When Do You Give The Groomsmen Their Gifts

Presenting gifts to the groomsmen is an age-old tradition. A groomsman is a friend of a man who is getting married. You can give groomsmen gifts in different moments like the rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bachelor party, the morning after brunch, groomsmen’s lunch, during the wedding speech, at the evening reception, etc.    

There are different traditions available when it comes to groomsmen gifts. So lots of grooms become confused and don’t understand when to give groomsmen gifts. Well, there is no best time to give groomsmen gifts because whenever you want to give the groomsmen gifts is the best time.

Best Time To Give The Groomsmen Gifts

1. Before the Weeding

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2. Rehearsal Dinner

3. Engagement Party

4. Bachelor Party

5. Getting Ready for the Wedding

6. Wedding Speeches

7. Evening Reception

Before The Weeding

If you are planning a large wedding or destination wedding then it is best to give the present before the wedding. Generally in this type of wedding guests come a few days before the big day. Moreover, you might have planned a dinner party or a bachelorette party for the week of your wedding. If that is the case then it is appropriate to give the groomsmen gifts just a few days before the ceremony. This is a good decision because if you are giving a wristwatch, engraved groomsmen gift box set, etc. as the groomsmen gift then the groomsmen can wear them at the dinner party or use them on the day of the wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is the most common time when the groomsmen gifts are presented. This is the time when you surely know who is going to stand with you on the big day. Generally, the groom will have an opportunity to speak at the rehearsal dinner and it gives the groom the chance to thank his groomsmen in front of very close family and friends. But, whether the rehearsal dinner is the appropriate time or not depends on the type of gift that you are giving. If you are presenting something big then there is no point in giving the gift at the rehearsal dinner. But if you are giving a wristwatch or other wearable items then you can give these gifts at the rehearsal dinner so that the groomsmen can wear them during the wedding reception.

Engagement Party

If you are throwing an engagement party then this is another appropriate time to give the groomsmen gifts. Usually, all the grooms are concerned about saving for the wedding therefore the grooms find that their budget gets even tighter as the wedding grows closer. The engagement party is held way before the wedding so the wedding budget won’t be a major concern for the groom. However, the problem with giving groomsmen gifts so early is; you have to decide who you want to be at your party. Sometimes; making this decision too early would lead to problems like the chosen people might drop out of the party.

Bachelor Party

Usually, a bachelor party is organized by the groomsmen so it is a perfect time to present their gifts and show your appreciation for the hard work and for playing such an important role in your wedding. You can give the gifts during the dinner or if you are staying in a hotel or a house then you can presents the gifts there. If you are going out on a trip for the bachelor party then it’s a good idea to bring the groomsmen gifts along with you.

Getting Ready For The Wedding

This is a long tradition where the groomsmen and the groom get ready together during the wedding day. Moreover, it is also another appropriate moment to give away the groomsmen presents. Giving the gifts on the morning of the wedding will give you the chance to step to the side with each groomsman and have a close moment while you give them the gifts. This way you can individually thank every groomsman and it will make the “thank you” a little more heartfelt as you can say a different thing to the different groomsman. Gifts like a wristwatch or bracelet are the best option to give while getting ready for the wedding because the groomsmen can wear them during the wedding. However, if you are planning to give something that is not wearable like the engraved jeweler box then it is not the perfect time to present the gifts. Because these types of gifts will make the groomsmen confused about where they can leave the gift, when they can pick it up, etc.

Wedding Speeches

This is another great moment to give your groomsmen their gifts. In fact, this is the most traditional time to give the groomsmen gifts because the groom will thank the wedding attendants during his speech and then gifts will be presented. In this type of scenario, the groom can walk around and give the gifts by himself and individually thank every groomsman. To make the gift-giving unique, you can wrap the gifts and keep them on the table. Then you can call every groomsman individually by name and ask them to collect the gift from the table. Though this process is less intimate than some of the other options but if you are looking for something unique then you can consider it. Moreover, this is the best time to give larger gifts if the groomsmen are staying near the wedding venue.

Evening Reception

Sometimes it becomes too demanding for a groom to give the groomsmen gifts during the wedding day because there are lots of things going around at that moment. So it is an excellent idea to give the gifts half an hour before the evening reception starts. At that time the speeches are over and you will have some free time before you start greeting the evening guests. You can utilize that free time to take your groomsmen to the side and have a quiet and personal moment with them. You can also individually thank each and every groomsman and hand them over their gifts. You can present the gifts as a group or take each one away on their own, the choice is yours. Moreover, it will also give you the chance to thank the groomsmen for everything they have done to make your big and dream wedding day a successful one. It is also the perfect time to give larger gifts or gifts that are not wearable because the groomsmen don’t have to carry them around all day and can easily pop them into their rooms to keep the gift safe and secure.

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