15 Useful Hospital Gift Ideas For Sick Friends & Relatives

Do you have a loved one or a friend who is hospitalized? Help make their stay in the hospital comfortable by bringing them great gifts such as blankets, sleeping masks, earplugs, pajamas, cushions, cooked food, and other care items. A perfect gift does not just end in hospital but one they can use even after discharge.

Note that there is no better time to show love to your friends and relatives than when they are in need. When someone is in the hospital, they may not only suffer physically, but emotions can take a toll on them. A gift is something that everyone would appreciate, and it makes the sick joyful releasing the hormones that help in the healing process. 

Naturally, you will feel to help out, and you may be wondering how to do it. Consider taking to the sick a gift that would make their stay in the hospital easy. Here we discuss great presents that are worth taking to the hospitalized:

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Top 10 Hospital Gift ideas

  1. Chanasya Warm Hugs Caring Gift Throw Blanket
  2. Adult coloring book
  3. Jersey Slumber sleeping mask & Earplugs
  4. Hugs from home pillow
  5. RockDove Original Two-tone memory foam slippers
  6. What do you meme? Party game
  7. Home-cooked Barilla Oven-ready lasagna 
  8. HASLRA Fuzzy socks
  9. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
  10. Ekouaeer Pajamas
Hospital Gift Ideas

What do you send someone in the hospital other than flowers?

While flowers can be pretty, you may consider taking gifts that is really useful to comfy their present environment and life in such a tiny hospital room. I have gathered a lot of info about what to give; so please stay with me and read on.

What do you get someone who broke their leg?

Apart from the general gifts,  consider taking the following to someone with a broken leg:

  • Knee scooter
  • Shower sleeve
  • Castcooler
  • Stop itching spray
  • Crutch bag
  • Toe cover

What do you put in a hospital care package?

Consider putting the following items in a hospital care package:

  • Lip balm, make-up and any other cosmetic related items
  • Non-skid socks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Notebooks
  • Reading book
  • Cozy robe
  • A shaving kit
  • Gamebook
  • Comfortable pillow with its case
  • Vase to put the items in

Note that the list is endless, and what you have to ensure is that you are putting items based on whether the hospitalized is a male or female. For instance, the male might not care much about make-up compared to ladies. Otherwise, the above items are a good list to think of.

What do you give an elderly person in the hospital?

An elderly person finds hospital stays very uncomfortable as they are not able to do most things on their own with ease. Consider gifting the old cozy blankets to help them deal with scratchy hospital sheets, home-made food to avoid having to deal with bland meals, and back scratcher for easy relief of itchiness. 

How do you cheer someone up in the hospital?

One way of cheering someone in the hospital is bringing them wonderful gifts. Apart from that, consider doing the following to make them feel better:

  • Avoid impromptu visits
  • Help them back at home without waiting for their request
  • Feed them 
  • Send them well wishes cards
  • Raise fund to help foot hospital bills
  • Bring some of their favorite items from home
  • Take time to play party games with them 

What do you say when someone is in the hospital?

You do not have to overthink when it comes to saying something to someone who is hospitalized. Take a look at some examples that will help uplifts the sick’s soul:

  • “Feel better soon!”
  • “Wishing you well.”
  • “Looking forward to you getting back to practice soon.”
  • “Focus on yourself more; we are here to help you!”
  • “I hope you’re taking it slow and easy right now.”
  • “Speedy recovery with warm wishes!”
  • “Here, we miss you!”
  • “Lifting you in my prayers during your treatments.”
  • “I hope you get discharged soon.”
  • “Hope you’re catching up on your best book read!”

Here are the great hospital gift ideas to consider

When gifting someone who is in a clinic or in a hospital; you should think about ways to improve his/her mental and physical health conditions. So, a Get Well Soon card might not be sufficient all the time. So, we analyzed some great ideas and stuff and combined them all in this post.

1. Chanasya Warm Hugs Caring Gift Throw Blanket

Image – https://www.desertcart.ae/

Do not leave your loved one at the mercy of hospital linens that aren’t comfy or luxurious. The Chanasya is a great present that has messages and wordings of encouragement that will surely uplift the spirit of the hospitalized, whether men or women. Besides, the blanket is soft and warm, that means you care, leaving the sick feeling loved.

Even if one is ailing from a terminal disease, the care and wording from the blankets make a difference. Washing is also not an issue as the blanket is machine washable, presenting less challenge to the sick. 

Why Chanasya blanket makes the hospital stay more comfortable?

Brand Chanasya (Known for quality products)
Style Unisex (Perfect for both men & women)
Size 70×60 inches (Ideal for bed, couch & sofa)
Material 100% microfiber polyester (Soft & warm)
Weight 2.72 pounds (Light yet comfy)
Other benefitsContain message and wordings of encouragement which uplifts the sick Diverse use thus can be used after discharge from hospital  There is no stress in washing since the blanket is machine washable  Hypoallergenic thus there is no worry of harming your loved one

2. Adult coloring book: Stress relieving animal designs by MantraCraft 

Adult coloring book gift
Image – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49249553-coloring-book-for-adults

The coloring books are known to relieve stress, help one relax, calm, and be creative. Anyone who is hospitalized would appreciate the feeling of getting busy coloring instead of sleeping that can be lonely and boring. Whether recovering from illness or surgery, the sick will be at ease as they take their mind off things and unwind for a while. 

When you pick the book as a gift, do not forget to take along the fine-tipped makers. Or else you gift will not be of use to your loved one. 

Why is an adult coloring book by MantraCraft great for patients?

AuthorMantraCraft (Creators with best-selling coloring books)
Page styleSingle sides (No need to worry about the coloring choices used)
Paperback 108 pages (Each designed for great relaxation)
Language English 
Other benefits Great design that makes one relax and relieve stress High-resolution printing that offers sharp and crispy designs for trouble-free coloring Wide variety of designs suitable for all skill levels

3. Jersey Slumber sleeping mask & Earplugs

sleeping musk as gift image

Often hospitals are busy, and there can be much noise that makes it hard for the ill to get a nap. Getting them earplugs and sleeping mask can help create some sense of quietness and peacefulness that make it easy to sleep. Taking a deeper and restorative sleep with minimum interruption may help your loved have a quick recovery.

Why take Jersey slumber sleeping mask to the hospitalized?

Brand Jersey Slumber (Trusted quality) 
Material 100% mulberry silk (breathable and eye relaxing)
Weight 0.16 ounces (lightweight)
Other benefitsAdjustable strap for a comfortable fit that minim compression on the face, eyelashes, and eyelids No worry about allergies as the material used is hypoallergenic Super soft and blocks the lights naturally for long and peaceful sleep Can be used anywhere when one wants to catch a sleep making it a useful accessory even after discharge from hospital

4. Hugs from home pillow

hugs from home pillow pic

The hospital pillows, just like the blankets, aren’t always the most comfortable. If you have loved one especially recovering from surgery, the pillow can make their stay in the hospital more comfortable. You need to check whether your loved one is a stomach sleeper, side-sleeper, or a back-sleeper so you can get a perfect design for them. 

Here is what make hugs from home a perfect hospital present:

Brand Sweet Hooligans design
Material Soft linen blend (Very comfy)
Ink usedNatural water-based prints (No allergies) 
Other benefitsHidden zip enclosure making it non-bother when using Choose from a wide range of colors Made in the US for trusted quality Hugs from home pillow cover sending a get well soon message

5. RockDove Original Two-tone memory foam slippers

Foam slippers image

Wearing shoes is the last thing the hospitalized want to imagine. The RockDove slippers make a great gift to the sick as they can get to move around while keeping their feet warm and comfortable. The sole is anti-slip, gripping the bottom, making them be used even on wet tiles.

Why take RockDove Slipper to the hospitalized?

Brand RockDove (Bestseller due to their top-quality)
Sole thickness0.3 inches (comfy)
Material Cotton & 5% spandex(Durable)
Other benefits Waffle knit upper to let the feet breath and keep them odor- and sweat-free Memory foam insole mold that provides pillow-soft comfort for all-day use Rubberized sole making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use USA-made giving representing quality trademark

6. What do you meme? Party game

Laughter is known to be the best medicine. This supper-silly game helps to encourage your loved one to laugh and relieve the boredom that is inevitable in a hospital bed. The party game is surprisingly fun, and the sick will surely forget the stress of being hospitalized for a moment.

Check what makes what do you meme a great game for laughter?

Brand What Do You Meme (Known for top laughter games)
Weight 1.85 pounds ( Portable)
Recommended age17 years + ( Suitable for all adult patients)
LanguageEnglish (Understood by many) 
Other benefits 435 cards inside with 360 contain caption that will make the sick burst to laughter as you play Crowned meme queen/king for the winner that gives a sense of humor You play with the patient helping them pass the time in a healthy way 

7. Home-cooked Barilla Oven-ready lasagna 

No matter how well hospital food is made, your loved one will surely get bored eating it. Even those in the vending machine cannot match your home-made food. Consider buying Barilla oven-ready lasagna that is easy to prepare and nutritious. Accompany with fruits to help them get vitamins necessary to boost their immunity. Always check the dietary limitation of the sick before taking the food.

Here is why you prepare Barilla lasagna home-made food for the sick?

Brand Barilla (Known for tasty and nutritious lasagna)
Vitamins/MineralsVitamin B3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Iron & Folic acid (nutritious and help boost the immunity for the sick)
Other benefitsOven-ready making it easy to prepare even when in a hurry to visit the sick Porous and lighter texture allowing it to absorb the paste for a tasty flavor Can be prepared with vegetable-based, meat-based or dairy-based sauces ensuring you get one that suits dietary recommendation of your loved one

8. HASLRA Fuzzy socks

fuzzy socks gift image.jpg

The chilly and uncomfortable hospital stays can be changed by wearing fuzzy socks. Consider taking to your loved one the HASLRA sock that is known for their coziness. At least get three to five pairs to ensure that the patient gets ones to change before the dirty ones are cleaned.

Why consider HASLRA fuzzy socks for the sick?

Brand HASLRA (Known for premium quality fuzzy socks)
Pairs 2-5 (value for money with enough to change during hospital stay)
Other benefitsLight and soft for warm and sweat-free feet The comfortable elastic band that does not compress the ankle making them good for all-day wear even when sleeping Unique designs and assorted color providing you options to pick from

9. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Giving away hand cream

The frequent handwashing and dehumidified climate in hospitals leave the patient’s hands fiercely dry. To help your loved one in the hospital, consider taking them the hand cream made of natural ingredients. This ensures they keep their hands moisturized with ease without fear of allergens. 

 Why the hospitalized would appreciate the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream?

Brand L’Occitane (Trusted quality)
Weight 1.12 ounces (Portable)
Other benefits Well blended natural ingredients that moisturize nourishes and protects the hands with no oily traces Can be used as often as needed making it suitable for the hospitalized who wash their hands frequently

10. Ekouaeer Pajamas

If your loved one has been hospitalized for a long, then they are already bored with the sickbay robes. Consider getting them a set of pajamas that makes them feel warm and comfortable during their stay there. Besides, they can still use the pajamas once discharged, making them always to remember your love and care when they needed you the most.

Why Ekouaeer Pajamas is a great hospital gift idea?

Brand Ekouaer (Professionals specializing in men and women sleepwear
Material 5% spandex and 95% Viscose (Smooth and skin-friendly)
Other benefits Full button making it easy to get on and off especially for the sick who may be weak Side pockets that keep the patient’s items by their side Elastic drawstring waist to make it comfortable relaxing as needed

11. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Instant coffee

Unfortunately, hospital coffee does not pay attention to quality, just like food. Why risk and make it a hassle for the loved one to look for coffee in the cafeteria when you can get them some that taste better? Four Sigmatic mushroom instant coffees are all you can consider enabling the hospitalized to prepare their drink with ease and even make for those who visit them. 

Check why four Sigmatic mushrooms instant coffee is a perfect thought:

Brand Four Sigma Foods (prioritizes safety and health and their products are USDA certified) 
Packets10 (Enough for at least three days)
Other benefits Mixed with organic lion’s mane mushroom great for concentration, memory, and concentration Antioxidant properties are known for immune support Taste like coffee giving it full power while staying nutritious with a mushroom blend Blended with organic Rhodiola that act as stress-reliever

12. WOVTE Bear Claw Rose Telescopic Back Scratcher

Without a doubt, there is time you feel to scratch your back and struggle to reach the itchy area. Now imagine someone who is sick and feeling weak, isn’t amazing to gift them a back scratcher that make their work easier and relieve their discomfort? Consider WOVTE Bear claw scratches with rounded prongs that are not too dull or sharp. Do not worry about the height of your loved one as the scratcher can be extended up to 23 inches making it perfect for anyone.

Check the features that make WOVTE a great back scratcher to consider for the hospitalized:

Brand WOVTE (Trusted for durable products)
ColorRed ( Symbolizes passionate love)
Length8.4-23 inches ( Adjustable making it suitable for all and reach everywhere at the back)
Weight 1.41 ounces (Lightweight making it easy to lift even for the sick)
Material 100% stainless steel (Durable)
Other benefits Ergonomically designed rubberized handle for a comfortable grip Bear claw designed for multipurpose used for scratching and bottle opening when not suing to as itchy reliever Packaged in exquisite box making it a present that anyone would appreciate

13. A reading book – Furious happy: A funny book about horrible things

Hospital gets boring, and since you cannot get them out before doctor’s approval, you need to make your loved one enjoy things they like doing when okay. Yes, movies and TV are a great way to pass the time, but it can become monotonous. A good book, especially those that are hilarious like Furious happy is one that everyone would appreciate reading when they are feeling down. You may want to consider other books based on the taste and preference of the hospitalized.  

Why Furious Happy is a good read for the hospitalized? 

Author Jenny Lawson (Writes from own experience making it relatable to the sick)
Paperback 352 pages (No bulky, short read that does not discourage readers when they are sick)
Language English (Understood by many people around the globe)
Other benefits Written form author’s own experience making it relatable  Humor infused uplifting the soul of the hospitalized Sends the message of joy and embrace that everyone sick would appreciate 

14.  KINPS long iPhone Charger

The phone is a device that keeps us busy, whether at home or in the hospital. The difference with the sick is that they may not have that energy to walk a long distance to charge their phone. Getting them a great charger is all they might need for more comfort and ease of using their gadget anytime. Remember to check the compatibility with their device before taking one to ensure you get a perfect match. 

Here is why the KINPS iPhone charger might make a difference during hospital stay?

Brand KINPS (Apple-certified cables) 
Compatibility Apple iPhone X, XS Max, XS, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 PLUS, 6, 6 PLUS, 6S, 6S Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 among others 
Length 10 ft. (Super long to reach the nearby socket)
Other benefits Used for charging and syncing or transferring music, videos, and files Stylish and slim making it a perfect gift even for hospitalized  Lifetime warranty giving assurance of quality  Can be used without removing device case avoiding the hassle of doing so primarily for the sick 

15. Scalp massager

Sculp Messenger

Do not overthink when looking for hospital gift as scalp massager does wonder in relieving stress as it relaxes the body. The shivery and lovely sensation with zero contraindication makes LiBa Scalp massager good for the sick. It doesn’t pull on the hair; rather, the magical finger rubberized tip glides through the scalp resulting in the euphoric feeling that brings a sense of calmness to the hospitalized. 

Why take the magical scalp massager by LiBa to the hospitalized?

Brand LiBa (Trusted for quality with 100% satisfaction guarantee)
Size12 wires (Glides through the head in seconds)
Weight Ounces (lightweight making it stress-free to lift even for the sick)
Other benefits Two-pack making it a great value that can be used even after discharge Rubber beads for smooth gliding over the scalp. No pulling or scratch on the head Magical feeling that help one stays calm even when stressed

Final Words

Forget about the common hospital gifts such as flowers and fruits that some facilities do not even allow. Take a look at the 15 presented above and choose one or two and help your loved one feel at ease during recovery. Besides, all presents except the cooked food and coffee can be used even after discharge from the hospital. This is a great way for your loved one to remember that you cared when they needed you the most. Above all, be there for them and help them out with some chores at home while they take time to recover! 

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