Easter Gift Ideas For Wife That Spice Up Your Relationship

Do you wish to surprise your loved one during this Easter? Sure, do not miss an opportunity to appreciate your wife at the slightest chance possible. Easter is especially the best holiday to show love through presents such as spar set, Easter egg bath bombs, chocolate soap, romantic dinner, and other themed items

Personalizing the gift based on their hobbies and favorite things will go a long way in winning their heart. Note that unlike kids, adults more so women are so picky.  Thus, you got to up your game by using our expert advice to purchase an item that will leave your wife speechless. 

Who would not like to see their loved one happy during a time of promise and renewal? If your answer is yes, find out the incredible presents here to help you do just that effortlessly.

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Top 10 Easter gift ideas for wife

  1. Chocolate Easter care basket
  2. Romantic dinner for two
  3. Spa gift set
  4. Easter egg panties
  5. Chocolate soap
  6. Spring scarf
  7. Love story journal
  8. A thought-provoking book
  9. Easter kitchen apron
  10. Candle set

What do you put in an Easter basket for adults?

Easter basket is the best gift idea that you can gift to any adult. Consider putting the following in the basket:  

  1. Chocolates
  2. Wine
  3. Bath products 
  4. Candles
  5. Snacks 
  6. Organic tea sampler

How do I make my wife feel special?

There are many ways of making your wife feel special every day. Here are the top 10 ways of doing so:

  1. Help her with laundry once in a while
  2. Take time to listen to her
  3. Gift her on every special occasion in her life
  4. Pray with her
  5. Always praise her
  6. Help her in the kitchen to make meals and wash dishes
  7. Always remind your wife that she beautiful and affirm this by not flirting with other women
  8. Please help with the kids, for instance, preparing them in the morning
  9. Organize for dinner outs often
  10. On key issues, you should ask for her opinion 

What are some fun things to do on Easter?

Easter is a time to spend time with your loved one and reflect on the good memories that you share. The funs things you can do together are plant flowers, make chocolate fondue, read thought-provoking books, gifting each other, engaging in egg and spoon racing, and playing guessing games, among others. 

What flower has become a symbol of Easter?

Flowers that symbolize the Easter holiday are Easter lilies. These flowers are referred to as “white-robed apostles of hope” by Christians. If you want to gift flowers to your loved one on Easter, then the Easter lilies would be the perfect option. 

Here are Easter gift ideas for wife you can think of:

Chocolate Easter care basket

There is no doubt many ladies crave for chocolates every single day. If your wife is one of them, then consider buying her chocolate Easter care basket. The yummy bunnies are sure to satisfy her craving, plus the soft bunny plush is there for her to hug every time she misses you. 

You will be spoilt of options in the gift shops, but one from GODIVA Chocolatier Store that can be ordered online will sure to win the heart of your love.  The brand has been in the industry for over 90 years, thus staying true to its distinctive European style chocolates. Their expertise in craftsmanship to produce stylish and classy bunny pieces is something that cannot be ignored on an Easter holiday.

Here are other features that make GODIVA Chocolate Easter care basket stand out:

Brand GODIVA (90 years of unmatched reputation in the snacks industry) 
Weight 1 pound (portable yet enough to satisfy one)
Content Chocolate eggs and bunnies, dark chocolate raspberry bar, and classic ballotin pieces (all in a green wicker basket to make it presentable) 
Other benefits Accompanied by a soft plush bunny that will always remind your wife of your promises and unending love
The basket features Styrofoam lining that acts as a cooler to prevent the chocolates from melting. 

Romantic dinner for two

Tell me of a woman who doesn’t like grand gestures from her husband? For sure, chances are there are none. Why not then make this Easter special by organizing a romantic dinner where the two of you can get to discuss your life together. You will be surprised how much your wife will be willing to open up even on things you might have been clueless. Better still, she will be telling you the sweetest words that rarely come out of her mouth. 

You might be wondering where to take her after settling for this gift idea. Worry not, if you stay in Arizona or stay up to 35 miles from Gilbert, AZ, then considers Phoenix romantic dinner. Here you get a personal chef coming over to your home to prepare a breathtaking dinner for the two of you. 

Check the amazing features of this romantic dinner pack below: 

Chef Felicia Anderson (Features on AZ Fox)
Price $377 (affordable for a four-course dinner)
Duration 2-3 hours (long enough for all to be ready) 
Other benefits You work with the chef in choosing a menu for a customized meal for the two of you. 
Cleaning services after dinner will be offered so that the two of you can relax and enjoy time together. 

Spa gift set

Women need to recuperate after a daily crazy work schedule of attending to you and the kids, and not forgetting their jobs, contributing to your financial stability as a family. So, despite needing the time to pleasure themselves, they may not be able to do that more often. This Easter, let her have the spa experience right at the comfort of her home by buying her a spa gift set.

Consider one form Spa luxetique store that can be ordered online. The set includes ten pieces; body lotion, two bath bombs, bubble bath,  hand wash, shower gel, hand cream, bath salt, body butter, and bath puff, all packaged in handmade weaved lavender gift basket.

Besides, the set comes packed with the following amazing features: 

Brand Spa luxetique store (combines European aromatherapy and traditional therapy for a memorable spa experience) 
Ingredients Natural, e.g., sunflower, vitamin E, and seed oil. (lock in moisture leaving the skin well-nourished) 
Scent Lavender that revitalizes the mind and spirit (soothing, floral, sweet-smelling, and long-lasting)
Packaging Gorgeous spa tote bag (your wife can use it for running errands, shopping, at the beach, and any day out) 
Other benefits Makes a perfect gift for women on Easter and other special occasions 
Relaxing spa set with assorted quality products 

Easter egg panties

You can never go wrong with well-fitting undergarments for your wife. This Easter, consider buying Easter-themed pants that are a sure kill to your sweetheart. The pant should have an amazing stretch for a comfortable fit to remind her of your love and care every time she puts it on. Other features to look for in a pant are; moisture-wicking, breathability, material, and thermo-regulation.  

One that meets the essential is the Hipster Rabbit Bunny Easter Egg panties from Loveful Personalized brand. Your wife will not have to worry about the clothes she will put on as the pant is seamless. This ensures there is no panty line showing that it could be embarrassing to her. She will also forget about the tag irritation as the panties are tag-free. Besides, there is no hassle in cleaning as the choice is machine washable without a chance of deforming due to its quality make.

That’s not all; Hipster Rabbit Bunny Easter Egg panties come with the amazing features tabled:

Brand Loveful Personalized (known for their style and quality) 
Weight 3.04 ounces (no unnecessary weight)
Material 10% elastane 90% polyester (soft with premium comfort)
Size S-2XL (fits most customers)
Other benefits Hypoallergenic 
Feminine and sexy 
Elastic closure for a comfortable fit

Chocolate soap

Imagine smelling chocolate in the house after your wife takes a bath? It is something that would draw you closer to her romantically. Why not make it a reality by getting the love of your life a chocolate soap? This will be ideal if your wife loves chocolate but it on a diet due to one reason or the other. She will be able to enjoy the scent without being tempted to taste.

Getting the best option might seams easy until you hit the market and get confused, one which to pick. You can count on Handmade Coffee and Chocolate Scented Bar Soap Gift Set from the Missame store. The order can be made online; thus, you can get it no matter where you live.

Check the great features of the Handmade Coffee and Chocolate Scented Bar Soap Gift Set from the Missame store below:

Brand Missame store (known for premium quality as their product is handmade and packaged in the USA) 
No. of barsFour each weighing 5.0 oz. (quality pack)
Other benefits Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free thus safe for use
Fresh pack as each bar is shrink-wrapped
No palm oil for smooth and clean skin without the tight feeling 

Spring scarf

Easter means that the spring season is beginning; thus, the need to still keep warm at all times. You cannot allow your wife to get exposed to the cold when you can do something. Buy her a colorful spring scarf to keep her warm while sending out a unique fashion statement. Look for one that matches most outfits so that your wife can use it to office, church, and anywhere else. 

You can opt for Scarfand’s Romantic Rose & Flower Spring Fashion Scarf due to its beautiful artistic rose prints that are sure to win her heart. As your wife brace the weather on bright sunny days, the bold colors of the scarf will leave every head-turning. Besides, the scarf is lightweight to avoid unnecessary weight and not to be too hot. For sure, your wife would love it!

Here are other fascinating features of the Scarfand’s Romantic Rose & Flower Spring Fashion Scarf:

Brand Scarfand store (known for fashionable outfits)
Material 100% polyester (thin and lightweight, thus suitable fashion accessory that can be worn anytime) 
Other benefits Translucent for the light to pass through for a shiny appearance on sunny days
Versatile, as it matches most outfits 
The circumference of 70 inches is ideal to most ladies

Love story journal

What is the best thing rather than reflecting on the good moments you have shared with your wife? Easter is a holiday where you are off the busy schedule, thus ideal for spending with your loved one to strengthen your bond. You can achieve this by gifting her with a love story journal to create a love story together.

You can get ‘138 Questions and Prompts for Couples to Complete Together’ love story journal Ashley Kusi and Marcus Kusi. 

Here is why:

Author (s)Ashley Kusi and Marcus Kusi (outstanding authors specializing in activity books for couple series) 
Weight 10.1 ounces ( portable)
Pages 154 (would cover a lot)
Sections 3 (Dating, Engagement & Wedding, and Marriage to ensure logical order and continuity)
Other benefits You can journal your love story with ease due to partition sections with guidelines
Filling the journal together help you spend quality time as a couple while connecting and strengthening intimacy 
Once filled, it becomes a keepsake for your family 
There is a place to put a favorite photo to create memories of a lifetime 

A thought-provoking book

Trust is an essential value in every relationship. However, sometimes small things make people doubt their better half. The best way to rekindle intimacy and build trust is to spend fun and engaging time with each other. If you wish to do so, then consider getting your wife, this Easter with a thought-provoking book. Your wife will have an easy time asking a question that she might be keeping to herself for so long.

‘Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters’ book would sort you out. The book would help both of you to develop topics of discussion and insightful questions for a deeper, exciting, and meaningful conversation. 

 That’s not all; the book has the amazing benefits below that make it a great option: 

Author (s)Ashley Kusi and Marcus Kusi (outstanding authors specializing in activity books for couple series)
Weight 5.3 ounces (portable)
Pages 250 (covers a lot)
Other benefits Help your wife to express her feelings, desires, and needs in a creative way
The open-ended questions help you to learn more about each other in a fun and engaging manner
Entails sex questions that would better your sex life

Easter kitchen apron

Does your wife love to cook or bake? If yes, then consider gifting her with an Easter-themed apron to motivate her while ensuring she stays neat while in the kitchen. You can opt for DII Easter Hipster Print Chef Apron with ‘Easter greetings’ wording in front that is sure to catch her attention. 

You will not go wrong with it due to the amazing features tabled:

Brand DII (trusted)
Weight 8.2 ounces (practical)
Material 100% cotton (quality) 
Dimension 9 x 8 x 1 inches (fits most)
Other benefitsCustomized fir due to the adjustable waist and neck straps
Colorful animal and egg pattern that symbolizes the Easter holiday 

Candle set

Set a romantic mood while giving hope to your wife during this Easter holiday by buying her scented candles. Note that the candle symbolizes light, and Christ is the light; the gift will be a sure bet on the Easter holiday. Besides, the scented candles have an aromatherapy effect that would help your wife to relax as they enjoy time off the busy schedule.

You can choose any scent; however, most ladies would fall in love with lavender, peppermint eucalyptus, and vanilla ones. Therefore, you can opt for wax and oils soy wax, three packs with these favorite scents to impress your wife.

What makes wax and oils soy wax three-pack Aromatherapy Scented Candles a great choice?

Brand WAX OILS EST. ( Known for candles with a fantastic smell, burns cleanly and are safe for use)
Weight 8 ounces (practical)
ScentsVanilla, Lavender, & Peppermint (loved by most ladies)
Hand-crafted to ensure the purest quality
Free of harmful additives
100% recyclable packaging thus environmental friendly 
The lower melting point for soot free burn  lasting up to 20 hours 

Meal planner

Meal planning is challenging, and the best thing you can do to help your wife this Easter is to buy her a weekly meal planner. She will appreciate as food preparation will be simpler, easier, and organized. This will save her the energy of having to figure out what to prepare each day. 

Consider buying Mama Bear Kusi’s Weekly Meal Planner that can help her plan 52 Weeks ahead.  The planner is easy to use and un-dated to ensure as a family, you can track grocery shopping and food budget in the same place. 

Why Mama Bear Kusi’s Weekly Meal Planner?

Author Ashley Kusi and Marcus Kusi (known their work of helping couple life 
Weight15 ounces (fits shopping bags)
Pages 208 (covers a lot)
Other benefitsEnsures nothing goes to waste as your wife will be able to keep track of everything using a monthly freezer inventory page
There is a notes section that helps your wife to journal everything food-related to make her work stress-free 

Easter bunny shirt

Spring has just set in, and the best way is to get your wife’s Easter egg shirt that she can wear during this season. One that is colorful and made of cotton material is a perfect choice as your wife can comfortably wear it any day. You can opt for Unique Baby UB Women’s Easter Bunny Shirt that features a V-neck design and is sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face. 

You can rest assured of your wife comfort as the shirt is made of soft Egyptian cotton, thus cool and breathable. 

That’s not all; Unique Baby UB Women’s Easter Bunny Shirt features the following:

Brand Unique Baby store (known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction) 
Material 97% cotton and 3% spandex (soft and stretchy for a comfortable fit)
Colors Pink, white, and grey (preferred by ladies)
Other benefits Machine washable thus stress-free cleaning 
Custom prints that do not fade 

Easter bunny face ceramic mug

What a way to start the day while sipping tea or coffee using an Easter-themed ceramic mug! This will become your wife’s reality if you buy her with a Burton and Burton Easter Bunny Face Ceramic Mug by Supportiback. The mug is hand-painted with a sky-blue background that indicated new dawn. 

As if that is not striking enough, the mug has a white bunny face with a bow tie that is green in color that will catch everyone’s attention. Besides, the handle has white and lavender stripes to add a classing touch on it. For sure, the mug will be your wife’s favorite!

Why Burton and Burton Easter Bunny Face Ceramic Mug by Supportiback?

Brand Supportiback (known for hand-crafted quality gifts)
Weight 13.6 ounces (practical for a mug)
Material Ceramic (quality and FDA approved)
Other benefits Come with a white gift box for perfect presentation 
Ergonomically designed handle making it easy to hold

A bunny pendant 

Jewelry is an item that you should not miss when gifting your wife no matter the situation. Whether she is fashion-conscious or not, a bunny pendant will be a perfect present for her. It will always remind your wife of the positive thoughts about her as the pendant symbolizes fertility apart from the Easter bunny season. 

You can consider EOVE Women Sterling Silver Bunny Pendants Necklaces due to its amazing features tabled below: 

Brand EVO (manufactures premium jewelry) 
Weight 1.6 ounces (lightweight)
Chain length 18″ (fits most)
Pendant material Sterling silver white gold (high-quality that last for ages)
Other benefits Excellent for all ladies
The detailed pendant gives the necklace an amazing look 

An Easter laptop canvas bag

Let your wife embrace the spring season to the office or any event by gifting her with an Easter laptop canvas bag. Look for one with both shoulder and hand straps to make carrying Easter. You can count on one from the Canvaslove brand that is 14 by 15 inches, thus fits most laptops. Besides, the eye-catching colors are sure to win the heart of your loved one.

Check the amazing features of the Canvaslove Easter Egg Pattern Canvas Laptop Shoulder Bag below:

Brand Canvaslove (quality)
Weight 1.1 pounds (holds laptop comfortably without the chance of wear and tear)
Dimension (17.8 x 12.5 x 2)″ (many laptops would fit)
Other benefits Easter-themed that suits the season 
High-quality make that is sure to last her for ages 

Final word!

Impress your wife this Easter buy buying her the gifts that are discussed above. Each has been carefully chosen to fit the season while showing the romantic side of you. Do not miss the chance, pick one and watch as your bond grow stronger!

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