15 Practical Gift Ideas For Single Moms That Make Them Feel Loved!

No one deserves an excellent gift than all the hardworking single moms out there. Presents such as quality beddings, pajama set, training gear, memory books, single mom mugs, wine glasses, fuzzy socks, and vacuum cleaners will make them smile. Get them a gift, and let them feel appreciated for their dual roles! 

Imagine a single mom playing the role of a dad and a mom in a kid’s life? It is not an easy thing at all. The hard work of trying to be the best and the fear of not doing it right is what single moms face each day. Yes, they may have opted for that, or the situations forced them to be singles, but all in all, they deserve appreciation. 

If you know of a single mom, you need to be there on every special occasion in their life. Be it their birthday or that of their kids, mother’s day, father’s day and holidays, you got to take the chance to encourage them. You can do so by buying them a gift that motivates and show them love in a unique way. Here we have listed 15 presents that are sure to win her heart. Read and pick one that you feel will make her feel loved!

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Top 10 gift ideas for single moms 

  1. Quality Beddings 
  2. Pajama Set 
  3. Foot Massager 
  4. Vacuum cleaner 
  5. Fuzzy Socks 
  6. Single mom themed wine glass 
  7. Selfie Stick 
  8. Cookbook 
  9. A five-year memory books 
  10. Boots 

How do you motivate a single mom?

A single mom can be struggling emotionally or financially. The best way to motivate them is to offer support in paying some bills and being there for them all the time. This way, a single mom would raise their kids confidently, knowing that they can count on you when need arise. It would also be best to talk to them so that you can understand what they need. 

What is the most challenging thing about being a single mom?

The most challenging part about being a single mom is knowing that your dreams and hopes are still valid despite facing challenges. The way to handle such a part of life is to surround yourself with others who feel the same way.

How does a single mom live happily?

Single moms live happy by doing the following:

  1. Staying true to themselves
  2. Setting their priorities 
  3. Accepting help 
  4. Recognizing their options 
  5. Finding gratitude 

Here are gift ideas for single moms worth considering:

Quality beddings 

Like other people, single mothers deserve to have a better rest. So, getting them a nice, high-quality bedding will be a brilliant idea. It’s good for them to spend at least eight hours in bed with comfortable and cozy beddings. Mostly single moms work so hard to achieve the best for their kids and, therefore, cannot have time to focus their energy on choosing quality bedding. That’s why you should cheap in and help them have the needed quality beddings. The fact that it’s a little thing means a lot to them. They will be contented, and you will be remembered forever! 

If you are willing to settle for this specific present, consider Organic Weighted Blanket. This blanket is super-soft and cozy and therefore promotes restful sleep. 

Why Organic Weighted Blanket?

Material 100% organic cotton (super-soft)
Color Taupe Vintage velvet or Graphite Vintage Velvet (pick sing mom favorite)
Sizes Single or queen/king sizes (select single mom preferred size)
Other Benefits The blanket has a soothing, calming effect, hence promotes restful sleep. 
The blanket is made from organic cotton, hence brings needed comfort and warmth. 
With its all-natural glass beads, you are assured of gentle, even pressure. 
The blanket works with all body sizes and types.

Pajama set 

Gifting single moms with an excellent pajama set is never a bad idea. Pajamas help keep them cozy and comfortable as they sleep or relax at home after a tiresome day of work.  Whether they have a sound sleep or lounging in front of the fire, their comfort is paramount. The remarkable thing with such a gift is that you don’t have to wait for their special occasion to present it. You are free to give at any time you feel like. So, let any single mom you know feel loved and appreciated by gifting them with such a lovely gift. 

If you are impressed with the present and wish to settle for one, consider SIORO Pajamas for Women Long Sleeve Sleepwear Ladies Pajama Set. These pajamas are made from materials that are breathable and skin-friendly. Plus, they are super-comfy to wear. So, there is no doubt single mothers will like it. 

What makes SIORO Pajamas for Women Long Sleeve Sleepwear Ladies Pajama Set worth?

Brand SIORO (Known for high-quality pajamas)
Fit True to size (cannot change even after washing)
Color Various (go for single mom preferred size)
SizeVarious (pick her favorite size)
Material 95% Viscose, 5% spandex (Skin-friendly, breathable)
Other Benefits Features a complete button-down front, hence effortless to get on and off. 
Crafted with contrast piping and left chest pocket, hence makes you feel comfy while relaxing
The pajama set makes a great gift for wife, girlfriend, single moms, pregnant women, among others.

Foot massager 

Sometimes single mom can’t make it to the expensive spa or nail salon, and therefore getting her a foot massager is an excellent idea. The foot massager offers her a complete coverage, profound kneading massage experience from heel to toe. With its soothing heat and customized controls, there is no doubt her tired soles and arches will comfortably relax. So, don’t let single mom special event pass by without getting her such a lovely gift.

You can settle for Shiatsu Air Pro Foot Massager with Heat due to features displayed in the table below:

Brand HoMedics (known for unmatched care for its customers and high-quality products)
Compression intensities Low, Medium & High (All these intensities permit you to enjoy the ideal massage)
Other Benefits Features three intensities to allow your loved one to enjoy a perfect massage 
The compression uses gentle, rhythmic pressure to provide a soothing massage. 
Uses profound kneading nodes to turn out pain in your tired feet
Relatively easier to clean and store
Its customized control permits you to select the level that offers the ultimate massage.

Vacuum cleaner 

There is no doubt every single mom loves her house to be clean always. So, gifting her a vacuum cleaner will be a great idea. The vacuum cleaner has a prevailing suction that captures and keeps dirt in the bin, where it belongs. It’s the fastest way of getting a job well done. The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate; hence it will not give any headache to her. Single moms will highly appreciate such a gift, and you will always be remembered! 

BISSEL Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner makes a great choice due to the features listed in the table below:

Brand Bissel (known to design products that help make pet odors, messes, and pet homelessness disappear)
Power Source Corded Electric (most households have electricity) 
Other Benefits Lightweight and powerful, hence easy to move from room to room and still have powerful hit required to clean several surfaces
Offers a satisfactory clean on the first pass 
With its Scatter-Free Technology, you are sure to pick up even the hard-to-see dirt from the floor
Comes with other specialized tools such as a Dusting brush, Turbo Tool, Extension Wand, and Crevice Tool that are key for a sportless clean house
The machine is effortless to maintain. 
With its multi-cyclonic suction, you are assured to keep dirt’s inside for extended performance and no loss suction. 
With its large capacity, there is no doubt your loved one will clean multiple rooms once. 

Fuzzy Socks 

There is no doubt every single mom would love to sink their feet into fuzzy socks. Gifting them with such a pair of socks will be a fantastic idea. They will be obliged for the gift.  Every time they put on these fuzzy socks and closes their eyes, they will be swept away by the comfort. That shows exactly how they are amazingly comfortable. The fact that it seems like a small thing means a lot to your loved ones. So, make any single mom feel appreciated and loved by getting them such a gift. 

If you’re going to settle for socks, consider Lavender Soft and Fuzzy Socks. These socks are super-soft, cozy, comfy, and fuzzy. So, there is no doubt it will win the heart of every single mom. 

Why Lavender Soft and Fuzzy Socks?

SizeOne size (fits all)
Material 90% Polyester, 9% Nylon & 1% Spandex (soft, cozy and comfy to wear)
Other BenefitsThe socks are super-soft and comfy to wear. 
Made from three different materials that are polyester, nylon, and spandex materials 

Single mom themed wine glass 

Gifting a single mom who loves wine with a wine glass is always a good idea. Every time she sips her favorite wine from that particular wine glass, count yourself remembered. Isn’t that amazing? The nice thing with a wine glass is that anyone in the house can use it. So, it’s a collective gift that can benefit everyone. 

There are various wine glasses in the market to choose from. If you require one, go for Best Mom Ever Wine Glass. This will be great for single moms in appreciating the effort they are putting towards their kids. 

Check below the exceptional features of Best Mom Ever Wine Glass:

Brand Witty Glassware and Gifts (known for unmatched care for its customers)
ColorClear (great for both white and red wine)
MaterialPremium glass (long-lasting)
Capacity 13 Ounces (enough to satisfy her needs for wines)
Other BenefitsThe glass wine makes a good gift for several occasions, including Mother’s Day, birthday, holiday gift, Christmas stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, etc.
Dishwasher safe presenting no challenge in cleaning 
The capacity of 12.75 ounces is enough for wine lovers.

A selfie stick 

A selfie stick makes it relatively more comfortable to take pics with the entire family, mom involved. So, gifting a single mom with such a gift is a lovely idea. She will be thankful as it will easier to take a few snaps for a whole family. The photos taken will be kept for future memories. Isn’t that a nice thing? So, let them feel appreciated this festive holiday with a well-chosen self-stick.  

If you wish to buy them this particular item, consider Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand.

Here is why:

Brand Appolap (famous for its unique and considerate products)
Weight130g (lightweight)
Other Benefits The selfie stick has a combination of excellent reviews, budget price, and quality. 
Lightweight and compact; hence you can slide in your pocket and travel along with it 
The rubberized mount provides additional senses of protection to your device
Features adjustable angles; hence you only rotate to get the best angle to take your photos.
Perfectly compatible with several smartphones in the market
Easy to use, given that you only press to turn it on. 


There is no doubt every mom would like to cook delicious meals for their kids. So, gifting them with a cookbook is a nice idea.  Cookbooks are full of excellent recipes that are both healthy and quick enough to be practicable for single moms. It’s only for one to read and comprehend what’s in the cookbook. The fantastic thing with such a gift is that you can present on any day because it’s a must for people to prepare meals every day. Plus, it can be shared with others.

You can settle on Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast following the features shown in the table below:

Author Dana Jacobi (known for writing the best cookbooks)
Weight 1.5 pounds (lightweight, hence single mom can effortlessly carry along to work)
Hardcover 112 pages (Enough to equip her with the required knowledge on various recipes)
Dimension 8.5 x 0.75 x 9.75 inches (you can easily slide on your backpack)
Other Benefits Uses a straightforward approach to preparing healthful, tasty, and time-saving dishes for each night
Equipped with easy-to-follow recipes and tips on using fresh ingredients, planning, and keeping a well-stocked pantry

A five year-memory book

Gifting a single mom with a five-year memory book will help them capture the everyday moments of motherhood. The spaces are quite enough to record a single thought, a memorable milestone, or a single occasion every day in 5 years. With such a book, there is no doubt your precious memories will last a lifetime. It makes a perfect gift for first Mother’s Day, new mom, and a baby shower. So, you will not ever disappoint single mom with such a present.

If you are settling for this specific gift, consider Mom’s One Line a Day Five-Year Memory Book.

Here is why:

Author Chronicle Books LLC (best publishers when it comes to journals and memory books)
Diary 372 pages (Enough to record almost all your precious memories)
Other Benefits With such a book, you are assured of memories that will last a lifetime. 
Ideal for busy moms who desire to capture each day’s moments
The outer hardcover of this memory book is rainproof.


Take your time and show a single mother that she is indeed appreciated by gifting her with lovely boots. She will be amused because of this particular gift, and you will remain in her heart forever! There is no doubt she will be receiving praise from other women because of the lovely boots. Isn’t that wonderful? The boots are ultimately warm and comfortable and look stylish. Plus, the boots pair well with nearly anything. So, she will decide whether to wear them at home or workplace. 

You can buy gift them with UGG boots due to its features shown in the table below:

Brand UGG (well-known for its unique and considerate products)
Color Black or Grey (pick her favorite)
SizesVarious (Pick her Size)
Material Leather and Fur (long-lasting) 
Other BenefitsThe outsole is made from tread lite by Ugg. 
Warm and comfortable
Look stylish and beautiful
Effortless to slide on and off 

Flutter robe 

Give a single mom the gift of comfort, and she will cherish your love forever! A lovely soft flutter robe is among the few irresistible items. The flutter robes will remind single moms to take time for herself. It will offer her the ultimate symbol of luxury she needs. With such a gift, she will pamper herself frequently. So, it’s a nice present that will never disappoint single mothers.

If you are going to buy her such a gift, consider PLUM PRETTY SUGAR Bridesmaid Robe. This flutter robe can be worn as a fun floral bridesmaid robe or as a pretty floral robe. So, it offers much-needed versatility. Also, it features flutter styling that is sure to impress single moms. 

Why PLUM PRETTY SUGAR Bridesmaid Robe?

Brand PLUM PRETTY SUGAR (Known for its pretty robes)
SizeVarious (select her size)
Material Rayon (soft)
Other Benefits Crafted on soft, high-quality rayon
Versatile, given that she can wear as a fun floral bridesmaid robe or as a pretty floral robe. 
The lovely curled sash ties the robe closed.
Features an exclusive hand-colored and hand-drawn print 
Available in various sizes


Gifting a single mom a scarf is a brilliant idea. A scarf will keep them warm during the cold weather. It’s ideal for air-conditioned places such as a church, office, restaurant, office, theater, airplane, supermarket, and cruise travel when one requires extra warmth. The good thing with a scarf is that it goes almost all outfits, including formal events such as a wedding or dinner dates. So, buy a scarf for a single mom in your life today!

Get her MaaMgic Women’s Pashmina Shawls Wraps Warm Winter Scarf following the features listed in the table below:

Brand MaaMgic (known for excellent quality products)
Color Various (pick her preferred color)
Material 70% polyester, 30% cotton (warm and eco-friendly)
Weight 9.1 oz (lightweight)
Other Benefits Made from super soft and cozy fabric, hence perfect fall and cold winter weather
Features a reversible design given that its perfect as pashmina shawls and wraps for a wedding
It can be worn in great ways for versatile styling options. 

Fitness gear 

Gifting a single mom with fitness gear will encourage her to work out, which is good for her health. Sometimes single moms are unable to pay for a gym membership and therefore opt to exercise at home. That’s why they need fitness gear to help them accomplish the task. It’s not good for them to exercise with ordinary clothes because during workout they sweat. So, she needs fitness gear to absorb the sweat. 

There is various fitness Gear in the market, and it’s for you to pick the best for her. If you settle for fitness gear, you can consider C9 Champion Women’s High Waist Cropped Legging. 

Here is why:

Brand C9 Champion (known for high-quality fitness gear)
Material 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex (eco-friendly)
Size Various (choose her size)
Color Various (pick her desired color)
Other BenefitsMade from freedom fabric for breathable performance and total comfort
Machine washable for stress-free cleaning 
Features a side phone pocket
Its comforts flat seams help in preventing chafing.
The legging stretches to fit one’s size comfortably

Single mom t-shirt 

Being a single mom isn’t easy, and you should be happy with what they have achieved. Show them that you indeed recognize their hard work by gifting them single mom themed tee. They will be pleased with your bigheartedness, and you will always be treasured! The tee will allow them to do their job with maximum comfort. So, get them one this festive season! 

You can settle for I am a mom and dad  and nothing scares me tee following the features portrayed in the table below:

Material Cotton (Super-soft)
Color Various (go for her preferred color)
SizeVarious (pick her size)
Other Benefits Both men and women can wear it.
The tee is super soft and features excellent quality print. 
Made from light fabric, thus enabling you to do your job with maximum comfort

Single mom mug 

Do you want to show a single mom in your life how much you care? If yes, get her a single mama themed mug. The mug is ideal for any special event/occasion, whether it be a Christmas present, birthday gift, or Mother’s Day surprise. The fact that it’s an inexpensive gift is sure to put a smile on her face. Single mom will enjoy seeing this funny mug each time she pours herself a cup of tea or coffee. So, it, a nice gift you can present to them.

You can settle for you’re An Awesome Single Mama Keep That Shit Up following the features shown in the table:

Material Ceramic (Durable)
Capacity 11oz or 15 oz (Choose her desired size)
Other BenefitsBoth sides of the mug are printed for everyone to see.
Microwave and dishwasher safe
The print on the mug will never fade whatsoever.
Made from long-lasting ceramic materials

Final word

Every hardworking single mom deserves appreciation. Show them appreciation by getting them the mentioned above gift. They will be happy with such presents! 

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