Amazon (high-quality third-generation speaker)
Size (3.9×3.9×1.7)″ (compact for portability)
Weight 300 grams, (considerably lighter and thus more appealing to patients)
Other benefits It has a built-in speaker, which allows for voice feedback when not connected.
Echo comes ready connected to wifi

A book holder 

A person who has Parkinson’s disease might find it hard to hold a book, and thus, getting them a holder is the best idea. While a book reader is more appropriate to a person having trouble reading, the holder is also good to a person making frequent travel to visiting the doctors as they are not expensive. To make one a present to your loved one, consider selecting amazon’s office book holder bookends and be sure you will impact these patients’ lives.

Here are the compiled best features of the Amazon Basics book holder that makes it a top option:

Brand Amazon Basics (trusted globally)
Color Design with black color to make it more appealing to use anywhere 
Material Metal (durable)
Item dimension 5.5 x 8.08 x 6.9 inches (compact yet hold different sizes of books comfortably)

Puzzle book 

For a person who likes exercising the brain, this will act best and make them busy even while in bed. Puzzles are the best way to make Parkinson’s patient’s mind at work and reduce the chances of stress due to the pain they are experiencing poor health conditions. For the best puzzle to make as a gift to your Parkinson’s patient, consider a Kappa super saver large print word search puzzle. It has a beautiful cover and design that will not only ensure that beautiful features but the best services.

Besides; this puzzle book comes with the amazing features below:

Brand Kappa Books Publishers (known top-quality products) 
Item weight 5.6 ounces, (best weight for any reader)
Other benefits Has the friendliest printing fonts and spacing that make it easy for Parkinson’s patients to use even if with visual problems 
The book size is small and more welcoming to any person who loves puzzle works. 

Chess game 

Making a chess board game to a sick person is the prettiest way of making them get some small practice for a quick and speedy recovery. Chess game will bring some user interaction to people who might need to play the game alongside them. When playing the game, they will be practicing their minds together with body movement, which will, in turn, bring that needed systemic recovery.  

To make this enjoyable game a gift to your loved person, try to select the best one like chess Armory 15″ wooden chess set with the felted game board.

The suggested chess board has amazing features tabled below:

Brand Chess armory store (master in the production of sporting boards) 
Item weight 2.05 pounds, (considerable weight to make to a sick person)
Product dimension 15×15×1 inches, (fit in most bags for easy carrying)
Other benefits It is large and easy to play 
Handcrafted with a Staunton style chess pieces that make it appealing to players

A pillow 

Just to remember, you are dealing with a person with some medical conditions and so making them the best pillow to comfort them will make more sense. Like any other person with a different health condition, the Parkinson person will need a medical pillow to reduce straining posture and hold up to their desired position. 

Bed wedge pillow by EBUNG that has a memory foam top is an ideal one for restful sleeping. The pillow also eradicates back pain, acid reflux, and snoring, which acts to improve the condition of a Parkinson patient

That’s not all; EBUNG wedge pillows have the best features that make it a perfect gift for Parkinson patients. Check them below:

Brand EBUNG (specializes in medical pillows)
Item weight 4.740 pounds, ideal for any type of mattress.
Product dimension 25 x 24 x 12 inches, the dimension well fits all sizes of hospital beds.
Other benefits The pillow’s material is very soft, so it is comfortable for a patient.
Optimal density memory foam is design in a slanting way for a proper and perfect comfort to the back.

Books and magazines

It is more boring when someone is stuck in bed and cannot move to purchase something to make them updated with the latest things about their favorite theme. Try and access the latest book or magazine for Parkinson patients; this will help them pass the time and get in touch with the latest events happening in the world. For those with smartphones make them busy with ebook subscriptions for the magazines. 

People magazine might be the best solution for your loved one. The magazine covers the latest fashion, and if your patient has that interest in the latest trends in the fashion sector, then there is no chance of failing to lighten up their moods. 

Why the people magazine?

Brand Meredith cooperation (trusted)
Language They were published in the English language, which makes it more relevant to English speakers.
Other benefits It has a subscription with risk-free 28 days free period.
The magazine subscription automatically renews, giving no stress t the sick 

Boxing gloves 

The present looks like an odd gift to make to people with Parkinson’s disease, but with frequent reviews, it has been noted that people with this problem can minimize the condition by practicing boxing. The boxing skills lessen the symptoms and improve muscle resistance and balance. With this glove, one can use the non-contact boxing classes offered rock and steady boxing.  

For the best glove to gift for a Parkinson patient, consider Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves.  The glove is best for non-contact boxing and simulation exercise.  

Besides, Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves come with the amazing features below:

Brand Everlast (#1 best seller)
Packet dimension (14.33×7.09×4.96) inches (fits most)
Weight 2.47 pounds, best weight for simulation services.
Other benefits The everlast warrant ensures the product is free of defects, and if any, they are sure of replacing. 
Made up of a more durable and tough ever hide
The gloves are unisex adults and, therefore, can be gifted to all

Terry cloth robe 

The cloth robe is a perfect present for someone, especially when the person is not feeling well and has a chronic illness.  With the idea, consider Terry cloth robe that serves an extra purpose for someone with this Parkinson condition. The disease presents an extra challenge whenever a person tries to move, and it may interfere with the person’s ability to dry themselves after a shower. Thus, the stylish Terry cloth robe will help to dry the person up effortlessly. The special clothe absorbs water in no time without needing much effort from one using it.  

Check below the reason why Terry cloth robe might be the best option for you:

Brand Mirko (guarantee of the best terry cloth)
Style Unisex (Can be used by both men and women)
Package dimensions 17.3 x 14.1 x 4.1 inches; 2.7 Pounds (practical for Parkinson patients) 
Other benefits The cloth is 100% super absorbent with does it makes it more perfect for your patient.
The cloth has a kimono collar style with an adjustable sleeve that looks good and easy to wear 

Final Thought

You know what! The best thing you can do to Parkinson’s patients is by buying them presents, such as the ones suggested above. Each one has been selected with expert advice to ensure they are not ordinary items but those that cover various needs of a Parkinson’s patient. When a chance presents, you should gift your loved one to brighten their moods and help them to live comfortably amidst all the challenges they are facing. 

Go ahead, buy one, and witness your loved one smile with joy!

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