Awesome Gift Ideas For Triplets That Will Leave Them Speechless!

Having Triplets is a life-changing experience and a special one, as they are exceptionally rare. Who would not want to be part of the unique beings? Do this by gifting the trio with a stroller, educational DVDs, customized triplet’s photo frame, personalized triplets gift card, matching outfits, baby dolls, and a baby swing, among others. 

Honestly, getting triplets makes the mother have a mixed feeling due to anxiety. The emotions are brought by amazement, fear, shock, disbelief, and joy to conceive triple. Though on the other hand giving birth to triplets isn’t an easy journey. The mother has to feed well, have a good medical team, including a doctor, exercise, and also ensuring a good rest for a successful triplet pregnancy journey.

It is indeed a fascinating journey for a parent to bring up triplets and the best way you can show love to the trio is by buying presents on their special occasion.  But the trick is in choosing the best item as gifting triplets might be challenging as you have to understand their different interests and distinct personalities. 

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Note that being triplets doesn’t mean they will like the same things all the time. As triplets grow up, parents start understanding their different likes and persona. It’s very important to ensure you have full information over them, as this will enable you to choose an appropriate gift for each triplet. It might be tiresome coming up with the best present, but here you get to do so effortlessly.

On to the awesome gift for triplets that will leave triplets’ faces beaming with joy!

Top 15 Gift Ideas for Triplets

  1. A trio stroller
  2. Educational DVD’s
  3. Customized triplets photo frame
  4. Customized triplets gift card
  5. Matching baby sneakers
  6. Matching triplets bodysuits
  7. Triplet baby dolls
  8. Customized wall art
  9. Baby swing for triplets
  10. Play mat(s)

Do triplets run in the family?

Triplets do not necessarily run in the family. Any woman can give birth to triplets because the main determining factor is splitting of a fertilized egg into three, thus forming Triplets, which might be either identical, fraternal, or a combination of both.

Are all Triplets identical?

The chance of having identical Triplets is very rare. Most triplets are fraternal, and the least common is the identical triplets. Fraternal triplets are common because they occur due to multiple fertilization of eggs; thus, creating fraternal fetuses. Because of the identical triplet’s rarity, they mostly make headlines.

Does the triplet have the same interest?

Most people assume that identical triplets tend to have the same personality. However, the truth in few will, while the majority turns to have a different character, hobbies, and interest from each other. Though being so different is seen as unusual. At some point, most of them have at least a common interest. As time pass by, most Triplets tend to rediscover themselves and pursue distinct goals.

How likely for Triplets to have Triplets?

Triplets are very rare to be born, and due to this having a triplet giving birth to another triplet might be hard compared to twins, which have been considered possible to conceive in human history. Triplets occur due to the split of the fertilized egg into three and thus rare.

Can you naturally have triplets?

Getting Triplets isn’t something that happens to every woman though it’s a dream of most families to have them. To have triplets naturally might not be easy, although based on some considerations; it can happen though very rare. This is based on the below:

  1. Family history on giving birth to Triplets
  2. Taking Fertility assistance though chances are very minimal
  3. Being over 30yrs and above since order, women have chances of conceiving Triplets.

How common are Triplets?

Twins are common compared to Triplets, which are way less. Giving birth to Triplets has being considered rare as it takes many births worldwide for Triplets to be conceived by one woman. However, the chances of successfully birthing triples have increased due to good healthcare that has minimized the risk, unlike the past.

Are Triplets hereditary?

It depends on the type of Triplets. Fraternal triplets might be considered to be conceived based on the woman’s genetic trait of their family, thus making it possible to release more eggs during ovulation instead of one. Though on the contrary having identical Triplets doesn’t run in the family history.

Here are Gift Ideas for Triplets worth considering:

A trio stroller

Once in a while, you need to take your kids out for a walk or carry them along when going out for shopping. If you only have one child, then this would be easy, but going out with triplets can be challenging.

Parents with triplets can be gifted the trio stroller to make it easier for them to go out with their kids without having to worry about how to carry them along. It is very convenient as they can monitor all the kids at the same time, with each kid having their own space.

The Trio+ (Zoe XL3) Tripple Stroller is the perfect choice for this kind of gift. It comes complete with an umbrella and can be easily adjusted to fit your desired needs.

Why the Trio+ (Zoe XL3) Tripple Stroller?

Brand ZOE (A clothing and fashion company)
Color Black (widely accepted and classy)
weight30 pounds (easy to carry and move around with)
Other benefits Can easily fit in the back of the car, making it easy to move around with
Due to its lightweight, it can also be carried along during air travel

Educational DVD’s

Parents may need to take a break sometimes to cool off or concentrate on something else. Taking care of the kids can take a toll on them, and they might need to take a break. For them to do this, they need to find something that can distract the kids. The kids may also need a source of entertainment.

The perfect gift choice for this scenario is an Educational DVD’s. Look for one that is entertaining while at the same time offers educational bits to the kids. Liberty’s Kids is just what you need. A complete series with 40 episodes, it has amazing characters that the kids will love.

What makes Liberty’s Kids an awesome gift?

Producer Kaaren Brown
Genre Animation, Kids, Drama, Special interest (suitable for kids)
Episodes 40 (offers a longer period of entertainment)
Language English (with English subtitles for easy understanding)
Other benefits Offers great knowledge while at the same time providing entertainment
Can be watched by all members of the family

Customized triplets photo frame

Giving birth to triplets is special and needs to be treated as such. Capturing the moment in a perfect picture and framing it is the best way to show just how amazing triplets are in the lives of your loved one. Thus, gifting a customized triplet’s photo frame on their special day like birthdays is a mind-blowing present to both the parents and the kids. 

You can pick a personalized picture frame with your desired message for the triplets; the stunning solid wood Triplets Photo Frame is a perfect pick. 

Here is why:

Brand The Engraving Gallery (known for outstanding picture frames)
Size 23×18×2 cm (perfect for the wall)
Material Wood ( complements the home décor)
Message “A Trio of blessings, Thrice as much to love, Thirty fingers, Thirty toes, Three babies to cuddle and love” (inspiring)
Other benefits The material used is strong and long-lasting
It can be used as part of the home decor

Customized triplets gift card

Gift cards are the easiest kind of presents to give. They suit almost all occasions and can be easily found when you think of buying a present. Giving gift cards to triplets either on their birthday or baptismal day is a welcome gesture.

If you are thinking of giving a gift card, then it must be special and unique to bring the triplet aspect. You can pick one with a personalized message to make it impressive. The Triplets Congratulations Teddy Bear in Pink Card will do the trick for you. It has an elegant look, and the finish is amazing. It allows you to add a personal touch by writing your desired message on it. 

Besides, Triplets Congratulations Teddy Bear in Pink Card has the following amazing features:

Designer Moon lake (Ethical Fashion Brand)
Size 12.7×17.8 cm (standard size)
Paper TypeMatte ( ideal for art)
Other benefits Can be customized to suit different occasions 

Matching baby sneakers

Triplets would look amazing in matching outfits whenever they step out. Finding wears for them sounds like the perfect thing to do. They would love clothing that fits to show their bond and shout out to the world on their uniqueness.

One of the things that would make an ideal gift for an awesome look is matching sneakers. Find sneakers that make a fashion statement and are unique, especially if they are kids. The High-Top Ankle Infant First Walkers Crib Shoes is a great pick and would suit all triplets. They are easy to wear and comfortable.

Why the High-Top Ankle Infant First Walkers Crib Shoes?

Brand Meckior (professional footwear dealer)
Size Sizes for 0-18 months toddlers 
Color Multicolor (to suit your preference)
Other benefits They are safe and don’t have any effect on the skin.

Matching triplets bodysuits

One challenge with having triplets is that when buying clothes, one has to look for outfits that please all of them such that none will feel left out. One of the ways to solve this is by getting them matching outfits.

When gifting triplets, especially for toddlers, you should think of matching bodysuits. It would make an ideal present for them, and they would look great in them. You can opt for The Little Me Unisex 3-pack Body Suits that are preferred by many. They are comfortable for young ones and easy to clean.

That’s not all; Little Me Unisex 3-pack Body Suits come with the amazing features below:

Manufacturer Little Me Baby (A baby fashion outfit brand)
Material 100% cotton (easy on the skin and easy to wash)
Color Multicolor (colors vary depending on your preference)
Other benefits They are machine washable and are skin-friendly

Triplet baby dolls

For kids, one of the easiest gifts to give is a doll. For triplets who are toddlers, it would make sense to gift toy dolls on their special occasion. If you decide to buy this, then depending on their gender, you have to buy for the three of them.

One of the challenges you may face is finding matching toy dolls for the triplet. However, for it to be special, you have to find similar dolls, and in such a case, the triplet baby dolls for toddlers would be a great choice. They come with matching outfit and are amazing. The outfits are washable and color-coordinated for a gift befitting the young ones. 

Below are other fascinating features of Triplet Baby Dolls for Toddlers:

Manufacturer The New York Doll Collection (trusted)
Weight 1.85 pounds (lightweight for a kid to carry around when playing)
Recommended Age1 year upwards (safe for kids)
Other benefits Can be gifted to kids of different age groups from 1 year
Safety tested to ensures the little ones play with them unhurt 

Customized wall art

Art is a special kind of gift and means a lot when given in good faith. There are different arts for different occasions and almost every celebration. For triplets, there are numerous kinds of art that you can buy.

Regardless of their age, you can always give a piece of art to decorate their nursery or room if they are old enough. Ensure the piece is significant, and in this, The Lab Puppy Triplets Wall Art is the right kind for triplets. It brings out the wow factor when you set your eyes on it for the first time.

Why the Lab Puppy Triplets Wall Art?

Artist American Luxury Gifts ( interior decorating and fashion designers)
Material Fuji Photo Paper (durable and suitable for art)
Size 8×10 inches (medium size and suitable for the wall)
Other benefits Designed to complement all kinds of décor

Baby swing for triplets

It is easy to rock one baby to sleep but challenging for parents with triplets. Mothers with triplets have a lot of work to do when it comes to watching over the kids. Thus, consider buying your loved one with the trio a baby swing to make their job easier while entertaining the babies.

For triplets, there is a baby swing that can accommodate all of them. When thinking of a gift for them, think of this kind of baby swing, such as The Triplets Tandem Canvas Baby Swing. It will accommodate all of them and make work easier for the mother. Besides, it is made of strong materials to ensure durability and safety.

What makes Triplets Tandem Canvas Baby Swing worth gifting?

Manufacturer LadyBugSwingcompany (swings company brand)
Size The outside measures 48×16 inches (suitable for chubby babies up to toddler ages)
Color Multicolor (pick according to your preference)
Other benefits It can be customized to your liking; you can include the names of the kids on the seats

Play mat(s)

For young kids, playing is an important aspect of their growth. They need their playtime, especially when they begin to grow. If you have space in your home, then the kids do not have to go out when they can play in the house.

One important gift you can give to triplets’ especially young ones, is a good play mat. There is a difference between playing on the floor and using a play mat. They will enjoy more and play longer, giving their mother ample time to perform other duties.

You can opt for The BAMMAX Foldable Baby Playmat due to its large size that gives enough space for all the kids.

Plus, BAMMAX Foldable Baby Playmat comes with the amazing features below:

Brand Bammax (Professional baby products brand)
Weight 5.09 pounds (easy to carry around)
Material World’s safest XPE material (has no effects on the skin)
Benefit Due to their weight and the fact that they can be easily folded, they can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Customized triplets t-shirts

Triplets may not be identical, and for this reason, one cannot easily tell. Why not buy them the t-shirts that will introduce them as triple wherever they go? A customized t-shirt will let the trio step out of the house, shouting their uniqueness without having to speak a word. It shows how close they are as siblings and that they share a lot in common, not just the fact that they were born together.

The Living That Triplet Life T-shirt is a good choice for them. Just with the message, one can easily tell that they are triplets.

That’s not all; Living That Triplet Life T-shirt features the following:

Brand QuriousShop (A trendy fashion and design brand)
Material Pure Ring-Spun Cotton (friendly to the skin and easy to wash)
Color Multicolor (pick depending on your preference)
Other benefits They can be worn for different occasions

Personalized bracelets

Bracelets are common these days, and only something special can show the difference. For triplets, a bracelet that is personalized with specific messages can be the perfect gift. Ensure it will leave a lasting impression by selecting one made of durable materials with a perfect message for the trio.

The Triplets Baby Anklet/Bracelet Jewelry will be appropriate, especially for newborns. They are made of cotton, therefore, are safe for a baby’s skin.

Triplets Baby Anklet/Bracelet Jewelry further come with amazing features below:

Brand CottonCharmLove ( Top choice brand for gifts)
Material Cotton (skin-friendly)
Color Varies depending on your liking
Other benefits Can be customized and gifted to all age groups, from kids to adults

Gift box

Sometimes, picking the right kind of gift for triplets can be challenging. They might have different tastes, or you may just be confused about what type of item they like. When faced with this kind of dilemma, the best way to go about it is to get them a gift box.

Gift boxes contain an array of presents to choose from. Present them with a gift box and let them each choose what present suits them. For kids, the Boxy Babies Triplets Surprise is the ideal pick. 

Here is why:

Brand Boxy Babies (kids toy fashion brand)
Weight 1.95 pounds (easy to carry around)
Age Recommendation6 months – 6 years
Other benefits Comes with a wide range of gifts inside, providing a lot of choices for the kids


Babies, when they reach a particular age, begin to bite on things. This can sometimes be unhealthy as they tend to chew on almost everything. Teethers help parents to control what the kids put into their mouths.

For triplets, it can be hectic for the parent to look after all of them at the same time. Teethers can be a great choice to gift to triplets who are teething. They can be customized with different colors to differentiate them. 

The Everyday Teethers Made from Silicone is a great choice for the kids. They are carefully made to reach every part of the kids’ mouth to soothe the gums. They are friendly and safe.

Why the Everyday Teethers Made from Silicone?

Brand KIDZVILLA (baby fashion design outfit)
Material Silicone (Healthy and Safe for kids’ health)
Age Recommendation3 months and above (great for teething)
Other benefits They are re-washable and non-reactive hence very safe

Customized hoodies

Hoodies can be worn during cold periods or just for fashion. For triplets, it can be special to wear customized hoodies whenever they step out for style and keeping warm. It is something that would catch the attention of people.

I’m The Cool Triplet Hoodie is the right pick for triplets. Each written with the same message, they would be special to gift for triples.

I’m The Cool Triplet Hoodie makes a great gift due to the following:

Brand Zap (Renowned fashion outfit)
Color Multicolor (depending on your preference)
Size Sizes vary and can fill almost all
Other benefits Can be worn for different occasions 

Wrap Up!

Triplets are special; therefore, they deserve to be treated as such. Finding the right kind of gift is what you need to make a statement during their special occasions. The list above suggests exceptional gift ideas for you to pick from. Hope you find the best one for you.

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