15 Cute and Well-thought-of Gift Ideas For Roommates (To Be Even Closer)

If you have a roommate that generously share, sympathizes with you during a hard time, and gives you own space when you need then ensure you shower them with gifts once in a while.   From headphones, socks, scarf, and wine glass among others there is something that would make your roommate know you appreciate them.  

Note that there is no precious relationship more than that of your roommate. It can be filled with all sorts of things, such as cleaning one another messes and sharing utilities. They deserve to present especially on their special occasions such as birthday and graduation. Surprising them can be an uphill task more so when you can’t figure out the exact gift that your roommate loves. Worry less as we have listed 17 gifts that make every buddy know that you care. 

Top 10 Gift Ideas for roommates 

  1. Headphones 
  2. Wool Socks
  3. BATHTUB wine glass holder 
  4. Bathroom Reader 
  5. Variety Snack Care Package 
  6. Beard Care Kit for Men
  7. Beach Bum Set of 2
  8. Dishwasher Clean/Dirty indicator sign
  9. Blanket Scarf
  10. Gloves 
Gift Ideas For Roommates

What should I get my roommate for his birthdays?

Birthday is a special day for your roomie. Present them with gifts such as spa, photo jewelry, and pampering jar, Do-It-Yourself lavender soap/ patterned candles Lip Balm, and Best friends’ mug. In doing so, your roommate will be delighted knowing that they can count on you even on their special day.  

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How can I surprise my roommate?

If you have a roommate, shower him/her with much love and praise. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Plan a trip together 
  • Do her chores for some days 
  • Make her a surprise dinner 
  • Prepare a surprise spa 
  • Surprise her with concert tickets 
  • Take her outing 

How can I make my roommate happy?

You make your roommate happy by doing the following:

  • Fix time in which you and your roommate can hang at least twice a week.  Prepare dinner together, go for skating together, watch movies together, or visit favorite roomie places.
  • Do something enjoyable for your roomie more frequently- do their chores, prepare them a delicious meal, or allow them to ride your car to their workplace at least once a week.

How can I be a better roommate? 

You can be a better roommate only if you embrace the following:

  • Listen to one another – It doesn’t matter whether your roommate is your best friend or not, listening to each other is the way to go. Sometimes your roommate is looking for a piece of advice from you so giving an ear will always strengthen your bond.  
  • Communication is crucial– There is no doubt communication is critical in any communal living. Before even moving in together, communication is essential. Everyone has to share his/her expectation and how both of you would share responsibilities to live in harmony.
  • Be considerate– It’s good to ask your roommate whether they are comfortable with what you do. That’s the best way to be attentive. You might be doing something thinking its good, yet your roommate is irritated. 
  • Divide responsibilities – It’s not fair to leave all duties to one person, yet you are living together. This will result in conflict without a doubt. So, it’s good to talk about ways of sharing responsibilities. If you are cooking the meals, then your roommate can take up the responsibility of cleaning the dishes.
  • Don’t expect perfection– We are living in a world of ups and downs, and nobody is perfect. So, if your roommate does a mistake, don’t rush to quarrel. Sometimes mistakes happen, and that’s alright.  Provided it’s not a constant habit, then solve harmoniously. 
  • Don’t force friendship– Getting along with your roommate doesn’t mean you two are best friends. So, it’s good to accept the way things are and mind your business for a peaceful mind.

How do you tell your roommate you don’t want to live with her? 

Firstly, tell her that you care much about her and you don’t intend to hurt feeling. Secondly, tell her this has been a hard decision, but you feel it’s the best thing for both of you. Finally, remind her once that you care about her and apologize if you did upset her feelings. 

Here are the Gift ideas for roommates worth considering:

1. Headphones

Does your roommate enjoy listening to music all day? If yes, then headphones are the perfect gift you can present to them. Headphones sometimes work as a polite way to tell your roomie to be quite when you are busy with your work. They will plug in and listen to their favorite music while you are winding up your task.  Music relieves stress and makes us feel better. So, if your roomie is a little bit is stressed, you can encourage them to plug in their headphones and listen to a particular song. 

The ideal headphones are the one that features hands-free talking and volume control. This allows one to pick up calls and skip between tracks without missing a beat. Consider gifting AILIHEN C8 headphones. The headphones are compatible with most devices such as laptops, cellphones, MP4, MP3, computers, and other audio gadgets. 

Why are AILIHEN C8 headphones fabulous? 

Brand AILIHEN (Trusted brand)
Type Over-ear 
Color Various (Allow you to choose one based on your roommate’s favorite )
Weight6.40 ounces (Lightweight making it practical) 
Special features Volume control allowing one to adjust to a comfortable voice that won’t damage the ears. The microphone that allows one to make and receive calls conveniently.  Compatible with tablets, kindle, iPod, and iPad making it a perfect pick for everyone. 

2. Wool socks

Gone are the days when getting socks for somebody was probably the least exciting thing to unwrap. Nice warm socks are the ideal gift for everyone. There is no doubt your roommate will be very grateful for the present every time they trek via snow on their way to work or class. 

During the cold winter season, merino wool socks give our feet warm. So, your roomie won’t complain about cold feet ever again.  Note that there is nothing that can make your bond stronger with your roommates than the little things you offer to one another such as the special merino socks.

Check why Merino wool Thermal crew wool socks well-thought present:

Brand DG Hill (Premium quality)
Size Various sizes (You get one that will fit your roommate comfortably)
Unisex Yes (For everyone whether men or ladies)
Other benefits Odor and wicking resistance thus keeping feet dry and non-smelly. Soft and comfortable to keep the feet warm even in the winter season.  Superior cushioning in the footbed for proper ankle support. 

3. BATHTUB wine glass holder 

What is more calming than a beer or wine in a bathtub? For a wine enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this gift. You as well will enjoy the benefit of the gift since you share the room after all. So, surprising your friend with this wine glass holder is something right. You get to share ideas while relaxing with a wine placed in a premium glass holder.

You need to get a glass holder such as the SipCaddy model that is dishwasher safe, so your roomie will not find it hassle to wash it. With its sleeker appearance, there is no doubt your roomie will like the gift. 

Check why SipCaddy bath and shower cupholder caddy is the perfect one: 

Brand SipCaddy (Known for quality glassware)
Color Clear 
Material Plastic (ABS non-toxic and recyclable)
Other benefits Made of the highest quality materials that are perfect for the mirror, glass, and glazed tile. Features an updated design with a sleek appearance that is admirable to many.  Dishwasher safe making cleaning hassle-free. 

4. Snack care package 

Get a variety of snacks that come full of crowd-attractive favorites for your roommate. Ensure the pack contains a cookie, Chex mix, candy favorites, goldfish crackers, Oreos, and many more. Check that the box itself comes beautifully packaged with care to add a nice touch to the entire collective. Plus, this gift is not affordable.  

Consider a variety snack box that contains 40 individually wrapped single serve snacks; hence your roomie will enjoy for a longer time.

Here is why the variety makes a perfect snack care package for your buddy:

Brand Duogreen (Trusted for healthy snacks)
Size 40 count (serves one longer)
Style Care package (Suitable packaged for awesome presentation)
Other benefits Ideal gift for anyone thus there is no chance of getting it wrong as a present.  The box contains 40 wrapped single serve snacks that last longer.

5. Beach bum toilet spray

This is a fantastic gift idea for roommates’ ladies who shares toilets. Sharing a bathroom seems horrible because toilets do not always smell great. But with beach bum Spray, the rancid smell will be something of the past. It makes the bathroom smell fresh; hence your roommate won’t have to tolerate annoying and uncomfortable situations. 

Consider the Poo-Pourri beach bum set of 2 spray that is entirely chemical-free since it is made of essential oils and other natural compounds. What is more incredible is that everything comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. 

Why Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is an ideal present for roommates?

Brand Poo-Pourri (Known for naturals care products)
Gift set contains 2oz Tropical Hibiscus  2oz Ship Happens (Value package)
Other Benefit Chemical-free that ensures there is no risk of allergies.  Keep the toilet smelling fresh with a single spray.  Tropical hibiscus scent that is loved by many. 

6. Dishwasher Clean/Dirty indicator sign

Nothing is irritating than heating your meals on a dirty plate. This often happens when you are sharing a kitchen. The solution? A premium clean dirty dishwasher magnet. 

Think of Noosa Life Dishwasher clean/dirty indicator that is made of long-lasting premium quality materials and sticks in front of your dishwasher. Your roommate will always be aware of clean and dirty dishes thus avoid any chance of contaminating their food. What is impressive with this item is that it’s easy to use and affordable, hence makes a perfect roommate gift.

Here are great features that make Noosa Life Dishwasher clean/dirty indicator great for roommates:

Brand Noosa Life (Known for premium acrylic products)
Color Metallic 9Duarbel thus serving your buddy longer)
Weight 3.19 ounces (Practical for use in the kitchen)
Other Benefits Easy to use and provide high-strength grasp for everyone including those wearing glasses.  Made of budge-proof magnet to prevent accidental sleeping between dirty and clean dishes. 

7. Blanket Scarf

Do you want to make your roommate happier? Surprise him with a blanket scarf. It’s a perfect gift that will keep your roommate nestled in their winter coat while also making a stylish statement. The POSESHE warm blanket is the real deal. Your roommate will use it as a picnic blanket during fall activities. That’s amazing, for sure. POSESHE scarf is effortless to wear and pair with other clothes. So, your roommate will always be at ease while wearing it.  

Check  the exceptional features of POSESHE Blanket Scarf: 

Material Cashmere-like Acrylic (a premium quality that lasts longer)
Colors Various (You get to choose one based on your roommate favorite)
Size One size (Fits all)
Other benefitsVersatile as it can be paired effortlessly with any clothes worn. Fashionable and cozy that help one embraces the cold weather in style.

8. Gloves 

There is no doubt most of your roommates in college have countless stylish hats and lovely scarfs, but they don’t have even a single pair of gloves to keep their hands warm. Some roommate avoids them despite the cold weather condition as they keep procrastinating getting a pair. Surprise your roomie by getting them gloves to keep their hands warm in the snow. They may be ungrateful at first, but with time they will thank you for the gift.

The ideal gloves should be made of quality materials, appropriate for different sizes of hands, and super comfortable. Consider winter knitted gloves by ViGrace as it presents the best choice. 

Why ViGrace winter knitted gloves are the best gift for your roommate? 

Color Various (Choose one based on your buddy’s taste)
Material 50% Acrylic & 50% wool (Thick and comfortable)
Other benefits Unisex design makes them a good gift for both men and women. Fingerless design that keeps one warm while ensuring they undertake activities such as writing with ease.  One size fit thus you can surprise your friend with the assurance that the gloves will not be under- or over-sized. 

9. Coffee Mugs cup

Coffee mugs help one seep drink all day long to keep their body warm. So, it’s a great gift idea for your roommate.  With such a present, you will have boosted your roommate’s caffeine addiction. 

The best coffee mug cup is the one with a large volume and is dishwasher safe. So, you can consider Coffee Mug Cup by Delicious Accessories.

Why go for Coffee Mug Cup by Delicious Accessories? 

Brand Delicious Accessories (Known in designing the best mugs worth presents)
Weight15 ounces (Lightweight making it practical)
ColorWhite (Preferred by many)
Material Ceramic (Does not fade or distort when washed)
Other benefitsDishwasher /microwave safe making it convenient for use.  Funny writings on it that make the mug a perfect gift for a buddy.  Holds 11 ounces that are enough for taking coffee. 

10. Laptop Case 

Does your roommate have a laptop? If yes, a laptop case is an excellent gift for them. The laptop case provides enough protection to your roomie PC. Besides that, your roommate will look professional when in a meeting. While some premium quality cases can be a little bit expensive, you can still find perfect ones for an affordable price. 

The ideal laptop case should be compatible with different types of laptops. Consider ARVOK Laptop Sleeve Multi-color and Size Choices Case. 

Why pick ARVOK laptop sleeve multi-color and size choices case? 

Color Various 
Material Neoprene (Waterproof and last longer)
Other benefits Compact making it easy to carry. Water-resistance that ensures maximum protection of the laptop in case of rain or liquid spills. Compatible with many laptops so no need to worry about whether it will suit your roomie’s needs. 

11. Sleep mask

Nothing is worth than having a beauty rest. The sleep mask can make your roomie nap comfortably even with lights on. So, don’t underestimate this gift whatsoever. It’s an essential item for communal living. There is no doubt your roommate will appreciate the gift as they can sleep comfortably even as you stay on finish some assignments. 

The perfect sleep masks should be soft, skin-friendly, fully adjustable, and allow you to open your eyes freely. All the sleeping masks are almost the same, but you can opt for Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask.

Why Lonfrote Star Moon Deep Molded Sleep Mask?

Brand Lonfrote (Known for innovative design for sleep masks0
Color Various (Choose one based on your friends favorite)
Other benefits Earplug included that block the outside noise allowing your buddy to sleep even as you listen to music.  It is made of soft materials that let one release their facial stress comfortably.  Completely adjustable making it a perfect fit for everyone. 

12. Throw pillow 

Get your roomie something to hold onto while they read or spree TV with a pretty throw pillow. You can go for the one with a funny design or order one with your image printed on it. Or better still get the pillow tailor-made with a photo of the two of you or with their lovely puppies.  

Though almost all throw pillows practically function the same you may want to consider the JOJUSIS Modern Geometric brand. 

Why choose JOJUSIS Modern Geometric Throw Pillow for your roommate?

Brand JOJUSIS (Known for elegant designs)
Material A-grade cotton (easy-care, long-lasting and luxurious)
Other benefits Hidden zippers for stress-free pillow insert with an elegant look. Uses advanced dying technology that ensures color durability.  Machine washable meaning easy care with no chance of fading. 

13. Umbrella  

Umbrella may seem like an odd gift, but your roommate, without a doubt, will love it. If you get caught in the rain without one, you will know the importance of this gift. Umbrella comes handy for long walks on colleges. It’s hard to predict the weather, and therefore it’s always vital to carry an umbrella. The good thing it’s not so much expensive. So, nearly everybody can afford to buy one for their roommates. 

Everyone would like to present their roommate with something special and unique. Even in the case of an umbrella, it’s good to choose the best for your friend. Consider Spar-Saa Double layer inverted umbrella. 

Why opt for Spar-Saa Double Inverted umbrella? 

Brand Siepasa (Known for superior quality)
Color Blue/Black (Preferred by many)
Other BenefitsUnique double layer that ensures the car doesn’t get wet as the top layer can be folded with ease when rained on.  Comfortable frosted c-shaped design handle that frees up the hand for other activities as the umbrella can be gripped over the arm.  Smooth top that can stand up on its own enabling one to place it anywhere. 

14. Photo Album 

There is nothing more enjoyable than making your roommate an album complete of pictures and memories that you have both shared. This will make your roommate remember you forever. 

The ideal photo album is the one with more pockets and holds large pictures. You can consider the Pioneer Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album.  

Check the exceptional features of  Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album that make it a great present:

Color Various (You get to pick one based on your friend’s preference)
Photo size 4 x 6 inches (Suitable for standard size photos) 
Number of pockets 200 (Hold a reasonable number of photos)
Other benefits Have a memo area that provides you a chance to describe the event of every single photo. Keeps the photos safely from liquid spills.  PVC, Lignin, and acid-free that ensure the environment is kept clean. Bidirectional pockets that allow one to place photos either vertically or horizontally. 

15. Magnetic Dry Erase whiteboard sheet 

Do you like to communicate with your roommate playfully? If yes, look for this splendid magnetic whiteboard sheet. The good thing is that it does not fall like those little magnetic whiteboards. As well, it’s not so big and bulky. So, you can surprise your roomie with this great gift that makes your communication fun. 

There is no doubt its ideal communication solution in communal living. What amazes more is that it can stick to any metallic surface. Besides, it wipes cleaner more than other whiteboards. So, with it, you will communicate messages with your roommate any day. The ideal one is stain resistance and features a large writing surface. Consider the one from YES4QUALITY. 

YES4QUALITY magnetic dry erase whiteboard sheet make a perfect present due to the following:

Size 19 x 13 inches 
Color White
Material type Whiteboard 
Other benefits Stain-resistant surface that ensures the board is erased to 100% original white color. Large writing surface that allows your buddy to write as much as they wish.  Strong magnetic back that makes it easier to hang it almost on all flat surfaces. 

Wrap Up

There is no doubt everyone would like to see their roommate happy. Buying gifts for them will cheer them up. So, it’s good to always sacrifice the little you have to cherish your roommates with the gifts mentioned above. 

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