80s Gift Ideas That Reminds Your Loved One Of The Good Old Days!

History reminds us of all the events that took place in our past. Why not remind your loved one of the good old days by gifting them with themed presents? A boom box, cassette mixtape, fanny pack, Roller skates, Rubik’s cube, vintage watch, and novel (the ‘80s), among others, would make a perfect 80’s present.  

A lot happened in the 1980s, which are nice memories of history to cherish. It’s the time when different homes and offices began to adapt to technologies. The internet was born, thus allowing data exchange in different computer networks. During this period, computers and mobile phones became cheaper and easily accessible, thus spreading widely in homes and offices.

It’s in this regime when games machines and PCs become the most popular, thus making it the age of video games. It was the most famous Era in Toy history. Every kid wanted a Retro toy to play with as they were the most toy collection you could find by then. Other games emerged, including the famous Pac man, among others.

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The eighties are also known for the extreme fashion decade. Both men and women had big hair, whereby for Africans, it was referred to as Afro hair. Wave, Funk, Punk rocks were the fashion of the time. The 80s replaced expensive clothes and fashion known accessories. Ripped tights, poof skirts, oversized blazers, style icons, Denim jackets, fanny packs, crop tops, animal print, drop-crotch pants, and biker jackets became the trend of the decade in fashion.

In the 80s, rap music started to get big, and breakdancing was the way to go. It became an interesting decade due to music. Hip Pop, hard rock, and classic hits brought a glorious moment, and due to all the eighties defining hits turned the era a fantastic one. In this regime, digital music recording increased, and there was an emergence of new wave and dance music.

In the field of sports, basketball was great in the 80s though sports were dominated by a few, not like today, where you find all countries participating in different sports activities. It marked the regime of the first BBC live football league game and first rugby world cup tournament.

With all the events which happened in the 1980s decade, it makes it easy to have a wonderful gift. A joyous moment is retrieved when you remind your loved one of the different historical activities that took place by giving them a memorable present with the regime theme.

Yes, it can take your energy to move around different gift houses searching for the nice item. Even browsing on the internet to get the appropriate gift might be more confusing as there are many and interesting gifts. The exercise can be hectic, but no more stress! Here we give you the best and most beautiful gift ideas for the 80s that guarantee a smile on your loved one face.

On to the 80s gift ideas!

Top 10 80s gift ideas

  1. Boom box
  2. Cassette mixtape
  3. Fanny pack
  4. Roller skates
  5. Rubik’s cube
  6. Vintage watch
  7. Vintage camera
  8. Vintage gaming system
  9. Denim jacket
  10. A novel (the ‘80s)

Why is gift-giving important?

Giving a gift is an act of expressing care and love to the recipient. Giving a gift is thus important and surprising in people’s interactions. It helps to strengthen the bond with the involved parties. Presents enable the giver to feel nice due to joyous satisfaction and thus promoting psychological happiness.

How does receiving a Gift make you feel?

Receiving a gift might be a bit awkward at the beginning as you are nervous and don’t know what the giver has bought for you. But a happy moment is seen in the face of both the recipient and the giver when the opening begins as the recipient is sure the giver picked the best gift ever, and the giver is hopeful that the recipient will like the best-chosen gift choice.

Are 80s Gifts available today?

The 1980s gifts are largely available. History is important in human life, and some memories are brought up by tracing the events of the time. This can be done so well in being able to access a gift with the theme of the decade. You can still easily access the best 80’s gift, and there is comprehensive information on where to find them on the internet.

Can you give 80S Gifts today in modern life?

The Eighties was the best decade in human history, and most 80s people miss the moments. So it’s good to gift 80s people with a themed gift of their time, and by doing this, it will be a moment of laughter and joy because these are sweet memories that can’t go without being cherished. You don’t have to worry over where to find the gifts as the internet provides viable information on where to find, buy, and access them.

What are the 10 defining events of the 80s?

A lot of things happened in the 1980s, for example, the Jordan haircut, shoulder pads, big phones, etc. Though the below list provides the defining activities of the time. These pertain:

  1. Three Iconic TV events
  2. Music television for playing video music
  3. The first PC
  4. Shuttle combusting
  5. Berlin wall falling
  6. Aids epidemic
  7. The genesis of the mobile phone
  8. 24-hr Cable News Network launch
  9. Crash of the street wall
  10. President Reagan killing attempt

Here are 80s Gift ideas that you can think of:

Boom box

They say normal is boring. When thinking of giving a special gift with the 80s theme, think of something that will bring back the good old memories. One of the things that people can’t forget easily is music.

Even with the advanced technology, a good old piece of electronic will have heads turning. People nowadays listen to music through their phones, iPods, and Bluetooth speakers. However, for the 80s lovers, nothing matches a boom box and thus worth gifting. Up to date, they are still fancy and elegant.

The Insignia CD/Cassette Boombox with AM/FM Radio is the perfect choice for this kind of gift. With a digital display, this 80s technology will surely bring back good memories.

Why the Insignia CD/Cassette Boombox with AM/FM Radio?

BrandInsignia (Best buy house brand for consumer electronic products)
Color Black/Grey (Appealing and presentable)
Dimensions H: 6 1/8’’ W: 14 5/8’’ D: 8 ½’’ (can be easily carried around)
Benefits It has a record function and can be used to record.
Plays back CD and cassette formats

Cassette mixtape

The technology might seem a little bit outdated, but cassette mixtape is an amazing way to keep a favorite collection of music. Making music collections back in the 80s was fun, and many people loved to do it. This would make a great gift choice just to remind the person you are gifting of the good old days.

The old cassettes might be difficult to find these days, but the current technology might come in handy. With a USB that can be plugged into any personal computer to record your favorite music, this is the perfect gift for your loved one.

The Mix Tape USB Memory Card is the perfect kind of gift you would want to go for. This can be tailored to your liking to take your loved one down the journey of the ’80s in a fun way!

Here are the amazing features of the Mix Tape USB Memory Card:

Brand Suck UK (gift and homeware design outfit)
Color Multi-color (depending on your liking)
Dimensions 2.6×0.39×3.94 inches (ideal size)
Weight 0.64 ounces (easy to carry around)
Benefits Apart from music, it can be used to store other important data
Has different designs to choose from

Fanny pack

It is true that long before the small wallets came into existence, people used fanny packs to keep valuables while walking around. Fanny packs are also used for fashion. They complement any look, and any lady would fall in love with it.

If you are thinking of the 80s kind of gift, think of a fancy fanny pack. A person who knows their value will appreciate this gesture. Look for a pack that is classy and matches the personality of the person you plan to gift.

The MIAIULIA 80s Neon Waist Fanny Pack is just what you need. Made to fit several activities, this is just what one needs as a gift for the 80s theme.

What makes MIAIULIA 80s Neon Waist Fanny Pack worth gifting? 

Brand MIAIULIA (renowned fashion brand)
Color Multi-color (choose depending on your preference and liking)
Gender Female (they love fanny packs)
Weight 4.8 ounces (easy to carry around the waist)
Benefits Can be used for various activities like hiking, cycling, and partying

Roller skates

For sports lovers, especially those who love skating, they know that skaters need to show up with unique roller skates that will catch the attention of many. Skating is common these days just as much as it was in the 80’s. This means that it would be perfectly fine to give roller skates as a gift to someone special.

Look for one that reflects the personality of the person you intend to gift in the first place. You can customize it to their liking to make it more impressive. The Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate is the perfect pick. It is suitable for growing kids. If you want to show them how your childhood was and the things you enjoyed, then think no further.

Check below the amazing features of Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate:

Manufacturer Roller Derby (American Skate Company)
Color Black/Red (stands out)
Size Adjustable up to 4 sizes (suitable for growing kids)
Weight 2 pounds (lightweight)
Benefits Suitable for both indoor and outdoor skating purposes
Lasts longer due to the material used and the fact that they are adjustable

Rubik’s cube

Rubik’s cubes started coming into stores in the 80s, they were a great deal back then, and people loved them. Why not bring back this great invention as a gift to a loved one who loves challenges and adventure. They are great for the mind.

Find one that looks unique and is of good quality. Easy to tune and use to provide a unique kind of experience even to beginners. AGREATLIFE the cube is the perfect choice to go for. With very vivid colors and fast tuning, it guarantees a great experience.

Have a look at the great features of AGREATLIFE The Cube:

Brand AGREATLIFE (Americas Roller company)
Weight 2.36 ounces (lightweight and easy to move around in)
Recommended Age6 years upwards (suits many)
Benefits Suitable for outdoor and indoor skating purposes
Suitable for all age groups

Vintage watch

If you are thinking of an excellent 80s-themed present, then a vintage watch would be a great choice. They are classy and fancy at the same time. These kinds of watches were a great deal in the 80s, and so many people loved them.

The vintage watches are durable and are still available in the market right now. They would make the perfect gift for the 80s themed gift for your loved one. The Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch is a perfect pick.

Here is why:

Brand Casio (Multinational computer and electronics company)
Color Black (preferred by most men)
Weight 0.8 ounces (not heavy)
Benefits Has a functional calculator that can be used for mathematical operations
It is water-resistant 

Vintage camera

Technology has advanced so much that people can take photos from their phone any time they want to. Back in the days, photos meant a lot and were cherished. They had amazing instant cameras that could take and produce photos immediately. Photos still mean a lot to people these days. Instead of getting someone a digital camera, why not let them have fun while taking photos with the vintage 80s instant photo camera. It is a great gift to give for the 80s themed occasion.

The Polaroid Onestep+ i-Type Instant Camera 9010 is just what you need for this kind of gift to your loved one. With the ability to incorporate modern technology like Bluetooth connection, this is the perfect present. 

Why the Polaroid Onestep+ i-Type Instant Camera 9010?

Brand Polaroid (Instant film and camera company brand)
Color Black (classy)
Weight 493 grams (lightweight and can be carried for different occasions)
Dimensions 9.4×7.5×4.2 inches ( Ideal size)
Benefits Has a rechargeable and a long-lasting battery that allows longer usage
Bluetooth connectivity allows you to operate the camera remotely, like through your phone.

Vintage gaming system

Video games are very common these days, and many households have gaming systems. They existed even in the early years and were very common. They have been bettered over the years, but the old gaming systems are still cherished, especially to those who used them.

Gaming systems in the 80s were used to play retro games and were unique. If you settle for this kind of gift, then you should consider a gaming system that was reliable and user friendly. However, for a sure bet, then think of Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neo Red Joy-Con – HAC-001 (-01).

Here is why:

Manufacturer Nintendo (trusted)
Weight 3.75 pounds (portable)
Screen size 6.2-inch (large enough for gaming) 
Color Neon Red and Blue (preferred by many)
Benefits Has a multiplayer function to allow more than one person to play
Can be used at and away from home

Denim jacket

We have to agree that the fashion sense in the 80s was on another level. The sense of style back then was to die for more so with the vintage clothes that existed. One of the noticeable styles was the denim jackets, a style that has stuck with us until now.

This is a great kind of gift to give to a loved one, especially if they have a sense of fashion and would love to try a vintage look. Ensure the jacket look classy and elegant with this gift by going for colors based on the giftee’s preference. The Enzo Men’s Design Denim Jacket is the right pick. It has a shirt style collar that allows your loved one to complete a classy look when worn with a t-shirt.

Below are amazing features of Enzo Mens Design Denim Jacket:

Brand Enzo (Recognized fashion brand)
Material 100% cotton (comfortable and easy on the skin)
Size All sizes (depending on your size)
colorBlack and Blue (can complement any kind of look)
Benefits Can be worn for different occasions like parties and other celebrations

A novel (the ‘80s)

Most people love reading, and novels are usually a common gift that people receive. They are easy to find, and there is a wide range to choose from. People will always appreciate a good read. So this can make the perfect gift for that special person. A novel from the ‘80s will be a great choice. 

There are many amazing books from that period that are worth reading, and finding an excellent one for someone is a great gesture. Your list cannot be complete without Raymond Carver, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. The short story novel captures a lot of emotions and would be an interesting read.

Raymond Carver, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love come packed with amazing features below:

Author Raymond Carver (American short story writer and poet)
Language English (widely spoken and understood)
Genre Fiction (explores the power imagination to tell a perfect story)
Benefits Explores the theme of love that many people can relate to it

‘80s trivia box

When you want to reminisce and have fun with the ‘80s theme, think of a trivia box. It is the perfect gift for a friend who loves solving puzzles. Gift this to your special friend and have fun together testing your ‘80s knowledge. You should buy one that would be interesting to play and, at the same time, challenge one’s ability to bring out the best in them.

The Spinning Hat Awesome 80’s Trivia Game is a good pick. It offers a wide array of topics to talk about and reminisce about.

That’s not all; Spinning Hat Awesome 80’s Trivia Game has fantastic features below:

Brand Spinning Hat ( renowned fashion brand)
Weight 7.7 ounces (lightweight)
Dimensions 4.25×1.5×2.75 inches (compact for portability)
Benefits Suitable for parties and gatherings 
Has over 100 popular culture questions

80s slang chart poster

Bring back the good memories of the slang used in the 80s by gifting someone with this chart. Every era indeed has a slang that uniquely identifies with that particular period. Bringing back these memories will surely strengthen your friendship bond.

Present this unique present and lighten up the face of your friend, family, or loved one. The 80s Retro Slang Poster will do the trick for you. It is funny and well detailed, with the best of slang used in the 80s.

Why the 80s Retro Slang Poster?

Brand/ManufacturerCurious Charts commission ( creative literary and art brand)
Size 18×24 inches ( The ideal size for hanging on the wall)
Weight 8 ounces (can be moved around)
Content Classic 80s slang terms (perfect choice)
Benefits A perfect gift for all age groups, form adults to kids who are interested in learning the 80s culture

An art print

Art, as they say, speaks directly to the heart. If given as a gift, it is highly appreciated. We all love fine art, and once in a while, they remind us about the past. It is an excellent present to give that will leave someone a little nostalgic.

Get a piece of art that has a lot of 80s depicted in it. Ensure it has a representation of a particular memory in the 80s to make it special and worth keeping. This would be great, especially for the people who grew up in the 80s. You can opt for Black and White Feather Print Poster. This fine piece of art is elegant and suitable for a home environment.

Check below other amazing features of Black and White Feather Print Poster:

Artist Owlsroadstudio (best prints and art design company)
Size A3, 29.7×42 cm (perfect size for the wall)
Material White thick paper, water-based black ink, and silkscreen ( a great combination for a perfect painting)
Benefits Suitable for both office and home decor

Retro phone

Even though these came a little bit earlier, retro phones were still big in the 80s. They were available in many homes and offices and were the main source of communication. They were also stylish and elegant in design.

Presently, you can still give these as a gift to someone special. Some people love collecting these kinds of art, and this would be a perfect kind of present for them. The Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone is a great piece that is worth giving as a gift.

What makes Rotary Design Retro Landline Phone a great pick?

Brand Wild and Wolf (unique gift and lifestyle design company)
Weight 3 pounds (can be easily moved around)
Color Multicolor (you get to choose based on your preference)
Dimensions 6×8×8 inches (the ideal size for any desk or table)
Benefits Can be used as a form of decoration in any home, lounge, or office

Converse Shoes

Converse shoes still exist to date but were introduced in the 80s. It is a unique kind of brand that has maintained its authenticity for the longest time. Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice pair of converse shoes? They are stylish and considered a great fashion statement to date.

The Converse Chuck 70 Hi Men’s Fashion-Sneakers is just what you might be looking for. This is a unique vintage canvas collection that people of all ages would appreciate.

Converse Chuck 70 Hi Mens Fashion-Sneakers has amazing features below:

Brand Converse (renowned fashion brand)
Size Several sizes depending on a person
Gender Unisex (Ideal kind of gift since it is acceptable to all gender)
materialSynthetic and leather with a rubber sole (lightweight and lasts longer)
Benefits Can be worn on different occasions

Wrap up!

Sometimes it is very important to reminisce about the good old days, and one of the ways to effectively do this is by reminding ourselves of the great things through gifting. Be it fashion, music, or culture; a themed present will bring out the best of all and makes us nostalgic, though in a good way. From the presents listed above, you are sure to find a suitable one for your loved one.

All the Best!

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