Exemplary Gift Ideas For The Beatles Fans

Do you want to celebrate your loved one, a Beatles fan, the most popular band in the ’70s? Buy them 100 things Beatles fans should know, Beatles guitar picks, Beatle mania memorabilia pack, Beatles wood plaque, Beatles record coasters, Beatles collectible building kit, among others and watch as their faces beam with joy.

Forgetting a legendary group such as the Beatles has proved impossible because they were special, and the same applies to a Beatles fan. Therefore, surprising them with a Beatles themed gift will most definitely be the most thoughtful thing, regardless of the occasion.

Figuring out the best Beatles themed gifts is, however, a tough decision to make. Luckily, picking has been made so much easier for you.  Here fifteen impeccable Beatles gift ideas are discussed, and any Beatles fan will find delight in.

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Top 10 Beatles gift ideas

  1. All the songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release book
  2. Beatles wood plaque
  3. Beatles record coasters
  4. Beatles collectible building kit
  5. Beatles tote bag
  6. Beatlemania memorabilia pack
  7. Beatles guitar picks
  8. Book: 100 things Beatles fans should know and do
  9. Beatles band music bar LED neon sign
  10. DVD: Four complete Ed Sullivan’s show starring the Beatles

What made the Beatles so special?

The number one reason is that each Beatle had his characters, which made the whole group extra special. The fact that the Beatles greatly influenced the music industry in the 1960s also made them stand out. Other than that, the Beatles also influenced the social and cultural and social revolution making them greatest of all times. 

Which are the most famous songs by the Beatles?

Generally, all songs by the Beatles were a great hit. However, here are some most famous songs:

  1. Here comes the sun
  2. Let it be
  3. Twist and shout
  4. I want to hold your hand
  5. Help!
  6. Love me do
  7. I feel fine
  8. She loves you

Who was the most loved Beatle?

A gender gap favored the Beatles. Men favored John Lennon, while women preferred Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney was ranked highest at 35%; John Lennon followed by 25%, then 11% Ringo Star and finally George Harrison at 8%.

Who was the most handsome Beatle?

The most handsome, AKA, the cutest Beatle, was considered to be Paul McCartney. 

What was the reason behind the Beatles break up?

The Beatles break up was influenced by numerous factors. Some of these factors include;

  1. The strain of the Beatlemania phenomenon
  2. Brian Epstein, their manager, passing away in 1967
  3. Paul McCartney took up the domineering role
  4. George Harrison’s output in prolific songwriting
  5. John Lennon’s use of heroin

Here are the Beatles gift ideas every fan would fall in love with:

All the songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles release book

Being a well-known group, each song that the Beatles released had a remarkable story behind it. Prioritize gifting any Beatles fan with the amazing stories of each Beatles song and let them know that all you want is to see them happy. Regardless of the occasion, age group, or gender, all the songs featured in The Story Behind Every Beatles Release will make a big positive impact on the Beatles fan’s life.  

Jean Michel Guesdon will take the person you are gifting on an exciting and informative journey about the Beatles. From “Please please” me in 19663 to “the long and winding road in 1970, a detailed discussion and analysis is done for perfect understanding.

That’s not all; All the songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release book comes with these extra features:

AuthorJean Michel Guesdon (#1 best seller)
LanguageEnglish (preferred by many)
FormatKindle and hardcover (You can choose one that suits them best)
Other benefitsHas images of the Beatles throughout the book, black and white publicity stills that are rare, Beatles instruments, among others
Everything in the book is verifiable
The book is fit for use by all age groups and gender

Beatles wood plaque

Let a Beatles fan smile every time they enter the sitting room, bedroom, garage, office, or any other place by gifting them with an SJT Enterprise Inc. wood plaque. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” These are the informative and inspirational words painted on this spectacular wood plaque. 

It has “the Beatles” signature after these words that will always remind your loved one of their obsession with the Beatles. Not only does it stand out regardless of where it is hung, but the Beatles wood plaque also compliments other items in the room and gives it a stylish appearance.

Here are extra features of the SJT Enterprises Inc. wood plaque:

BrandSJT Enterprises Inc. (registered trademark)
MaterialWood (eco-friendly)
Dimension (5×10×1/4)″ (effective)
Weight3.2 ounces (lightweight hence practical for hanging)
Other benefitsThe MDF wood fiberboard used is durable
Has a vintage effect giving any room a classy and stylish appearance
Has a twine that is securely stapled at its back for easy hanging
The bold words are eye-catching and easy to read

The Beatles record coasters

Adding a touch of the Beatles to a Beatles fan is flawless with record coasters. The gift is the simplest yet thoughtful thing to do. You will not only have added a classic touch on their table but also a smile on their face.

You can opt for Our Casa Beatles record coasters that come in six pieces, with each having the Beatles theme. The prints have a vintage effect, which gives the room a classy look. With the prints on the coasters being long-lasting, a Beatles fan can be sure to have the Beatles on her table for a very long time. 

Besides, the Our Casa Beatles record coasters come with these amazing extra features:

BrandOur Casa (officially licensed)
Weight3.2 ounces (lightweight hence practical for coasters)
MaterialHigh-quality Vinyl (durable)
Other benefits4.1 inches diameter makes them convenient
The rubber underside makes them slip-resistant
Effortlessly protects the table from any damage
They are easy to clean

Beatles collectible building kit

Guarantee yourself that your Beatles fan friend is always having a great time by gifting her with a Lego Beatles collectible building kit. With this in her possession, you can rest assured she is utilizing her passion and love for the Beatles accordingly.

A Lego Beatles collectible building kit will encourage any Beatles fan in terms of creative building. With 2900+ pieces, one will have a fun, worthy, and engaging experience. We know that she can never have too much of the Beatles experience, that is why the Lego collectible building kit can be built and rebuilt again and again into four different pieces of the Beatles members.

That is not all; the Lego Beatles collectible building kit comes with these captivating extra features:

BrandLego (top manufactures)
Weighto.127 ounces (lightweight hence practical for a collectible building kit)
Other benefitsComes with a soundtrack of stories and interesting details about the Beatles
Includes a Beatles signature tile, which gives it a perfect finish
No need for artistic skills or models for one to complete the art wall kit
Comes with canvas wall plates, a hanger element, and a tile which makes a cool and friendly rebuilding breeze
The four built portraits of the Beatles make a perfect décor in any room

Beatles tote bag

The smile on your Beatles fan’s face once you gift her with a Beatles tote bag will be priceless. By gifting her with this one of a kind tote bag, you will have brought the Beatles home and made some of her dreams come true. 

The Vandor Beatles tote bag gives you choices from the different Beatles styles to choose from. Whether the Beatles yellow submarine is her favorite or it is the Beatles fab four or the Beatles Abbey Road, she is spoilt for choice. 

The above description is mere details of the Vandor Beatles tote bags; here are more fascinating features:

BrandVandor (#1 bestseller)
Dimensions16×6×12 inches, Length*Width*Height (convenient)
Weight2.08 ounces (lightweight hence easy to carry)
Other benefitsMade using high-quality, durable material that is water-resistant
A damp cloth wipes it clean; thus, easy maintenance 
Its handles feature an 8-inch drop making it effective
Colorful hence eye-catching
The prints do not erase or fade.

Beatlemania memorabilia pack

Let a Beatles fan know how much you want to see her happy by gifting her with a Beatlemania memorabilia pack. With this amazing pack, she will have something to look at and smile while feeling appreciated. The pack comes inclusive of four booklets stuffed with clear photos and stats for all four Beatles. 

A concert handbill is also included in this one of a kind pack, ephemera for all the four Beatles, a collection of cards, and a program cavern club booklet (1963). The fun part about the Beatle mania memorabilia pack, except for it being incredibly awesome, is that she can add her writings on the cavern club booklet.

Plus; the Beatlemania memorabilia pack comes with features tabled:

BrandMemorabilia pack (known for high-quality memorabilia)
Weight0.4 pounds (lightweight hence suitable for wall hanging)
Other benefitsThe memorabilia pack is easy to pin on a wall
The pictures are in quality HD
Easy to write on the cavern club booklet using any ink as it does not bleed through
Makes a great room decor

The Beatles guitar picks

Nothing would make a Beatles fan happier than you gifting her with guitar picks, especially Beatles themed! Consider buying one from P Pierri’s brand that comes in different Beatles series, which means your giftee can have more fun with her most favorite present! 

Each Beatles guitar pick has a standard shape and is non-slip for easy and comfortable playing. With the Beatles guitar packs, be ready to see your Beatles fan friend become a Beatles herself!

Here are more captivating features of the Beatles guitar picks:

BrandP Perri’s (officially licensed)
ColorMulticolored (you can choose one that suits them best)
Other benefitsMade of high-quality celluloid hence durable
The picks feature a variety of colors and graphics which are perfect for small, medium, large, extra-large, electric, acoustic, among others
The celluloid used has a natural feel and captivating warm fat tone, which makes playing comfortable

Book: 100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do

Make Beatles fan wishes of having Beatles adventures come true by gifting her with the 100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do book.

The book is not plainly listed the Beatles must-do adventures; it also has the Beatles history in detail, lists, trivia, and little-known facts about the Beatles. This is one book that no Beatles fan should miss.

Here are more fascinating features of the 100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do book:

AuthorGillian G. Garr (#1 bestseller)
Weight 12.6 ounces (lightweight hence can be easily carried around)
Dimensions(6×0.58×9) inches (compact for portability)
Other benefitsAvailable in Kindle and paperback formats
Written in simple English language
Has 256 pages hence fit for long term use
The adventures, facts, and history are verifiable

The Beatles band music bar LED neon sign

Think that your Beatles fan friend’s bar, garage, man cave, room, among others, need classy lighting up? Then it is high time you gifted him with a Lead sign Beatles music band bar LED neon sign.

It is made of high-quality transparent plastic acrylic, which is known to make the best neon signs. At its top are LED lights, which produce a bright light for emphasis and splendor. This unprecedented Beatles LED neon sign is also available in different colors to choose his favorite. It is available in blue, green, orange, white, yellow, purple, and red.

Check other great features of the Beatles band music bar LED neon sign:

BrandLead sign (trusted for top quality products)
Dimensions12×8.5 inches (convenient)
Weight1.14 pounds (lightweight hence suitable for hanging)
Other benefitsThe life span of 100000 hours of LED lights makes them effective
Makes a perfect décor
“The Beatles” is in bold, making the sign eye-catching
Comes with a 3D coaster which is 10cm in diameter

DVD: Four complete Ed Sullivan shows starring the Beatles

Not only will your Beatles fan friend be overwhelmed with joy after receiving this, but he will also have a chance to know and see the Beatles. Most Beatles fans currently never had a chance to see them, but this DVD will make all the difference. With four complete shows to watch, a Beatles fan will have a chance to relax and have fun. 

Further, the shows have four episodes, each hosted by Ed Sullivan, and their black and white HD feature will take him back in the 1960s. The shows take four hours 10 minutes to be over, but he has the privilege of watching it again and again. With the Beatles as the starring in all the four shows, any Beatles fan life couldn’t be any better!

Besides, the Four complete Ed Sullivan shows starring the Beatles comes with these extra features:

AuthorEd Sullivan (#1 bestseller)
Number of discsTwo (convenient)
Other benefitsThe shows are available in English and Italian languages
The shows are in HD hence fun to watch
Can be watched by all genders and age group

The Beatles series minicell framed desktop film cells

Nothing will bring more delight to a Beatles fan than having a series of framed desktop film cells in their house. Gifting this to your loved one will not only prove your thoughtful deeds but also give her a reason to go home or to the office early.

You can consider the trendsetters Beatles framed desktop film cells that come in all Beatles series. The series frames are black, and the Beatles photos all black and white, which makes them ideal and perfect for display. Each desktop film cell comes with an easel stand, making it suitable for placing on any surface. They also come with a certification of authenticity, which will mean a lot to the Beatles fan.

Here are more amazing features that prove the Beatles series minicell framed desktop film cells that make it worth:

BrandTrend setters (known for making innovative and high-quality products)
Weight0.6 pounds (lightweight making it suitable for placing on surfaces such as tables or shelves)
MaterialWood and plexiglass (attractive)
Dimensions7×1×5 inches (convenient)
Other benefitsThe black wood, plexiglass, and black and white pictures give the frame a vintage effect making any room classy and stylish
The framed desktop film cells are double mated hence durable
Comes with a care and instructions manual which is in the English language and easy to understand

The Beatles twin sheet set

Bedtime will be your Beatles fan kid’s new favorite if you gift him with a Bravado twin sheet bed. As a child, he might not have much knowledge about the Beatles, but having a twin sheet set with “Hard Day’s Night” lettering will be enough for him.

Each four-piece of this spectacular high-quality microfiber super soft full sheet set includes a flat sheet (×2), comfortable standard reversible pillowcases, and fitted sheets. The bold blue, red, and white colors will enhance any decoration in the bedroom, making it breathtaking.

Furthermore, the Beatles twin sheet set comes with these extra amazing features:

BrandBravado (known for high-quality products)
MaterialPolyester (soft and easy to care)
Weight2.25 pounds (lightweight hence practical for kids)
Other benefitsCan be machine washed
The lettering and images of the Beatles do not fade or erase
The images are easy to see

The Beatles tee shirt

Who would not want their Beatles fan friend to walk around in pride and confidence? Be that one person by buying them a Vincit Veritals Beatles tees shirt that features the Abbey road crosswalk style by the Beatles. Regardless of his body size, your Beatles fan friend is sure to have a tee-shirt that is a perfect fit for him. The Vincit Veritals Beatles tee shirts are available in all sizes, and he is guaranteed satisfaction.

Check out these extra features of the Vincit Veritals Beatles tee shirts worth considering:

BrandVincit Veritals (registered trademark)
MaterialRing-spun cotton (comfortable)
ColorBlack, white (preferred by many)
Other benefitsRing-spun cotton used is very durable
The Abbey road crosswalk image is screen printed hence does not erase
Easy to wash
The printed image is easy to read and understand

The Beatles yellow submarine water bottle

Your Beatles fan friend will always receive lots of compliments everywhere she carries the Beatles yellow submarine water bottle if you gift it to her. Besides the yellow submarine by the Beatles being well known, the water bottle itself is spectacular and eye-catching.

It has yellow, red, and white colors, which make it stand out. Besides, the bottle BPA free hence fit for use with drinks. It has a sports lid that is spill-proof and has a straw. The Beatles yellow submarine water bottle is also reusable and recyclable, making it convenient and eco-friendly.

Here are other features that make the Vandor Beatles yellow submarine water bottle worth it:

BrandVandor (reputable brand)
Weight6.4 ounces  (lightweight hence can be carried around with ease)
MaterialTitran plastic (does not break easily)
Other benefitsHas an insulated and double wall design
Resists condensation
The round shape makes the bottle easy to hold
Can be easily washed
The bold colors do not fade or erase

Beatles baseball cap

Do you want your Beatles fan friend always to stand out, feel proud and confident? Go ahead and gift him with the Beatles baseball cap.

It is black with white embroidery of “The Beatles” in the center crown of the cap. The flawless and slightly curvy brim offers great help in blocking the sun. The Beatles cap is also breathable to ensure he is always comfortable every time he wears it.

Besides, the Beatles baseball cap comes with these extra captivating features:

BrandThe Beatles (Known for the best Beatles related products)
MaterialCotton (preferred by many due to its comfort)
Other benefitsHas a buckle closure thus easy to put on and off
Can be easily hand-washed
Its accent stitching goes perfectly with the brim
The buckle closure is a nickel-metal slide which is fully adjustable

Final word!

The fifteen exemplary gift ideas discussed above do not just focus on one gender or age group. Whether it’s a child, male, female, or adult Beatles fan, the presents will guarantee them satisfaction. Every Beatles fan deserves an overwhelming experience, and the items chosen will give them just that.

Go ahead and give that Beatle fan an epic and memorable experience!

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