Gifts for People Who Hate Everything

Every holiday season when we are out gift shopping; there is always someone on our list who hate everything. Gift shopping is already a revolting task and it became more difficult when a person on your list will dislike everything no matter what you give them as a gift.

For people who hate everything; you should always pick a unique and comical product that will make them laugh or they will find the gift hilarious. There are lots of unique, hysterical items available that you can choose from, like a funny notebook, humorous book, pessimistic balloons, sidesplitting mug, hidden message sequin pillow, slipper socks, butt pillow, etc.

You can follow this guide for people who hate everything and buy a gift from our list of products that our experts have picked after hours of research and these items are ideal for all types of occasions. Let’s take a look at them!

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List of Gifts for People Who Hate Everything

  1. A Joke Gift
  2. Pessimistic Balloons
  3. Butt Pillow
  4. Power Bank
  5. Travel Wallet
  6. Cable Manager
  7. Wine Aerator Pourer
  8. Chocolate

A Joke Gift      

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This holiday season you can give a joke gift to people who hate everything. You can give “the gift of nothing” and it is a very unique type of gift. In fact, it’s nothing but a plastic ball type box with nothing on it. You can give this gift to your former lover, an evil boss, a spoiled little brat child and it will show how much you care for them and how much effort you’ve put into giving them something really special.

Check out in the below table the amazing features of The Gift of Nothing:  

BrandClose Up
Dimensions6.69 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches
Item Weight0.704 ounces
Other FeaturesNothing, for the person who already has everythingThis “Nothing” gift will be the talk of the partyA great gag giftFun for jokes with friends and family membersIncludes text for the person who receives the gift and instructionsA perfect gift for every occasion

Pessimistic Balloons

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Pessimistic balloons are a great gift that will inflate the mood of everyone’s at the party. Each balloon is vibrantly colored and it will be an excellent gift for people who hates everything. These types of balloons are ready to decorate and they can be used in any party or event. These balloons are flat packed and can be filled with air or helium.

Here are some other key features of 12” Rainbow Bright Confetti Balloons

Size12 Inches
Item Weight2.39 ounces
Other FeaturesMade of 50%  latex and 50% paperUse on occasions like birthday party, wedding, anniversary party, bridal shower, new year’s eve party, etc.Fill the balloons with air or heliumCan be expected to last for about 5 hours  

Butt Pillow

No products found.

This type of gift is best for people who hate everything or friends and family members who have a really weird sense of humor. This type of butt pillow is adorably weird but it is also incredibly soft and cozy. Your loved ones can use this type of pillow while watching movies or lying lazily on the couch. It is also a great gag gift for White Elephant parties because it takes a special kind of person to appreciate its hilariousness.

What features make the ANJUU Pets Puppy Cute Corgi Butt Throw Pillow on our list:

Size16.53″ * 16.53″
Materialhigh-quality plush PP cotton
Item Weight4 ounces
Other FeaturesHigh quality and comfortable material and innerAn excellent choice for the kids, friends, family, neighbors, and so onSuitable for use in bedroom, living room, home, office, nursery bed, etc.Feel safe and comfortable when anyone holds itDifferent butt design with different size available for multi-use

Power Bank

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This is an excellent gift idea for people who hate everything because this gadget is very important in our daily life and it has a multi-use function. So it is a very versatile device that everyone with a smartphone or tab can use and they can recharge their device on the go. You can gift them YOESOID Portable Solar Power Bank. This is a durable power bank and the excellent build quality makes this power bank rain, dirt, and shock proofs. It has an intelligent security protection feature that avoids over-current, over-voltage, over-load and short circuits, etc.

YOESOID Portable Solar Power Bank is also packed with other amazing features. They are:

Dimensions5.5 x 3 x 0.67 inches
MaterialABS + PC + Silicone material
Item Weight8.8 ounces
Other FeaturesCompatible with most of the phone brands with USB portsIt has a 1000+ recharge lifecycleFive pilot battery status indicators to show the remaining powerExcellent gadget for people who love outdoor activities and traveling around

Travel Wallet

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This is an excellent gift idea for people who hate everything. A travel wallet will be a perfect gift for your friend, cousin, brother, or another male family member who loves to travel a lot or carry a lot of things on his moneybag. It is an ultra-organized wallet. This wallet has space for boarding passes, passport, pen, credit cards, IDs, Sim cards, coupon tickets, and many more. It’s a high-quality wallet with the excellent build quality. With this travel wallet, you can carry-on essentials and travel documents in a smarter way so that you won’t lose them.    

Here is why you should buy Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet:

Dimensions7.48 x 4.92 x 0.98 inches
MaterialPu leather
Other BenefitsTrifold closure with Faux leather liningMade from Eco-Friendly PU leather with excellent durabilityUnique, vintage-looking, chic style, multi-functional design walletPassport pouch can hold 1-2 standard US passportsZip pocket available to store coinsSmartphone pocket that fits cell phone of maximum 154 x 77 x 7.7mm dimension

Cable Manager         

A cable manager is a unique gadget that you can use for managing your computer cables and other cables as well as use as a showpiece to decorate the workstation. Nowadays everyone has electronic devices so a cable manager will be a great gift to give someone who hates everything. With a cable manager, the person can organize their messy cables back in line within minutes. It works with all types of cables and chargers so it will be a good gift for your co-workers, friends, or family members. Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager has strong magnets so the cords snap easily in place and stay neat and organized until you need them again for use.

Why Smartish Magnetic Cable Manager is the best option for you:

Dimensions4.1 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight9.6 ounces
Other BenefitsNeatly hold cables on desk or nightstandCompact and stable designWorks with all cables and chargersAn “attractive” solution for cable managementComes with a lifetime warranty

Wine Aerator Pourer

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If a person hates everything but loves to drink wine then a wine aerator pourer will be an excellent gift idea. With this Vintorio wine aerator pourer, anyone can aerate their wine to perfection instantly. This aerator pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system that ensure pervading the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen. It has a rubber stopper that creates a leak-free seal for wine bottles of all sizes so you don’t have to worry about your table clothes getting wine stains. Vintorio Wine aerator pourer has an elegant design and excellent build quality so you can consider it as a great gift option for people who hate everything.

Let’s check a few other key features of the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer:

Dimensions5.9 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches
Item Weight1.28 ounces
Other BenefitsInstantly aerate the wine to perfectionMade from high-quality materialsElegant design perfect for home, office, restaurant useAdd a level of refinement to the wine drinking experience 


No products found.

Finally, on our list is chocolate. Chocolate is loved by everyone and people who hate everything will surely love the Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates. These are high quality and luxurious chocolates and they will be a hit on occasions where people will share them with loved ones. This box has 48 counts flat chocolates and these chocolates have luscious, creamy, chocolaty filling surrounded by a whole hazelnut, within a delicate, crisp wafer, all encased in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts! You can give this chocolate box on occasions like birthday, anniversary, celebration parties, etc.

If you have decided to give chocolates to your beloved ones then Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates will be your best bet. Here are the reasons:

BrandFerrero Rocher
Item48 pieces
Other BenefitsChocolates come with a gift boxLuscious, creamy, chocolaty fillingMade from milk chocolate, hazelnuts, sugar, palm oil, wheat flour, whey (milk), low-fat cocoa powder, lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, salt, and vanillin. 

Final Thought

So, have you decided which gift you are buying for the person who hates everything? If you are still not sure then take a close look at our gift ideas and make your final decision. You can put your trust on our list and the person will surely love your gift.

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