15 Eye-Catching Gift Ideas For Rowers

Do you wish to gift a rower during this coming holiday or on a special occasion? Consider buying rowing-themed presents like wall arts, fitness tracker watch, sunglasses, neckwarmer, hoodie, bracelet, necklace, greeting card and books, among others. It doesn’t matter whether you are gifting beginners or experts the gifts will sort you out big time.

Rowing was used in the past as a means of transport. However, in modern times it is considered a sporting activity and an International Olympic Games. Rowing includes participants competing against each other, where both men and women participate in different categories based on gender.

Individuals or teams can participate in rowing as a recreational, enjoyment, or fitness activity. It is done by racing against each other in boats. Rowers can be in groups of two, four, or eight, thus making it difficult to choose a gift for your rower.

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Choosing the appropriate gift for your rower becomes crucial so that you don’t disappoint. In this situation, you have to consider a sentimental and special present that will boost one’s morale in every sport they intend to partake.

You might get worried due to the many lists of presents you find on the internet when browsing for the correct one or when you visit a gift shop. Here we give you the best ideas that make picking present for a rower stress-free.

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Top 10 rower gift ideas

  1. Rowing wall art
  2. Fitness tracker watch
  3. Waterproof bag carrier
  4. Collapsible water bottle
  5. Rowing sunglasses
  6. Customized rowing face mask
  7. Rowing book
  8. Rowing calendar
  9. Framed rowing photo
  10. Sculler art greeting card  

What should you consider when gifting a rower?

First, you should prepare early to avoid a last-minute rush where you might end up opting for a gift you didn’t have in mind. Rowers compete in different teams so you should buy a present based on the theme, club logo, team uniform, or oar and boat colors.

You should also consider the gift based on gender because some gifts are unisex while others are based on a specific gender. Based on this article you will be able to get a gift of your own choice which is pocket friendly.

Can you give a rower any gift?

You can indeed give a gift of your own choice so long as it is appropriate. It is advisable to consider the theme or event so that you don’t choose wrongly. It makes a rower happier if you give a good present that is practical and motivating.

Why is it important to gift a rower?

Presents make people feel special and appreciated. Gifting a person is a way of informing them that you truly think about them and gladly appreciate them for whom they are. Gifting a Rower should be of no exception because it puts a smile on their face by knowing how truly you appreciate them.

What does it mean to be a Rower?

This involves people who rowboats as a sport for body fitness and enjoyment. Others consider rowing as a race competition whereby they compete with other teams, it can be at residential areas, and others compete internationally like the Olympic Games.

Do rowers get into seasonal celebrations?

Rowers love seasonal celebrations where they come up with different activities. This enables them to connect by having jovial participation exercises. Based on different occasions, it becomes easy for you to prepare your gift early so as not to miss the opportunity of handing it over.

Here are the gifts ideas for rowers you can pick from:

Rowing wall art

Art is a form of expression that speaks to the heart. If you are thinking of gifting a rower, then a rowing art would be a perfect choice. Specific rowing art is special because they depict or express the rowers’ interest. Pick a specific piece that you feel appeals to the one you intend to give it to. A nice piece of art, chosen carefully will mean a lot to the recipient. Ensure the piece depicts what they do or symbolizes a specific memory in their lives.

Depending on the gifting period or occasion, you should pick a piece of art that signifies the same. If the rower competes in rowing events or does it as a hobby, there are specific pieces for every occasion. For a pre-season gift, think of The Pre-Season Poster by Jesse Garnas. This incredible piece is the perfect pre-season gift for a rower as it acts as a motivation and at the same time, an inspiration. Besides, it comes in the perfect size for a house or office.

Why is The Pre-Season Poster by Jesse Garnas a perfect choice?

ArtistJesse Garnas (renowned artist and designer from the USA)
Size23.2×15.5 inches ( perfect size for hanging on the walls)
MaterialSemi-gloss poster paper ( amazing for art and painting)
Other benefitsOne can use it in different places like, homes and offices
 Can be customized to fit any item like phone cases, mugs, and shirts

Fitness tracker watch

Whether a rower is competing or just working out to burn those extra calories, the activity is extreme. One way to track their body reactions to the exercise is through the use of smartwatches. A fitness tracker watch specifically monitors activities such as the heart rate, and calories burnt during the exercise. This would be a perfect gift for a rower since they need to be aware of their body reaction when in action.

Besides, fitness tracker watch will come in handy for a rower as they get to learn the extent to which they can push their limits at the same time, taking the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t strain the body too much. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a recommended choice that you can buy with confidence. With a fitness application already pre-configured to the watch, it offers the perfect companion for fitness training.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 further comes with amazing features below:

BrandGarmin (a multinational technology company known for quality products)
SizeAdjustable (fits all wrist sizes)
MaterialsStainless steel, silicone, and gorilla glass (strong therefore perfect for outdoor rowing)
Other benefitsCan be customized for other uses such as getting text message updates, social media updates, and emails
 It is compatible with both Android and iOS

Waterproof bag carrier

Rowing as we all know takes place on the water. This means that one must get wet in the process. However, it may be unavoidable for rowers to carry some personal belongings such as spare clothing, a wallet, a mobile phone, and keys. Gifting them with a waterproof bag is thus a guarantee that these items will not get soaked during the rowing activity even when water gets into the boat.

The Rowtex Dry Bag is a great choice to gift on any special occasion. Made of 100% waterproof material, the dry bag offers a good space for keeping valuables safe and dry. With perfect sizes, rowers can store the items that they need with ease. So why not get your rower buddy one of these as a gift?

Check the exceptional features of Rowtex Dry Bag that makes it worth gifting:

BrandROWTEX (refined rowing gear producers worldwide)
Size5L, 25L (suitable depending on the items ones wish to carry)
MaterialNylon (impermeable therefore is reliable)
ColorGrey and Red (great choice)
Other benefitsHas a shoulder strap hence can always be kept close to the body
 A transparent window allows one to check on their phone when they need to.

Collapsible water bottle

Rowing, just like any other sport, drains a lot of energy from the body. This, therefore, means that one needs to stay hydrated while at it last longer while at the sport. Make sure your loved one stays hydrated by gifting them with that special water bottle that they can use when they go out.

Finding the perfect bottle is also essential since they don’t need to be carrying a lot of items. You need to ensure that it is as light as possible and does not take up much space when carried along. A collapsible water bottle is preferred since it can be a folder to fit into the carrier bag with ease. In this case, HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle is one of the top options worth buying. With a carry handle and flip-up straw, it is convenient to hold while taking quick sips.

Here are what makes HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle outstanding:

BrandHYDAWAY (Renowned water bottle company brand)
Capacity17oz (perfect capacity that is enough while not making it heavy for rowers)
MaterialSilicone and BPA – a plastic-free material (non-toxic and environmental pollution-free)
ColorMulticolor (you get to choose one depending on their liking)
Other benefitsCan be used for other activities such as hiking and cycling
 Environmental pollution-free

 Rowing sunglasses

Rowing, just like most outdoor activities, requires some level of protection. A rower needs sunglasses to protect the eyes from water splashing and too much sunlight. Sunglasses also protect other particles that may come into contact with the eyes that could make it hard to perform well in the sport.

The sunglasses you pick should be light and comfortable when worn without being a hindrance to the person using them. Instead, they should offer great comfort. The HULISLEM Blade Sport Polarized Sunglasses is the kind that you would want to consider when giving your loved one a rowing gift. Carefully manufactured to provide comfort, these glasses when worn, one can easily forget that they have them on.

Why is The HULISLEM Blade Sport Polarized Sunglasses a great choice?

BrandHULISLEM (Quality sportswear brand)
GenderUnisex (perfect gift for any gender)
MaterialPolycarbonate (durability of metal combined with lightweight plastic is a perfect combo)
Other benefitsPreferred for numerous sporting activities such as hiking and cycling
 The design allows them to be worn for fashion

Customized rowing face mask

Like most sports, rowing also has a huge following. This means that rowers need to have something that they identify with. A personalized statement such as a customized face mask they wear is what differentiates one rower from another. Thus, gifting them a unique mask that is customized with either words or images that make a statement is a great idea. Such a gesture will be highly appreciated since it uniquely identifies with them.

You can opt for personalized Sports Rower Rowing Face Mask from Tee Graphix Sports and Athletes T-shirt and Gifts. They offer comfort and make a fashion statement at the same time.

That’s not all; Personalized Sports Rower Rowing Face Mask comes with the following:

DesignerTee Graphix Sports and Athletes T-shirt and Gifts (A quality sports clothing outfit)
SizeOne size fits all
materialPolyester fabric (comfortable and convenient for breathing)
Other benefitsReusable (can be washed and worn again)
 Customizable to suit many uses.

A rowing book

For the lovers of rowing, reading articles and books is one way to keep in touch with the history of the sport to get useful insights. Finding a book for them is thus a great way to help them understand more about the sport. Many authors have written various rowing books. Some of the authors are former rowers or coaches who intend to share their experiences by writing inspirational books about their lives as rowers.

Consider a book by someone that he admires and looks up to. This will be a perfect gift for a rower. However, THOR NILSEN Rowing’s global coach by Christopher Dodd is a sure bet.  With great insights into the life of one of the worlds’ greatest rowers, this book will surely be a welcome idea for any rower.

What makes THOR NILSEN Rowing’s global coach by Christopher Dodd ideal present?

AuthorChristopher Dodd (Renowned rowing historian and author)
Other benefitsOffers inspiration to readers
 Insights into the history of rowing that every rower would appreciate

A rowing calendar

So the rowing season is back after a break. The most important information for a rower would be the rowing calendar. Rowers need to know specific dates for events and also get important insights on important aspects of the sport.

Think of getting your loved one an updated rowing calendar for them to plan early for the coming season in terms of preparation and getting into shape. Calendars are very important for rowers since they can schedule which events they would prefer attending depending on their locations.

The Attention_row! Rowing Calendar is the perfect calendar to get updates on rowing events both past and upcoming. It features pictures of past events and dates for the next events. Besides, the calendar allows one to book in advance.

Why opt for the Attention_row! Rowing Calendar?

SourceMyrowingphoto.com (keep updates on rowing events)
SizeA3 (42×30cm) ideal size to carry around
Other benefitsComes with space to book appointment
 Has images and pictures from previous events that inspire rower to give in their best

Framed rowing photo

Pictures are a great reminder of past events that we don’t want to forget and, nothing brings greater joy than reminiscing over great events that are significant in one’s life. If you want to capture these moments for the one you care about, then present them a perfectly elegant frame with their favorite rowing portrait.

Everyone needs pictures to act as perfect reminders, even in the future. A gesture like this will thus be greatly appreciated as it is not every day that someone honors you with such. Take that perfect shot for them then frame it on the Rower Engraved Picture Frame by Chalk TalkSPORTS store.  The amazing frame comes in horizontal and vertical shapes to suit your preference.

Besides, the Rower Engraved Picture Frame by Chalk TalkSPORTS store comes packed with features highlighted below:

Designed byChalk TalkSPORTS store (Family owned business in the USA that pays keen attention to details)
Size11×13, 7.5×9.5 inches (fits most picture sizes)
MaterialBlack metal and a velvet lining (perfect combination for a great look)
ColorBlack (complements most interior decors)
Other benefitsCan be used for both home and office décor.

Sculler art greeting card

Cards are a very impressive way of gifting our loved ones and form an important aspect of our life. This is because the cards are customized to suit the receiver and the purpose intended to serve. As no time will you fail to impress rowers which such an amazing present.

You should think of cards that signify his relationship or love for the activity. You want to go for a personalized rowing card for them that would mean something. This show of appreciation would mean a lot to them in one way or another. The rowing at Sunset Greeting Card is a perfect choice for a card gift. It can be customized to your liking, allowing you to pass across your intended message.

Rowing at Sunset Greeting Card also comes with the outstanding features below:

Designed byBill Cannon
Size5×7 inches (ideal size to carry around)
Other benefitsCan be customized with an allowance of up to 500 words
 UV protected on the outside that gives it a glossy look

Sterling oar necklace

A necklace is a common gift to give. For this reason, when thinking of giving one to a rower, you should consider a special kind of necklace. One that signifies the rowing aspect would be ideal for the water sports enthusiast.  Consider personalizing to make sure you leave a lasting impression that will be memorable to you and your loved one.

The FashionJunkie4Life Sterling Silver Rowing Oar Pendant is a great choice. It comes in a perfect gift box for a great presentation.

That’s not all; FashionJunkie4Life Sterling Silver Rowing Oar Pendant has the following fantastic features:

BrandFashionJunkie4Life (Renowned fashion outfit)
Dimensions(25×6) mm (ideal size and light)
colorSilver (can complement all looks)
Other benefitsAdjustable to fit any person
 Can be worn for different occasions
 It consists of a rowing oar with a chain to hold

Customized rowing bracelet

A rowing bracelet would be the perfect gift for a female member of your crew. It would be a nice gesture of appreciating her, especially a customized one. Look for a bracelet that is simple but speaks volumes and identifies her as a rower. Whenever she wears it, it will be a perfect reminder that she is appreciated.

The Chalk TalkSPORTS Stainless Steel Rowing Oar Bracelet is one to take notice of when thinking of that perfect gift. The design makes it easy to put on and take off conveniently.

Why the Chalk TalkSPORTS Stainless Steel Rowing Oar Bracelet?

BrandChalk TalkSPORTS (Renowned family-owned business in the USA)
MaterialStainless steel (perfect material for athletes since it is hypo-allergenic and non-reactive)
Dimensions7 inches ( fitting 5 ½’’ -6 ½ ‘’ wrist) (perfect fit)
Other benefitsCan be worn for different occasions

Rowing themed hoodie

If you love a sport, then it is only right that you show how much you love it. Football lovers always wear a football jersey to express love and support for the sport. Just like football, rowers also express their love for the sport through customized hoodies and other clothing. Gifting a rower a rowing themed hoodie is the perfect way to make them express their love for the sport while keeping warm. The hoodie can have a specialized message or a powerful portrait about rowing.

The Happy Place Rowing- Retro Style Pullover Hoodie is just what you need as the perfect gift. With a unique design, the vintage retro-themed designed hoodie is the perfect way to show love to any rower in your life.

What makes the Happy Place Rowing- Retro Style Pullover Hoodie special?

BrandFunny Rowing RTees (known for quality personalized wear)
ColorMulticolor (pick according to your preference)
SizeVaried sizes ( variety to choose from)
Fit typeUnisex (gifted to both men and women)
Other benefitsCan be worn for several occasions due to their fashion theme
 Materials are skin-friendly

Rowing key chain

A rower would love to be associated with what they do best. From clothes to accessories, in the least way possible, they would prefer to own things that identify with what they love. A rowing key chain is one of those accessories that a rower would appreciate. Find them a one that is customized to represent the sport in one way or the other. They can be shaped in interesting forms to look elegant.

The Custom Rowing Key Chain is just what you need for that special gift to that rower that you love and value so much.

Here is why:

BrandQuips and Grins (renowned design brand)
Weight100 g (easy to carry around)
MaterialStainless steel (durable material, therefore, lasts for a long time)
Other benefitsCan hold several keys at the same time


When rowers go out into the waters, sometimes they stay for a long period. The waters are unpredictable; therefore, the weather can change drastically. They need to keep warm when it gets cold. A neck warmer is thus the perfect gift to help them keep warm whenever they are out there.

You can consider the Fleece Neck Warmer by CSSDD that is multifunctional to allow rowers to wear on different parts depending on the need.

Why the CSSDD Fleece Neck Warmer?

BrandCSSDD (known for fashionable wear)
Size(25×30) cm (can fit almost all sizes)
ColorMulticolor (you choose one of your favorites)
Other benefitsDurable and does not bleach
 Can be worn on different body parts like the neck, head, and face.

Wrap Up

Whichever gift you choose to give that special rower, make sure you pick from above to leave a long-lasting impression. All the presents suggested are special, and it is up to you to choose one that catches your attention and fits your budget.

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