What Do Grandparents Give For Baptism Gifts?

When a baby is baptized it’s a very special occasion for the family members. This is a day of great celebration for the family members as the memories of this event will be cherished forever. To celebrate the occasion, friends and family members present gifts to the child.

The grandparents also give baptism gifts. There are many gifts item available that grandparents can give as baptism gifts that include handmade glass cross, photo frames, a crib medallion, baptism keepsakes, cutlery set, gift baskets, jewelry, toys, and many more.       

 Baptism Gifts

Thoughtful Baptism Gifts Idea

1. Cutlery Set

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2. Jewelry

3. Gift Baskets

4. Bible and a Cross

5. Diaper Cake

6. Stuffed Animals

7. Toys

8. Personalized Frame

9. Memory Journals

10. Personalized Photo Frame

11. Money

12 Shadow Box

Cutlery Set

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Silver gifts are always a great gift idea and it’s not an exception for Baptism gifts. As grandparents, you can give a cutlery set and it will definitely be a very useful gift for the baby. Usually, a cutlery set includes small forks, spoons, plates, and other utensils. With these utensils, the child can have his first meal. This is a very thoughtful gift especially if it comes from the grandparents.


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You can consider giving jewelry as a baptism gift and it’s an excellent idea. If you are looking for an unusual gift idea then you can give the baby a rosary necklace that has its birthstone engraved in the pendant. According to astrology, wearing one’s birthstone is very lucky and auspicious for a person. So with this type of gift, you can bring love and luck into the life of the child.

Gift Baskets

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This is another very useful baptism gift idea. You can prepare a gift basket or buy a gift basket and then gift it to the baby. If you want to prepare a gift basket then you can include things like baby clothes, baby booties, diapers, baby powder and soap, sweaters, blankets, etc. in the basket. All these items are very useful for the baby as the parents can daily use them.

Bible And A Cross

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This is a very thoughtful baptism gift idea for grandparents because it will make a good and religious baptism gift. Many will say it’s a common type of gift but if you want you can make this gift special. For example, you can give a cross that is made of gold. You can put the gold cross in a gold chain and then give it to the baby. This gift will give the child something to cherish throughout his life.

Diaper Cake

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If you want to make the occasion funnier then it’s an excellent gift idea. Many people might consider a diaper cake a bit far stretched, but everyone attending the ceremony is sure to remember this fun gift from grandparents for a long period of time. You should also give some other gift with the cake because as grandparents your gift should carry some weight.

Stuffed Animals

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Stuffed animals are very popular among the kids and they are a very thoughtful baptism gift idea. You can find stuffed animals that range from giraffes, pandas to all types of animals. You will find an adorable cuddly version of just about any animal. So you can easily pick a stuffed animal and give it to the baby. Parents can use stuffed animals to decorate the baby’s room.


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There is hardly any baby that doesn’t like toys. So toys will be a very thoughtful gift that grandparents can give as a baptism gift. Usually, toys are very flashy and colorful so it will attract the attention of the bay very easily. Gifting toys will provide relief to the parents because the baby will remain busy with the new toys. So it will give the parents some time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Personalized Frame

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You can give a personalized frame that has the baby’s name, date of birth, and date of christening ceremony engraved on them. This type of gift is always welcomed as baptism gifts. Moreover, you can give it during the ceremony. Parents can keep this frame in the living room or in the child’s room.

Memory Journals

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A memory Journal is a very thoughtful baptism gift idea for grandparents. It will help the parents to explore both their emotions and creativity as well as capture the memories. They can write down the memories they had during the ceremony and cherish them for the rest of their life.

Personalized Photo Frame

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This is also an excellent baptism gift idea for grandparents. You can give a personalized photo frame with a Christian blessing on one side and an adjacent empty space to keep the baby’s picture in it. So the parents can insert the photo and keep it in the child’s room. Every time the parents look at the photo frame it will remind them of your sweet and thoughtful gesture.


Nowadays “Money” has become a very popular baptism gift because with a new baby there are lots of financial stresses on the parents. The parents have to bear hospital bills, medication costs, and new purchases for the baby. So the grandparents can give the parents cash or investment certificates to ease the financial burden for them. Another great idea for grandparents is to open up an education fund for the boy and contribute to it from time to time.

Shadow Box

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Sometimes a photograph is not enough to capture or remember the best moment of the life or best memories of our beloved ones. So a shadow box is a perfect way to keep the precious souvenirs of our dearest ones and mementos for years to come. You can give a shadow box as a baptism gift. Though it’s an uncommon gift idea but the parents can use the shadow box to keep the priceless memories of the ceremony and cherish them rest of the life.

Final Thought

When you are choosing a baptism gift make sure you pick something useful, fun, and rare or possess a religious sentiment. You must try to pick such a gift that everyone including the parents will appreciate a lot. Finally, you are the grandparent, so your gift must stand out from the rest.

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