15 Thoughtful Handyman Gift Ideas Ever!

There is no best sensation in this world than making someone in your life feel special. Get your handyman something that makes him feel loved and recognized for the hard work. Gifts such as heavy-duty aprons, pliers, tool organizers, watch, coffee maker, mugs, and massage pillow will do so effortlessly. When a chance presents, reward them!

Have you ever broken something and think that it is the end of it and boom a handyman comes and makes it new again? How is that feeling? It is overwhelming and money-saving. This only goes to show the tip of the iceberg of the work that handymen do in fixing everything within their power.

When the thought of the good work of your handyman crosses your mind, you should think of rewarding them. Yes, you might have the feeling, but the thought of getting them the right presents could freak you out as they may seem to have everything. However, very few people would reject presents that add value in their life; and you know what! Here you get 15 presents that have been proven by experts to help handymen in their daily routine.

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Top 10 Handyman gift ideas

  1. Sport watch 
  2. Pliers 
  3. Heavy-duty apron 
  4. Tumbler 
  5. Neck massage pillow
  6. Bluetooth speaker 
  7. Shaving kit set
  8. Wooden desk sign 
  9. Coffee maker 
  10. Apron tool belt 

What to get a handyman who has everything?

Yes, a handyman might seem to have everything, but you can always get him new tools that make his work easy. Field notes, butane torch, demolition bar, ball pein hammer, flip and grip wrench multi-tool, bar flex work light are some of the items that even a handyman who has everything would appreciate. 

What can you do to your handyman instead of gifts?

Instead of gifting a handyman, you can do the following to him:

  1. Take him to a skydiving lesson
  2. Go together for a hot air balloon ride 
  3. Go for an outing together 
  4. Take him to show at your local theater
  5. Plan for a trip to a new town 
  6. Take him to a restaurant and order his favorite meals 

Here are the handyman best gift ideas:


Everyone needs to keep time in everything they do, and so do handymen. With a watch, a handyman can plan how he will wind up the task efficiently, and so gifting him with one is an excellent idea. They will be glad for your kindness, and for that, you will always be in their mind! 

You should not only get them any old watch; try as much as possible to find a decent one from top brands to win their heart. You can consider Casio Men’s ‘G-shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch that is shock resistance and durable; hence, it will bear the toughness that equals the work of the handyman. With 2-year battery life, 200-meter water resistance, and multiple modes, this watch is sure to brighten the face of any handyman as it serves the purpose longer.  

Why consider Casio Men’s ‘G-shock Quartz Resin Sport Watch?

Brand Casio (Known to come up with premium quality accessories)
Band Material Type Resin (Durable)
Other benefits The watch is water-resistant to 200 m, hence can be used for professional marine activity. 
Does not break easily as it is shock-resistance
The watch features a multi-function rectangular dial with a countdown timer, daily alarm, and afterglow EL backlight make it efficient 
Versatile, thus the handyman can use the gift for various purposes apart from checking the time 


There is no doubt any handyman needs tools for work. Getting them pliers will be the best idea. These kinds of tools are important when it comes to extracting nails and screws. So, you will, at no time, disappoint any handyman with such a present.  The good thing with pliers is that it’s a multipurpose tool, and one can never have enough. 

There are many pliers out there, but one that suits a handyman is VAMPLIERS Pro VT-001-8 Lineman’s Screw Extraction Pliers. With its excellent built quality and unique jaw design, there is no doubt it will make the work of your DIYer easier.  

Check the reasons why VAMPLIERS Pro VT-001-8 Lineman’s Screw Extraction Pliers could be the best choice for you:

Brand VAMPLIERS (Ranked best when it comes to manufacturing of pliers)
Weight 14.1 Ounces (Not so much heavy; hence handyman can effortlessly carry with them when traveling)
Material Hardened KOBE steel (serve handyman for many years)
Other benefits Provide comfortable ergonomic grip to avoid blister on the palm 
Come with a cool pouch for safekeeping and also makes it presentable 
Feature an ideal nose for access to confined spaces
With its combination of horizontal serrations and concave surface, there is no doubt these pliers maximize contact on the fastener

Heavy-duty apron 

Gifting a handyman in your life with a heavy-duty apron will be an excellent idea. They will cherish you, and you will be in their heart forever! The apron will protect their clothes while they undertake their activities. Plus, the aprons have pockets where tools for the job can be placed. So, the handyman would not waste time placing the tools in the bags and picking them while working. 

Note that not every apron is meant for handyman’s work, and so, you ought to be keen when choosing one. However, for a sure bet, Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron with Pockets is a perfect pick. This apron features adjustable straps and many pouches; hence would fit any handyman while providing enough storage space for the tools at work. 

Below are convincing features of Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron:

Brand Texas Canvas Wares (Well-known for unmatched quality products and unsurpassed customer care)
Color Various (Pick your favorite)
Size One Size fits all (accommodate all sizes)
Material Trusted quality canvas (protect handyman from stains and DIY sawdust)
Other benefits Features plenty of pockets for keeping tools for work
These aprons are created with a one-size-fits-all design that accommodates almost all sizes.
Breathable thus comfortable to be worn in all weather conditions 


There is no doubt any handyman would like to have a tumbler for coffee; thus, gifting them with such will make them cheerful and happy. Coffee is necessary for handymen to keep them moving in their daily work. So, you will have chosen the right path by surprising them with such a present. 

If you plan to purchase one for your handyman, you can consider YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler. These mugs feature double-walled insulation and magnetic closure; hence it’s perfect in keeping hot and cold drinks at the right temperatures. 

YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler is one of the top brands due to the following:

Brand Yeti (Known for trusted quality products)
Material Stainless steel (Durable)
Color Various (choose you preferred one)
Weight 12.7 ounces (Handymen can effortlessly carry to work)
Capacity 20 fluid ounces (Enough to quench handyman thirst for beverages)
Other benefits The mug is dishwasher safe and BPA free.
The Tumbler is double-wall insulated with an 18/8 stainless steel body; hence beverage will be kept at its temperature for long
The mug only uses the power of a magnet to keep your beverages on lock; hence safe 

Neck massage pillow 

Are you feeling appreciative of your handyman, who makes everything beautiful within the shortest time possible? And you want to send a message that they need time to relax? Help them do that by buying a neck massage pillow that helps a handyman comfortably relax a little bit after a long day at work. The good thing with such a present is that you don’t need a special occasion to present. You can deliver it to your handyman on any day. The handyman will be happy for your big-heartedness, and you will be in their heart always! 

If you want to buy one, you can consider VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow. This massage device is built with heating elements; hence with no doubt, it can put handyman in your life to sleep. Plus, it’s versatile, and thus it can be used on the back, feet, neck, or anywhere it feels best. 

That’s not all; VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow comes packed with amazing features below:

Brand VIKTOR JURGEN (well-known for thoughtful and unique products)
Dimension 17 x 5 x 14 inches (perfect for a massage pillow)
Other benefits The gentle heating function of this massage pillow soothes aching muscles and can be turned on and off quite easily 
With its ergonomic design, this massage pillow perfectly fits behind your neck, lower and upper back, thigh areas, abdomen, calf, and body contours of shoulders. 
With its 3D rotating massage nodes, the overworked and tight muscles of handyman will be relaxed
Durable and portable.
The massage device is FDA approved and armed with an overheat protection device, hence safe to use.
With its Removable Dust Cloth, the skin will be protected against direct contact by mesh mesh-like covering.

Bluetooth speaker 

There is nothing that can beat cool music while doing your job. It’s one way of staying stress-free in your work. So, gifting any handyman in your life with a Bluetooth speaker will be the best thing for them. They will connect the speaker with their smartphones using the Bluetooth and tune to their lovely songs. In doing so, they will run their work smoothly.

If you settle for this idea, then consider Anker Sound core Bluetooth Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound.   

Here is why:

Brand Anker (known to come up with unique and breathtaking products)
Speakers Maximum Output Power 3 watts (powerful)
Weight 0.79 pounds (one can effortlessly carry to work given that it’s not quite heavy)
Other benefits The speaker is effortless to connect, given that it allows Bluetooth connection.
Equipped with a long-life battery that can enable you to enjoy music all-day
Quality sound that makes music sound amazing  
The speaker is lightweight; hence you can take along with you anywhere, be it away from home or at home. 

Shaving kit set 

There is no better feeling than having a high-quality shave. Show love to your handyman by gifting him with a shaving kit. They will be happy to experience such a luxurious shaving right at their home. So, don’t let their birthday come to an end without surprising him with such a fantastic gift.

If the gift touches you, and you plan to get it for your handyman, you can consider Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit. This fashionable kit comes with other items; hence your handyman will like it. 

Why Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving kit?

Brand Maison Lambert (known for unsurpassed customer care)
Size 17 Piece Assortment (Enough to bring the quality look to your handyman)
Other benefits The shaving kit comes with organic shaving soap, 100% pure black badger hair, organic pre-shave oil, organic aftershave, double edge safety razor, and a shaving stand made from stainless steel.
Made from luxurious ingredients, such as jojoba oil, cocoa butter, organic argan oil, and aloe Vera, giving a deluxe feel
Hypoallergenic; thus, no worry about the effect on health  
The shave oils are chemical-free and alcohol- free. 

Wooden desk sign 

Gifting a handyman in your life with a wooden desk sign will be a brilliant idea. Imagine that feeling your handyman would have with a written reminder each time they sit down at their work desk. It’s a fantastic thing someone can experience. Ensure the desk sign acknowledges the handyman work to make it more unique. The fact that it’s a little thing means a lot to them. They will be overwhelmed with joy for such a gift, and you will always be remembered! 

You can consider Boxer Gifts’ Fixer of Everything’ Novelty Wooden Desk Warning Sign due to features shown in the table below:

Brand Boxer Gifts (Known to manufacture exceptional items)
Weight 3.78 ounces (Lightweight, hence you can move from one office to another with ease)
Other benefits The desk sign adds décor to your handyman’s office.
The gift can be presented on any occasion, whether it’s Christmas, Birthday, among others.

Coffee maker 

Gifting your handyman with a coffee maker will be an excellent idea. With such a gift, your handyman will not waste time at the coffee shops every morning. They will prepare their coffee and get ready for work. The good thing with a coffee maker is that it has different brew styles. So, they will choose their favorite style for an amazing experience. 

If you need a decent one, consider the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. With its five brew styles, there is no doubt your handyman will love it. 

Besides, Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System have the following features that make it the best option:

Brand Ninja (Number one when it comes to manufacturing coffee makers)
Material Plastic, Metal, Rubber (Durable)
Color Black and stainless-steel finish (gorgeous) 
Capacity 10 cups (enough to serve numerous people)
Other benefits Can brew five styles giving enough options for the user 
With it, you only select your tea type, and the system knows the temperature and number of steps required. 
With its brewing technology, your giftee can have an array of tea and coffee options. 

Apron tool belt 

Handyman needs to keep his tool of work very close for easy removal. Gifting them with apron tool belt will help them keep do that. The apron too belt is equipped with many pockets to make handyman work relatively easier.

You can opt for DEWALT DG5617 20-pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt due to features highlighted in the table below:

Brand DEWALT (known to design and improve professional workhorse solutions)
Weight 2.75 pounds (Do not add much weight to your body)
Other benefits This Combo apron has adjustable padded Suspenders to aid in distributing weight evenly. 
With its 20 pockets and sleeves, a handyman can store a variety of tools.
The padded belt with a double-tongue roller buckle on this Combo work apron offers needed comfort and a steady belt. 
With its zippered pouch, one can store their valuables safely  
The combo apron cannot add much weight, given that it’s lightweight.

Tool organizer 

Handyman needs something to keep his tools and hardware from sprawling around the place of work. Getting them with a tool organizer will be a better idea. The tool organizer will ensure your handyman tools are secure and organized at any time.  Plus, the box can make your handyman work relatively easier, given that he will quickly locate a specific device with ease. 

If you are going for such a gift, consider KETER Rolling Tool Chest with Storage Drawers. This tool organizer provides suitable perks that outdated tool boxes can’t match. So, your handyman will like it. 

Check other amazing features of this select organizer:

Brand KETER (known for unmatched quality products)
Material Plastic (Durable)
Number of drawers 5 (Enough to keep your tools organized and secure)
Other benefits Keeps handyman’s tools secure and organized with ease 
Features durable polypropylene resin construction; hence it cannot experience denting, peeling, and rusting. 
Features a central locking system; hence every drawer stays secure before, during, and after use 
Equipped with wheels, hence convenient for the handyman to troll around for multiple tasks
The lower drawer provides a large storage space.
Versatile in that your giftee can use it for DIY projects, auto mechanics, home improvement, and many more.
Comes with other essential accessories useful for any DIYer 

Handyman T-shirt 

Handyman needs not to introduce himself anymore. Let his t-shirt introduce him to the crowd. Get them a tee that will talk on his behalf. The handyman will be happy for such a gift, and you will be cherished forever! Despite being a small thing, it carries an intense message.

You can go for ‘I Am Here Because You Broke Something’ Funny T-shirt due to its amazing features tabled

Brand Gbond Apparel (Known to provides fun, unique, and famous styles of T-shirt and other apparels)
Size Various (select your Size)
Material Super soft cotton (comfortable to wear)
Color Various (Go for your favorite)
Other benefits The t-shirt is true-to-size, hence cannot change after washing. 
Come in various colors and sizes for you to choose one that suits your handyman best 

Tool wall art 

There are no doubt handymen will be impressed with a tool wall art. They will hang it in their garage or home office. With such a gift, your handyman workshop will look stylish. The tool wall art will not only add décor to their room but also will introduce their profession. So, anyone who enters the room will automatically know that the handyman is proud of their job.  

You can buy Vintage Woodworking Tools Patent Poster Print following the features highlighted in the table below:

Brand Stars by Nature (known for unique products)
Material Paper (durable) 
Other benefits Made from excellent quality paper stock; hence you can use it for many years 
Easy to frame
The tool wall art adds décor to the handyman home office.
You can gift it on any occasion, be it graduation, birthday, wedding, etc.  

Work boot 

The handymen deserve work boot for sturdy kicks while they are solid at the job. Gifting them with one will be a good idea. They will be obliged for the gift, and you will be in their mind at all times! So, don’t let this festive holiday pass without surprising him with one. 

If you can settle for such a gift, you can consider Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot.

Here is why:

Brand Caterpillar (Word’s foremost manufacture of genuine, hard-working boots) 
Size Various (pick your Size)
Material 100% leather (Durable)
Other benefits The boot is long-lasting, given that it is made from leather. 
Features a steel toe with a padded ankle for comfort and sturdiness  
Comfortable to wear while working 

Handyman coffee mug 

Let your handyman enjoy morning coffee with a beautiful handyman coffee mug. They will feel loved, and your presence in their life will mean a lot to them. The excellent thing with such a gift is that they use it daily, thus reminding them of your love whenever they are taking their favorite beverage.  

You can purchase Drill Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug due to features shown in the table beneath:

Brand Home- X (Well-known for thoughtful and unique products)
Capacity 14 ounces (enough to satisfy your need for coffee) 
Material Ceramic (Durable)
Other benefits The mug capacity is enough to satisfy your coffee needs.
Serve for many years because it’s made from a ceramic material

Final Thought

Handymen need to be recognized for their hard work. You can do so by offering them with mentioned above gifts. They will be grateful, and you will be forever in their heart. Good luck while you figure out the ideal item from the insights given! 

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