Gifts for Children Who Have Lost Parents

Gifts are an excellent way to express your love for someone and many people use gifts to show their sympathy during a difficult time. When children lost their parents, they feel helpless so it is very important to provide the necessary support and comfort. A thoughtful sympathy gift shows that you are thinking about them and want to be their side and help them go through this difficult time.

Picking a gift for children who have lost a parent is very difficult because gifts are often overlooked in this situation and the children might be struggling with a lack of attention. So you should pick a meaningful gift like stuffed animals, coloring books, memory books, gift boxes, memory journals, customized jewelry, and many more.

Below is a list of some unique gift ideas for children who have lost a parent. Keep reading the article and you will get a clear idea about these gifts.

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Gifts for Children who have Lost a Parent

Gift Ideas for Children Who Have Lost a Parent           

  1. Customized Jewelry
  2. Memory Journals
  3. Stuffed Animals
  4. Decoration Items
  5. Drawing Book
  6. Gift Box
  7. Board Games

1.Customized Jewelry

A simple design chain bracelet works well for most young kids but as they get older their sense of style changes which means their tastes will likely change a lot as they get older. So you should pick a piece of jewelry that is simple. You can give them a customized necklace with their parent’s name engraved on it. You can also consider a paracord bracelet with a loving message engraved on the clasp.

Below are the reasons why you should buy the U7 Personalized Message Text Engrave Name Pendant:

DimensionsPendant: 1.18*0.19inches; Chain length: 20 inches long, extender: 2 inches.
Bar Sides4
ColorStainless/Black/ Gold
Other BenefitsThe pendant comes with an extension chain. So the length of the necklace works on anyone. You can give this necklace as a gift to your mother, wife, daughter, son, granddaughter, girlfriend/boyfriend, co-worker, brother, sister, etc. This elegant necklace is a great way to express your love for the special person of your life.       

2. Memory Journals

A memory Journal is a very thoughtful gift idea for kids who have lost his/her parents. It will help them to explore both their emotions and creativity in unfettered ways. They can write down the memories they had with their parents and cherish them throughout life. For older children, you should pick something that is more structured. You can give them journals with writing prompts and therapeutic suggestions.

Consider Canvas One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book due to its elegant design and patterns cover. Take a look at some of the other features of this memory journal:

PublisherChronicle Books
Dimensions4 x 1.2 x 6.5 inches
Pages372 pages
Item Weight12 ounces
Other BenefitsIt will be an excellent gift for graduates, adventurers, dreamers, anyone embarking on a new phase of life, and many more. It is an excellent memory journal with just enough space to write something every day, without feeling burdened to do more. You can write down one page for every day and compare your entries to the same date in years past in this notebook. This journal features a rich oatmeal-colored, canvas cloth case, striking metallic page edges, and a ribbon page marker.

3. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are favorite among the kids and who doesn’t love snuggling with a stuffed animal? You can find stuffed animals that range from giraffes, pandas to all types of animals. You will find an adorable cuddly version of just about any animal. So you can easily pick a stuffed animal that your kids like. But while buying a stuffed animal think about the age of the child and how they’ll play with the stuffed animal and pick the size of the gift.

There are lots of options available for stuffed animals but I have picked GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush because I love teddy bears! Here are the reasons why I have picked it:

Dimensions13 x 7 x 18 inches
MaterialSoft, huggable material
Manufacturer Recommended Age12 months – 3 years
Other BenefitsThis is a uni-sex stuffed animal so you can gift it to both boys and girls. It’s a classic chocolate brown 18″ plush bear with a unique design that features cute paw pad accents and a curious expression that every kid will love. This teddy bear is popular for its quality, soft, huggable plush designs not to mention it’s an award-winning stuffed teddy bear.  

4. Decoration Items

Kids and teens have lots of surfaces and products to decorate like laptops, cars, binders, their room’s walls, and many more. So they have plenty of spaces for something to memorialize their loved one. You will have wide-open options depending on the kids’ activities. You can pick a customized window decal or laptop cover or other decoration items depending on what the individual likes. You should pick an item that represents the parent without being too specific.

My suggestion is FANSIR 20 LED Photo Clip String Lights. This will be a great thoughtful gift as the children can hang the photos of their parents. Here are some other features:

Dimensions6.3 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches
Item Weight4.8 ounces
Light ColorWarm white
Power Source3 x AA  Battery Powered
Other BenefitsThis is an excellent decoration item to hang Christmas cards, pictures, and artwork. It is 7.2 feet long and the 20 clips are spaced at 4 inches/10 cm apart, each clip contains a LED light. There is enough space between the two clips so you can hang most cards and photos. It comes with two lighting modes: flashing lights and straight lights. You can also use this decoration as night lighting and it looks very beautiful in the night.          

5. Drawing Book

If the children love art activities like drawing, paintings, then a drawing book guide is the best option as a gift. Generally, the children feel lost, sad, and even bored during this type of situation so giving them something that could occupy them for hours will be an excellent gift idea. In this type of circumstance, adults might not have time to share with the children so a drawing book with a huge pack of crayons will make it an instant hit among the children.     

There are tons of options available when we are talking about drawing book guide but I have picked the Draw 50 Animals: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw. Here is why:

AuthorLee J. Ames
Dimensions8.5 x 0.2 x 10.8 inches
Paperback64 pages
Manufacturer Recommended Age10 – 13 years
Other BenefitsIt’s a step by step very easy drawing book where your kids can draw 50 animals. This is an excellent book that will help your kids develop their technical drawing skills and build a repertoire of animal subjects. Your kids will learn how to draw a lion, a giraffe, a dinosaur, a penguin, a bunny, a shark, and 50 other animals. This book includes techniques from beginning to advanced levels so why not give this book to children who have lost a parent so that they can keep themselves with something to forget their valuable loss.          

6. Gift Box

There is a gift box available that are specially made for the kids. This type of gift box usually contains a variety of fun items based on the age of the children. You can pick a gift box or make your own custom gift box. You can choose toys, snacks, books, and other fun activity items. The gift box will be a thoughtful gift for children who have lost a parent because it includes a variety of gifts and they will keep them busy.

You can consider buying Sensory Fidget Toys Set. Here is why:

Dimensions6.2 x 5.2 x 4.6 inches
Item Weight1.7 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age5 years and up
Other BenefitsThis is a complete fidget toy set that includes 2 flip chains, 1 liquid motion timer, 1 peek a boo squeeze bean, 3 marble, and mesh, 6 stretchy strings, 3 bead stress balls, 6 spiky balls, 1 snap and click snake, 1 basketball stress ball and 1 magic cube. All these toys are made from non-toxic and durable materials and are completely safe for kids. These toys will help the children relieve stress and anxiety by simply playing, squeezing, stretching, and flipping them around the house. So this toy set will be a great gift for children who have lost a parent.             

7. Board Games

There are different types of themed board games available for kids. This type of board game will help kids learn about different things by playing. Both the kids and family members can play this type of board game and in this type of difficult time, the adults need to accompany the children.

Catan the Board Game is a very popular game for adults, teens, and of course the kids. If you are wondering why it’s so popular then checks below:

BrandCatan Studio
Dimensions11.63 x 9.5 x 3 inches
Item Weight2 pounds
Manufacturer Recommended Age10 years and up
Other BenefitsThis is a multi-award-winning civilization-building board game where 3-4 players can play at a time. In this game, you have to lead and guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. You can acquire your resources through trades, cards, or lucky dice and then use them to make your civilization stronger and defeat other players. The first player to reach 10 victory points wins the game!           

Final Thoughts

The gift should be something that the children will love. You can pick any of the above gifts that I have discussed because they are well thought off and they have positive reviews from many other guardians who have bought these items for their kids. So you don’t have to worry about the children would like the gift or not because these gifts are already liked by many children. 

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