15 Goddaughter Gift Ideas that Suits Different Occasions

Take the honor and the huge responsibility you have been given as a godparent by gifting a lovely baby girl with amazing gifts. Personalized presents such as bracelets, outfits, photo album, frame, baby blanket, cross, bible, music box, and rustic scripture sign, among others, are the best every goddaughter could ever wish for.

Note that you agree to a lifelong relationship, and the present you choose should help commemorate that day for many years to come. You cannot just get an item for the sake of gifting; it got to be something sentimental and special that befits the ceremony. You got to mark the milestone in style and affirm to her parents that they chose the best godparent in the whole world.

As you go through the internet or physically to gift shops, you might get confused at the look of an endless list of items worth presents. Worry not as we have put together those items moms would wish for their daughter during their special day.

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Read on, pick one, and leave a mark in the life of your goddaughter!

Goddaughter Gift Ideas

Top 10 goddaughter gift ideas

  1. A faith themed toy
  2. Beautiful bracelet
  3. Piggybank
  4. A faith-filled storybook
  5. First bible
  6. Music box
  7. Personalized baptism picture frame
  8. Name meaning mug
  9. Wall cross
  10. Goddaughter print

What is expected of a godmother?

A godmother is expected to be a role model and take up the responsibility of nurturing the child spiritually. They should also give their godchildren religious presents such as rosaries and bibles. The child’s parents choose a godmother to their kids, and it could be a relative, trusted friend aged 18 years and above.

Can you say no to being a godparent?

Yes, you can turn down the request to be a godparent to a child. Saying no is not an issue as long as you do so diligently to avoid offending the parents who wish to entrust you with their precious little ones. Though it might be hurtful, the damage could be a lot if you take up the responsibility unwillingly. 

What does the godmother pay for?

In most cases, the godmother should help to pay for the wedding dress and other related expenses if asked to do so. It, however, remains the sole responsibility of the parent to provide for their children. The godmother would be as excited as the godchild walks down the aisle and is expected to attend as they played a significant role in the bride’s growth.

How are godparents chosen?

Parents or guardians are the ones who have the authority to choose godparents for their children. Preferably, depending on the faith in which the parents subscribe to, the godparents should be active in church activities and must have received communion and sacraments of conformation.

Do you give godparents a gift?

Godparents are often given gifts as a kind gesture of gratitude for accepting to take up the role in a child’s life. Their responsibility does not end once the child is baptized, but most of them walk the journey with their godchild’s as long as they are alive.  Consider giving them presents during your child baptism.

However, when a child grows up, they should take up the responsibility of gifting their godparents at every chance that presents such as birthdays and holidays.  The thing is you can always find a perfect gift that fits your budget as long as you are willing to appreciate special people in your life.

Can godparents take the child?

No, a godparent does not have legal obligation over the child. If the parents pass on, the godparent does not automatically become the guarding of the child. The only role is the godparents are to nature the child morally and religiously whether the parent is alive or dead. However, a parent can legally appoint the godparent as a guardian while still alive. 

Here are the goddaughter gift ideas you can pick from:

1. A faith themed toy

A faith themed toy

Make it extra fun while appreciating the important milestone in the life of your goddaughter by getting them faith themed toys. You know kids can rarely be separated from their lovely dolls, and faith themed dolls will always remind them of their covenant with God.

There are many faith themed toys in the market, and one that amazes most is the Ebba Noah’s ark playset. It comes with a soft plush carrier filled with four various plush toys that are removable. Ther is no need to get concerned about the safety of the baby girl, as all the toys in there are safe for children.

The four distinct sounds from the toys will always remind the little one of God’s creation and how Noah, together with animals, was saved during the heavy rains.

Isn’t it amazing, check the outstanding features of Ebba Noah’s ark playset below:

BrandEbba (Known for plush toys made with kids in mind)
Weight8 ounces (Can be carried by children with ease)
Recommended ageAbove three years (safe for many kids)
Other benefitsFaith themed carrier makes it an acceptable gift during baptism. Four toy animals that make different sounds remind the little girl of God’s creation. The carrier makes it easy to carry the plush dolls and tidy up when needed.

2. Beautiful bracelet

Beautiful bracelet

Get a personalized bracelet that your goddaughter will surely treasure for years to come. Jewelry is among the items treasured by all, and when it is tailored-made, the receiver will cherish and pass down to their loved one once they outgrow. Your love will thus be known even to the fourth generation of your beloved goddaughter.

Consider SEIRAA Goddaughter’s first communion bracelet that a perfect baptism gift for a godchild.  With the disc written godmother and a cute heart below, the items will especially send a message of love.

Here are the features that make SEIRAA Goddaughter first communion bracelet ideal present for any godchild:

BrandSEIRAA (Known for quality jewelry)
MaterialStainless steel (Rust-resistant and safe for children’s skin)  )
Other benefitsThe item can be gifted during the special occasion of your goddaughters, such as birthday, baptism, and graduation. Well-packaged in a gift velvet bad, making it ready to present to your loved one. Has a quote “The Love Between a Godmother and Goddaughter is Forever” that is charming to every child.

3. Piggybank


Whether your goddaughter is having communion, birthday, or celebrating any other special milestone in their life, a piggy bank would be a perfect present. There is no specific time to teach your loved one to save for the future; the sooner, the better. When a chance presents, instill in your goddaughter the discipline of saving money by gifting them with a piggy bank.

Consider going for HUSAN electronic piggy bank due to amazing features tabled below:

BrandHUSAN (#Best seller)
Weight1.39 pounds (Lightweight making it easy for children to use)
Recommended age6-20 years (Suitable gift for teenagers as well)
Other benefitsConstructed using ABS materials that are safe for kids and last longer. Large capacity, thus, can keep up to 600 coin pieces. Password protection to ensure the money is safe. The lighting automatic volume keys will surely win the heart of your goddaughter.

4. A faith-filled storybook

A faith-filled storybook

Take your responsibility for growing the roots of faith for your lovely goddaughter by gifting her with a faith-filled storybook such as “God gave us you.” The storybook is filled with life lessons that nurture the child in the right ways of God as their parents read to them during bedtime.

You can also take time to share the stories during their special days, such as birthdays or graduations. Your goddaughter will be engaged throughout due to the bright illustrations on each board page. Besides, there is age-appropriate prayer at the end of each story.

Why “God gave us you” by Rachel Elliot make perfect present goddaughters?

AuthorRachel Elliot (specializes in writing books for children)
Age range1-6 years (Good gift during their birthday or christening ceremony)
LanguageEnglish (Understood by many)
Pages26 (Contains 12 bible stories with prayers at the end of each that would nurture one spiritually)
Other benefitsThe sweet illustration is essential in capturing little one attention. Parents and their daughters get to strengthen their bond as they read the stories to the young ones.

5. First bible

First bible

Teach your goddaughter the word of God in a special way by buying them the first bible. Starter bibles are children-friendly, and it introduces them to stories about Jesus from creation to resurrection.

Consider one by Colin and Moira Maclean that can be used by preschool children as the language has been simplified for this level. The appealing pictures keep the kids focused as they grow their faith, thanks to their godparents for being thoughtful from the beginning.

Here are what makes Baby’s First Bible by Colin and Moira Maclean ideal for children:

AuthorsColin and Moira Maclean (Have written a wide variety of children’s bibles)
Pages20 ( Covered within short thus not boring for the little ones)
LanguageEnglish (Understood by many)
Other benefitsIt teaches children about Jesus in a simplified manner. Uses appealing pictures that attract the kids.

6. Music box

Music box

A music box is a mind-blowing gift that heals the soul at the sound of lyrics that reminds your goddaughter that you will always be there for them. Besides, the box doubles up as a jewelry store where your precious one can keep her items in one place safely.

Look through the options available in the gift shops, and for sure, you will not fail to recognize one by Cottage Garden. The elegant design with the song ‘amazing grace’ that plays makes it among the best in the market.

Check the outstanding features that make Cottage Garden perfect present for someone special:

BrandCottage Garden (Known for quality gift products since 1996)
Size6 x 4 x 3 inches (Keeps quite several jewelry)
Weight14.4 ounces (Lightweight for portability)
Other benefitsTreasures kept are well cushioned by black velvet interior lining. There is no scratch on table and shelf surfaces due to decorative bun feet. Music plays through a traditional wind-up mechanism that is easy to use.

7.Personalized baptism picture frame

Personalized baptism picture frame

If you are in search for a gift to present to your goddaughter on her baptism, then a personalized picture frame is a sure bet. It makes a lifetime keepsake for the young ones who may not remember their christening day, but the frame will keep the memories alive. As a symbol of faith, there is an engraved cross that reminds your goddaughter of their journey with God.

Consider one by J Delvin Glass Art due to the following amazing features:

BrandJ Delvin Glass Art (Known for quality glass home décor)
Weight1.2 pounds (Lightweight thus can be placed anywhere)
Size4×6 photo (perfect for standard image size)
Other benefitsLead-free soldier construction that ensures the safety of your loved one and that of the environment. Side glass is triangular that makes it stable when place on shelf surfaces or tabletop. Allow for personalization to make it unique for your precious godchild.

8. Name meaning mug

Name meaning mug

Put some effort to show your godchild that you are happy to be their godparents by getting them personalized name meaning mug. The mug will be imprinted with the first name of your precious girl plus character and traits behind it. Every single soul will be impressed by the name meaning mug, and your goddaughter is going to decorate her room with it for years to come. Besides, she can use the mug to take some beverages of her choice.

Consider picking one from gift.com due to following features:

BrandGift.com (Known for premium personalized products)
MaterialCeramic ( dishwasher and microwave safe)
Capacity15 ounces (Enough to hold tea or coffee)
Other benefitsVariety of colors to choose from; thus you get to choose based on your goddaughter’s preference Up to 12 characters for the first name allow thus suits many.

9. Wall cross

Wall cross

Is your goddaughter celebrating their birthday or Christmas, Easter, or christening ceremony? If yes, then wall cross is an ideal present that can be gifted to girls of any age. The keepsake walls cross features a praying girl that will remind your precious one to pray at all times.  You may consider one from TRULIVE that has been designed with a 3.1-inch cross that glitters to catch the attention of your goddaughter.

Here are the outstanding features that make TRULIVE wall cross a perfect present for goddaughters:

BrandTRULIVA (Trusted)
Weight3.2 ounces (Portable)
Other benefitsWell-packaged ready for gifting. Can be presented to a goddaughter during any of their special occasion.

10. Goddaughter print

Goddaughter print

Remind your precious girl of the promise you made to their parents by getting them a lovely goddaughter’s print. As they hang on the wall or keep it framed, your loved one will always remember to reach out to you when they are troubled. One that captures your feelings well is by Ocean Drop Design that has the readings “Goddaughter, I promise to love you, to guide you, to support you, to care for you, to encourage you, to keep you in my heart always.” 

Look at the remarkable features of Ocean Drop Design goddaughter print:

BrandOcean Drop Design (Known for original artwork)
Weight7.2 ounces (Portable)
MaterialPVC styrene (Stylish and durable)
Other benefitsReady to frame making it ideal keepsake for years to come. It suits any religious celebration due to powerful words imprinted on it. The fun child-friendly chalkboard that makes it perfect for nursery décor.

11. Godmother onesie

Godmother onesie

Prepare for a perfect photo-shoot after your goddaughter baptism by getting her an adorable onesie. You can also gift them during their first, second, or third birthday. Depending on the season, you may opt to buy a short or long sleeve. You may consider one from SWEETBELLASTATIONERY with ‘cool like my godmother’ print that will look nice one her.

Why choose SWEETBELLASTATIONERY Godmother onesie?

BrandSWEETBELLASTATIONERY (known for sweetly crafted gifts)
MaterialsCotton. Raglan & Polyester (Soft and tender to the skin)
Other benefitsAvailable in both long and short sleeves so you can choose one depending on the season. It features vintage-look design to look stylish of your precious little girl. Machine and dryer safe making it easy to care. 

12. Unicorn goddaughter notepad

Unicorn goddaughter notepad

As they write, let them remember you by gifting them with a nice unicorn goddaughter notepad. The present is ideal for girls of school-going age as they can use it as a diary for their daily routine. You may opt for one by Blueberry Notebooks that features a soft matte cover with a unicorn that is eye-catching.

Why go for Blueberry Notebooks Unicorn daughter journal?

BrandBlueberry Notebooks (Trusted)
LanguageEnglish (Understood by many)
Paperback102 pages (Provide enough space for a diary)
Other benefitsLined pages for easy writing even for the young ones. Composition book-sized for portability.

13. I want you to believe keychain

I want you to believe keychain

Assure your goddaughter, that you will forever have her back by gifting them ‘I want you to believe; keychain. Regardless of the occasion that your precious girl is celebrating, a keychain would be a sure bet. Look for one that is made of stainless steel to avoid any rust and to last longer to be passed down to generations to come.

You may opt for TANGWISH I Want You to Believe keychain due to the following:

BrandTANGWISH (Known for quality products)
MaterialStainless steel (Does not rust, tarnish or break)
Wordings‘I want you to believe deep in your heart
that you’re capable of achieving anything you put your mind to
that you will never lose you either win or learn
Just go forth and aim for the skies
I can’t promise to be here for the rest of your life
but I can promise to love you for the rest of mine’ (show your commitment in the life of your goddaughter)
Other benefitsReady to gift as it comes packaged in a beautiful velvet gift bag.

14. Makeup mirror

Makeup mirror

Is your goddaughter all grown up, and you are wondering what to gift her? Worry not as a makeup mirror is an ideal present that can be gifted during birthdays, holidays such as Easter and Christmas, graduations, or wedding day. DIDADIC unique mirror is among the best that you can pick. It has ‘I’m always here for you’ engraving that reminds your goddaughter of your journey together and some more to come.

Here are amazing features that make DIDADIC makeup mirror good for your goddaughter:

BrandDIDADIC (Makes premium professional makeup mirrors)
Weight3.1 ounces (Lightweight thus easy to use when applying makeup)
Frame materialMetal alloy (Last longer)
ShapeRound (perfect for makeup)
DimensionThe diameter of 2.6 inches (Compact that makes it good for travels)
Other benefitsDual-sided to make it more amazing. Magnifying; Good for applying makeup regardless of its compact size.

15. ‘Thank you for being mine’ goddaughters necklace

Thank you for being mine' goddaughters necklace

Gift your goddaughter during their first communion with a classy necklace with ‘Thank you for being mine’ engravings. Choose one that is made of robust material to make it a durable keepsake that your lovely girl will treasure forever. Ecobuty necklace can make a perfect gift as it is made of non-rust stainless steel that is durable. Besides, it has “Goddaughters are a blessing” message that communicates powerfully to your loved one.

Look at the outstanding features of Ecobuty goddaughter necklace:

BrandEcobuty (known for quality jewelry)
MaterialStainless steel (durable)
Other benefitsStylish and matches various clothing designs. It can be wiped easily with baby wipes to keep its surface shiny.

Wrap up!

Surely, you cannot miss a perfect gift form the above for your goddaughter during their special occasion. Be it baptism, first communion, birthday, graduation, wedding, or during holidays; there is something that will always remind your precious girl of your great love.

Pick one and let your gifting speak louder!

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